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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    Try's blank smooth visage remained still as Nagito touched her helmet. For someone that claimed to not recall meeting her he was awfully familiar. One thing was clear, he certainly had no idea that she despised being touched without her permission. And yet she knew his face, he was a Resolute like her...

    Like... Her? No, that might not be true. She was loyal, that was for sure. For all she knew Nagito was a filthy traitor, a liar.

    "My name is Try. The third Resolute, The Echo. In spite of my title I'm not going to repeat myself, so don't forget it." She spoke, her voice clear yet her tone as distant as the space between a mask and a pair of eyes searching for a trace of emotion in it.

    There was an awkward beat of silence. Try leaned her face to his level, leaving little in the room of space between them.

    "Nagito, you wouldn't happen to be a traitor, would you?" She asked the face reflected in her helmet.

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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    The thought crossed him sour. Hearing the voice of another familiar, finally pinning some semblance of whom he was. None other than the man that'd nabbed his cloak on the keyblade graveyard. Dialating to the back of his head, he felt it his eyes follow and turn as he made eye contact. He moved his arm, it felt...lighter? Speedier? The light that swam around him from Eth, was starting rapidly dissipate. Saebyeolbe wasn't normally this mind boggled but he felt it, a lust for darkness burning from Trace, snuffing out Eth's light, as if to say he sought vengeance against the man.

    "Your definitely the same guy from then, does everyone have a ticket to this harrowed end or--"

    "Another one? Kill him."

    "Huh? Who said-"

    "Possess him first, then we'll kill him."

    Sae stumbled back into the shade of the perpetual darkness outside of the well. He could feel Eth's light, completely evaporating and the corruption element of the world spreading across him. This could prove fatal, but with the strings pulling at him from within, his legs were no different than boulders. He started to sink, as the seconds multiplied and he could feel her slipping through the cracks.

    "Shiki...another delay came up, sorry to have you wait longer~" Saebyeolbe could see a diminished return in his visage, the other resolute was a blur, and soon Sae himself had vanished from the face of the world, consumed.

    There was a spark of fire, and it burned around him, brushing off the darkness. He floated in a medium to which he didn't recognize, but he stilled his heart's panic and swam through the limbo he'd found himself trapped in. Was this still twilight town? Perhaps a darker part? Questions typically were outside of his playbook, minimal thought and process fell on his shoulder along side acting. It felt close, the closest he'd ever been to that sensation.


    A close ally of The Scarred, he'd sent many to their own deaths, and the fear was never far from him when it could follow him as well. Entrenched in darkness, what was consciousness...what was the state that he was feeling? Those voices, one he recognized and the other he did not, but he resolved. He resolved harder than anything else, because he knew that he had a task to complete.

    "If you're there Trace...take me to the mansion." Saebyeolbe spoke faintly as a portal darkness purged open and the resolute drifted through it.

    There was a powerful spike of light that splintered out from the resolute. His body illuminated from each scar, as if he were a walking door hiding light behind it, and the scars looked like illuminated cracks behind that door that would not be destroyed. The corruption around him began to purify, and the steps he'd taken as he came out, the portal lead to the gates wide open of an abandoned mansion.

    "I'm coming, no more delays." he spoke in brief and his footsteps collected as he beat towards the wooden doors.

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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    I get it. Number Six was definitely weirder than Seven. Parts of him...her, I don't know started to slip away and ear exposed and poof with tail. You can imagine how my eyes widened at the sight. I had to set him/her/it straight and I pressed my hand into their chest.

    "Be still. Thats a little too personal, even for you Mr. Skeptical?"

    I would whip them into shape, you'd have to admit this was a one in a million scenario. Iontis gave us his spiel, few formalities spared but it was evident he preferred to work alone. There was a quick sigh that escaped my breath and soon my composure would be tempered between Try and the man calling himself Komaeda. Officially acquainted fully with two of them now, Number III The Echo and Number V The Harbinger. I could bare with Komaeda's obscene and indirect vulgar references, but what came out of Try's mouth, not even I said it without being interrupted before.

    I sighed, I gave myself a moment to fully respond. At first I felt some sense of hesitation to wait for Komaeda to take this opportunity to show us he wasn't one. It's funny, I remember being told that there was a traitor among us from the master himself. That memory is one I had to unpleasantly wake up to, one that I was told to be wary of. This sense of being hyper-vigilant was my strength and my flaw. I drew my hair back to my braids, a strand or two behind the right ear and I let out a breath.

    "Yes Komaeda, The Harbinger. Tell us, are you here to deceive us and cause a rift between the preservation of lingering remnants and the restoration of harrowed ends?" I had to get this off the table now, there was no room for extreme doubt among us and I wouldn't have it even if I had to be wary and on my guard as well.


    "Eth..." the only words that sprang from my mouth as I watched, dauntingly so. Those weren't your ordinary women, my nose confirmed that much. They reeked of darkness, double-sided darkness. He asked me before he was getting roughed up if I was a resolute, meaning so was he. Strange, he didn't defend himself keyblade in hand nor did he use the master's gift in any capacity to defend himself. I was largely thrown by this, but seeing as the woman with the trident quickly grew disinterested with him, and before stabbing him in the stomach and leaving him to bleed out, his resourcefulness in crushing a potion stabilized his condition.

    "You didn't use any of the tools a resolute has at their disposal have you survived this far down here...?" I asked, a glowing concern. "The heartless are at their most powerful here in the realm of darkness. I...had the unfortunate luck of waking up here, and like you, trapped."

    I sighed. Adjusting my white hat, and adjusting the belt on my skirt by my waist was burgundy, the top was a cashmere cotton fitted-turtleneck, black, with a golden hoop sewn into the center. Leggings that were stark and black with some calf-high boots. This wasn't an easy situation to be in, I had some stranger here with me to whom I didn't know but he may as well be just another civilian. Talk or resolutes but no demonstration in sight where I could confirm he was someone I should invest my time in.

    "I have many names, but you can call me Midna, Number X, Harbored Destiny. And my resolve is telling me, your hiding something. Better be quick or you'll die here for real this time Eth." I pulled back from him and a magnificent keyblade of pure silver purged into my hand. It possessed the sigil of a transmutation circle at the end of the blade, I was an alchemist after all and it seemed to suit me. What I said wasn't a threat, those women left us with a parting gift, heartless.

    "State who you are and fight! Resolve Eth!"
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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    That makes three, three resolutes he'd met. Eth lay there in a damning and hopeless situation, and resolve was all he had. What more could be asked of the number zero, no keyblade, in a world or far off dimension in which his time resolve virtually ceased to exist and by extension all of it's subsidiaries. Powerless, was he really going to perish in this place...?

    "You know...for a very long time, I've been alone." his body released the tension and just gave way "The only thing I ever had was a single parent...a mother. You see, I have power over memories...for as long as I can remember but when I was young I didn't understand how or why, I don't even remember how to use it. But, on accident, one day though I vaguely remember, my mother forgot ever having given birth to her only child. I lacked the awareness, knowledge, and ability to control memories and my mother lead a life not knowing who I was."

    There were tears in Eth's eyes as he sat there in the dirt powerless as the darkness, the heartless even approached slowly. "I've put it out of my mind for so long, I've been separated from humanity and mine for so long. I didn't believe it at first...when the Master said to me, 'One day you'll be weaker than you ever could imagine and you'll reap what that isolation has wrought you' as I'm sure you can understand..."

    He gripped at the dirt and flipped himself over, there was a tremble across his body and he was clinging to the umbrella.

    "My name is Ð, pronounced Eth. I am resolute Number Zero, least, in the realm of, how I even got here...well that doesn't matter...I've talked your ear off, Midna right?" Eth slowly worked his way to his feet. "The distance between myself and the world is my resolve, no one needs to die because of me or even come near me let alone know I exist. Please...don't tell share what I'm about to do with anyone...I'm trusting you."

    A light started to slowly resonate dimly, with a purple tint from behind the resolute, unlike anything he'd ever displayed. "Not even the master knew...the level to which my resolve body never forgot even if I didn't remember it officially until being without it. My code name is Untouchable for a reason, I will greatly defy expectation, it has no place for me. A light this powerful beckons it's brother the darkness, so my light will always have a brother no matter where I am, thats what the master never understood about me."

    Jagged edges spread from Eth's feet as he released the longest breath he'd ever held. The heartless here were to be feared, those women inflicted damage in bursts that would be incurred over an increment of potentially fifteen minutes in less than three. As they approached, his light swirled in a slowed motion, and sprang from the floor like javelin spikes bobbing straight through the heartless.

    "You've seen it. Now show me your resolve, Harbored Destiny, we're not going to die here!"

    It only took a split second, but he caught with a swift and turn and hop to his right, avoiding the merciless fist of a dark side. "AHHHHH!" releasing a battlecry he forged a violet colored blade of light in his hand, he swiped upward and lobbed off the right hand of the dark side. He slid, and raised his empty hand, to shoot a quick burst of blades pinching into it's chest. The shadows surrounded him, attracted to this tainted light, absolutely starved, feeling claws burying into his body even above the pricks from the Trident earlier. He let out a loud scream, exhilarated by it all, it was about survival at all cost so he could get the information of what he learned from the knight to the others.

    "Damnit...Damnit...Da-...!" The heartless dragged him down and he sank even further into the realm, he could hear foot steps running and sure enough, Midna jumped in behind him screaming as he did.

    "Whyyyyyyyyy!????" he said screaming at her as they both fell with the shadow heartless even further down.

    "My name is Try. The third Resolute, The Echo. In spite of my title I'm not going to repeat myself, so don't forget it."

    His hand still firm on the helmet, he liked this one. He liked Try, and the other Lucrecia, they were quite the stand outs for him. He tried not to stare at Jay's ears and tail that sort've morphed on his body from the corner of his eye. Though all the while he never removed himself from Try's space, despite the clear eminence of her discomfort. That memory, she could kill him at any moment, but that wouldn't be any fun you know?

    Progress is progress, i'll take it." he said with a smile.

    She leaned closer to him, she was just a tad shorter than him, but not by very much at all. His teal eyes didn't possess that abnormal swirl, but you got the idea. Unmoving, it was a welcome shift to have her place herself in his space.

    "Nagito, you wouldn't happen to be a traitor, would you?"

    "Yes Komaeda, The Harbinger. Tell us, are you here to deceive us and cause a rift between the preservation of lingering remnants and the restoration of harrowed ends?"

    This question actually did not seem random, though at the same time, it kind of was random. He was a man of quick wit, but the best answer here was the truth. This wasn't a very hard question, but you could be damn the context would be twisted and extremely vexing in delivery.

    Yes. I indeed am a traitor." he tilted his head and smiled, kissing Try's helmet. "We were all born in the darkness were we not? That abhorrent and foul realm where hearts beckon to return to, but we resolutes when we were born abandoned our allegiance and came to be as we are. Traitors. Traitors to the damned darkness we seek to eradicate at all cost from the worlds! So yes Try, and I would betray the darkness for the remainder of my existence if it means erasing it entirely! It disgusts me."

    He looked at her, seeing his reflection off the glass of her helmet.

    Answer with resolve. Your loyalty is to the realm of light isn't it Try? Your loyalty is resolved in light as well, right Lucrecia? If you need more proof look around you at this abounded paradise of light. The darkness wouldn't dare set foot here in the presence of such power resolutes such as us, no? And even if it did..."

    Serendipity purged into his hand. "
    Fortune smiles on each of us, because I will resolve and will it so." his smile was softer, genuine, less devious because these intentions were the truth. Komaeda wasn't worthy to ask for trust, but he was fine with being apart of a much larger objective at play here.
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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    Twilight Town


    The skies were broken.

    No more the dance of dazzling oranges, fiery reds and warm yellows. That beautiful twilight is forever gone. In its place loomed a chasm of endless blackness sparsely ringed by the dwindling purples of a torn sky. Starless, gaping, and empty. A sight of terrible hopelessness.

    The once lively and peaceful town was now nothing but a hollowed shell. Strange, how a once large well populated space seemed so small and insignificant when it was voided. The buildings and roads, what was left of them, were split, unhinged and strewn out of their place, like a torn puzzle. Wires and lightning posts were utterly twisted out of shape transforming into heaps of grotesque metal wraiths at the sides of the road. Whole lanes drifted apart, broken, untethered and disconnected, like a long discordant broken tune. Even the very colors seemed to have taken flight of this deformation; seeped out and leeched off by the harrowing that consumed the world. Everything was a depthless, colorless drab of a gray.

    Then there was the darkness…

    You’d expect it to be a ravaging force, a spectacle of chaos and viciousness to behold. It was worse. It breathed in the very fabric of the world. Slinking behind the gaze of your eyes, lingering through the breath in your chest, at the soles of your feet, dabbling between your fingers. A heavy oppressive thing prowling through the unseen. An impalpable shadow that weighed on shoulders, slithered through the minds and slipped in hearts, a frigidness that grew until it consumed you whole. A resonance of ruin. A tune Shiki was intimate with…
    The portal of light collapsed behind her faster than it should, scattering apart, unable to withstand the overwhelming pervasion of night and ruin. Shiki stood taking in the harrowed end and bitterness and anger welled inside her.

    Where did we go wrong?

    Thousands upon thousands of yellow globes flickered to life in a sea of turbulent darkness all around her. Heartless as far as the eyes can see.

    We were supposed to stop this.

    A sliver of light bloomed in her hand and faded into a shower of black feathers and a keyblade as dark as midnight.

    Why did we fail?

    She whipped Memento mori in one fluid swipe to her right, levelled it with her shoulder and gripped it with both hands. Her left foot slid softly forward, and her body turned ever so slightly to the side, centering its gravity.

    Or did we not even try…

    She held her stance, and grew still. So still, that a silence of its own enveloped her, wrought her motionless like a marble statue, as if she was carved from a whisper, woven from a lull. Heartless swarmed around her, a wave about to flood her. Claws stretched, maws opened, swords unsheathed. Too many to count. She closed her eyes.


    Why do you fight Shiki?

    What is it that makes you pick up that blade every time it falls?

    Memento mori flickered through the heartless as if they were thin air. The first line of shadows were thrown backwards, a cloud of black dust erupting as some exploded. Shiki leapt swinging her blade upwards cleaving a jumping shadow in two, dropped with a swipe shearing through three others. She side stepped a neoshadow’s deadly slash, kicked it hard sending it flying, turned and sliced through another and then another and another. Her blade was a fury of streaking flashes forging forward through a swarm of black. She felt something light and warm dusting against her figure, and suddenly her motion lightened even further. Speed. The world was aiding her with a potent spell of Haste. Curious.

    Strength surged through her as she advanced forward, slashing, turning, leaping, dancing. Her body moved of its own accord, thoughtless, comfortable. She felt lighter, every move came more effortless, smoother. Something was different. Something in her was changed.

    A dark ball zipped to her left, growing in size as it floated out of her slash. Lumen Incantara sprouted in her hand, a long, luminous streak of light that zipped past her fingers and wrapped around the growing darkball. She swung it around, whipping it through hordes of shadows as she pushed ahead. Just when it was about to explode, she flung it with a grunt, it hit a group of shadows to her right with an implosion that sent more dark dust in the air. This gift of speed was a breath of hope to anyone treading the harrowed end, but it wasn’t the aid of the dead world that felt different, no. This… this was deeper. More intimate. This song… It was in her bones.

    It was then she felt the seething tug in her left leg. She ducked into a neoshadow’s swipe, rolled to her left and unleashed a gale of slashes and stabs that produced another puff of black dust. She slowed then, feeling the crawling disease at her left leg take hold of her. She looked down and darkness had enveloped her limb and was gnawing it. At this rate, it would soon consume her whole, and her heart would be gone, just like everything else. No… Lumen incantara floated into existence and wrapped around her figure, its light a kiss of warmth in the chilling dread, the crawling darkness slowed but didn’t stop. I will not have it this way.

    Shiki deflected a deadly slash from a neoshadow that flanked her right, and countered with a spell of thundera that took it and snaked through a couple more behind it. She barely had time to see it through before she turned and struck fiercely at a couple of shadows sneaking to her left. A hollowness started to seep in her left hand, climbing her shoulder and Shiki started to lose all sense of her left side. The chains’ light shun fiercely, but the cursed darkness was still mounting. She spotted a glimmering patch to her left, sourceless light danced through it from everywhere and nowhere. No heartless trod it, they seemed to even shy away from it. Without even giving it a second thought, she dashed towards it.

    It was as if the sun rose again. The hollowness left her, and so did the darkness, it peeled away at the touch of light, scattering through the air, withering. She knelt, leaning on her keyblade, catching her breath. The Old Mansion wasn’t so far now, but the hordes of heartless were endless- She heard them then. The voices. Whispers. They rushed through her, enveloped her. So many. Thoughts and memories overwhelmed her, light everywhere. They were… the lost denizens of this world. The last lingering moments of their hearts. Their final memories coalesced into these hallowed grounds. Their wills fighting for hope even after the dark, even after their hearts were gone. A tear slid down her face.

    I will never forget. She promised them, listening to their final thoughts. I will see this through no matter what.

    She stood up and summoned a portal of light to the old mansion and stepped in.

    She walked out into the courtyard of the old mansion. The building despite the darkness that had ravaged this world was still as it is. Old, large and abandoned. The wooden floors in the foyer were covered in dust, and broken bits and pieces of the statues on both sides of the stairs. Cobwebs and stains lined the walls, and it was dark and inhabitable inside. Shiki checked the white room, but it was in a similar state of disorder and abandonment and there was nothing to find there. She then made her way to the library and down the basement and into the computer room.

    To her surprise, the computers and the machines were still functional, and when she turned on the terminal to the data twilight town, she found nothing but a single entry left in there. Version number 427. It was undated, but whoever deleted the rest of the versions of data twilight town, left this one behind. Wasting no more time, she prepared the transportation machine to investigate the entry and see if there were any information left in there.


    Data Twilight Town

    She walked into sunlight. It was as if no darkness had ever claimed the worlds and no heartless ravaged their hearts. She closed her eyes, and felt the cool breeze brush through her hair, inhaled the various and colorful scents, listened to the voices of people as they came and went, felt the warmth of the sun. Oh how easy it was, how effortless it would be to believe this was real and hide here from the truth. Perception was such a devious and malleable thing. But, it would still be a lie. She can deceive her senses all she wanted, run and evade her thoughts even but never her Heart. It would always know.

    Flyers of a carnival in town were posted everywhere, and people were flocking towards it. It was a bit unusual that the data town would deviate from a certain routine, but this entry seemed almost intentionally different. She figured that she should check it out for clues, perhaps something here could point her to what happened in the three years past.

    The carnival was held just outside of town, tents of every size and color dominated the view. Fantastical Acrobatics, Fire breathers, Knife throwers, jugglers, clowns and fortune tellers, the place was filled with every color of entertainment to please every visitor. The place was crowded, and Shiki had to maneuver through the passing denizens to scan the area for any hint. She was walking past a small gray tent that proclaimed a Maze of mirrors when someone caught her eyes.

    Try our House of Mirrors Miss?

    Is this a joke?

    Standing in front of her was a teenage girl clad in a knee length black and white dress with dark boots and a witch’s pointed hat. She had dark blue eyes, and long black hair, and a bright smile. It was the spitting image of a younger version of Shiki.

    It will not disappoint you, Miss. In the mirrors, you might see things beyond just your reflection.” She smiled temptingly, holding the flap of the tent open for her. The girl might have matched her appearance, but she didn’t have any of Shiki’s character it seemed. Still, this wasn’t done without thought. Whoever had this entry made, they wanted her to find it.

    Shiki thanked her, and ducked inside, wondering what she would find in there.


    The House of Mirrors

    There was no one inside when she stepped inside the tent. It looked larger on the inside than its shape suggested outside. Lining it at every corner and side in almost a maze like fashion were mirrors of varying sizes and shapes. Large mirrors, tall ones, small ornate ones, wide bare ones, you name it. Perhaps their reflections of each other was what gave the tent the illusion that it was larger than it truly was.

    You know, you really are a pain in my ass, kid.

    Master!” She whirled around, and there he was, standing across her from her at the end of the first row. She ran towards him only to realize, he was standing in a mirror. It was just his reflection there. There was no one behind the mirror and she was sure she was the only one standing there.

    I expected you were going to pull this crap. That you'd end up here, in this abandoned data mansion, searching for answers about what really went down.

    This is… this is just a recorded message. She was slightly disheartened at the discovery, but still this seemed the closest she had gotten to knowing anything about what happened from the Master. She followed his reflection to the next mirror.

    The truth is you probably already know.”

    I could only guess. To presume she knew his plans would be a stretch. She was familiar enough with him to know how he operated and thought but he was always an enigma, and even when she had a notion of his thoughts and ideas, he always surprised her with unexpected twists. With him, there was always another secret.

    I’ll admit it. I knew you were the only one that was going to find this place. So hey, Congratulations!

    It took me long enough though. She turned another corner to follow him into the next mirror, this one larger than its predecessor.

    You’re every bit as resourceful as I thought you’d be. It’s one of the reasons you’re a resolute after all. But listen to me when I tell you this, Shiki.

    He pointed at her, all serious and solemn all of a sudden.

    You were never really meant to remember any of this.” He waved around him, “There was a reason for losing your memories.

    What reason?

    It was so you could forget the terrible things that went down.

    Dread filled her.

    Awful things.” He shook his head, and folded his arms, “Things that you did to each other.

    What have we done? What could they have possibly done to make wiping their memories a mercy?

    I was never here to be your moral compass, but the things YOU did… Hoo boy. It gives me chills to think you hid something like this from all of us.

    If I didn’t find out… Well, maybe I’d still be around, who knows?” He shrugged his shoulders, and stepped into the next mirror, a smaller one though slightly longer and framed by an ornate golden frame.

    What could he be talking about? For a moment, she wondered if he was referring to her past, but then, and she shuddered at the idea, she feared he meant something entirely else…

    I don't know if you're still watching this but here, this is another piece of what you’ve been missing.” He pressed his palm towards his side of the mirror.

    “Now, I'm really hoping it isn't you seeing this, Shiki.” She peered at him for a long moment, her gaze trying to discern the meaning behind his words. She raised her hand and placed her own palm against his on her side of the mirror, almost with grim satisfaction.

    I’ll face it. The room dimmed around her. Whatever it is… I’ll face it, Master.


    A Graveyard

    Two Months ago

    I Trusted YOU!

    The words were almost a whisper, but the betrayal… the disbelief in them was loud and merciless. Memento mori’s deadly edge was pointing right at him.

    Of all of us, I trusted you the most. Now... Now you turn your blade against me?!

    Shiki’s fingers tightened around her keyblade. Her lips were set in a hard line. She stared back at his stormy gray eyes with chilling determination. She couldn’t yield… She just couldn’t. Damn it all.

    You’re forcing my hand here, ***.

    The wind stirred dust in the expanse lying between them on the graveyard. The sky was overcast and about to unleash a downpour. Her long dark hair stirred in the wind behind her like a grim’s cloak, she held her keyblade pointed at the lone weaponless man facing her; clad only in his dark cloak and emotions of betrayal.

    It’s been a year, Shiki. A WHOLE year. And we still don’t know what happened to him?” his voice was incredulous. He couldn’t believe that she, of all of them, didn’t understand.

    The worlds are falling. We have no answers and that idiot just. Won’t. TALK!” He was practically shouting now. His voice dripping with long caged anger.

    Enough with the bullshit already!” He summoned his own keyblade, his face downcast. How did it come to this? Why? IF only that asshole talked…

    And is that a reason to go throwing your life away?” She shot back at him, her voice rife with barely held back emotions.

    Don’t be an idiot!

    All of this for what? Just to find the Master?!
    ” Her voice cracked louder, scarlet was creeping up her face.

    What about everyone else? What about the rest of the Worlds? For Kingdom Hearts’ Sake. ” She waved around her “We are losing everything. Everyone.” Her shoulders drooped, her keyblade hung to her side. Suddenly, Shiki looked too weary, too tired. There were shadows under her eyes. She seemed thinner, paler, smaller.

    I’ve already told you, I’ve already told everyone when the Master vanished.” He took a step forward, frustrated. His patience was running thin.

    If we find him, Shiki he can fix this. We NEED to. *** KNOWS. Yet he still won’t tell us a thing. ” He let out a harsh breath, infuriated, “And now he goes and runs away. Vanishes, just like Luxu. Not bothering to help.

    Not even with a single clue.

    How is this the right thing to do? ” he balled his fist, “The arrogant prick… Him and Luxu… They never really gave a damn about the rest of us.

    Listen to yourself…” It started to rain then. Softly. A slow and quiet drizzle.

    Have you even indulged the idea that he actually doesn’t know ***? That no one does! That this is nothing but a fool’s pursuit. ” Even if she thought for a second that he did, did they even have the time to get the truth out of him. They were supposed to trust each other. To trust the Master.

    Does it even matter now?” She sighed, running a hand through her hair.

    I know you’re angry. All of us are angry too, ***.” She said, and there was a gentleness to her voice, her expression softened, “But we can’t abandon everything just to look for the Master, no matter how much we want to.” He wasn’t the only one who yearned to find the Master. To put an end to this horrible nightmare. The Master always seemed to make everything look more fixable, a little less harsh, potentially solvable. He made the worlds safer. He made them feel safer. Not now. It just… wasn’t like that anymore.

    People are fading, ***.” Rain fell harder, pattering on the rocky ground and off the glinting metal of the keyblades.

    Every week we’re losing a world because none of you want to work together.” her voice sounded hollow, heavy with disappointment and she almost seemed to wince at her own words.

    You can’t expect ***** to be able to go on for so long by herself. Even if some of us are helping her. It’s not enough.” She blinked away the rain. Her knuckles going white around her keyblade. It was just too much to bear. “We can’t even have seven of us make a damn effort to save a world together. Just one.” They were perhaps the only hope left to these worlds, and look what they came to…

    Are they a false hope? A lost cause…

    Please ***, you need to stop this empty chase.” Her dark blues bore into his lucid grays.

    We NEED you.” No more walls, nothing left to hide. It was all laid bare, and she could only cling to the hope that he would listen. He always listened to her.

    I am always here, Shiki. But-

    Don’t do this.

    I can’t ignore the fact that he’s not telling us where the Master is.

    We can’t do this without the Master. ” His voice was calm, almost serene. She could see it know, in the way he steeled his stance, the set of his jaw, the shift in his gaze.

    He knows, and I have to get the truth out of him. It is the only way… ” Unyielding.

    Oh you fool…” She bowed her head, her dark hair slid across her shoulders, throwing shadows across her eyes. Of all of them, she didn’t want to do this to him. He was dearer than a friend. He who she respected too much.

    But it was no use. She shut her eyes and let go of a long and weary breath. It was no use…

    A distant song started to emanate around them in the falling rain. A wispy thing, sad and mellow. Chains of light circled into existence around her, a wreath of slender moonbeams. Swifter than a heartbeat, they eclipsed him before he could even manage to raise his keyblade. Fast, they enveloped him and tightened their caress. They chained him down into an absolute and unbreakable embrace. The only reason they did, the only reason she was able to, was because he didn’t expect her to go through with her words, to ever use them against him… And she hated herself all the more for it.

    Forgive me, my friend.” Her voice was soft, sorrowful. She opened her eyes, and for a moment through the blurry rainfall she thought she saw Eliot in his place. A tremor went through her hand. Is this how it is always going to be?

    Rain or tears, it was hard to make which were trickling down her face but the deep blue of her eyes held only sadness and defeat. Her grasp did not relent or weaken, not even when another cloaked figure walked to her side to watch her chain down her own friend.


    The memory faded, washed out by the other bright ones that floated to her consciousness and filled it with different sounds and scenes. A rush of colors, figures and worlds. Different times, different faces. Voices and smells and thoughts filling the recess of her memories. That which was supposed to be there in the beginning. She remembered them then. All of them. The 11 Resolutes the Master has chosen. Luxu, Eth, Sae, Try, Recia, Komaeda, Jay & Jaz, Iontis, Yamato, Reforge and Midna. The times they sat together, ate together, fought together… She had friends. Comrades. And more. It didn’t all come back to her, no, there were still pieces missing but… now she knew them. Now she remembered them, as she should have when she first opened her eyes. Then why… why was she so sad? Why did it hurt so?

    She could almost hear the Master berating her. I warned you, He’d have said. She raised her head, and met her own reflection in the mirror. Now it showed her standing alone in her black coat and plain blue shirt and unwavering stare.

    None of them should know. Her eyes peered back at her, steely and solemn. Not until the time is right. The Master charged her with a role, and she was going to see it through… till the bitter end. The things that she have seen, the things she now knows, and the picture that was starting to unravel to her eyes… If the others came to know these things, their hearts… Would they even want to go on after they learn the truth?

    She walked out of the tent’s quiet to the noise and clamor of the carnival, the warmth of the ever setting sun felt feeble and naught against the chill that clasped her heart. The Master knew that I’d come searching for answers here, a couple of kids ran past her as she reached the crack in the wall, behind it the woods stood old, empty and abandoned, he knew I’d seek the truth no matter where it led me. He didn’t want any of us to see these memories and yet… The doors of the mansion made scarce a noise as she pushed them open. He knew that even after I got to know everything that I… I wouldn’t stop. Her boots paused at the stairs, her hand resting on the wooden rail. He gambled on it. She wondered what would have happened if any of the other Resolutes have seen what she saw in here and learned the rest of the truth. Would they turn? Or would the search for a traitor consume them? She wondered if even after all of this anything mattered, if what they were doing was worth it, if at the end they could do something. Anything. She shook her head, it was no use lingering on those thoughts. She climbed the stairs to the library and made her way down to the terminal.

    The moment she returned to the harrowed end, Shiki turned towards the terminal that housed the data twilight town. Darkness bloomed in her palm, a wisp at first then it blossomed and swelled into a small, ethereal orb that hovered there at her fingers. She wasn’t going to take any chances, she eyed the orb. A flick of her wrist sent the black sphere hurling at the terminal and the surrounding equipment. It crashed without a sound. Blackness spread swiftly like a web of cracks across every surface it touched until all of the room and all the other chambers were dark and indistinguishable and lightless. Everything was awash in darkness and silence. So absolute was the grasp of oblivion you would think it had swallowed her and it wasn’t here upon her calling.

    It was only when Shiki felt the last of them swallowed into oblivion, when she let her senses touch and breathe and prod every inch and between every sigh that the nightmarish force receded and flowed back into her. Slow and languid at first and then all at once. For a moment, she shuddered and clutched her chest, her face grew so pale. She closed her eyes and held her silence, her slender brows furrowed in concentration as if she was listening, reaching for something, then almost in relief she let go and straightened, and it seemed the worst of it had left her. Where once a set of terminals, equipment and machines stood, there was nothing but walls and vacant floors and an unused basement. Not a single trace was left, as if they never were there. In this world, in this time, it never existed. Even the memory of it was fading from the minds of everyone who knew of it. Except for Shiki. She always remembered, for who else would remember the Obliviated?

    She walked out of the library and descended the stairs, she was done with this world. The road ahead was looking more and more daunting, but walk it she will till the end of times. She was at the foot of the stairs in the foyer when she saw shafts of intense light dancing behind the Mansion’s doors. Pure and serene. Voices and thoughts flowed through her, tugging, calling, she tried not to let them consume her. They whispered at the edge of her consciousness like too familiar a tune. The light’s presence washed over her, and in its folds she sensed a heart, one she more than knew. He opened the doors, light streaming from his scars in the wake of his arrival.

    Her gaze met his dark greys. Did he remember her? She searched his eyes for recognition. Does her know what she has become? Turbulent as her emotions were, her deep blues revealed naught of her heart, but nothing, nothing was able to stop the warm smile that graced her face.

    It's good to see you again, Sae.”
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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    The rustling sound pivoted through his mind, a distant chime.

    "So it was you...who's this?" Sae lifted a keyblade to a black foreboding mold within a cage.

    "HRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" It snarled like a violent animal, rapid and abhorrent.

    You could call this place a beautiful landscape of fields and sky meeting beautifully. The pits of what one would call "The Heart Station" or the image shone of what the inside of Saebyeolbe's heart resounded. Trace was here, red eyes, short cargo-pants, and sleeveless T with the heartless emblem on the shirt as if he were from the boardwalk, perhaps a twilight town resident designing it? Sae rolled his eyes and brought his attention to the caged heartless.

    "Saved you from corruption, Resolute."

    "You put stones in my feet so I couldn't move, should I force you out or outright end you here?" Saebyeolbe held his Alabaster in his left hand and raised it to prod Trace's chest.

    "Easy now, I know you fucking keybladers are the bane of my existence, but hear me out...Shiki is near." Trace said holding his hands up indefensibly. "You've looked into my heart, seen what I remember...are you going to blindly deprive me and Anti of our vengeance..?"

    Sae simply shook his head from side to side, and pushed further into Trace's chest, feeling the keyblade sink through his sternum ever so slightly. "Shiki is someone I have to find, If your going to take refuge here Trace and...Anti. Then you'll behave or I'll purge you with my resolve."

    Scars appeared all over Trace, light wounds of light ready to be torn and inflicting lacerations at any given moment. A method to which he also enveloped upon the heartless as well. Sae was kind, a kind of altruistic man that sought for the good in every situation as often as possible, even for the unfortunate fate of this sour fool. The light eveloped his heard, and he was washed away inside of it alongside the other two.

    His eyes returned to the surface.

    Saebyeolbe looked at both of his hands, and the light being generated by his Induravitque was opaque even through The Linger Will's cloak. The darkness around him, was dissolved, this ground was of light it seemed. He took both of his hands and sprung forward with a tug and mild strength. Barefoot, his heels dug in and he gave an adamant tug, to fling the gates behind him. Looking dead ahead, the darkness that was Twilight Town, here it seemed even bleaker in comparison. Faint tints of oranges and browns, coalesced even with the light of the ground acting as a safe space.

    When the doors opened, his eyes softened, body hardened. His sharp grays from roughly fifteen meters away could make them out clear as day. Blues he'd thought where a memory lost in the ashes of this hell, but they looked at him as if it'd been ages. The return, this was much different than it to be said he recognized, but his body communicated what he remembered much differently this time around. His body had never felt Eth, nor Trace, but it acted on it's own. The scars folding, every impress, every muscle carried with it a genuine mix of feelings and for the first time he'd been overwhelmed.

    Strong emotions meant a weak rounded state, and she spoke.

    It's good to see you again, Sae.

    Anxiety digging into the pit of your stomach. He knew exactly who this was, and his body acted on it's own. His mind was given feint imagery with attachments to what his body vaguely captured. The fog that settled on his mind would clear soon, all the while unable to control the steps he was taking forward.

    "Shiki..." he said, a faint hint or melancholy but heartfelt intimacy left his lips, resolving the storm burrowing beneath his scars. "What kind of reality did we wake up to...nearly everything is gone. The others, like us, scattered, why aren't we together with them..?"

    This kind of pain was one, not even his resolve had an answer for, the pain crafted often so easily through the connections had with people. His hand wasn't steady as he was now but a single step from her. "Eth said you'd be here...I've been looking for you this entire time, so many questions I have, but well...when you're me, your body can only remember so much even if your mind forgets."

    Saebyeolbe embraced her, a poignant state of remembrance washed over him.

    "Dig as deep as you like." his scars illuminated and proceeded to share all that he had seen up until now.

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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    Try stood still as a statue. Even as the wind blew she remained motionless, one might think even a wave would simply split upon crashing into her. She was thinking, wondering what to do with the young man in front of her. She had to do something after all. She was one of only few remaining individuals in the universe that had the freedom to make their own decisions. And what decisions they were, the weight of literally thousands of worlds was upon their shoulders. She was strong, but not the kind of strong she needed to be.

    Maybe she should just snap his neck here. He might be the traitor, he might not be. Either way it would be one variable she didn't have to worry about.

    There was an itch at her neck, she finally moved. Her gloved right hand rubbed her throat for a moment until the irritation ceased. Without orders, without a clear path, without purpose. The collar was gone, no more tugging, no more yanking.

    "Nagito..." Try spoke his name, this time with a hint of empathy. "I may not remember you, but..." She took his right hand and placed it over her heart, she then placed her own hand over his. "The heart never forgets, even if it wants to." She closed her eyes and listened. Something stirred, a familiar feeling. This person in front of her, he had once made her feel... welcome? There was even a hint of longing, as if she was meeting someone she'd wanted to see for a long time. It was strange feeling such attachment with not a single memory to justify it. She withdrew her hand and took a step back.

    "I'm going to ignore the fact that you sound like you've got a screw loose. Words can lie but the heart is honest, and mine is telling me it can trust you." She took her eyes off of him and looked at their surroundings. Taking this scenery in, she could see how one could be so naive.

    "If you are truly resolute, don't be so complacent. Any world can fall faster than it takes for the sun to set."
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    Default Re: Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    [Chapter 3]

    Run The Risk Of Trust

    Realm of Darkness - Eth & Midna
    Twilight Town - Saebyeolbe, Reforge, Yamato, Shiki
    High Grounds - Komaeda, Try, Jay/Jaz, Iontis, Lucrecia

    Cul-De-Sac- Luxu

    [location update: feb 16th]

    The End of Time

    "This little game of ours has trudged on for centuries. Why do you trust humanity so much?"

    A disembodied voice spoke across the table from the master clad in black as they played their little game of chess. The master was reluctant as always, sharpening his visage, he was hesitant to move the next piece. His pieces covered the board, simply twelve left, the king was sidelined. An infinite number of contenders where the other pieces he had to deal with.

    "When you give Omni to Twelve of your Choice, you put it on faith. How many worlds are left? I still got a shot, I have the box and a cunning successor to lean back on. When will you stop with this charade?" the master spoke mockingly as he placed a piece forward.

    "You really think that pitiful Luxu is worth anything? Who willingly cripples one of his comrades and makes them nigh unusable against the unrelenting waves soon to swarm you."

    "That boy wouldn't make a decision to disrupt lightly, you never know what surprises wait the resolutes based on his movements in the background."

    "You already failed once, this was your punishment for trusting them. Do you think memory-less Resolutes are any more effective than ones that don't even have the foggiest margin of what the endgame is? They'll certainly die this time, turning against one another was bad enough, but a worse fate awaits."

    "Then lets make another wager. Do you believe the traitor will appear? The one my protege is to bequeath the gazing eye to and resolve themselves as the Dark Wielder. It's impossible to open the box without the Dark Wielder in play, so yes, I am betting on the betrayer to appear. Whether Shiki's memory hunting proves successful or not, my resolutes still run the risk of trust that can waver. The one who abandons their role, will be the one to save them all."

    "Powerful words young master. You filled them with so much hope blindly, only to bet on their individuality and rebellion against the love and trust you've blinded them with to be their salvation. In order to win, the harrowed ends must be reversed, all of them. You really think this third method of yours will work? I do not understand. Your debt will cost them the fate of their reality and their master, is this the right call?"

    "Yes. I trust that one will distrust me and in return, they will end the era of darkness as it's very wielder. If I win, my freedom is all I ask for."

    "And if I win, reality will merge here, alongside the end of time itself."

    "You can try." The master smiled beneath his hood and moved the next piece forward. "I'm counting on you guys, especially you Luxu."

    "A-Choo!" the hooded man released a massive sneeze. "Hmm? Who even remembers me besides Ethy to use my name? Ahhh doesn't matter. Loose ends need to be tied up."

    Luxu knocked on the door of a resident's home. The sound of a child rolled along, like water banging from a rooftop. Opening the door, she sprang forth with excitement, recognizing the man instantly!

    "Daddy! Daddy! Look! It's the master! Hi master!"

    Her father coming around the bend, recognizing the figure clad in black and freeze filled him rather quickly.

    "A promise is a promise remember. I told you one day you'd give it back...Ethy." Luxu spoke, purging the Ethernal keyblade into his palm.

    "Luxu. Don't do this...I have a family here, and my name is Reyzil Azzir."

    "Ah! Ah! Ah! Lets stop pretending we can run away from destiny dear Ethy. Can't have any lose ends, the past is best forgotten...we don't need a part of Eth that exists that still remembers the past, that can control memories to boot. You did us a solid, wiping everyone like a clean slate leaving the one memory the master asked. But ya messed up by fleeing. Who'd a thunk it, Ol' Ethy, a daddy too?"

    Luxu pressed Ethernal into Reyzil's chest, and pushed him onto the couch, his daughter stood there frozen. "I had to wait a really long time before I came after you. I'm sure you noticed that the other YOU ain't in the realm of light anymore. If I'm holding this blade here, you already knew what was to transpire next. So that means, when you disappear, those memories ain't goin' to him but scattered into the ether.

    "Master...? Whats going on? Why are you trying to hurt daddy?"

    Luxu turned and placed an arm on her shoulder, "Me and your old man are having a pow wow right now kiddo, he'll be back at a later point in time. Sorry sweetie, but we really have to check out." Luxu vanished with Reyzil in front of his young daughter.

    They'd come out in front of the chapel doors. Unannounced, there were children here, noticing their teacher Reyzil and observing Luxu in his likeness to the master.

    "Hmm. Whats the point of the caution tape if you just go through it anyway?" Luxu commented, he snapped his finger and a strong gust of wind torrent through the building and scooped up the children, as he grabbed Reyzil by the collar, hearing the doors shut after him. He dropped him and held a spell over him in place to deconstruct Reyzil's light.

    "Sorry to do this to ya, this story isn't about extras, main cast only." he deatomized him and the collective of his light was gathered into a sphere. Purging the gazing eye in his other hand, it absorbed the memory of Reyzil into it's eye, sending it directly to the master. "I'll do you proud Master. Still don't know which one, but hell, shouldn't be too hard to figure out."


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