Heh, just figured I'd do a quick plug ;P
I got bored and decided to substantiate all the boastings the KHI members make about how great this site is. So, I looked around, and see what I found? =P

I don't have to bash KHU, the numbers speak for themselves. So of course credit must be given where it's due. The admin and moderators of course; although I do not agree with a few of the 'recent changes' we're still owning everyone else so it's forgiven. XD

However, we can't forget the member who make this place what it is. We own. (even the n00bs are useful as a statistic.)

Thus my explanation comes to a close, we rule. XD

*whips out his big sticker tags and smacks it across the KHU homepage reading, "OWNED"*

**side-note: for those of you lacking intelligence, lower numbers is good.**