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    Default Re: Persona: Icebound In Medias Res

    The snowy obstacle course was buying Sno precious seconds. The bio-recovery implementation was slowly running its course and she could feel the pain in her side slowly dissipate. It would only take a few more minutes until her wounds were healed. After, it would be a straight brawl between her and the exhausted Persona users. She would be at full power while they were on their last legs. If the shifting pillars knocked the two boys out now, that would leave even less work for her. Just as Sno was finishing that thought, she saw the impossible. Both users had made their way through the pillars and were charging straight for her. How much energy did these two have?! Without hesitating, Sno scooped at the ground, grabbing a handful of white powder. She threw it at the boys as it sharpened mid-flight into a pointed icicle. The icy attack shattered loudly against Saito's clacker, but the pair were still rushing towards her. Sno readied herself for the incoming attacks and was able to lift both arms to block the kick which pushed her back a bit. She kept her arms near her face as the boy crouched to punch upwards and was able to grip his fist, negating the blow. Just as she was going to swing Saito around like a lasso and toss him aside, Sno felt a sharp stinging pain on her side.

    Her waiting arm blocked her side view just enough to cause a blind spot where Saito's third attack connected. Sno toppled over, sliding off the main path the van had been traveling through and towards the lower area of an embankment, where the woods began anew and a nearby set of stone stairs allowed for easily reaching the road. The kick had been enough to disrupt the regeneration of her bio-recovery, and even offset it. Already her vision was beginning to dim, and her eyes were heavy. Could she be on the wrong side of this after all? Sno looked up from the embankment to see both Max and Saito posing to attack, with their Persona's silhouettes behind them. Without wasting any more time, the pair jumped towards towards her and struck. There were two distinct 'clang' noises that rang throughout the forest as Sno's hands caught the attacks. Saito's blade was held firmly in her right hand while Max's scythe rested on the palm of her left. Though apparently unscathed, it was obvious Sno was struggling against the duo's strength as she was slowly lowering to the ground, unable to push back against the weapons. She fell to one knee as the pressure overcame her and as her eyelids began to close, the two couldn't help but notice a small smile slowly spread across her face.
    I had...forgotten," Sno mumbled, "that Persona users draw their strength from the bonds they have made. If you had made a bond with her..." Sno lowered even further as she began to lose her footing, "then I should have known there wasn't anything you wouldn't do to save her." Sno closed her eyes completely as clear fluid--almost like water--began to flow from her hands where she grabbed the weapons. The two fighters heard Sno let out one last long breath and expected her to collapse, but instead where surprised to feel her resistance grow as a chilling wind blew through the embankment and a thick layer of frost began to crawl along the edges of the weapons towards the duo. Sno snapped her eyes open as she pushed herself off the ground and began to press against Max and Saito.

    Then the skills kicked. A sudden flash of white, hot, sharp pain raced through her arm and sliced into her head. It only lasted for an instant but was enough to break her resistance as a second surge of power raced through her system. The electricity jolted from limb to limb as her arms visibly shook against the weapons. Sno's mind went black, and the last th
    ing she felt was the soft snow meeting her face as she fell forward.
    "Cut her diddlying head off!" Crystal called from the road above.
    Crystal, no," Val said, annoyed. "Let's get you back to the van, come on..."


    Charles watched on as everyone got themselves comfortable in the room with detective Lance's inclusion. He stood from his seat to get everyone's attention and walked forward where everyone could see him.
    "Before I start, I need everyone to know that this all stays with us. Even you, detective. Though if you tried to tell this to anyone on the force, no one would believe you anyway. So let's get started. So uh, alright this all started when people started going missing and their dead bodies would later be found under the ice of frozen lakes. Spooky stuff. So a bunch of dumb teenagers at nearby school got together and formed a club." At this point Charles reached into inner coat pocket and produced a piece of paper folded four times. After unraveling it and putting it on the table, the group could see it was a poster for an investigation club.
    Zoey pipped up, "That's the club Crystal wanted me to join. She made it."
    "Except she didn't." Charles produced a second identical poster and placed it next to the first. Then he pointed to the names on both of them. The first said 'Crystal Donn,' while the second said 'Cures Candidus.' "Recognize him?" Charles asked, eyeing detective Lance. "Cures created this club because he wanted to learn the truth and felt he could reach it. And he probably could have. Everyone who agreed to be a part of the club investigated the Loveless-Lovelast pond, which had some silly unimportant rumor about confessions attached to it. Anyway, once there they were pulled into the water. One by one, by an unseen force. They awoke in another world. A world of dark monsters where you can be your worst enemy. It was a little before this that Sarah Bell Pepper had joined the club and was dragged under as well. But they managed to fight their way out with something called...wait for it...Personas.

    "Personas are a physical representation of one's soul. They're quite literally the mask we wear, once we accept ourselves for who we are. Persona users are able to fight dangerous enemies called Shadows, which are the opposite of Personas. Those are the parts we try to hide from everyone; what the mask covers up. Everyone has a Shadow, and in exchange for the power to survive, Crystal gave up her body to her Shadow. So...yeah, the person walking around isn't Crystal, it's like a mean doppelganger, but she's trying to get the normal Crystal back--"
    "Wait, where's Crystal? What are you talking about?"
    "Yeah. Um. We don't know. Or at least, I don't. She's somewhere in the Shadow World, probably. Safe, but far from sound. She'll be fine--like I said her Shadow is looking for her too and we're going to too, if you all agree to help. Before that I need to finish up my story. So, the club went around trying to figure out what was happening and found one of the missing person's Shadow. A young woman by the name of Claire. Before the fight could be resolved, something happened. Something that really shouldn't have.

    "We call it a Time Shift. It's when someone or something messes with the world and changes things. It can change the order of events that happened, change genetic material, shift people's entire personalities and lives, or just move a lamp somewhere two inches to the right. While the club was fighting, the Shift happened and spit them out into a new world. They're the only ones who remember things how they were before. A theory I have is that Crystal's Shadow being in the real world was such a rare occurrence that it was the cause of the Time Shift, but I don't have any proof to back that up. That silver haired chick they group were fighting? She thinks the same thing, but also thinks that killing the Shadow will set things right. I don't know how true that is." Charles paused to take a drink of water before continuing. "A few things that I know were changed with the Shift. First is that Cures and Pepper and a few of the other club members are just...straight up gone. The first two are missing children, but I don't even know if the others exist in this time line and I don't have any way to find out. Second is that I now have a bum leg." Charles tapped his damaged foot with his cane for emphasis. "Before all of this I was an attendant of the Velvet Room--oh I'll talk about that too in a second--but now I can barely run despite being in my late twenties. Finally, my friend and fellow Velvet Room attendant, Theodore, has gone missing. Probably somewhere in the Shadow World. I want to ask all of you for your help in finding him. You can think of it as some on-the-job training. And finally, the Velvet room is where that pointy noise old dude hangs out. Igor. He's kind of creepy but knows how to pick Persona users. The Velvet Room is only for people who have formed a contract with him, and are therefore Persona users. If you've seen him or have been inside an incredibly purple room, you've already dove in, which I think all of you already have.

    "So...that's my pitch. I need your help to save Theo, find Crystal's self, and figure out what caused the Time Shift. Oh, also. I should mention that there's a great calamity coming onto the world soon and only Persona users--that is to say, you--can stop it. If you don't, then the world's going to end so you should try and get a grasp on your powers sooner rather than later. No pressure though. Boy I'm not used to talking this much. Can I get another glass of water? I finished mine a while ago."
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    Default Re: Persona: Icebound In Medias Res

    Saito grew confident as his assault bore fruit. He mostly expected the first kick to be blocked by Sno. Especially since he was approaching from the front. Also what helped to do her in last time was a kick to the face. He wasn't done as shown by the uppercut which was stopped with her hand. His knuckles flared up in pain as he felt that he just hit concrete. He ignored the pain and followed up with not only a kick that hit its mark, but his Persona slashing down as well.

    Saito's eyes grew in surprise when Sno caught his and Max's Persona's strikes. Shit. I threw everything I had left in that last combo. What now?

    As soon as he thought that, he felt Ronin's silhouette start to fade and waver. Also, he started panting harder and faster. When he did, he saw the white-haired android's legs buckle. But she had a smile on despite that.

    Sno then rambled on about the power of friendship that Saito half-paid attention to. It was then ice started to form on Ronin's and Pale Rider's blades and her legs sprung forward to attack. He flinched into a battle stance to take her on. Her effort was quashed by a sudden shutdown.

    Saito didn't know if it was his electricity that did her in or that she ran out of stamina. Either way, she was down and he was glad. He stood there for a couple of seconds to make sure she was really knocked out. Shortly after that, Ronin's silhouette and the ice caked on his blade faded away. When that energy left him, he sat down on the steps to recuperate for a little bit and put his goggles around his neck.

    "Now what to do with her?" Saito asked himself as he looked at Sno.

    "Cut her diddlying head off!" Crystal loudly suggested as if she heard him.

    Saito yelled back, "Nice of you to contribute, but no!" He also heard Valerie refute that as she pushed the Shadow-possessed girl to the Jeep.

    Saito made his way up to the car as well then asked the group, "What should we do with her? We can call an ambulance to pick her up, drag her to the main path and hope someone calls one, leave her here, or tie her up with jumper cables and bring her with us to try to get some answers."

    The brawler then clarified, "I prefer getting answers, but I don't know how cooperative she'd be after waking up. If our initial encounters are any indication, not much. Especially since she hates Crystal and I can assume vice versa. I don't want to talk to the authorities if we can help it. At the same time, I'd feel bad about leaving her here to freeze."

    As the idea popped into his head, he said, "Oh, we can also take off the car's plates, dump her in front of the hospital, and go. Either way we should put it to a vote."

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    Default Re: Persona: Icebound In Medias Res

    "Cut her diddlying head off!" I heard Crystal yell as Valerie maneuvered her into the jeep. I gripped at my scythe and turned our fallen foe.

    "It's not like it would be our worst option, but..."

    "Nice of you to contribute, but no!" Saito chimed in as he headed back to the jeep. "What should we do with her? We can call an ambulance to pick her up, drag her to the main path and hope someone calls one, leave her here, or tie her up with jumper cables and bring her with us to try to get some answers. I prefer getting answers, but I don't know how cooperative she'd be after waking up. If our initial encounters are any indication, not much. Especially since she hates Crystal and I can assume vice versa. I don't want to talk to the authorities if we can help it. At the same time, I'd feel bad about leaving her here to freeze.Oh, we can also take off the car's plates, dump her in front of the hospital, and go. Either way we should put it to a vote."

    "I'd honestly like to get some answers too, but I just don't know." I crouched down and looked over Sno, examining her face and hair, her body completely unmoving and frozen in time. "She seems far from human, and if she had it her way I don't think we would be breathing right now. But I don't know. If we kill her now, if we can kill her, I don't think we'll learn anything."

    I looked up to Valerie who was standing beside her open jeep door and Crystal who was looking outside from the window.
    "I think we should do what Saito mentioned and tie her up; throw her in the back of the jeep. I just hope the jumper cables will hold, I'm not sure how strong she is..."

    Valerie nodded and Crystal rolled her eyes. Majority rules I guess, because in short time we had her tied up as best we could and tossed into the back of the jeep before we were on our way. As Valerie drove, I leaned my head against the window. The cool glass felt nice on my forehead. "You guys, where are we headed anyways?"

    If someone answered my question, I became too distracted to hear them. I felt the frost on my forehead from the window and pulled away. Outside things started to look not quite right as ice slowly began to engulf the trees and the road. I heard a noise from the back of the jeep and turned to see Sno's eyes glowing as a foreign sound escaped her mouth, and then a moaning that sounded like that of Crystal's voice filled my ears as my vision began to fade.


    "Welcome to the Velvet Room," the cool and chipper voice of an unknown female said to me. "Was that okay?" My vision focused on her, and across from me in the blue-clad plane was and attractive blonde girl with gold eyes. She looked to be about my age, her hair was shoulder length and parted to the right, and she wore a similar blue uniform to the one Theodore had.

    "That was fine," Igor said, sitting beside her. "But this is no new guest, he's been here on a couple of occasions before, so he knows this is the Velvet Room."

    "My apologies," she said to me as she flashed me an open mouthed smile. Her teeth were perfect and her smile genuine.

    "What's going on?" I asked. "Why am I here again, what happened in the van? And who are you, what happened to Theodore?"

    "You asked for a different attendent, a cute girl if I remember correctly,"Igor said from behind his huge nose. "She is our newest addition and will be working with you from here on out."

    "My name is Melody," she said, "I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance, and I look forward to working with you."

    "Working with me on what?"

    "That will come in due time," Igor said. Until then, you must concentrate on the matter at hand. One of Sno's functionalities kicked in in an unexpected way due to both her current status and in reaction to Crystal's Shadow's strong presence. It's quite the mess, but I think you might find you've fallen down the rabbit hole once you wake up."

    "Wait, this doesn't make s-"

    "Until next time!" Melody said, her smile unwavering.


    It felt as quick and natural as a blink of the eye. One moment I had been sitting on the plane and the next I was back in the jeep with all of my friends (plus one). The windows had been frosted over and the temperature dropped immensely. I let out a sigh and watched my breath form in front me.

    "I think we're back," I said. "Back in that shadow world."


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