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    Default Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou[OOC and Character Thread]

    Use this thread to sign up for Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou. If your name is not on the list of rpers that already have a spot, then you will need to post your template here, and wait for it to be approved.

    Obviously, because this will also act as the OOC thread, post out of character here as well, and discuss any problems in the rp, so that the actual rp thread is not filled with spam and such.

    Invite List
    Reckless Chaos(posted/approved)

    Kissui Tensai(posted/approved)

    Other rpers
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    Default Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou[OOC and Character Thread]

    "Not again.........the universe annoys me because__fools always want the Dragonballs.______"

    Name: Syra Tavar

    Age: 23 (3,323)

    Persona: Syra is confident in his abilities at all times. He is nice to others and feels a sense of duty to protect Earth and any other planet that needs protection. He cares about others feelings and he loves to train past his own limits. He is like Goku when Goku was younger.


    Syra is 5'11" and weighs around 180 lb. His hair is short, messy, and silver in color. His eye are light green with the look of many battles. He wears an outfit similar to Goku except his is blue with orange sleeves and an orange sash. His boots are white. He has leather bracers on each arm that extend from his wrist to his elbow. Each are buckled at the bottom as so to stay on his arms.

    Homeland: Frotain

    Race: Jinkai

    History: Syra was born to a race known as Jinkai and was born on the planet Frotain. Syra was born around the sametime that Alter Saiyans became known. The Jinkai are a warrior race that started out as shaman/warriors. They were known as powerful warriors that unlike Saiyans, relied on tactics and speed. When born, Syra had a power level on the same level of teen Gohan in his normal state. His parents were glad their son's power level was moderate meaning he could train harder.

    When Syra turned age 6, he began his training. His father was a harsh teacher but, it was only to get Syra stronger. During his training around age 8, Syra's father decided it was time to show Syra his Alter Saiyan 1 stage. Syra though wasn't impressed because he had been keeping a secret from his father. He could also become Alter Saiyan but, at the time he didn't know what an Alter Saiyan was. He also transformed into an Alter Saiyan as though it was natural making his father proud.

    For the next ten years, Syra continued training and fighting. He even unlocked Alter Saiyan 2. Soon Frotain was attacked by twins named Yin and Yang. They were searching for a way to become one powerful being and a planet to take as their own. Frotain was to be their planet. They attacked with such power that the Jinkai could barely hold them off. Syra being one of the stronger Jinkai decided to take them on. There was a fierce battle between them but in the end, Syra was killed by their combined power. His people surrendered and mourned the loss of Syra.

    When Syra awoke, a blue man, monkey, and bug were staring at Syra. He jumped at first and was lost about where he was until the blue man told him everything. This blue man was King Kai. Seeing the untapped power inside Syra, King Kai decided to enlist Syra as one of his fighters if he could catch Bubbles and hit the bug with a hammer. Syra did both in a matter of sceonds. King Kai was amazed and decided Syra would be ready to learn Spirit Bomb. Instead of a bomb, Syra taught himself to unleash it in the form of a beam. The time for the Otherworld Tournament was soon and King Kai put down Syra as his fighter.

    Everyone was skeptical of Syra until the day of the tournament. He flawlessly defeated each warrior that stepped before except the last two, Piccolo, and Android 18. They had been training since their untimely deaths, gaining more strength. They seemed to be an even match for Syra until he transformed into Alter Saiyan 2. He defeated them, winning the tournament and the training from the Grand Kai. For the next thousand or so years, Syra underwent training. This training would give him untold power.

    Meanwhile on Frotain, Yin and Yang had finally found the way of fusion by using the Potara earrings to become Ying, a more powerful being. In attempt to get even stronger they made a deal with Ereon. Ying's race was able to live thousands of years without aging meaning Ying had been gaining power all this time. The Jinkai population was dwindling with only 200 Jinkai left alive. More though would continue to die if Ying wasn't stopped. There was only one option, bring back a powerful Jinkai using the ancient amulet of ressurection. There were only two Jinkai that were known to have great power, Syra's ancestor and Syra himself. They chose instead to bring Syra back. It would take the life energy of fifty Jinkai to power the amulet. Fifty Jinkai sacrificed their lives to gve the amulet power and then the amulet was used to bring Syra back to the human world.

    When Syra returned, he was lost at first until he was met by the rest of the Jinkai. They told him of what had happened since he had died so long ago and that now Syra was their only hope. Syra nodded and left to fight Ying who stood within Syra's village. Upon meeting with Ying, Syra was laughed at for attempting a second time at beating Ying. Ying began talking about how he had decimated so many Jinkai and taken over Frotain, pissing Syra off to now end, causing all his anger to swell up until he released it, unlocking Alter Saiyan 3. They then began battle soon after.

    It was almost evenly matched though Ying had the upperhand. After a long fight, Syra began to realize that his fighting in complete anger wasn't working against Ying since he didn't have any control over his actions, and he calmed his mind. He then focused on raising his own power causing him to unlock True Alter Saiyan 3. Syra was now more powerful giving him the edge over Ying. Ying attacked brutally but, Syra simply danced around Ying's attacks, playing with him the whole time. Finally deciding to fight back, Syra easily began beating Ying, and torturing him for all he did to Syra's people. After destroying Ying's legs, Syra asked why Ying did this, and Ying answered by telling him that he had made a deal with Ereon and that this universe was doomed. Syra finished off Ying and wanting to stop this Ereon from dooming the universe, Syra left his planet in search of answers.

    He soon ended up on Earth. He has been here for almost two weeks now.

    Alter Saiyan- When Syra tansforms, his hair spikes up partially leaving various pieces of hair to hang over his face. His hair becomes blonde in color with sliver streaks in his hair. His abilities are increased and he given the ability to withstand weak to medium physical attacks and weaker techniques with the slightest of ease.

    Alter Saiyan 2 - Syra's hair spikes up more with more spikes in the back then the front. ( ) While blonde, he still retains the silver streaks in his hair. His abilities are increased dramatically. His speed becomes almost instant in this transformation. Light blue electricity and a blue aura surronds his body constantly. Syra now has the ability to shapeshift into anyone perfectly, mimicing everything about them with ease just by reading their ki.

    Alter Saiyan 3 -

    This stage only takes place when Syra is completely angered. He grows thick black fur over his body except for his chest, face. and legs. He grows two fangs from the top of his mouth and his muscles expand. His hair grows longer, and parts of his hair becomes red and dark silver. In this stage, Syra's abilities are drastically increased. His speed becomes instant though he can't travel to other worlds like Instant Transmission. A red aura surronds his body all the time and silver electricity surges around his body continuously. His aura blows away all those that doesn't have the strength to match him. His techniques become stronger along with his ki becoming red. His ki sense becomes strong enough to allow Syra the ability to tell the next move of an enemy just by reading their ki. He has barely any control in this form, allowing anger to rule in this forms. Sometimes even friends are in danger in this form.

    (Tavish said this was okay so no one can say anything about it)
    True Alter Saiyan 3 -

    This stage was founded by Syra during his fight with Ying. This is the controlled stage of Alter Saiyan 3. This takes place actually adding the power of Alter Saiyan 1 to Alter Saiyan 3. It is obtained by clearing the mind Alter Saiyan 3 and focusing on bringing out your Alter Saiyan 1 powers while maintaining Alter Saiyan 3. The Alter Saiyan 3 abilites becomes more powerful then any normal Alter Saiyan 3. When using this, Syra's strength nearly outmatches his speed, allowing him tremendous strength. His ki becomes silver in color. His ki sense ability is retained and Syra is now able to copy an enemie's attack but, he can only copy one at a time.


    Energy wave: Syra puts his hands together as if he was doing Vegeta's Final Flash. He focuses his ki into his hands and unleashes a beam of light blue ki energy.

    Ki Enchou: A advanced technique original to only Jinkai. He forms his ki into a sphere, making it grow very large. Syra slams the sphere into the ground. It then grows into a large dome around him, seemingly creating a ki dome. Anything, and everything in it, is struck far beyond five hundred times, including Syra. Though it does so many strikes, it can kill but, only do severe damage.

    Sphere Control - Syra creates a ball of ki which he can completely control. He then throws it. Normally any skilled warrior would dodge it. Right as they ball is dodged, Syra makes the ball turn around, usually hitting the target. Syra then has the ball keep attacking. Once the ball hits for a final time, it explodes, injuring the enemy farther. (Syra uses variations of this technique)

    Ki sense - By focusing on an individual's ki, Syra can sense the Ki level of that person and where they are almost instantly. It is almost impossible to hide your ki from Syra's acutesense.

    Million Kick: Using quick speed, Syra kicks multiple locations. Because of the quick speed of the kick, no one has been able to tell how many times Syra attacks or which way each attack would be coming from.

    Dancing Fist: Syra punches multiple times, with such speed that it appears his arm is teleporting from position to position.

    Waltz of Kicks: This attack starts with a forceful kick planted in the opponents chest where Syra bounces off of them. At the last second however he uses his right leg to wrap around their neck and pulls him back in for more attacks. Syra calls upon his ki and adds power to his flurries of kicks that hit the opponent. All of these kicks vary, but the final kick is always a jumping somesault kick.

    Waltz of Punchs: This attack starts with a heavy uppercut to the enemy's throat that knocks them into the air. Syra shoots up and bombards the opponent with all kinds of horrific punches until he finally charges a punch full of ki and nails them in the gut, causing their body to come crashing to the ground.

    Ultimate Techniques-

    Final Energy Wave: He starts the attack the same way as he starts the Energy Wave except in this one he charges even more ki into the attack giving it more power. He must focus for this and when he unleashes the attack, it is large in size, ripping the area apart from the power. It is strong enough to completely destory the planet if it hits the ground and not a person or another technique that is equally powerful. The attack is crimson in color.

    Raging Wolf Fist: A ancient Jinkai technique thoughto be lost but, Syra was able to recover and use it to it's fullest potential. This can be done in any Alter form but it's true power resides in his Alter Saiyan 3. In his lesser forms, Syra charges large amounts of ki into his fist until it glows light blue from all the ki built up. Syra then flies at his opponent and when close enough Syra punches toward the opponent. The image of a wolf attacking can be seen over his fist. When his fist hits, he unleashs all his ki and the opponent is literally ripped to shreds by the attack. When in Alter Saiyan 3, ki and pure anger is charged into his fist, turning it a red color. When Syra punches at the opponent, the image of several can be seen over his fist. When his fist connects, Syra unleashs all his ki and anger, completely annhilating the opponent.

    Spirit wave: This is the spirit bomb with Syra's own spin to the technique. Syra extends his right arms with his hand wide open while his other hand braces it. He then asks the planet and people to lend him their ki, gathering all into a sphere infront of his hand. He can even gather ki from the universe if people decide to lend him ki. When enough is gathered, Syra releases a beam capable of completely destroying it's intended target or devastate a planet.

    Chaotic Blast - This attack is original to Syra and the attack gets stronger with each of Syra's transformation. Using his speed, Syra moves over to the enemy and grabs them by the neck, and he then throws them into the air. Syra then extends his hands upward at the enemy, blasting at the enemy with atleast three hundred ki blasts. Syra then unleashs a Final Energy Wave. He then moves above the enemy and charges up the Raging Wolf Fist and flies down at the enemy. The enemy is then surely destroyed by the combination of the Final Energy Wave and Raging Wolf Fist. After using this, Syra is reverted back to his normal state and is almost completely drained.
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    Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou[OOC and Character Thread]

    Not again.........the universe annoys me because it just does you'll get over it.


    Persona:Leo is an honest and polite man he is willing to protect anyone is needs it. He also has a crazy side but it only comes out when he transforms into Alter Saiyan 2.



    History: Leo was born on Forbidden planet when he was born he had an power lvl of 15,000 the doctors said he is a threat to the kingdom and ordered him to be killed as soon as possible but Leo's Parents took and hid him from the guards. One day guards stormed Leo's home his parents fought and defeated all of them then Damas the king appeared then Leo's father told Leo's mother to take Leo and go someplace safe. When they flew for enough Leo's mother saw a giant explosion then she knew that his father was killed.

    At age 13 while he was out training Damas found them again finished what he started by killing Leo's mother. When Leo got home he saw his mother in a pool of blood when he got to her she told him who did it then she died angry with grief Leo turned into an Alter Saiyan then he went searching for Damas when Leo finally found him he went berserk and charged damas with great speed and power. During the battle it looked as if Leo had the upper hand until damas shifted into his most power form then damas punched Leo into space such Leo had a power lvl over 5,000 he is able to survive in space then he watched in horror as damas destroyed his planet.

    8 yrs later Leo found damas on the planet Earth when they fought Leo transformed in an Alter Saiyan 2 then he beat damas until he transformed into his final form then he tried to destroy Earth with a massive KI ball but Leo blasted him through the Sun. 2 yrs later Leo is protects earth from evil.

    Alter Saiyan:
    Alter Saiyan 2:

    Homeland: It was Forbidden Planet now its Earth

    Race: appears to be Human

    Crimson Kamehameha: Its formed like a normal kamehameha wave but before it hits the opponent it seperates into 6 mini crimson kamehameha's and badly injures the opponnet

    Phyiscal Fury: Leo punch and kicks the opponents many times before finishing them with a quick Dark Flare Blast.

    Energy Barrier: Leo shields himself from harm with a powerful Barrier.

    Spinning KI Punch: Leo concentrates KI on his right fist then he spins his arm around creating a spinning ball of KI then runs toward his opponent and punches them sending them into a spinning spiral.

    Electric Fury: Leo uses electicity to shock his opponent with every punch.

    Ultimate Techniques-
    Dark Flare blast: Leo raises his left hand while charging a small but powerful KI blast upon impact
    with the opponent the ball explodes into several blasts.

    Berserk Fury: Leo dashs at his opponent and hits them 10 times in the gut then fires a blast to finish them off.

    Crimson Dark Flare: Leo holds both of his hands in front of him and charge a massive KI blast.(Its capable of ripping through planets if charged enough)
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    Default Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou[OOC and Character Thread]

    The Universe annoys me because......"Wait a second, I don't need to give you my opinion, go to hell......."


    Momoouka(Momo) Jouen

    Age: 24

    Momo can a bright and cheerful woman, but can sometimes show a darker, almost scary side when provoked, and often hides her emotions when she is suffering, but it seems at times as though she has a dual personality as well. She is sublime and proud, but at the same time is very humble when faced with tasks that she might be praised for. Due to her upbringing, she was taught to be quiet and controlled, and can seem cold. In actuality though, she merely represses her feminine side, mostly demonstrated by her love of cute things..............


    Momo is is simple words very beautiful, but she choose not to wear overly revealing clothing, and keeps her attire nice and simple, choosing to wear a skirt, or plain jeans. She sometimes keeps her hair in a ponytail.

    Homeland: Namek 4, moved to Earth

    Race: Human????


    Years ago, during the onslaught when Ereon wiped out most of his family, his rage, and madness got the most of him, and during this time, his sister pregnant sister Yulia was able to escape with the help of her husband. Her husband was killed in the process, but she made it to Namek 4 where mere days later, she gave birth to a daughter; whom she named Momoouka after her husbands favorite thing to look at. She was a very sickly and frail woman, and was near death after giving birth, but knew that there was a chance her brother would still be crazed and come after her, and she wanted Momo to live. Because of this, she requested that Momo be put into stasis, and with her request granted by a Namek elder, she died in peace. A century went by...........

    Rules pertaining to the justice of human life, and stasis regulations only allowed for a human to be in stasis for up to 95 years, and already, Momo had five extra years, so she was removed, and ended up being adopted. Her adoptive parents cared for her very much, but as she grew up, Momo was kept under strict guidance, and trained to be a warrior, but her personality was too much to contain, and she became both upbeat and trained to the limit for fighting, as to protect her home if needed. At the age of 14, during a match with her "father", she was knocked through a wall, and thinking that he'd severely injured his "daughter", no time was wasted going to her aide. Surprisingly Ferenda was knocked back, and his daughter was standing with a yellow aura surrounding her body, her pink hair now mostly blond. Momo had unlocked her Alter Saiyan ability.

    Not wanting to have the fight get to intense, Ferenda stopped then and there, and congratulated Momo on her training, to which she brushed off as nothing, laughing all the while. For the next couple of years things were uninteresting, other than her obtaining her Alter saiyan 2 form, but wanting to get out on her own and now being 23, Momo decided to move to Earth for a change of pace.Only hours after boarding the ship, the shuttle began shaking and looking out the window, Namek 4 exploded, being utterly annihilated by an unknown force. Momo could not stand the sight of her home being destroyed, and freaked out, only to see a chunk of the planet floating away, and another blast destroy that too. The shuttle was of course sent into emergency state, and was shot off towards Earth for safety, but she could not get over what she'd sen, and was haunted with nightmares of Namek 4's end. Her home was gone, everything she cared for simply gone in the blink of an eye.

    On Earth, she eventually found out about Ereon, and how he destroyed Namek 4 out of madness, and she had already known about her past, and time in stasis as an infant for almost a century. The anger from her exploded, upon finding out, and she attacked her friend in Alter Saiyan 3 form, and almost killed him. The grief and despair that she felt from this was even worse than losing her home, and she vows to help in the search for the dragon balls to stop Ereon's announced plans of reviving her ancestor........Krios. Her journey is one of both revenge, and atonement, for after her brutal attack, her friend and lover, left her.........

    Alter Saiyan-

    Unlike most Alter Saiyan's, Momo's hair does not spike all the way, and only turns blond on both sides of her head. The middle stays pink. Her abilities are all increased, and her body is surrounded by the normal yellow aura. She also becomes seemingly meta-physical in this state in concentrating and can regenerate her body from almost nothing, but if she does, she is out of commission for a very long time..........

    Alter Saiyan 2-

    She assumes, a demon like nature and appearance. her hair remains pink, but her attire warps into little to no clothing, and she forms a large black aura that sears the ground as she moves. Momo's face darkens, and her eyes bulge and black veins form along her body. Her speed is increased dramatically by the odd shield wings on her back, Her body's aura is now laced with high amounts of flames, and what appears to be green electricity. Her abilities are powered up even further than before, and now she can split her body apart, and control her arms, legs, and head remotely, while maintaining her ability to attack and use techniques, and ultimate techniques.

    Alter Saiyan 3-

    This is Momo's ultimate Alter Saiyan transformation. She recently learned to control it, and in this from her appearance also drastically changes. Though it doesn't look like it, her muscle mass increases, and she grows taller. Her body sprouts red fur, and her shirt shreds, as her breasts grow, but remained partially covered by the fur. Most of her body is now marked in this manner, along with the hair color change to brown, and getting longer. All of her abilities are multiplied by 100, or more, and her techniques have warped into far more powerful versions. Her regenerative ability is phenomenal, and her ki is now pinkish silver. However she cannot maintain this form for a long time, and will be exhausted afterwards...........


    1. Reidokuhappa( Ready Ray Blast)-
    This Momo's self made attack. When first learning the move it involves the use of funneling energy through a made ki shell by making hand motions, but in later mastery of this technique, none are needed. Ki is readily drawn in, and gathered into the space between the cupped hands, while they are set to be partially arched and the hands are usually drawn back to a user's side where they form a small mass of ki into the space, though the amount can easily vary. Once enough energy is gathered this wave of ki is fired and explodes forth from the opened hands. It consists of a ball of ki, though it doesn't seem like this, propelled by a beam of pinkish white energy. This can cause heavy damage to an enemy, and it is possible to manipulate this for further use.

    sub. a) Ranran Reidokuhappa(Blazing Ready Ray Blast)-

    Momo combines searing chakra into this version of the move, simply because she wanted to give it an extra twist. In this version, Momo charges the Reidokuhappa one handed which requires more concentration, but she charges it for a very short period of time and makes one handed charges with her free hand. Then she fires the blast normally, however due to the flames she made by the time the attackget's 1/8 of the way to it's target, matter particles ignite the attack, giving it a blazing inner, and outer makeup. The ki from the blast is about 4500 degrees Kelvin. These intense temperatures will immediately ignite the area around it as the blast rushes by, causing disturbing burn marks along the ground in doing so. The heat from the Reidokuhappa is terrible to defend against, and can easily render someone unconscious before they have time to counter it.

    b) Renzokureidokuhappa(Serial Ready Ray Blast)-

    For most purposes this is used as a set up, or a way to catch an opponent off guard. By sustaining the Reidokuhappa with almost no charge time, this technique is versatile, and can be used from point blank range, or far away. Ki is gathered into both palms, and Momo is able to let off numerous projectiles of ki that is normally ussed to make up the Reidokuhappa. Each one of these smaller blasts travels at speeds unmatched by the normal blast, and that is saying a lot in itself, because the blast is already fast. A single blast is more concentrated than a beam, and as they crash into, or around an enemy, the barrage of ki can be confusing enough to cause death if one is not careful........

    c) Reidokuhappa Nirentotsu(Dual Ready Ray Blast)-

    Momo begins the preparations to use her signature technique, but subdues, and recharges the ki before releasing it over, and over. That is until she is attacked by more than one enemy. Easily using her flexibility, Momo fires a stream of kiyoraka ki from both hands, in two directions, but separating her hands, and thrusting in those directions. Such directions as left and right, and occasionally up and down, but north, south, east, west, and so on also apply. The divided ki practically cuts the damage of this move completely in half, but due to the prior manipulation of the ki and the range that it gets fired from the technique can still cause normal amounts of damage.

    d) Chou Reidokuhappa( Hyper Ready Ray Blast)-

    The technique was powerful before, but this is a powered up version of it, powered up to dangerous and unstable levels. Ki is drawn into the hands like before, but much more manipulation is used, the levels of pressure, and the amount used is much higher than before. The ki ball is large enough that is cannot fit into Momo's hands at all, and she has to pull her hands apart completely for the ki to fit inside the epicenter area. This makes a mass of kiyoraka ki in her hands, that lets off large rays of ki as Momo holds it. The ki is then released and the width and strength of the beam is increased by leaps and bounds as it moves. The attack is guaranteed to hit the ground, and make a groove, unless the technique is fired from the air, and the explosive power of the ki causes a light distortion wave around the technique

    e) Dengeki Reidokuhappa(Shocking Ready Ray Blast)-

    Momo made another elemental version of her self technique, and the time it took to create, is longer than most would use even to train their body alone to peak condition. Momo normally begins this in the air, because she first needs altitude, so that she can blast a stream of ki into the atmosphere. Once this is done, and at times during this stage, Momo is gathering ki like she normally would. The timing for this technique must be exact, as the second she fires off the blast, the ambient electric nature of the ki causes a lightning strike; directly into the technique. The mixture of ki and pure nature is near deadly, and in all essence, a massive bolt of lightning is fired upon the opponent. The electric nature of the ki warps it into having a bright green tint…………and getting hit with this means paralysis, and much more painful processes, just think about the nasty, blistered, bubbling skin………

    f) Shatter Reidokuhappa Wave-

    This variant of the Reidokuhappa is used for more defensive purposes than anything else. Like usual, ki is gathered and turned to a kiyoraka state, and once a desired amount is readied, the blast is fired outwards. Mere seconds after lauch however, the techniques shatters into fragments of itself, and fly out seemingly in all directions. This is not actually the case. The ki is generated to seek out, and attack ki signatures, such as enemies, or attacks that may come to harm Momo that are nearby. The fragments are similar to another version of Momo's Reidokuhappa, but these are on much smaller scale, and of course have the honing trait as well as damage ability.

    h) Keizen Reidokuhappa(Radiant Ready Ray Blast)-

    The might of holy light packed into the shell of a Reidokuhappa. Momo communes with simple life nearby, in a way similar to that of one of her ultimate techniques, and this only takes a few seconds. Instead of using her own ki, Momo uses the ki of animals and plants in the area, with a pinch of her ki for structure. The result is a mass of shining rainbow ki that is manipulated into the core of a technique that is able to be transformed to almost anyone's will. The power of this technique can vary on many levels, but Momo uses it by firing the blast into the ground, where it 'finds' the enemy in no time at all, actually flaring out of the ground in a brilliant flash of light, that can eat through a body in seconds, and a secondary blast that shoots down from the sky, carving a rainbow into an enemy.........

    i) Jikkai Reidokuhappa(Ready Ray Blast Times Ten)-

    A twist on the way Reidokuhappa is used, this technique harbors intense power that can utterly destroy what it hits. By using a release on the ki in her body, Momo charges a small ball of ki, that holds unbelievable amounts of energy. Such concentration makes it so that Momo can only use on hand to hold it because right after forming her hand drops down to the ground, where a massive wave of crimson coated, gray, sporadic ki is fired, and blasts out of control. The technique can break through practically any kind of defense because the ki is corrosive, and lives up to it's name, easily having more than ten times the power of the original Reidokuhappa.

    2. Big Bang Blaster-
    The second of Momo's techniques that she created and mastered, with the ability to be manipulated and developed by others. While her Reidokuhappa, is more of a wave of ki, this jutsu is more along the lines of a projectile attack that causes rapid, yet large amounts of damage. Momo points her finger outward, and a small spark of ki is released in front of her. Momo then extends her arm, opens her palm, and turns her hand up at a 90 degree angle. It looks like she is making a signal to stop. Once this is done, the small ki particle starts to charge up, and then implodes on itself, but then all at once is fired as a medium sized sphere, a large energy ball or comet-like chakra projectile. This attack is either yellow, light pink, or white in color and tears across the gross cauisng damage, and in nanoseconds explodes, creating an enormous mushroom cloud explosion upon contact.(hence the name she gave it) , with the ground or an enemy after this small window of time expires. It has low accuracy, but the blast makes up for that.

    sub. a) Cluster Big Bang Blaster-

    Momo points her finger outward, and a small spark orb of ki is released in front of her, and it drops down and vanishes. Momo then extends her arm, opens her palm, and turns her hand up at a 90 degree angle like normal, but as she goes to fire the technique off, she shoots a blast of yellow ki into the sky. In an instant, a twisted blast flies towards enemies, but as it gets close, the orb of ki zooms in and pierces the technique, causing it to split apart in numerous small Big Bang Blasters that rain down on enemies and cause multiple explosions that can catch an opponent in a chain of horrific explosions that blast them around relentlessly. Unlike the original version, these blasts go off immediately on contact with the ground, or an enemy, and send out rippling waves of flaming exploding ki as well as the already dangerous explosions.

    b) Dusty Big Bang Blaster-

    Talk about dirty attacks.............this version of Momo's technique hits hard, and faster than expected. After making a small orb of energy, and imploding it down to a small spark of ki, Momo fires it off towards the ground from the air, where it seems to move slowly, or just disperse before it does damage at all. Of course the technique is doing other things, such as gathering tons(literally) of particles from the air, and building an solid shell of earth around itself, so that as it nears the ground, a gigantic boulder comes crashing into the ground sending shards of rock, and grime into enemies, and a cloud of dust that can easily blind those who are caught in the crash. Like the original technique, this one too blows up after a set period of time, and in this case shards of rock can instantly kill a person if they are impaled in the explosion of rock.

    c) Radiant Big Bang Blaster-

    Momo begins to run forward with her palm outstretched, and gets so close to the enemy, that if they were versed in the art, her palm could be read to tell a fortune. All at once, a flash of light blinds everyone in range, possibly Momo included, and the opponent/s are knocked backwards by a massive concussive wave of ki force, than can cripple an enemy before the real technique even begins. If they manage to survive the wave, an enemy might have just enough for their vision to clear. If so they might catch a glimpse of the sparkling rainbow sphere that is flying at them at a fast pace. It's a certainty than you will be seeing starts while this technique consumes you, and the reverse effect of the move is more than enough to turn a person's body inside out without the right kind of defense.

    d) Jikkai Bigguban(Big Bang Times Ten)-

    A Big Bang Blaster that requires a lot of speed to pull off. Using a massive burst of speed, Momo rushes around an opponent in mid-air and launches 9 Big Bang blasters from different sides, each one traveling, and slamming a few feet away, causing a ring of ki that damages the opponent, and pushes them to a location in the center, where Momo appears above them. She fires a final projectile straight down, and this causes a chain reaction with all of the other ki in the ring around the area, causing a dome that closes the enemy inside an area that is near impossible to break out of, and explosions after explosion takes place inside. Of course massive damage is inflicted. As they say ten bangs is much better than one.

    3. Nova Blast Technique-

    By gathering ki in the confines of her body, Momo pulls it through her with the greatest skill, and makes it into kiyoraka ki before using it. The lump of ki gets larger, and Momo expels it from inside her body from her mouth. After being housed inside her during the making of the technique, the ki has formed into a large mass, that is circular in shape, and quite compact in structure. The technique can hit causing impact damage, but it doesn't explode right away. Instead it rotates rapidly, causing terrible external damage, like a large drill, then at the last second, the technique collapses, and pieces of flying ki hit an enemy.

    sub. a) Nenshou Shinsei(Burning Nova)-

    Momo rapidly converts the ki inside the deepest confines of her body to scalding high temperatures and moves it all to her stomach, where it is focused even more for a few seconds. The mass of ki builds and Momo squeezes it up from the inside, but it always gets crushed. Finally launching the fireball out of her mouth, it travels out, and the air inside her mouth syncs with the fireball, shaping it into an even larger mass, so by the time that it flies out from Momo's lips, a searing attack is coming towarsd the enemy. When this technique hits something, instead of exploding right away, it spins and causes what ever it touches to catch on fire, burning them severely and bouncing into an enemy battering them, before blowing up and causing broken bones, before it simply blows up, making a nice crispy BBQ.........

    b) Shinesei Gyousei(Morning Star Nova)-

    Momo shoots a small blast of ki from her mouth, that surrounds and opponent, and flies up into the air. with quick succession she lets out multiple small Nova Blasts, and they all float and hover around Momo, circling her and glowing with clean ki. These blasts, then drop down and rush past the opponent, slamming them around, as there is no doubt that the case of ki they were in is still held together. While enemies are preoccupied with these attacks, Momo draws ki from inside her body the entire time, and then the opponents are left standing confused as the blasts finally stop their attack, and add to the blast of ki that falls from Momo's mouth. It starts small, but with each singular Nova Blast that adds to it, the technique multiplies in size, until it can crush an opponent with no effort. The energy if is highly powerful, and without heat, can melt the skin off a body, and draw ki directly out of them, that flows back to Momo for healing effects.

    4. Alnaphar Spectrum Technique-
    One of Momo's light techniques that uses light manipulation one a very large, and high level of concentration. First causing a rip in the spectrum of not just light, but its wavelengths, Momo sends out a pulse of invisible ki, just below the visible light wave, and it chases down an enemy, smashing into them multiple times, and wrapping around their body causing disturbing amounts of damage. The opponent is then hit with a blast of light ki with each color in the visible spectrum, each doing more damage backwards from black, to white. By now the enemy is complete confused, and in a stupor, and Momo reveals every wavelength and the opponent is rendered helpless by continuing slashes, and waves of power all the way up to gamma rays...........

    sub. a) Kiyouteki Nisshahabyou(Fanatic Solar Radiation)-

    A thin ray of concentrated sun rays shines down on an opponent during the day, or a twinkling beam of moonlight during the night. An opponent will notice that this ray of light is a bit hot, but usually takes no notice of it until the sparkling light envelopes their body and begins to rapidly widen, catching them in a stream of radiation. This isn't simply heat, but deadly radiation focused down onto a single person, and while their body is fired, the beam widens causing burns, and horrific damage that can melt flesh, and drive anyone insane as their body begins to lift off the ground, and take more damage in the beam of fanatic light. A sudden jump in temperature and concentration makes the light so hot, that an enemy caught in the attack could be incinerated, or blasted far away from the terrible heat.

    b) Alnaphar Plane Jutsu
    Momo raises her hand, forming an ominous dark purple orb in her hand made of spectral chaos, than he let's go of and it travels slowly towards an opponent. Before it gets very far, Momo snaps her finger, and the orb multiplies in 40-60 of the same orb, and they began moving up, and down in the air. These all shoot outwards at speeds that Momo can only move at her top speeds, so it would be insane to try and dodge these orbs to begin with. However a person will find, that all of the orbs apparently miss, and they are safe, until all of the orbs turn black, one at a time, and circle around, slamming into an opponent to cause bone shattering wounds from random directions. To top it all off, after this barrage of death is finished, the orbs crack, having taken damage from their own assault. In a nano-second, they explode, igniting each other in a chain reaction that catches a beaten enemy in a massive explosion of corroding dark ki.

    c) Hokaku Kon Dan-
    First causing a rip in the spectrum of not just light, but its wavelengths, Momo sends out a pulse of invisible chakra, just below the visible light wave, and it chases down an enemy, surrounding them in an invisible sphere of ki, that is completely attuned to Momo's ki. This means that it is impossible to break out of it, unless the enemy inside has either identical ki to Momo, which is highly unlikely, or by touching Momo, which is even more unlikely, because the enemy is already trapped inside the ball of ki. While an enemy is inside this sphere, it slowly gets smaller, crushing whoever is inside, along with searing their flesh. Momo can manipulate and move this technique as much as she wants, but it will detonate and cause a chaotic explosion if it hits any surface, or person, other than Momo.............

    5. Krazr Disk-
    This forms a spinning disk made out of ki, that starts very small, but gets larger and larger as more ki is added to it. It can be thrown like a Frisbee, or tossed with no will for it to return. The disk is very sharp, and it it hits a person hard enough, can slice right through meat and bone, and other objects such as stone or the trunk of a tree, it will slice through them like a hot knife through butter. The technique is always unstable, so at times the disk with shrink in flight, or get larger on its own. Also the technique is very durable, and even if it is damaged, or gets holes it in, will remain intact as long as it has a spinning edge on it. The best part of the technique is that will more ki, the technique can be controlled remotely, so that if it is dodged ki is never wasted.

    sub. a) Radiant Angel Slicer-

    From the start, Momo makes a single Krazr Disk like attack, but this one has been blessed with light ki, and sparkles with a beautiful glow, even in the daylight. This disk is much larger than a simple Krazr disk, and it spin about 100 times faster than normal, giving it higher cutting power. The second Daaku throws it however, the disk multiplies like krazy, making exactly 299 identical disks that fly around slicing an opponent to ribbons for about 12 seconds or so. if they aren't dead, or in pieces on the ground(most likely dead), the disks raise up into the air, and however many remain shoot rays of light down at enemies. Oh happy day..............

    6. Fierce Detonation-

    A small orb of ki is formed atop Momo's hand, and she throws this miniature ball at an enemy. As it travels however, it splits into three orbs, and the first slams into the ground, causing an moderate explosion. The second grows twice the size of the first, and locks onto the opponents ki signature and blows up close them, causing a staggering blast. The last grows smaller, but the left over ki from the previous attacks caused it's energy to flare out of control, and cause a horribly large blast...........

    7. Cyclone Ki Bomb-

    Momo jumps into the air, and fires a ki blast at an enemy. While they are busy with this, she flies over to them and spins around rapidly, sending a barrage of flashing pink ki blasts, that explode on contact with the enemy, or anything else they touch..............

    8. Rush Flare-
    Using a burst of speed, Momo fires a thin beam of ki form her finger, that spirals around an enemy, and then waves her arm, firing an arc of ki beams, that rush in to connect to the spiral. This results in a chain reaction that can bow apart, or crush the enemy with fast ki assaults.

    9. Sear Blade-
    Long blades of teal ki extend from Momo's arms, and she uses them to attack and slice an opponent with. Before long however, the blades shatter, and the ki from them blasts away the enemy, and possibly impales them.

    10. Corona Pulse:
    Momo shoots lines of ki from her finger tips, that expand around an enemy, then return to her. The air around her enemy distorts, and a large pulse of burning ki slams into them from ten directions.

    11. Atsuryokuha(Pressure Wave)-

    Momo channels ki from inside her body and flies towards an opponent. During flight the ki continues to be channeled, until it reaches her arm, where it is then quickly forced into her hand. Now at close proximity to an enemy, she releases this ki as a pure wave of concussive ki, that slams into their face, knocking them away and causing crippling confusion. The ki is damaging, but can be avoided if precaution by the opponent is taken. By using more, or less ki the pulse can be used for more potent attacks, or just to knock away an enemy, or to stun them for even a split second.

    sub. a) Atsuryokuha Enchou(Pressure Wave Dome)-

    The ki in Momo's body is moved to the outmost release points, and focused through these points quickly. The pressure of the ki pushing against the points gives it more force, and Momo releases this ki in an omni-directional wave, that spreads out from her body, and forms a dome by closing at the top. This ki dome can defend against both physical, and ki based attacks, depending upon the force of the ki when it was exerted, and how strong an attack going against it may be. Also this technique can be used as an offensive skill as well, by using the dome to collide with enemies and cause damage that way.

    12. Solid Nature Attack-
    Momo rushes the opponent and slams her knee into their stomach. She then somersault kicks them high into the air. A split second later Momo appears behind them kicks the opponent back down......onto a hardened field of ki., that shatters like glass, and shreds their body.

    Ultimate Techniques

    1. Big Bang Reidokuhappa-

    This is a jutsu created from the combined powers of both the Reidokuhappa, and Big Bang Blaster. Just the thought of Momo's favorite lines of attacks make this technique a daunting one indeed. Momo rapidly charges up her chakra and places her hands in front of her, turned up at a 90 degree angle and the ki can be seen warping slowly. About 3 feet from her ki begins to form into a sphere that is close to the diameter of Momo's body in size. The left over ki, that doesn't combine with the sphere swirls around the outside of the mass, and quickly makes a glowing teal ring around it. This stabilizes the ki from falling apart. She then pushes her hands forward into the ki and it emits an uber powerful shockwave-like beam that fires outward in a three dimensional fan type pattern. It can pretty much consume anything with in range, but has a relatively short range. It is not often that the surrounding area remains intact, and that is if the move is blocked, or countered, a head on hit with this ultimate technique, can cause massive damage, and is powerful enough to take out planet's and teh like with enough power............

    2. Dokubanhappa(Ray Bang Blast)-

    Another combination of Momo's two most used an manipulated techniques, in this case the Big Bang Blaster being more dominant in the making of the powerful technique. Momo starts by bringing both of her hands to her sides, and drawing them back so that she can charge ki into the space like she would for a Reidokuhappa. However instead of firing a wave in beam form, the mass that erupts from between her hands is a large Sphere of ki about six times the size of a Big Bang blast. It hits the ground, causing an explosion so large, it can leave a mile wide, and deep crater, but then shucks off part of the shell around it, and rolls along in a path of destruction. There are holes in the sphere, and as it rolls, crushing everything in it's path, beams on ki shoot out of it in 5 directions, every couple of seconds before the attack dissipates. each beam can wreck a large area, and all together cause chaotic damage.

    3. Keizen Shinseirei(Radiant Nova Ray)-

    Momo starts this by making two duplicates of herself, that both fly to the opposite side of Momo, and usually leave an opponent, in the middle of Momo and the clones. An invisible ki string is between Momo and both clones as the technique commences. Momo reverts chakra in her body and laces it with light ki and part of her very self. She then charges this ki into a small mass that is stored in the confines of both her chest cavity and stomach. Momo forces the ki out from her body through the skin, and with perfect timing Momo's clones breath out and let the gas from their stomachs vent, releasing a massive ball of flashing light at opponents from behind. The mere sight of this is enough to catch most enemies off guard as the colors blind them and the technique is so fast and large that it's hard to dodge. On top of this the ki string is going through the opponent, and though it does not cause harm, it leads both parts of the move to an unwary enemy, and in combination can blow them apart from the inside in a flash of devastating light, that can cause cataclysmic damage to both the opponent, and surrounding area.

    4. Keizen Orb(Radiant Orb)-

    Momo's ultimate light based attack. Using experience from training, she developed a version where he releases high amounts of light ki into the orb, while maintaining it's from, but increasing it's power. After the attack looks complete, it has a light red color, while the edges are white. With in seconds, the move turns golden and triples in size, floating out in front of Momo. Wisps of ki float, and light of many colors sparkle around it. Momo can send the move forth, where it wrecks the area due to pulses of light blasting away at objects, and enemies, but the ki also shoots out at a target and in turn fuses into an opponents body and damages them from the inside, where on her command they are attacked again from Behind by the move phasing back out of them, and releasing it's spinning affects. At the same time, it forces an opponent to their knees, where an incredible display of light goes off, and when people can see again, there is a massive crater left in the techniques wake, that has power enough to wreck even a planet.

    5. Mamitan'o Genki Dama(Corrupt Spirit Bomb)-

    Momo focuses and communes with the life around her, asking for its latent ki and turns it into a massive, glowing, bright sphere of incredible destructive power. The ki takes the visual form of sparkling, glittering wisps when adding to the mass and she can forcefully draw ki from an enemy, or other lifeforms but this corrupts the techniques, causing backlash on Momo, and the odd black energy with an outer orange glow. She is able to gather ambient ki around her and from plants as well as humans, animals, and other forms of life. This process takes some time, but it pays off in the end as most don't understand what is going on. Once she has enough energy, she hurls the Mamitan'o Genki Dama toward the foe, hopefully obliterating him, her, or it with it. This attack can be dozens of feet in diameter, depending on the amount of ki gathered. This is Momo's most potentially devastating attack because of the way it is formed. On top of everything else, Momo has learned to control the energy in the attack, and is able to use this without making it extremely large.

    Roxas9001, you have overlooked one of the rules. Fix this problem and your template will be accepted. Cort, as somebody on the invite list, you should know better than to overlook this rule. Add it to your temp as well........
    It's #12 if you don't know already.

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    Default Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou[OOC and Character Thread]

    You thought DBZ, and didn't instantly think of it's #1 fan of all time? The guy with the DBZ Janemba sig? Not cool.

    Name: Vega

    Age: Millions of years old.

    Persona: Vega is a battleluster - he lives to fight. He seeks only to fight the strongest, and destroy everything else. However, for such a violent, instinctual creature, he is surprisingly calm and intelligent. While his true lust is fightint, he does not simply seek it out openly, but hides in the shadows, drawing his prey to him. He claims the anticipation is what makes the kill worthwhile.

    Appearance: Vega is a demon, much resembling the creature formed by an accident with the soul-cleansing machine, Janemba, however, his body is a dark grey, and beneath these grey plates, his skin is blood-red. He, like Janemba, has two spines on his head, but they curl around to below his chin, much like Horns. He also has a long tail, used to attack opponants as much as his arms and legs. His eyes are yellow, with red slits.

    Homeland: The deepest reaches of Hell

    Race: Demon

    History: Once in one thousand years, a Demon comes along with strength inordinate to other Demons, and will lead their race to a new age. Vega was the predecessor of Dabura. Under his rule, rather then act as guards for the prisoners within Hell, they let them free, spreading chaos and ruination across the galaxy.

    Eventually, the Kais decided to act on this threat, and after a long and arduous battle, they managed to imprison Vega long enough to perform a ritual on him. They placed a number of seals on his body, in the form of plates of dark-grey matter, like an armour. These seals limited his power level, in total, to 1% of his original strength. They then sealed him in the deepest reaches of his kindgom, guarded by mystical beasts, and left him to rot for all eternity.

    However, rather then Rot, Vega took his rage and turned it on them, slowly but surely building strength. Every second of every day was devoted to his hatred of the Kais, and thus, his power grew, and grew. At last, thousands upon thousands of years later, even 1% of his strength was sufficent to break his bonds and escape from Hell, fleeing to the mortal world.

    Transformations: In the place of Transformations, Vega can release the seals placed upon him by the Kais for a limited amount of time. Each seal he releases reveals more of his true body, which is very similar to that of Dabura or other demons, but with a smaller head and much larger horns.

    Note: Even at 1% of his power, Vega is capable of fighting on par with an untransformed Saiyan.

    Seal Release: Seal of the Divine Fist
    This seal destroys the plates over Vega's arms and hands, allowing his power to ascend to 8% of his power level. Also, when this seal is released, his arms can move at a much faster speed, and hit exponentially harder.

    Seal Release: Seal of the Wandering Lord
    This seal destroys the plates along Vega's upper legs, allowing him to run at much higher speeds, and allowing 12% of his total power. He also kicks much harder.

    Seal Release: Seal of the Energetic Heavens
    This seal destroys the plates on Vega's shoulders, allowing 20% of his full power, and dramatically increasing the strength and speed of his Ki-based techniques.

    Seal Release: Seal of the Earthly Touch
    This seal destroys the plates on Vega's feet, bringing him to 35% maximum power, and increasing his speed and strength.

    Seal Release: Seal of the Burning Heart
    This seal destroys the plates on Vega's chest, bringing him to 61% maximum power, and increasing his Ki flow to such an extent that he constantly has an aura that will cause the earth around him to crumble and crack.

    Soul Release: Soul of the Mighty Wisdom
    This final seal destroys the plates on Vega's head, returning him to his original, full demon form, and 100% power level. In this form, he is nigh upon unstoppable.

    Techniques: (Will complete ASPA

    Death Blade
    Vega creates a blade of Ki energy in his hand. It can cut through other Ki attacks.
    Death Fingers
    Vega creates a smaller Death Blade on each finger. A better defencive technique.

    Death Beam
    A single, thin beam of concentrated KI fired from the finger. Usually used by Icers, though adapted by Vega.

    Destructo Disc
    A disc of energy, made in the palm of one's hand, and fired at the opponant. It will expolde on contact.
    Slicing Disc
    Similar to the destructo Disc, but far less volatile, and with sharper edges, allowing it to cut enemies.

    Vega fires thousands of tiny energy blasts from his body, in all directions. They will then lock-on to an opponant and seek them out.

    Hell Impact
    Vega fires a blast of flame from his mouth or hands.
    10x Hell Impact
    A much more powerful version of the technique\

    Ki Sword
    Vega creates a floating blade of Ki and throws or swings it at the opponant.

    Dark Slicer
    When Vega is using his Demonblade, or a Death Blade, he can project his Ki from the weapon in a cresent, capable of cuting through most objects.

    Spitting Stone
    Vega's saliva can turn others into stone. This effect is temporary.

    Ultimate Techniques:

    Sword Beam
    Vega gathers Ki in his hands and fires such a number of Ki-Swords that they appear to be a solid beam.

    Dark Slicing Destroyer
    Only usable in full-demon form. Vega will move at such speeds that he cannot be seen, and will simultaneously fire over 1000 Dark Slicers at his opponant, from all directions. A single hit will guarantee that the majority of the remaining attacks will also hit. It is almost impossible to dodge every single technique, so against this technique, the focus should be on minimising damage.

    Sealing Evil Technique
    In his full-demon form, Vega can perform an attack that places Seals, much like his own, on the body of an enemy, sealing their power at 1%. However, unlike Vega, these seal are one-use only, and once destroyed, will not return. Upon using this technique, all of his own seals will retun.
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    Default Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou[OOC and Character Thread]

    I am not the least bit surprised that you joined this DBZ rp.

    Anyway on to Vega, I really don't find anything wrong with your character, or his makeup, other than how you say at 1% power, he can fight with an untransformed "Sayian."

    I think someone with your skill, would see that in the plot it is mentioned numerous times that there in actuality, are no more saiyans, so that notion of power pretty much would go down the drain.

    Power wise, all you mention is percentages, with no comparison, or reference to the level of power that Vega has obtained from these seal releases. The only thing coming close to that was at last seal release, where Vega becomes "nigh upon unstoppable". That pretty much says it all............

    Just like any other, characters are allowed up to three transformations, regardless of what they are, unless we've talked about it over PM, and this has not yet happened, but Vega has five. Finally, this rp does have a plot to follow, and your character really has nothing to do with it at all, so PM me about some of your plans, because I don't need some demon running around the rp for no reason, other than to fight everyone. Would it hurt you to use a somewhat normal character, I mean seriously. I just keep seeing that whole "nigh upon unstoppable" thing, and it annoys me.

    Also, like Roxas9001, you didn't not abide by rule #12

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    Default Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou[OOC and Character Thread]

    I just fixed my template a few moments ago.

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    Default Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou[OOC and Character Thread]

    The rp will begin shortly, as many rpers are not needed for it to begin. Due to me not having net access, the start was delayed.

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    Default Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou[OOC and Character Thread]

    "Not again.........the universe annoys me because it didn't pay the house rental."

    OOC: Just posting my template here and deleting the other one

    Name: Roy Licht

    Age: 13

    Persona: Very friendly and trusting to new people but if the person looks like an enemy Roy met before, he will turn aggressive and attack without warning. Extra aggressive to followers of Ereon. (See history to see why)

    Appearance: Messy black hair, with a skin about as pinkish as Goku. Wears a sleeveless black shirt and wears a dirty blue jeans with two tears on each knee area of the pants. Wears white socks and running shoes. Height of 154cm, weight of 45kg.

    Homeland: Earth

    Race: Human

    History: Roy was a curious boy, at the age of eight, he had heard of the 'ki' that everyone has, from then he had a goal. To unleash his ki, he no idea what to do after he did, at the time, he just thought that it was 'cool'. After five months of training, the boy with a never-say-die attitude finally managed to create a ball of ki. Once he did, he rushed back home and kept on blabbering to his parents about his 'cool' blue ball of ki. From that day, he had another goal, to shape his materialized ki energy into weapons.

    Four years passed and the wonderful boy had managed things boys at his age never felt were useful. Swords, shields, hammers, axes and even amour, the boy had done so, but his fatal flaw was that he did not train his body, leaving him with only a strength of an average boy. One day while he was coming back from school, Roy saw his house was in flames, his mother and father ran out, followed by a man. He announced to be a follower of Ereon and shot Roy's parent's with bullets made out of ki. Enraged by the man's actions, Roy jumped at him, yelling and crying at the same time. The man smacked him back using the back of his hand. Roy soared through the sky and smashed into a tree. He looked up at the man who was charging a ki blast to kill the him.

    Roy mustered up all the energy in his body and with a great shout, launched a devastating cannon of ki at the follower of Ereon, overwhelmed by the blast, the man was instantly vaporised. Roy fell unconscious, a side-effect of using all his energy. The young Licht woke up in an orphanage, apparently, someone had saw his dead parents and him and took Roy to the hospital. After a check-up, the preteen was transferred to a near-by orphanage. Still feeling bitter at the lost of his parents, he set out with nothing but the clothes on his back to help others, not wanting to let others live through want he had.

    Alter Saiyan- A transformation that causes the hair to partially spike, and turn blond. It grants an increase in physical and energy power, also gives Roy the power to the 'Shinning Sword Attack' of Trunks.

    Alter Saiyan 2- Transformation that makes Roy's hair turn white and gives an aura of white ki around his body. Will reflect ki blasts, medium ki cannons and weak techniques. Can not reflect psychical attacks and if the attack is a technique that is strong, the white aura might even fuel the attack and give more damage to Roy. Gives Roy more strength but reduces his energy.

    Alter Saiyan 3- Looks like Alter Saiyan 2 but with very spiky white hair and no aura. Increases both energy and strength greatly but in cost of losing focus easier and lost of speed.


    Ki Sword: Roy makes a sword out of ki to help him in battle. Very light and sharp but pretty easy to break.
    Rain of Ki Balls: Roy creates small spiked balls of ki and launched them at the opponent, they are sent through the air as quick as rain, hence the name. One ball is weak but a whole group of them might be powerful.
    Ki Shield: Creates a Large shield made out of ki that is as big as a 13 year-old child. Very study and hard to break but drains energy fast and only protects one side.
    Massive Boxing Gloves of Ki: Roy creates giant novelty sized gloves to help him in psychical combat, very strong and can fracture small bones but very hard to move with it on.
    Anger Flash: Roy uses all the negative emotions he felt through his life to empower his attack and stretches his hand out and lets his palm face his opponent. Roy then creates a red ki cannon the size of a Kamehameha and launch it at the opponent. Kind strong but the only problem is that you can tell if he is doing it. Due to the red energy gathering at his palms.
    Ki Lance: Roy creates a lance and fights using it. The lance is fast and not easy to dodge. Roy has to use two hands to wield it thought.
    AniKi Barrage: Roy uses his ki to form small animals like squirrels, mouses, hamsters and rats and makes them run toward his enemy to suicide. Roy makes many of them. And each them has the power of a bomb.
    Spinnend Voorwerp: Roy creates two energy discs and lock-on to a nearby person's ki. He then throws the ki-seeking energy discs at the person. Only way to destroy them to make the discs hit each other. This is the only way as it can cut throw many things like trees, rocks and even ki blasts and is fast and deadly.

    Ultimate Techniques

    Split Drain Bomb: Roy unleashes about almost all of his ki to the air and drains it all back, together with anyone's or anything's ki that was mixed with Roy. He then raises his hands and creates a giant ball (about two tires sizes) of energy and splits it in half to detonate it. The attack is very strong but the bad part is that it will also damage Roy.
    Giga Ki Sword: Roy creates a normal Ki Sword first, then Roy gives his all energy to his Ki Sword to give it more power and increases it size. The sword is two-story building in length and as wide as a medium size car. The only problem is that it is too heavy and after using this attack, Roy will faint.
    Rising Dragon: Roy places his hand on the ground and concentrate his ki through the ground. Roy channel the ki to where his opponent is standing and makes the ki burst through the ground as a blue-coloured dragon that will eat the opponent and implode. Only problem with the attack is that it takes some time to materialize the dragon underground and direct it at the opponent.
    Dragoon Jump: Roy creates a lance in him hands and uses his ki to jump up high and stab the opponent from above. If he miss, Roy will make the lance implode and blow up anyone nearby. He will then use the force of the blast to jump away. Sometime, he he does stab his opponent, he will still implode the lance. Very fast and fatal.

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    Default Re: Dragonball Z: Orutaneito Taitou Ikou[OOC and Character Thread]

    OOC: You know i'm on punishment right, Tavish? Your going to have to control Syra for me until I return.

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    "Not again.........the universe annoys me because they lack the gall to find the dragon's balls....uh, I mean dragonballs."

    Name: Kisuke Zeholyte

    Age: Counting the milenia

    Persona: A really kind hearted and kindred spirit, his traits are what set him apart from most men. The deal with his way of thinking is he cares alot for the lives of those close to him. To live his life to influence others knowing he's done something for the better. His mentality wraps around the intention of playing a role in a sense. In other words selfless.


    Height: 5'10''

    Weight: 205 lbs

    Eye Color: An illuminating bright red color in the midst of which completely throw of those that gaze into them with his persona.

    Skin tone
    : A light shade of melanin almost to the point where you can see his background has mixed traits.

    Facial Features: The face protruding a strong disposition near the underlining of the face. Hair soft like wool configured with a black texture though brown in the sunlight. It's puffed back into a rotating counter-clockwise seven spikes in total colored a nice shade of red and scarlet. Ears both hanging loosely from the sides of the face unattached to the head where the bottom lobes seem to jut out loosely. On his face a clear cut and shaved around the chin and neck and at the seems as it envelops the chin and connects to the side burns.

    Physical Features/Attire: The body fairly built, encased in flesh with a humanoid form. The first layer of clothing on the torso being a red t-shirt sleeveless of course and touches past his backside. Over this a short black jacket pertruding all the way over his torso right above the elbows. Down below around the waist would be that of a red and black belt, they hold up his black sweat pants the hang down bagged just over the feet. On both hand are fist clasped in gloves with freedom of the ten fingers with a steel plating over the fore palm.

    Homeland: Neozanthros -> Earth Traveled Instant Transmission

    Race: Neolyte (Luminous Humanoid)



    Born on the planet Neozanthros, his power level measured substantially high for a newborn. He lay in a crib in the hospitalized establishment putting off a bright aura about his bod shining for his neolyte inheritance. The mother identified as Misha Zeholyte and the father Barboda Zeholyte. Amused with their young ones potential at birth his power level seemed to be something to admire.

    "The name Kisuke shall be given to our son. He'll do great things, he has inherited your eyes Barboda" Misha said unto her husband.

    "Expectations are high for him.....hopefully he can live up to them."

    As he grew in time, at age seven he learned a few things being educated by his own father. The ways of using that mystical force and aura of their own called ki and feeding this brand of energy into the atmosphere manipulating it and giving it shape. Barboda wasn't one that took things lightly as he did wish for his offspring to succeed him and show the pride of his race. With the basics beginning this routine so to speak is something that went on for years, the next five to be exact.

    At the age of twelve, Kisuke befriended a nubelite alien that had visited their planet. Their people were odd looking specimens with no physical capabilities to speak of. His associate later befriended him where he learned a wondrous technique called "instant transmission". Its something that allows the user to accelerate their body moving it at several thousand miles per second across the vacuum of space. This was something Kisuke had trouble with and didn't perfect until two years later. His young friend had jumped to yet another planet leaving him with his wisdom.

    In later years, Kisuke jumped shifts and traveled to other planets as he was now nineteen in age. His father had passed leaving him with his valuable teachings and techniques. Applying this in his voyages, it left something of extremities. Landing on the planet of earth, he took but a glimpse of the planets beauty as he'd be here for sometime. As of whats current' he's been on earth for whats been about three months.

    Alter Saiyan- Using a large concentrated amount of formulated ki, Kisuke pushes himself into a state of power using his will. His hair normally red and mildly spiked lifts up slightly then beginning to form blond spikes. His field of red ki release turns from red to a golden flash as it fluxes about his person. This form has been known a Alter Saiyan of some sort. The strength of his normal self multiplied times twenty without the strenuous strain of his own ki pushing down on his body. The eyes as well turn from their normal red daggers of blood to a solid silver giving him access to his people's rare eye trait known as the shirubaai.

    Alter Ascended Saiyan: The power of alter saiyan is increased about ten-fold. The hair spikes up much more than the first form, leaving Xell with two bangs reaching down near both is temples on his head. The shirubaai is leveled up as well in this transformation giving him access to not only the normal shirubaai, but the hizumu shirubaai.

    Alter Saiyan Tri: The third and final level which has yet to be reached.


    Shirubaai: Silver Eye (None, Blood Technique)

    A special eye technique common in rare Neolytes that offers amazing insight, possessing a potent combination of the Sepia Scope and the and Mirage Gaze clarity together melding a new trait. A silver eye, composed of at the max four tomoe seals, each of which indicate the matured eye of the user. With its characteristics of the Mirage Eye, it can memorize an energy technique, illusion technique, and physical technique with perfect accuracy, allowing the user to use the techniques as his own. In order to reproduce 'acquired' technique, however, one must have the necessary skill or ability to perform them in main sense a great degree of training. Same with the drawbacks of not being able to reproduce special race techniques as what a person is born with.

    The Shirubaai also grants the user incredible clarity of perception, allowing them to track fast-moving objects with ease and even predict the subsequent movements of those objects. The ability to track and predict movement is largely based on individual skill, as unskilled users have much more trouble tracking fast-moving objects. A fully-evolved Shirubaai eye can track all but the quickest opponents, even if the user can't move at the same speed. This perception is also great enough to see through an illusionary cape, depending upon the skill of the user, and the ability to observe the movement and flow of ki, but not to the same extent or clarity as the Byakugan. Additionally, the Shirubaai grants the user exceptional analytical powers, allowing them to instinctively pick up on various visual clues with little difficulty.

    Finally, the Shirubaai is capable of a unique brand of hypnosis that involves suggesting actions and thoughts to the opponent. When used in conjunction with the other aspects of the Shirubaai, this allows the user to perfectly mimic every move their opponent makes, even before they do, making it appear as if the user can see the future.

    Now the aspects of the Sepia Scope, when the Shirubaai is activated the user can detect the slightest movement from right next to them, to a radius of about 500 meters. The Shirubaai also gives the user the ability to see through basically any matter over extremely long distances. This seems to be a combination of x-ray and infrared vision.

    -Seijou Shirubaai
    The very second stage of the shirubaai; This expands the vision of the shirubaai's vision to a full scale 900 meters. The three tomoe seals arc together melding across his entire eye making it completely silver. His influence goes full X-ray, infrared, and additional ki scope allowing him to gaze upon the color of ki, the chamber which it's stored, and where its expelled, released, and movements that result in how much is used in physical strikes, illusionary mind weaving, and ki techniques. This is powered by pure ki itself, and in Kisuke's case it's by silver chakra that he came to be born with. Following the increased stage, he retains every component and aspect of the previous stage and so on in the other stages.

    Hizumu Shirubaai
    This is the third stage of Kisuke's eye technique, it functions by merging the four tomoe seals into a tetragram resembling a spiraling vortex. When active, Kusuke is capable of quite a few things, he can move his body to a given location or objects to him. How this works is that he does possess characteristics of the sharingan and being that it can copy an image and commit it to memory, from which he can memorize a said location with peak clarity and teleport to that said location. The second way to do this, is a sign of the user's chakra being pinned to an object allowing for quick session in movement to that pinned area traveling to the different dimension where all the summonings happen.

    Another effect of the hizumu shirubaai is something called the Spacial Rend. He can open a small rift in the reality with his doujutsu and make the jump to the world where the summonings reside. To the past reflections, this can also be done by the use of the summoning technique dissipating with the user inside. The difference being, on his own, Kisuske is able to return to the reality of the real world with just a shift of the hizumu shirubaai.

    Howaitnoizu; White Noise (Mid-high, short range, Lightning-ki):
    Ki it channeled rapidly into the user's palm at a rapid pace building to form a white out source of energy. With the brand of it being exposed to the open air, the sound of white noise like on a tv screen begins to disperse wildly as the energy in still focused in the palm. Upon movement, traveling at an adept level of speed gives the attack it impacting point and needed momentum for the full thrust into physical matter.

    *Yakuza Howaitonoizu Nirentotsu: Dual White Noise (Unknown, Offensive, Lightning) *sub-jutsu*
    The principle of the white noise still apply, this technique is a combination of two howaitnoizu's merged together in one hand first thought of by Kisuke when fighting Vania. After the extended time Kisuke is capable of holding two white noise simultaneously in both hands, clasping them together and manipulating the shape and nature of the twin howaitnoizu are a result of the Yakuza being born without the need for a Bunshin type technique for assistance. The Yakuza's overall power hasn't been effectively measured to bestow upon a rank as of yet.

    *Howaitonoizu Nagashi: One White Noise Current (Unknown, Offensive/Defensive, Lightning) *sub*
    A variation on a regular White Noise developed by Kisuke during his isolated training with his sempai Darabaiku, this technique allows Kisuke to cover himself in electricity, instead of just concentrating it in his hand. The electricity can be channeled anywhere, allowing Kisuke to enhance his attacks with it. Because it is channeled throughout his entire body and not concentrated, the electricity will only cause temporary paralysis instead of killing an opponent. While this is not a problem in one-on-one battles, it does allow others to save their comrade if Kisuke is outnumbered. Kisuke can also channel the electricity through extensions to his own body.

    *Howaitnoizu Hitokugiri: White Noise Break (Unknown, Offensive, Lightning) *sub*
    Another variation of the regular White Noise, ki is charged, focused, and maintained into the palm. The second portion of this is taking away the fixed grab keeping the ki charged and locked in a ball to shoot it outwards towards an opponent as a single flowing beam of electrified ki. The damage is extensive and about the same impact power as the normal white noise. Kisuke uses this attack for high-speed distance attacks in combination with high-speed and shirubaai.

    *Howaitnoizu Raikoudon: White Noise Lightning Dragon (B-rank Offensive, Lightning) *sub*
    After making the Howaitonoizu brimming in the user's palm, further concentration is needed and the ki focused into he palm is shifted as it takes the form of many miniature dragons that dance and disperse all converging on one target. The amount of ki required to maintain it is relatively the same, this can also be done from the mouth expelling charged dragons of lightning based Ki.

    *Raiton: Raishuriken (A-rank, Offensive, Lightning) *sub*
    A modification of the Howaitnoizu, the user is able to give the amount of charge ki circulated in their palm forming what appears to be a spinning demon wind shuriken. The electrically charged chakra blades spin slicing the air at an incredible pace. Rayex then hurls it into an enemy and it literally rips them apart, but its most effective against earth element ki release techniques.

    *Kage no Howaitnoizu: (High, Lightning, offensive) *sub*
    The white noise is channeled into both palms of the user palms and the utilization of speed is apparent by this sign. In which case the body shifts with peak velocity traveling in the direction of the opponent. Emerging below using the rising gale physical kick to send an opponent skyward. Emerging behind the foe dazzling in there shadow. Both hand with the white noise are wrapped around the enemy's torso and the pressure from the force is built up fairly slowly. As the interlock takes place the electricity generates passing down the user's arm as he begins to spin still holding the enemy as they are both brimming like a lightning rod that strikes the ground with incredible force.

    *Hishou Howaido Jishin: Flying White Needles (Mid-high, Offensive, Lightning) *sub*
    Kisuke first forms the white noise in his hand crackling and ripping around whilst it charges into tiny particles severing from it. Kisuke genuinely throws his white noise, but it detaches off as tiny charged white needles. They fly faster than the generated current, thus the name Flying White Needles. Used to hit enemies from far away, or temporary paralyze someone, and even piercing some ores of armor.

    Aura Shot (Mid, long range, Pure-ki):
    From the user's finger they can purge a fixed amount of pure ki and it travels at the speed of sound at the max when dispersed from their hand.

    After Image Technique
    (Low, short range-mid range, supplementary):
    One of the oldest tricks in the book, the user flash shifts and leaves a false image of themselves in their place. The speed can in some cases be so great that their could be hundreds of replacement shells simultaneously. This is soully for those that make an attempt to conceal themselves from others.

    Vorpal Orb (High, short range, Pure-ki):
    This technique requires no rapid complexities to perform. It gathers a vast amount of ki into the hand that forms into a ball about the size of a softball. Kisuke can use this technique in many ways. He can either throw it at an enemy since it will follow an enemies chakra signature until it slams into them causing damage, or rush the opponent with it and cause damage in the following way. As the orb impacts the skin, the spinning effects rips onto the surface of the skin entering the inside spiraling and twisting around. Depending on how much force is applied, it can tear apart the inside from the outside.

    Aura Shotgun (Mid-high, long range, Pure-ki):
    Just like how the thunder gun technique works, its more focused into a fist than a finger. The user's fist swells with his own ki and builds substantially. When charged up to the point of release, the user disperses a multitude of mini shots of ki sharpened firing rapidly from the clenched fist. The feel of this technique is like being stricken with physical fist a broad number of times all subsequent hits occurring frequently.

    Instant Transmission (High, long range, supplementary): Technique invented by the Nubelites passing their genius to those who felt to make use of it much like the fabled one, it turns a person that even outmatched into a fast moving machine. The technique incorporates localizing a single most energy source and moving towards at a few thousand miles a second. Planet hopping can be done this way as well.

    Senhappa Wave (Mid, mid range, Pure-ki):
    Pure ki is focused into the palms at a rapid pace and stores it up for dispersal. From both palms a pure wave of energy is released and shot traveling at a sound breaker fast paced energy in a single beam.

    Digix Aura Wall: (Mid-high, short range, supplementary)
    The user fixates ki into the atmosphere and connecting them all together to form a tightly bonded shield of ki with special properties. It dissipates weaker ki attacks, and deflects close range ki attacks of about the same level and below.

    Ultimate Techniques

    Hell Storm Flare Shot
    (Ulti, mid range, Pure-ki):
    The user fires a massive array of ki blast into the sky. The ki blast are all guided by the user purposely flying past the opponent and floating dormant in the air. This gives the enemy the moment to think that the shots all missed on accident, but the ki illuminates into a flare of energy surrounding him or her rotating rapidly. The number of shots are vastly stretching close to a thousand as the average ki blast is as big as the palm, however that blast split and multiply. On the user's wish they all fly upon the opponent slamming vigorously into the opponent with rapid tenacity.

    Dancing Dragon Flame
    (Ulti, long range, Fire/Pure-ki):
    The mighty twin dragon technique residing in purple flame first developed by Misha Zeholyte Kisuke's baachan. This explosive technique is used when completly overwhelmed and can blow back a mass number of enemies B-level and below. Ki is stored and built up in the chest and released all at once unleashing twin dragons of purple flame that wrap around an enemy. The vortex of purple fire burns and cinders the flesh as it would most definitely peel.

    Raifuuton Vorpal Orb
    (Ulti, mid range, Wind/Lightning/Pure-ki)
    This technique combines Kisuke's lightning and wind based ki in combination with the vorpal orb. By doing so the attack is both sharped by the wind ki enhancing its ability to pierce through matter. With the lightning as an addition it gives it the same properties and speed of rippling ki making it light and maintaining speed. By far this technique is still in the pre-stages, about half way finished to be exact. Kisuke later perfected this technique after learning how to manipulate wind based ki in a simultaneous fashion. After which the orb not only held his lightning nature, but a thick layer of wind was about the outside. The attack can be thrown and it seeks out the enemy, or detonated upon the user's whim. The explosion of direct contact electrifies the flesh on the lightning being spiral to prevent any further movement whereas the wind slices through the tissues of the flesh severing all given nerves in responses to pain as such. It works and expands to fast locking them in a dome containing both natures as the rotation worsens the attack. The recipient would die in a matter of four seconds.

    Neo Reiki (None, ???)
    This is the power of the gifted

    [Still editing]

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