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    Default Re: The Miracles: Reborn

    General Wells kept his mouth shut once Adam got into the car. Not because of what had just transpired--far from it, he didn't even witness any of it. Instead Wells was busy reading over reports from STAR Labs. Any last minute information he could gather from his reviewing the facts would be worth the effort. Unfortunately, nothing new came to light and he would have to face his brother without an ace up his sleeve. One of his largest annoyances was going into anything without a backup plan, but when it came to his Brother, the general rarely--if ever--was able to make a secret move remain secret. The second Adam and general Wells entered the labs, it was obvious nothing was going to change. Not only would Michael refuse to budge an inch on the topic, but the bustling of all the scientists around the labs made for a chaotic environment, even within the confides of the doctor's private office.
    "Ellis, this whole thing between us is not personal at all, okay?" I mean, I know I can see your points about the Particles doing some good with your Army buddies, but I don't trust the guys who would take it as means to win a war."
    "Mike, this isn't just about the military. I will admit that the research here would prove infallible to the United States military, but I would be remiss if I didn't also make you think about how this would affect you and STAR Labs. We've touched on it a bit in the past, but god forbid if something went wrong when you turn that thing on. What would happen to you then? To your reputation? To STAR Labs? Those two assistants of yours as well? What would become of their careers?" Ellis opened the briefcase he had placed on the table and laid a sheet of paper down with a pen. "This isn't just me asking you to share information as a professional. This is me, asking as a brother, to let me help you. If anything were to happen, the military would be able to help with damage control and STAR Labs' reputation would remain as spotless as it is now. The military would take the hit for you instead."

    It didn't need to be said that Ellis' gambit failed to turn a profit. It hadn't done so in the past, but the general figured that playing into Mike's sympathetic side would be the best attempt in a last ditch effort. The general rubbed his eyebrows tiredly as he and Adam exited STAR Labs from the rear entrance. The front was filled with crowds and protesters, but the rear was deserted, save for the car he and Adam used to reach the Labs. Wells placed a hand on Adam's shoulder.
    "Feeling hungry? I could go for a steak before heading back. ...That and a stiff drink."

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    Default Re: The Miracles: Reborn

    ~- Eye of the Hurricane -~

    "I"ll make sure this one doesn't get any bruises, but if he does, I'll make sure the redhead get to take him home... Kidding! But I'll be sure to make sure he'll be home in time for our meet-up, right Jack?"

    Jack couldn't help but grin at the banter between his friends. Nodding his head, he waved as Claire and Snow walked away. Looking to Tyler, he tried to figure something out when the Greek-Cherokee boy asked, "Do I have to go tonight?"

    An impish smirk coming to his face, Jack laughed, "If I have to wear a penguin suit, you need to go to that book party. Besides, mythology based books? You will have a blast."

    "You're being a jerk right now," Tyler mumbled, even though there was a grin on his face.

    Waving it off in a dismissive fashion, Jack walked toward the front of the gym to finish his errands up before his sudden "date" for the night. He heard Tyler calling after him, and he hadn't been going to fast, but he still called back, "Hai, hai." (yes, yes)

    "Don't you dare start talking in Japanese!"

    A smile on his face, Jack laughed, "Naze watashi no shaberi nihongo wa?" (roughly: why can't I talk in Japanese?) Before running out of the gym to avoid the rather angry friend behind him. It took a couple of minutes, from dodging people and trying not to tire himself out, but Tyler rejoined him outside by the flex. Seeing the slight frown on Tyler's face, Jack reached out a hand and ruffled the darker-haired boy's hair. "Come on, don't be that way, Ty. I was just teasing."

    The rest of the day passed by in a blur. Jack hadn't had anything to eat, he'd been a little too nervous.

    He'd showered, dropped the guys off at that event since Tyler had warmed up during the day and then had driven to Claire's place to pick her up. Knocking on the door, it only took a couple of moments for Claire to open the door. He had to admit, she was gorgeous in her black dress. A smile on his face, he teased lightly, "What? No heels tonight?"

    He led her down to his car and opened the door for her, shutting it once she was inside he got into the passenger side and decided to just double check where she wanted to go to eat. After coming to an agreement with her, Jack took them to the restaurant so they could enjoy dinner before the event. Thinking on things, he asked as they drove, "Would it be easier for you if you had some help at the gym?" He glanced at her for a second before he returned his gaze to the road, the music playing through the car was a mix that he'd personally burned for Claire shortly after she'd graduated from high school. He'd also made sure to have his hearing aid in so at least that wasn't trashing their night.

    ~- Distractions -~

    Adam didn't say a word during the meeting, he wasn't even really looking at Dr. Wells. The only form of conversation he had with the doctor was the act of shaking his head when he'd been offered tea. It was at that point Adam made sure to keep his eyes glued to the floor, he was on edge enough because of that encounter with Will, and the last thing he needed was to get even more agitated. Although that didn't mean he wasn't slowly getting more and more agitated, he could feel the emotions rolling off of the Wells brothers. Both were equally determined to get what they wanted, both were concerned (although it seemed Ellis was a little more so) and both were slightly irritated that they couldn't get the other to see their point.

    Why? Why would he do that? Doesn't he remember and care about that secret? Adam thought to himself, trying to piece together why Will was acting the way he was. A scowl coming to his face, Adam clenched his fists as he reprimanded himself internally, Stop being an idiot, Jiang. He doesn't care, he left you all those years ago, remember? He ignored you because he blamed you for that stupid accident. It took Ellis moving past him for him to realize the meeting was done, and only a second afterwards for Adam to be following the general.

    "Feeling hungry? I could go for a steak before heading back. ...That and a stiff drink."

    Adam flinched at the question and the weight of Ellis's hand on his shoulder. He looked around him, trying to process where he was as he was hit with the emotions of everyone up front. Kicking the ground with his boot, he mumbled softly, "I don't care, sir. If you want to get something we can, I just want to get away from all the people." He was aware of the faint ache radiating up from his right wrist, and he instinctively started rubbing some of the pain out with his other hand. He also noticed a faint throbbing ache coming from his left leg, but for the life of him he couldn't figure out what he did to hurt it.

    Glancing at Wells again, Adam forced a shy smile and repeated a little more cheerfully, "Yeah, I am. Where were you thinking of going?"

    ~- Temporary Wakefulness -~

    James was dreaming, he knew that one for sure. All he knows is that his head didn't hurt as much as being awake had been. He looked around him, trying to figure out exactly where he was only to become distracted by the sound of his mother's voice. It was calm for the most part, although he could have sworn that there was the slightest tremor of concern in her voice. It made his heart ache, even so whenever he tried to focus on it more, he couldn't manage it.

    He heard the trees rustling around him, something he found odd given the fact he didn't remember anything about trees before. Even so, the breeze through the branches was relaxing to him, helping to the soothe the chill that had been settling over him.

    At least until he heard the rustle of feathers, turning around in a circle he tried to pinpoint the source of his unease. He couldn't find it, which led to him tensing his muscles as he tried to figure out if he should run or not. The slightest sound of a branch moving to his left had him looking in the direction, especially when he heard a faint yet deep voice whispering, "Po. Po. Po. Po. Po."

    His pulse leapt in his veins, making the boy take a step back even as his heart started pounding in his chest. He was acutely aware of his breaths coming in short little gasps, his palms getting sweaty from how much he was shaking. Closing his eyes, James whimpered a little only to feel something touch him and a gentle voice calling out to him. He couldn't make the words out, but even still he found himself leaning into the touch and moving toward it...

    "Hey sweetie, how are you feeling?"

    The words were soft against his skin, he was also aware of a cool touch on his arm. Blinking a little bit, James tried to figure out where he was only for the light to make him shut his eyes. It was too bright, and whenever he swallowed his throat hurt. "My throat hurts, and my head too." He mumbled, fighting the urge to slip back under the tug of sleep. He just wanted to sleep, was that so wrong?

    A slight laugh caught his attention, again drawing him back to the surface of wakefulness. It was also the sad yet relieved sound that had him registering who he'd been talking to. Opening his eyes reluctantly, James looked at his mother and started to ask a question when she said soothingly, "Shoo, it's okay. Rest, we're just glad you woke up."

    He saw his Dad leaning against the wall, his fingers tapping against his arm as he seemed to be thinking about something that James wouldn't even start to be able to guess at. Glancing at the clock, he flinched inwardly as the movement sent a rush of pain and dizziness through him. Why did the room have to spin so fast? "Easy there kiddo, you've got a high fever. Don't worry about the time, let me worry on that, okay? Just take it easy and rest." The command from his dad brought an odd comfort with it, and it didn't take much more prompting for James to fall asleep again.
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    Default Re: The Miracles: Reborn

    Claire sat inside of Jack's car as they drove on to their local favorite food, Steak-n-Shakes, to eat for a bit until they were sure the doors to go inside STAR Labs would be open and be able to find their seats that she got from her tickets that she submitted to the Archville Times when she first heard that Dr. Wells was planning to unveil the latest invention of his, when Jack hummed off a question to her as she was thinking to herself.

    Briefly shaking her head to clear off the thoughts and to focus on Jack's question, Claire turned her head to him and gave off a small nod. She had thought about hiring more people to help out during the days that she was working on, but to do so she'll have to ask her grandparents about it and knowing how they'd feel since it was always in the family, she didn't really raised the issue around them.

    Letting out a puff of air loosing through her lips, Claire told him of her grandparent's stance on it. "It's not like they don't want strangers in; It's more of a legacy type of thing for them since they were way younger than we are right now," Claire explained. "But honestly, this kind of thing is killing me!" She teased.

    Hearing the song that Jack burned for her made her feel better and when the ending came near, Claire quickly hit the rewind button to hear it again, rather than going to the next. Smiling as the beginning of the chorus came into play, Claire asked Jack if he ever had the chance to burn anymore songs.

    "It's not that important to me than getting some kind of badass motorcycle that I've been checking out for a bit." She winked at him as they continued on.

    Thinking of motorcycles made her remember her father as he rode one for his job as a police offer back when she was just little enough to remember it. That's when Claire felt the hit of emotions swirling throughout her body and as it was starting to look like she might let out a tear fall through, she took a deep breath and just let it out as it tend to make her stop before it even starts.

    Glancing at Jack and back, she wondered if the circumstances between them as a child would be different to the point that it was possible to be in a relationship with each other. But he's with Hazel and she's single, which kinda annoyed her just a bit since she did date a bit back in school; It was hard enough with a job and well, she wasn't one to really looking around for one anyway right now.

    "Oh, there it is!" Claire quickly pointed out the restaurant where they'd dine for a bit.


    Michael Wells forced himself to smile and shake hands with guests that came to see him unveil his latest work as he wondered if his brother was right about this. He knew Ellis was right in a way when it came to taking responsibilities for his co-workers, projects and so on. And for him to have the balls to tell Mike that if anything happened to them, it was on him!

    "Excuse me." He spoke to one of the guests as he walked off to reach the twins. Maybe they can help him feel better about all of this, he thought to himself while glancing at one of the giant screen that showed protesters holding signs and banner that were against him and his works, shaking his head as he reached Crystal and Casper with a wave.

    "Hey, how are you doing?" Mike asked them and with a wave of his hand, the three of them went backstage and he spoke to them about the meeting and asked them if it was a good idea to leave it off the table.

    "I know my brother and we love each other, but for him to say that I don't care about you and everybody else is being ridiculous!" Dr. Wells bemoaned just a tad bit as he walked back and forth in circles while they watched him, trying to encourage him. "Maybe I should just sign it, but with a few deals involving you guys and the Particles Accelerator? It could make things easier if something did happen tonight or the next time we turn that thing on."

    Glancing at his watch again and it was showing him at least close to eight o'clock in the evening, it didn't help him untie the knot that was gnawing in his stomach and waiting on the Twins' response to his questions.

    'Maybe it's not too late to talk to Ellis to come back and do this in a simple manner..' Mike thought inwardly as he debated on pulling out his phone and calling him or let it go for the time being as he turned to the corner, glad to see everybody was enjoying themselves for the time being.

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    Default Re: The Miracles: Reborn

    ~- Drive by Killing -~


    Will was frozen, his defensive walls flying up as he shut down. When... why...? Why, after twelve f.ucking years, did Adam have to crop up again? How long had Will waited, praying that Adam would walk through the door? Will had spent weeks in the hospital. so hopped up on painkillers he could barely think, yet he still felt every shard and splinter in his leg, poking and stabbing at him with even the slightest movement. When he finally got released, Will had asked his mom to take him to Adam's first thing, only to have the splintering pain in his leg find its way to his chest when Adam's foster family said that he'd been put back into the system, and they refused to give any more information after that.

    Physical therapy; surgery after surgery until Will could have sworn there was more metal and pins in his leg than bone. Nightmares of the horse rearing beneath him, being unable to bring it back under control before losing his seat; the shock and jolt of hitting the ground racing through his body before the horse fell right on top of him, pinning his leg even as he heard the snap of the bone, the pain as femur and tibia ripped through muscle and flesh, staining the ground, his pants, and the horse with so much blood that all Will could see was the red and white of what was supposed to stay inside of him spilling out, causing so much damage in ten seconds that he was still dealing with the fallout over a decade later.

    Will held onto the anger and hatred he'd forced himself to nurture since that time, both in a sudden, juvenile attempt to hurt Adam and to protect himself. Will knew what Adam could do; he knew that Adam already knew how Will felt and he wanted the toxic anger to hurt Adam as much as possible.

    More importantly, though, was that it was easier to hide behind the anger; it was safer to hate Adam for something Will didn't blame him for. Will didn't want to think about the hurt and isolation he'd felt. How abandoned Adam had made him feel, still made him feel. Adam had left him when Will had needed his best friend the most; he'd left without an attempt at goodbye, to see if Will was okay. It was like Adam never even existed.

    And he had the nerve to call Will the coward?

    Shards and splinters of pain raced through Will's leg as he stood frozen, refusing to turn to look at Adam after the potshot Jiang had thrown before walking past him. He couldn't turn to look at the private; Will knew that if he did, he'd lose control of himself and beat the shit out of Adam, leading right back to trouble for Will when General Paragon found out. Will wasn't going to let Adam get him into more shit with the General.

    He'd learned his lesson last time.

    A whine and something brushing against his leg roused Will from his haze. Will looked down, and he saw Starset looking up at him, worry in her blue eyes as she whined softly again. Will reached down, tangling his fingers in her fur as he forced himself to relax.

    A spasm ran through his leg as the tension left his body. Will sagged, his stance lopsided as he shifted most of his weight to his right leg. Starset leaned into his side, giving him extra support as exhaustion suddenly crashed over him. For a long time, man and beast stood still in the late afternoon air, the isolation around them just complete enough that Will allowed himself that moment for weakness.

    At long last, Will started walking, his gait uneven and his pace slow. The sparring match with Gizmo, the rock hard tension from that encounter with Adam, both had left his bad leg tender, and Will found himself unable to place much weight on his left side as he hobbled along, his knuckles massaging his thigh in an attempt to ease some of the stiffness that was trying to seep in. Starset stayed close against him, her weight acting as something of a crutch, taking some of the pressure off his leg.

    It would be an early night for him, Will knew it. He'd pull himself together as they neared the rest of the base; even though his leg hurt too much for him to not limp, he could make that limp almost nonexistent. He'd learned to hide in plain sight, a skill he'd learned from Adam.

    That asshole.

    As the mere suggestion of people became concrete fact, Will straightened, placing enough weight on his left side that he had to grit his teeth to stop a pained groan from escaping him. Swallowing his weakness, he forced himself to walk straight, a slight limp visible as he favored his left leg. Even so, he felt some of that forced hatred burn out, and Will had to bank the coals again so that the underlying pain behind the false emotions didn't cripple him more effectively than his broken leg ever could. Why?

    Why did Adam abandon him?

    ~- Fanning the Flames -~

    He dreams of fire. Red and orange dancing around him, yellow circling up and down, blinding white at the hottest hearts of the flames. The beauty of the flames is achingly haunting, because he knows just how much danger is encased in that small space, some pockets no bigger than the span of his hand. The flames are beautiful, dangerous, and deadly.

    He wants them.

    His hand reaches out, and the dream fire follows it, illuminating the scenes around him in snippets of firelight, there and gone in a flash so fleeting that he can only catch brief glimpses in the light of the embers. Red and green, solar energy and moonlight intertwining together. Arcane powers of eldritch nature. Speed. Treachery. Cascading water. Death. Danger. Bone, teeth, and claws. Fur and fangs. A man... no, a beast... no, a man that turns to a beast...

    The flames dance higher, drawing his attention to them once more. They arc around him and through him, soothing his mind in its never ending race to understand and control. He feels his muscles relax and his breathing grow more even as he slowly sinks into a deeper sleep, his awareness of the dreams fading away as his conscious slips further under.

    However, even though the dreams slip from his awareness, he still feels the warmth of the flames.

    The fire remains with him wherever he goes.
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    Default Re: The Miracles: Reborn

    ~- The Pressure Starts to Rise -~

    Tyler was regretting on what he'd said earlier. Glancing at Snow to see his friend's own discomfort, he smiled a little bit in sympathy. Moving toward him, he mumbled, "How about we ditch this?" Snow glanced at him, the book discussion wasn't either of their cups of tea, not that either one of them drank the stuff. He had to admit, he'd been enjoying it until the pressure in his chest had started to build up. It had started quiet, it always did, now though he felt as if he was being smothered and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

    He saw Snow nod in agreement, and the two quickly slipped out of the house. He could tell that Snow was trying to head how sore he was, he was always a little tender after Claire used him as a demonstration since the two would forget to restrain themselves at times; especially if Becca had been mentioned beforehand. Walking along the street, he allowed the comfortable silence fill in the gap between them. Tyler had been hoping Jack would have healed by now with all of their efforts. He knew it was a foolish hope, but it hadn't stopped him from hoping. He thought of the unveiling that was coming up, the Particle Accelerator.

    Tyler knew Jack had high hopes for it. It actually broke his heart with just how high those hopes were. It only took a quick glance for him to identify that Snow had a similar train of thought going on. "Come on Snow, you know they'll be okay." He commented half-heartedly, he saw the slight smile that flickered across Snow's face.

    He knew without having to ask what was eating away at the country boy. Deciding to change the topic, he asked, "Did you get Shauna's number tonight?"

    Snow looked away, a slightly flustered look on his face as he answered, "Yeah."

    It was actually kind of cute, given what he'd gone through himself. Tyler looked around him, he tried to figure out what they should do. Hearing Snow clear his throat, Tyler glanced in his direction to see what his friend wanted. "How about we go to Outback? It's been a while since either one of us have gone. Maybe we can catch a movie before I take you home?"

    A laugh escaping him, Tyler teased softly, "Are you asking me out on a date?"

    A grin spreading on his face, Snow shot back, "Maybe I am, what are you going to do about it?"

    "Nothing, I don't mind. Let's go," Tyler shot back, sprinting for Snow's mustang to try and beat his friend to the driver's seat. He honestly didn't mind, as long as his friends were safe and happy he was okay.

    ~- We Live in the Rain -~

    "It's not like they don't want strangers in; It's more of a legacy type of thing for them since they were way younger than we are right now."

    Jack laughed at why Claire hadn't hired anyone else yet, it made a bunch of sense to him. He'd met Claire's grandparents, he'd heard them tell the story on a number occasions. In all honesty, it was part of why he was becoming a cop. It seemed as if there was constantly at least one Fair in the police force. Seeing the look on her face, Jack listened as Claire teased, "But honestly, this kind of thing is killing me!"

    Laughing at the comment, Jack teased right back, "You look perfectly well to me!"

    He hadn't realized just how much he missed hanging out with Claire. A thought coming to his mind, he heard Claire's question. Shaking his head, he answered, "Not yet, I've been busy with classes, sorry." He smiled a little bit at her remark about the motorcycle, he loved seeing this side of her.

    Then his heart shattered a little bit once the pain crossed Claire's face. Reaching out a hand, he gently squeezed her hand to let her know she wasn't alone. He knew why she was sad, her dad had allowed him on his motorcycle once or twice when he was off duty. It was terrifying but fun at the same time. He had sometimes played with a what if on things turning out differently, and he wasn't sure how to feel on those possibilities. He let the silence hang in the air between them, and he wasn't about to ruin the slight moment because he didn't want to upset Claire.

    Not that he'd ever cheat on Hazel.

    He moved over to the chosen restaurant when Claire pointed it out. He pulled into a parking spot and put the car into park, an odd look coming to his face, he asked softly, "Do you think your grandparents would be okay with me working at the gym? We're practically family after all." He wanted to try and make Claire as happy as he could, and he subconsciously reached up and rubbed the back of his neck, reminding him of the tattoo and vow that rested there. A steely light brightening his eyes, he vowed to himself, Whenever possible, I won't let any harm come to Hazel and Claire.

    ~- It Was Weird -~

    Adam suddenly thought of a place they could go to get what the General wanted and postpone him meeting Will again. He decided to take control, besides he loved the bread from there. He looked at Wells and suggested, more at ease than before, "Do you want to go to outback? I know I like the bread they serve there. Besides, I don't feel like heading back to the base yet."

    He knew General Wells hadn't witnessed the exchange between him and Will, otherwise he would've talked to Adam about it by now. If he focused he could still sense the hostility coming from Will, something that still sent him for a loop. He'd been planning on telling Will what he'd discovered since the last time they talked, but that wasn't what had happened. All Adam knew was that Will was lying to himself. He hadn't been a coward, he'd tried to get in contact with Will but his supposed friend had shunned him.

    "Heyoka? You're a monster. A demon. You're a con and a liar. You should die!"

    He cringed visibly at the remembered words, he could feel that foster mom's hands tightening around his throat. He froze, watching as the memory of that physical abuse played out in front of his eyes again. The water trying to fill his burning lungs, his throat was bruise from his mom's grip and his head hurt from when he'd smacked it against the wall. His wrist throbbing from where she'd broken it, the pale skin being stained dark from the bruise...

    Adam finally dropped to the ground, his vision darkening due to him not breathing. Blinking a couple of times to clear his vision, he tried to figure out what was true, new pain and what was a phantom ache. He hated his strength as an empath, he hated being an empath in general. He pulled himself up, looking to Ellis he tried to figure out what all of that Ellis had seen, although he was pretty sure it was all of it that happened in the present. Forcing a weak smile, he said nonchalantly, "Sorry, I haven't had anything to eat."

    It wasn't a lie.

    It was just another reason he hated being what he was.


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