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    Default pokemon mystery dungeon 2 friend rescue missions

    okay i know some people dislike pokemon
    but please don't dis this forum if you say something a little to insulting i will report you so think before you post please
    okay here are the rules
    1. okay say you die in a dungeon and want someone to save you becuase you are really far.
    2. when you are asked to be saved and you accept go to friend rescue click send sos mail go to password come online and post the password, the dungeon you are at, and the floor you are at. first person to accept the mission gets it no exception post which mission you want by the way.
    4. when you are done post the A-OK mail for the person to read
    well good luck everyone have fun exploring dungeons!!!!!

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    iROFL Mike's Avatar
    Oct 2007
    Cross Fire

    Default Re: pokemon mystery dungeon 2 friend rescue missions

    Two words for you : Wrong Section!

    Thanks, have a nice day ;D
    And have a mod move it to General Games. That'll be where more people will post.



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