Official Summer Writing Prompt Entry: Myths/Legends



Upon the precipice of the world's end, at the vast floating land of Atra, a fierce battle between the last Bahamut or dragon of gods and a lone figure ravaged the entire heavens with their fearsome clashes. Having already killed the remaining 9 Bahamuts, this lone stranger set out to hunt them all down; whether be for power, vengeance or just to test his mettle, one cannot know. Armed with his sword of overwhelming power, and his will akin to an unstoppable force of nature, he slew them one by one; unrelenting and without mercy that he cannot be called a human anymore.

By slaying the nine Bahamut, he has acquired all of their wisdom, knowledge, strength and power. A Bahamut would have been above and capable of ruling over gods and demonic overlords, forces of neutrality and destruction to mete out indiscriminate divine punishment to those who threaten the very laws of nature itself. But to see them being slain like their lesser kind, was both in the realm of impossibility and sheer absurdity.

As the floating continent began to deteriorate around them the contenders paused for a moment after their recent brutal clash. Both of them were already at their limit, both of them aware that their next clash would be their last. From its prowl, the dragon seemed to ease up its stance as it raised its head before its enemy; its size was akin to a mountain compared to the lone figure.

Why do you continue to fight...?

The dragon began to speak in its opponent's tongue through channeling its thoughts unto him. It may be talking telepathically but its voice was like thunder and had a prominent impact unto it. A mere mortal would have had his head be crushed by the mere voice of this almighty being.

What do you hope to accomplish by felling me, like what you have done with my brothers and sisters? You fought without rest and recuperation, you already have been mortally wounded so many times, had your flesh torn apart by forces incomprehensible---yet you still fought like an opponent to be reckoned with...

Slaying all of us will accomplish nothing. You will incur the wrath of both gods and demons upon you, and in time... this world would meet its inevitable end. All must end to bring about the new---that is the law of universe.

The dragon spoke its piece upon its opponent, reminding him that everything the lone figure has done up to this point was meaningless. The almighty entity was curious in the slightest, to what drives this formidable opponent into felling all of them. As the dragon whom have felled numerous gods and demonic overlords who dared opposed it, the lone figure was the only one to have brought it unto its shameful brink of defeat.

Upon hearing the Bahamut's speech, the lone figure finally eased his stance in a very long while since upon arriving in this forbidden land. His uttering nothing from his mouth, he spoke through the mind as the dragon did. As his torn and ragged cloak fluttered about the strong tempest around them, he stated his intentions to the dragon plain and simple.

Hmm... hahahahahaha!!!

The dragon suddenly burst laughing mentally and physically through its mouth full of teeth. The laugh itself was so loud and powerful that it was akin to a natural disaster, the shockwaves tore through the ground that the both of them stood on. The Bahamut itself was nonetheless amused by the statement that he gave it.

Interesting---most interesting indeed!!! Never in eternities have I heard such a bold statement driven by either naivete or just plain stupidity!

The dragon responded, mocking the lone figure's response.

But on the other hand, that bravado does have weight to it... even if it is in the slightest.

The almighty being went silent for a moment as if contemplating. Then it raised its claw and then using its entire colossal body to stand up on its hind legs; the Bahamut's sheer height looked like it already has exceeded the heavens itself. The sudden gesture made the lone figure raise his guard once more.

But then, as the stranger was about to charge in, the dragon raised its claws and then stabbed itself with it, much to his surprise. Using its claws, the dragon made large incision upon its chest, cutting even through its rib cage. Using both its claws, the dragon then opened its chest to reveal its beating heart, coursing with unimaginable power.

Consider this a surrender and an act of curiosity... I am offering my life for you to slay. If what you have said has truth unto it then I would personally witness it through your own body---along with the rest of my kind in you.

Make no mistake... you may have acquired the accumulated power of the entire Bahamut pantheon, but 'tis not what it seems. To fell a dragon, you acquire their existence to merge with your own; but to fell a Bahamut, you become our vessel---our medium to unfold the divine retribution!

If you do as simple as to forget your goal, or let your guard down... we will be reborn using your body. We shall use your body as a vessel to create the ten-headed avatar of destruction, remember it well... warrior...

Upon saying its last statement to its opponent, the dragon watched as the lone figure readied his sword. He need not heed the dying wish, for the dragon already knew his response. As the sword gathered the powers of the heavens and channeled the power of slain dragons he had felled, the last of the Bahamut looked upon its opponent once more.

One last thing, warrior... do tell me your name.

The dragon asked, as the lone figure seemed to raise his head to meet the almighty entity's gaze.

"...Walthrane... or just Walter."

I see... a name worth remembering.

As the dragon said its response, Walter's blade was already plunged unto its beating heart. The dragon did not even roared nor let out a screech of agony, it died a silent death, befitting an old dragon. As the last of the Bahamut finally slain, so did the essence of the floating continent of Atra.

Using the last of his strength in that blow, Walter just fell to the ground with the injuries and fatigue finally caught up with him. As the land of Atra torn apart by both force of the heavens and below, Walter's unconscious body finally fell unto the ocean below. His body sank until he finally hit the ocean's floor, un-moving and not breathing.

His body and soul now entered a healing stasis that would ensue for years to come... until finally in a span of a decade, his body finally drifts ashore. With his fate ahead of him still unknown, Walter lied still under the radiant sun. After years of sleep, a smile slowly drew from his face.

To be continued...


Chapter 1 coming at September 2018! This is just a prologue and preview for a fantasy setting spin-off of [Astonished/Amazed], hope to see you all by then!