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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    How was it that he braved the elements in such a manner, it made little sense to me. I listened intently to Eth's pleas, how he was a strobe of light lost to the realm of darkness, not much different than I. I'd taken a fondness to the name he'd decided to give the keyblade, but I had an even better idea.

    "How about." it danced on my tongue, "Darkest Before?" I couldn't help but smile at my own craft.

    The more I listened to Eth speak, the more I felt that I had mistakenly handled my words with him upon our first meeting. He seemed rather familiar, but his heart didn't seem very...connected? Not to mine no, but you could never tell with light or darkness just where the line is ally or enemy alike. It was comforting, vulnerability was comforting, even in a place like this where it all I haven't seen anywhere else and it's felt like an eternity since I've been here.

    Looking at the keyblade of white, tinted with red in between it's circles, my Cedo was all I was left with...and a message from the master. To find...him, the often fluted leader-esque armored man. I only knew his name. Iontis, #7 The Skyward.

    "I don't mean to talk your ear off Midna, but everything thats happened to me is becoming a gradual eye opening experience. I suppose i'll trust that since you woke up here in the realm of darkness, then you didn't receive any additional memories, as light cannot freely travel between realms, worlds sure, but realms? My goal was to procure a method to stop the worlds from becoming physical manifestations of places that extend from here the Realm of Darkness, Harrowed Ends."

    Additional memories...?" I paused, inquiring because I didn't know what he meant by that and continued to listen.

    This divide, wasn't something I was particularly fond of. He seemed to know things, prior to the gap in our memories that I didn't. I didn't know the master for very long in my alchemic studies and he's a fairly recent figure in my life. To come entire your life, only to exit so quickly...all that you'd come to cling to, only seems to make sense in wanting to maintain what you built. My eyes squinted, as I could hear it at first before I could see it.

    Uh-oh." I said almost instinctively as a hand emerged on the water inside of pool swirling of darkness.

    "You wanna help me deal with that?" he turned to her briefly with a turn on his heel before he broke into a dash and I did behind him.

    H-hey! Wait a minute Eth are you-!" my words didn't stop his legs from moving and neither could I allow him to just run towards danger alone. "Not again!" I shouted before diving directly into the pool of darkness and swimming behind Eth. The torrent was strong, and what happened, seemed to come about unexpectedly as I grabbed his hand and we were whisked further along. Passing what looked like the semblance of a cracked door. I clutched cloak and placed my keyblade to purge a light to convert us both into small lights chasing the crack, and emerging on the other side of it.

    It was bright here.

    I could barely feel anything as I move, a voice seemed feint but by the time I realized it, that very same voice was gone. My body shuffled, when I came to, my eyes searched to the left and the right. "
    Wait a second?" a light skated past me and I could finally see it. I started to remember things, people, faces, and Eth's face was among them. Resolutes. Resolve. The Master, and the contentious situation he put us in, meeting? Others like myself, called that word..."Resolute" he said there were others, but this is the first I'd even known of them existing outside of Eth. Could this memory I was happening upon...even be deemed reliable?

    Now that I know what you look like, where are you now...Iontis."

    I jerked my head finally realizing it. Eth was gone, like, actually gone. My hat shifted to the side and I caught it briefly as it ruffled underneath a bit from my nervousness. I walked forward, my eyes scaled what looked like a cathedral of sorts. I walked away from the the door and entered the street level. It felt like the presence in this town was more...magnanimous than the realm of darkness, I'd never seen anything like it. Though if this truly was the end of days, it likely meant another barren - correction, almost.

    Cedo to my side my steps were light and unfettered. The glaze of the hazel colored bricks warmed the soles of my heels. I let a release go as I came out wandering around and ended up at what appeared to be an Academy of sorts. Children, so few, that I could see where hanging around the front gates. Looking up, they approached as if they knew me.

    First Shiki appears, now Midna? What a day." one of the young boys said.

    Erebos was chasing someone earlier, he hasn't come back yet..?" spoke a concerned young girl.

    Is the master with you Midna?? We miss his classes, but the staff said he hasn't returned from his leave of absence." One of the other boys said with a pout.

    Oh...the master is spending time traveling, we're holding the line in his lot should go home soon.
    " I said trying to maintain my composure, I certainly didn't remember them by any stretch of the imagination.

    They shuffled past me as a group and I stood staring at the academy. Holding my head, I felt some sense of nostalgia here and yet the memories eluded me. With a sigh, I contemplated looking into the academy, perhaps something within would help me along? I was starting to wish Eth hadn't run off leaving me by myself. As I entered the doors, the hallway blew out and the doors and halls...were empty..? All of them. Looking around, it felt like a wasteland, and I thought to myself was this the last of the population..? This world should have more people here right..?

    This day series of events that followed had to really test my patience. Jay's silence didn't help me, Komaeda's incourigable banter was more than I could stand, the brusque nature of Try was also something I was adjusting to. These misfits, resolutes, all lacked the structure and decorum that I did from my family's military background. My short temper was a bi-product of both expectation combined with a myriad of stress. I knew this wasn't going to play out as well as I would like it to, but we were already taking risks. Iontis had parted ways and set off for the next world, and here we were on a place that wasn't threatened.

    Yet it filled me with a strange feeling, I couldn't be secure. I couldn't feel ok, not now. The darkness swirled around me, and the others that remained, and we were dragged along, without enough time to get our bearings and forge a plan. The resistance at that point seemed pointless. I grunted as my eyes were flooded with light again.

    "Wait...where are we...?" I said as my eyes fanned the outside and sure enough the massive building which looked like a home of some kind, cathedral esque victorian design, it was glorious. A hooded figure taunting us with a wave before disappearing, and watching Try give chase, no questions asked as she barked about honesty and trust. I shirked, slapping my face and burst through the doors alongside her, Komaeda, and Jay.

    As he spoke, he unwraveled the web of his identity and confirmed who he was with a tattoo in the same vein as us. Proof enough, but...something was off about him. In the memory...we were here...weren't we? How did we get there in the did we get here now? Was Luxu responsible? Bringing us together now, was he expecting some form of cooperation? Hell, we were kind of already doing that so it wasn't out of the question but I was too methodical to just let him do whatever he wanted. Diem floated behind me, as well as Noctem.

    I was honestly going to threaten him, but well, he was threatened and emphasized some Try level antics. Herculean strength to repel a Darkside's fist with a single finger. Who the hell was this Luxu?? In moments he darted past us as I was still on edge and sure enough as we went outside my eyes spread to the max. The dark clouds that picked up in the distance and the spawning of hoardes upon hoardes of heartless that just a blatant full out assault. These numbers broke Traverse Town's waves by tens of miles. The collective of heartless were shuffling from an incredible distance away descending the hill and I staved, pulling Lucient into my hand. I watched him, Luxu, prance about and annihilate a flank alone, and he even said it. He said we could do that, and I thought to myself, in what world was he a believer in that?? With what?? My fist clenched and the stress was getting even harder to suppress, I wasn't used to being this anxious, this nervous, my composure is what made me who I am, but I was starting to really feel the stress this time.

    "Damnit..." I said dropping to one knee, trembling as I watched his shadow towering over. This resolute was cut from a different cloth, but if he asked for our help, then I couldn't ignore him. This was the true nature and the true stress of my role, and I couldn't leave, not after everything the master had done for me prior to the things i've forgotten.

    I had to resolve.

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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    [I want to preface my post by saying I was given a set of instructions via PM, just so we're clear theres no confusion of my set actions in this post ;)]

    It was often said and even speculated by the master so very long ago that the heart was a thing of beauty. It had the capacity to take on the burdens of the ver world, and the old saying was that all these worlds in the beginning where originally one world. All connected, all these hearts that aspired a tenderness and gentleness in the balance that seemed so heavily skewed now. One sky, One destiny, a fate that was shared no matter where anyone permeated space with their very existence. Saebyeolbe's quiet contemplation of this harrowing reality left him to ask many questions, more so than normal.

    He naturally scratched his head, sterling gray orbs that he possessed were nothing short of alive. The morning star's ears twitched intently as he heed her choice of words intently. A small breath, the feint release of what little he could call relief, was the feeling nostalgic? It felt like a very similar conversation had, he was indeed reckless and much of what he'd done by throwing himself into the fray, to press for action over passive observation.

    Sitting on a pile of rubble from the stones left over where a pillar from the old mansion stood, bleak and dark. He closed his eyes and simply listened, for the first time since he'd woken up, his muscle finally seemed as though they could relax. Even on the terror's of these harrowed ends, that he'd weather and then some for his comrades sake. Forward, the most dominant thought rest at the top of his mind.

    "I haven't really maintained my fashion sense if we're being honest here." he said jokingly looking at his bare and scarred arms, exposed thighs, all beneath the cloak. What exactly happened, what did he even wear before he wondered? The role he was left with, seemed odd to him. As he'd surfed in between the crossfire and had to fight with very little rest up until this point, was he really any closer to answer? Perhaps it rested with the cooperation that Shiki seemed to be advocating for.

    "The others. They've crossed my mind, but I can't say that I am particularly interested in their involvement in what I must do Shiki." Saebyeolbe seemed obstinate, but with reason he would then go onto explain. "Help, almost seems surreal. While I am not against it entirely, I will acknowledge this - I'm sure whatever your role is, the reason you were entrusted was it because the master must've felt you were the only one among his resolutes capable to carry out such a task."

    He stood up and looked at her. "Someone like me. Asking for my comrades to stand by the way side, likely seems arrogant given the state of reality...but i've seen horrors beyond even that woman's capabilities....Try?" he said almost confused as he folded his arms.

    "I don't remember enough about whatever happened, but I've realized something Shiki." Saebyeolbe clutched at his left arm, where the I radiated briefly. "What our memories were, what we did back then, seems inconsequential right now as we face the brink of extinction. That our history before that is all we were left with a a cryptic message from our departed master to guide us. So i'll trust not knowing and persist, whether I was meant to remember anyone doesn't seem nearly as important as what I must do."

    He turned to give her a potent and warm smile.

    "I may have forgotten, but it doesn't seem like much a secret that I really grew fond of you as a person precious, near and dear to my heart. For all our sakes, this pain thats acclimated over the course of years seemed to be what still connects us all. I must know what that means, all the more Shiki..." he paused briefly, "--You're correct in that we must do it together. So we shall."

    Saebyeolbe had a collected understanding of one thing by this time since he'd come to wake. This world was a woeful wasteland, a shadow of it's former self and so did his ears pick up on the screams of resident's long since expired. How their hearts were filled with sorrow when even a bastion such the betwixt can become a shadow of it's former self under the right circumstances. Standing together in pain seemed to be the answer to his perpetuated question, something...not even considered given the nature at which he was forced to operate. Trust. How finite and limiting such a philosphy could prove to be, but to the challenge the nature, the goodness, the very hearts of the men and women he'd come to meet...the lingering will, Trace, Eth, Shiki even. Each person so very...very different, convictions and beliefs far from removed one another even by the subtlest of margins.

    Saebyeolbe fell silent, on this harrowed end he listened and listened well even after Shiki fell silent. Trying explicitly hard to find something, the would go where was fresh, being inflicted. That very same feeling he trusted is what even brought him to Trace in the first place. Unable to ignore the duty to defend, a sharp pinching of a nerve cross his mind, he'd found them.

    "I can feel in my bones. They need us, need us to return..." he drew silence as his Alabaster purged into his hand calling forth his vehicle.

    "I'm going to open the lanes between. Dare I say I hope I'm not imposing, but we won't be acting separately anymore, got it? Reckless fool." he stuck his tongue out as his body and hers became encased in armor.

    His Alabaster released a light that pierced through the sky of the darkness that shrouded the harrowed end and he looked up as it was a feint sign of hope for the two resolutes. He may have admittedly been altering her path perhaps, but one thing could be sure, he wasn't about to abandon a dear friend, memory or no.

    "We'll go together." Saebyeolbe said to Shiki as both, powered through with the last of the well of light from the world. The hole in the sky, and broke through an unfettered darkness. He felt this a second time now, and his heart purged forth a road of light to safely guide them forward and reveal the enemies that awaited. "They're calling to us Shiki...something awful is happening, I can just feel it."

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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    This was still reality, wasn't it? That thought echoed in her mind again and again as she looked upon the hoard of heartless approaching. Everything felt like a dream. Why did Luxu seem to still remember everything, why did his mark seem strange? Was he really going to take on that many foes by himself? Why were all the worlds falling to darkness in the first place, why did she seem to care so much more about this particular world? It wasn't fair, just how long was this going to go on? Why did she need to keep fighting, knowing that it was all pointless? Why?

    Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Wh-

    "Stop Thinking. You Were Never Good At Thinking. Just Swing Those Idiotically Strong Arms Of Yours And Do The Only Thing You're Good For. Destroy."

    A voice that was both nostalgic and terrifying. A voice that filled her with an unsettling calm. If her unease were a bucket of water upon her back, the voice was a drill into it's bottom that let it all out.


    A fissure appeared on her mask, running down it akin to a lightning bolt. Like a TV running static smashed in by a hammer the noise in her mind cut off. She held out her right hand. Her bright, translucent keyblade vanished, and in it's place another was summoned. This keyblade was-

    Spoiler Spoiler Show

    Try walked towards the army of heartless quietly. Her steps were different from usual, quick, as if her feet hated the very ground they walked on. A group of the mass of shadows ran towards her, she swung her blade to the right before they were even in melee range. A sound like the severing of flesh and metal across a chalkboard reverberated through the air. In the next moment the space in front of her shivered and quaked, a surreal sight to the eyes that defied common sense. Color vanished and objects warped for a split second across this space, as if it had been wounded by her strike. The heartless unfortunate enough to be caught in it's wake were torn apart. Half a second later came the echo, the same effect but slashing through space from the left instead of the right, taking out even more foes.
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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    The master moved his I in place with II as the frontline in the area called dorms. This made seven resolutes gathered in one place. Sliding his hand over the table, the endless waves of darkness would find trouble in staying truly endless.

    "Take it as a compliment. You get to face seven of my finest in one place, Luxu being among them. Fat chance you walk away with any ground gained here sport." the master spoke poking at the disembodied mass as it's hand moved.

    "Laugh it up while you can."

    The figure moved a figure from it's side over to the world named "Cul-De-Sac"

    "Have you already forgotten the casualties those poor fools caused..? Unwittingly expanding my options. Now you'll reap the consequences for your misguidance with this."

    "Worlds are much like people themselves. Worlds possess hearts, and when those worlds lose those hearts, they enter a state known as a harrowed end. A world's state of being heartless. So then, what happens when you follow the rules of human hearts? Nothingness, Harrowed Ends, Lingering Remnants, Betwixt, it's all the same. The intersection of all four of these forms of existences and boom, we get here right? The End of Time."

    The thumbed his hand over the board and moved his piece without a roman numeral forward, instead it was simply blank.

    "Playing by the rules has never been my style, but I'm a man of principle. Trust. The prophecy as I've seen it already happened, we're in the endgame now old friend, I may half lost half of the bet and being here is proof of that, but these kids still got a shot."

    "Arrogant as always, young master. It will be the unmaking of you and reality after all this fooling around you do."

    "I train resolutes, not fools."

    "A classic age old tale of the light battling the darkness..." Komaeda uttered as he slowly removed himself from the doors. "
    That has to be the epitome of flattery!!!"

    He released an extremely loud cackle that seemed to explode outward and echoed off the brisk blowing of the wind.

    "So this is your little ploy Luxu? These dorms conveniently targeted? So comes forth endless darkness and heartless seeking the heart of the world. Oh hooooo how convenient, downright lucky even. Well do me a favor Luxu." his eye orientation swapped and his left eye closed and the right one opened. "Smite them ALL alone."

    Luxu simply laughed before it expanded outward and cast the Ethernal into his vacant hand, and his Jötunn did the same.

    "As if your little trick'll work on me. I've only got one Master."

    Luxu turned and shirked, the heartless forces were moving slow enough and for starters, he wasn't moved by this defiant asshole. Unlike them, he had his memories, to their knowledge they only knew what Try unintentionally exposed with the Traverse Town stunt that doomed the world. Luxu couldn't let it stand, the world was being engrossed in a wave of darkness, heartless, and the forces marched on the dorms door step from afar.

    "Listen Komaeda. I really don't have time to deal with the shenanigans of trusting me midst a crisis. You want me to fight'm by myself, sure, I can. As can Try, AS IF the rest of you are worth anything less than the blade you came with." Luxu turned as did his Jötunn's shadow. "Unless you all wanna die, better get serious, I can't save any of you if I am fighting for my life as we-"

    the ground rumbled and a demon tower came to sweep Luxu off the field and spirt him away towards the hoards with a flick.

    "Lesson number 1. Resolve and say the words engraved in your heart. The heart never forgets, just a single phrase."

    He landed and drew a deep breath, "Jötunn!" Luxu called as his shadow emerged from under him and he finely sliced through the demon tower and struck at the core with his other Ethernal.

    "A powerful technique unique to each resolute. This fella here? It's called the All Series, named after the master's power he'd gifted each and everyone of us. It's your limit removal phrase to manifest the core of your resolve as a moving avatar. Each one of you has different functional variations, depending on how you battle. Some over others will have limited range, and your avatars can emphasize use of your resolve pending on what it is. Meant to mirror you, but be wary, your resolve is apart of you...if it gets taken out, say good bye to your power too!"

    Luxu turned and sliced two Darksides that approached with wound up fist, cutting them to ribbons using his Jötunn's physical attacks.

    Komaeda trembled, grabbing at both arms as he quivered with trepidation, how the darkness swirled, how they would soon despair. Recia was trembling not far from him, and Jay had gotten cold feet. In this place, that seemed so familiar to them, how rapidly it was becoming hell. How this hell was the reality they'd woken up to. The master, in all his knowing, kind, cryptic isms, and wit, would leave them to face what virtually seemed like impossible tides without so much as a single memory save for one isolated one upon waking. It was the cruelest of acts, one that didn't slip beyond his thoughts as he teetered between sleep and death before he awoke.

    Try had finally snapped, the demented feeling permeated, he could feel the air grew colder. The young man was at wits end here, he knew the score, and he took but a single step, realizing those two were cowering.

    "Fear's normal, Lucrecia." He spoke soft and with a sigh. "Don't disappoint us, you're incredible, take my word for it alright?" he gave her a nod, and a smile as his head tilted to the side and his Serendipity came to his hand.

    "I'll give you the courage you need." his eyes remained unchanged, and it was then he issued a command. "Lucrecia. Jay...resolve. Fight until you can't anymore, you have to, or it's game over."

    Komaeda's resolve activated for real this time, and he emitted a powerful light, and his influence would spread and affect the two of them as he drew his blade, gripping it like a dagger and raising the keyblade to fight as if he were holding a combat knife. His other eye opened, his command was issued, and a sigh left his breathe as his eyes swirled in pure madness.

    "It's light that shall prevail, the darkness has NO place here!

    Before you knew it, he'd walked slowly and placed his hand on Try's shoulder. "Not sure what's propelling you forward, but you've got help." he said point up at the sky, as he could faintly see something breaking through the atmosphere, all the wall a ball was seen rolling down the hill and rolling over, crushing several heartless. "If I had to guess the words engraved in my heart, the only that that sticks is..."
    Nagito searched for the words.


    A mask emerged, and grafted to Komaeda's face, half worn and the corners of his mouth twisted with a heinous grin. Beside Try he was release insane volumes of his own light, and gripped his serendipity tightly. The clouds grew dark and the winds picked up, natural disasters were abound as he went from giving things a gentle nudge, to inducing certain ripples through time, chancing more and more on certain outcomes to manifest themselves, misfortune to befall the heartless as a bolt of lightning was hitting in multiple spots across the field and obliterating them into a black mesh of death and torment. A an apparatus of blue lux twisted around Komaeda as he grinned, finally understanding it.


    Chaos ensued and rippled throughout the long fields, between Try's repeating effects and the natural disasters to follow, he was hardly worried. Though the same could not be said for the stability of his overall sanity the longer Loki remained in play.

    Eth walked slowly down the street of the cul-de-sac actually taking in the view for a change. He'd already gone back to the church but Midna had already gotten up and disappeared. Pressing a hand to his heart, his eyes were remorseful and full of a subtle sorrow. The other role he had to play in all of this explained to him in the past, taking the heat of everyone's frustrations as he was the only one who could. Limiting options to expand on certain relationships...all done to honor the master's will...or so he thought.

    Where they supposed to be above the suffering that doing and being resolute meant..? Was it enough to have broken histories, the people they became as a result of those dire crisis weathered. Eth asked himself these questions, but he could only reflect on the memory of his mother, and if she were still around. How was she doing anyway? Cul-De-Sac sent some of their young to other worlds to combat the darkness, but none of them ever returned...and so the population depleted to what it is now.

    It was Shiki's idea...the others weren't budging from their despair over the master and the help was appreciated, but Eth couldn't help but feel their hands were bloodied with the hearts lost to fight their war. Those kids...weren't expendable, they were valiant and brave, but they never returned home.

    "Limit techniques. All Series. And the Linger Will's last gift. I have everything I need now...but do I really want to bring them all into it...? After what...was essentially my job...I'm so unreliable. Trusting me is a mistake." Eth sighed, as he firmly scratched his head, his hair was smooth as silk, it'd been some time since he'd felt it. He spent so much time roaming around hooded like Luxu and the master that he'd almost forgotten what his face looked like, what the touch his hair felt through his finger tips. Feeling his stomach, those two women from before in the realm of darkness, he finally remembered them too.

    "Calpurnia and Vi. They were...angry because their friend Trace turned their homeward into a harrowed end and...he devoured the worlds heart and went on a rampage, forcing us to apprehend him. Shiki and I couldn't bring ourselves to killing someone who was human once, so we bound him to a console in Hollow Bastion while he trapped his comrades in the safety of the dark realm...Ugh, what else did we do...?"

    He stroked his head again.

    "Saebyeolbe and I...we were friends. I couldn't get too close to anyone, but...I tried anyway. I liked them, all of them...they made me feel...something. Less alone...less forgotten...acknowledged. Heh...I kinda miss them all, but lets weigh the options here." Eth said with a faint smile. "But nearly everyone hated me...was I so bad that I couldn't be trusted? It hurt like losing my mother again when I was a they were forgetting everything we'd gone through together as the collapse of what we had to do was on our shoulders."

    Eth pulled up his sleeve to wipe his face, even more tears.

    "Shiki was supposed to be the one to lie us all...but it turns out I ended up doing that too....and I paid the price, cost us so much grief and even our memories...why is it so important for us to suffer like this so we don't break any did we become enemies, when all of our causes to resolve coincided with the goal of protecting so many innocents...that we gave up our innocence instead..."

    He looked at his hands and felt his resolve flowing from him actively.

    "Lets do it right this time...together." he balled his fist and turned to the academy, not realizing it's where his feet carried him. Children brushing past him, as if they didn't even recognize him, turns out he'd tampered with their memories too and he could see it. His eyes shifted from them in that instant and fell upon Midna. Midna...that wasn't even her name, not her proper name.

    "Sorry about running off earlier...something in my heart was waiting for me here, I needed to see it for myself." Eth smiled, he believed this was her first time seeing him without the hood or hooded. He brought forth her creation, the one she called "Darkest Before" but he would stick to Dusklazer, it was his after all. He placed it into the cobble stone and invited her to sit on the bench with him.

    "I think it's time you told me who you really are." Eth said sitting next to her.
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