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  1. Be carefull...
  2. Thoughts on possible Secret Bosses?
  3. Chess
  4. News ► Hikaru Utada's "Face My Fears" EP out now worldwide!
  5. Face My Fears - Full Orchestral Version
  6. News ► Important notice regarding Starlight Keyblade in KINGDOM HEARTS 3
  7. More Unreleased KHIII Images
  8. News ► New Kingdom Hearts III Screenshots Show More of Remy, Classic Kingdom, and Selfies
  9. Face My Fears - EP AVAILABLE NOW!!
  10. IGN Preview: Pirates, Frozen, Tangled gameplay
  11. Do you think any character will die?
  12. News ► New "Face My Fears" and "Chikai" promotional videos released
  13. News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS 3 commercial shown during 2019 AFC Asian Cup
  14. News ► USGamer: Haley Joel Osment discusses his journey with KINGDOM HEARTS
  15. Why dlc worlds based off of tv show would work.
  16. New Trailer Tomorrow!
  17. News ► Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Delayed Once Again
  18. News ► Sora and Aqua Clear Event Begins in Disney Emoji Blitz
  19. I hate Rikai
  20. New Kingdom Hearts III Images
  21. News ► Square Enix announces Disney-inspired trip sweepstakes to celebrate KH3's release
  22. News ► Hikaru Utada Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018 VR Releasing January 18th 2019
  23. Something strange about Young Xehanort
  24. News ► Disney Ambassador Hotel to offer Kingdom Hearts guest rooms for a limited time!
  25. Doubts about the old OrgXIII
  26. FINALLY finished the Limited Time Challenge in UX!!!
  27. News ► View the Phantom Green and Midnight Blue Kingdom Hearts III Keyblades in Action!
  28. Kingdom Hearts III Sales Predictions for Launch Week. Will it outsell Resident Evil 2 Remake?
  29. KH3 gamestop preorder
  30. News ► Square Enix France shows off pre-order yo-yo based on Monsters Inc. world & new music from KH3
  31. News ► Kingdom Hearts III Initial Post-Launch Patch Schedule Announced
  32. The Thing I’m Most Excited About Being Resolved in KH3.
  33. Theory on why Young Xehanort has Grey Eyes in the Face my Fears Opening
  34. News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 novel series by Tomoco Kanemaki releasing March 2019!
  35. Kingdom Hearts Headcanons
  36. News ► Square Enix releases new images of various Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts 3
  37. Riku and Naminé
  38. News ► SPOILER WARNING: Kingdom Hearts 3 Trophy List Revealed
  39. What Xemnas said about members being inadequate still makes sense!
  40. News ► Tokyo Skytree Preview Night: Talk Show with Miyu Irino & Kanata Hongo
  41. News ► Footage from Tokyo SkyTree Event includes preview of Chikai Orchestrated
  42. shere Khan
  43. News ► Watch new footage of the Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade in action
  44. KH SUCKS
  45. Why are people taking KH so seriously?
  46. Avoid YouTube for now, there’s leaked gameplay
  47. Will they release a soundtrack?
  48. News ► Funko reveals Kingdom Hearts 3 VYNL, 5 Star, and exclusive Target & BoxLunch POPs
  49. Kingdom Hearts 3 Strategy Guide?
  50. Kh 2 fm will be better than kh3 ....
  51. Best place to get Pre-order from?
  52. Story
  53. News ► Edge Magazine Features Kingdom Hearts III Cover Story
  55. Open the Door
  56. Extended face my fears japanese version
  57. Are there any Disney movies you have not seen that will be in KH3?
  58. San Fransokyo Bug Blox
  59. News ► Newsweek interviews Tai Yasue on Kingdom Hearts 3
  60. New Newsweek Interview with Tai Yusei
  61. Dlc tv worlds defense. And why it makes perfect sense.
  62. News ► Cancelled Ratatouille Wine Promotion from 2007 lives on in Kingdom Hearts 3 Keyblade
  63. News ► Kairi and Aqua Tsum Tsums Coming to Disney Tsum Tsum Mobile Game This Month
  64. Soundtrack Release?
  65. News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Clear Event coming to Disney Emoji
  66. Will KH3 have a screen adjust option?
  67. Tiny hope about kh3
  68. If there is one improvement i hope to see with the next game
  69. What Would Have Happened if KH2 Had Been Subtitled Instead
  70. Favorite Theory
  71. Vincent valentine as a secret boss?
  72. PS4 Slim or Pro for KH3? + TV
  73. So how many of you are willingly spoiling KH3 for yourselves?
  74. If Let It Go was a minigame…
  75. What are you looking forward to?
  76. Jungle Book?
  77. Gut Feeling
  78. If it Turns Out to Be Bad
  79. [Theory] Eraqus and Xehanort's Master is the third in their trio - And speculation on their identity
  80. So Lea and Kairi are in Twilight Town
  81. how will bbs trio react to zack's death?
  82. Could Naminé end Xehanort without the need for the Seven Guardians of Light?
  83. News ► View the Kingdom Hearts Series Spread in Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 671
  84. Should kingdom hearts 3 do preorder early release strategy?
  85. A theory envolving Xehanort's redemption, Time Travel and Union X connections
  86. News ► Even more KINGDOM HEARTS 3 merchandise coming in 2019
  87. I think i figured out how to put Mary Poppins in KH3 (or onwards)
  88. News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 footage in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius trailer
  89. Summons you would like to see in KH3
  90. News ► Watch the trailer for Utada's 'HIKARI' & 'CHIKAI' VR experience
  91. PS4 Pro & Desktop monitor users! What monitor will you guys be using for KH3 60fps experience?
  92. I had a dream that Jurassic Park was the new confirmed world
  93. News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Japanese PS4 box cover revealed revealing 40GB file size
  94. News ► Kingdom Hearts VR Experience delayed to January 18th in Japan
  95. So "Final battle trailer" is not the last?
  96. Do you like the dubstep treatment on 'Face My Fears'?
  97. Kingdom Hearts III Japanese Back cover. Game is 40 GB
  98. Where are Young Xehanort and Sora in the final battle trailer?
  99. World count comparison for kh1,2 and 3.
  100. Toy Box arc (potential spoilers)
  101. What world are you most looking to play in?
  102. Realistic water
  103. News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 commercials for Japan
  104. Face My Fears - Orchestral Version
  105. Scala Ad Caelum World discussion (go wild)
  106. Jump Festa 2019 Kingdom Hearts 3
  107. News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Perfect Book releasing December 28th
  108. Ienzo's purpose
  109. Something I Just Now Noticed
  110. The World That Never Was is just a man-made Scala ad Caelum?
  111. Did you guys notice this in the trailer?
  112. The biggest flaw in the KH franchise, empty worlds. Will this still be a problem in KH3?
  113. Xehanort's other selves
  114. KH All in One pre-order question.
  115. Something might be missing
  116. Kingdom Hearts Netflix Miniseries
  117. All the Children Sacrificed in the Name of Your Research
  118. Xehanort's keyblades in the latest trailer
  119. So KH3 probably won't have Final Fantasy characters, does it bother you?
  120. Roxas and Naminè the MVPs
  121. Young Master Xehanort Speculation
  122. Why is everybody thinking that Xion is a Vessel?
  123. Kingdom Hearts 3 Post Release DLC thoughts
  124. I'm seriously going to cry if...
  125. To the people that think this trailer was the last of the reveals.....
  127. Do you think parts of Destiny Island will be playable?
  128. Question about Arendelle (potential spoilers)
  129. About the dark chains holding Sora and Ventus
  130. World Map Designs for Twilight Town & Toy Box
  131. KH3 Soundtrack
  132. KH3 New Trailer Speculation
  133. Mysterious Hood figure and Saiz
  134. here's why I think those who die will return
  135. Should Nomura have confirmed when they revealed all Disney worlds?
  136. Three keyblade wars and the truth of the keyblade graveyard 's past?
  137. KH3 Summary - Worlds, Summons, Keyblades, etc.
  138. 13 Seekers. 13 Battles?
  139. all 13 playable worlds of kingdom hearts worlds are finally confirmed?
  140. Riku Replica is the Seeker of Darkness
  141. I have a bad feeling about the fate of Roxas and Xion at the end of KH3.
  142. To be honest, I'm happy with the Disney Worlds we have but...
  143. Am I the only one satisfied...?
  144. So far namine's hasn't appeared in any of the trailers how come? is her role not that important?
  145. what's your review on this game^^ (despite some didn't get what they want still) im hyped
  146. Jump Festa
  147. ok no new world disappointing but we can move on...but seriously no kairi's gameplay...
  148. Does Nomura need to just come out and say it
  149. KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Final Battle Trailer
  150. So no Jungle Book world then?
  151. This funny wtf moment just happened while googling
  152. Master Xehanort is a puppet, I don't know if I like this idea (PROOF)
  153. is ratatouille a world in kh3 or just mini game?
  154. What's the best way to catch up with Unchained X?
  155. The “cloud world”
  156. KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Japanese Cinema Trailer
  157. Tetsuya Nomura releases statement on Kingdom Hearts 3 leak
  158. Superbosses in KH3 Ideas
  159. The Going Dark Thread
  160. Can we have a non-spoiler spoiler thre
  161. Xehanort's Name
  162. Who else is getting The Cinema Trailer as an ad on YouTube?
  163. News ► Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 Pro Launches January 29th 2019
  164. KH3 PS4 & PS4 Pro out in the US!!!!
  165. The 18th is upon on us in 4 days time,....will ye be ready?
  166. News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots & Renders reveals Stitch as new summon
  167. Stitch revealed as a Link! Master Xehanort, Larxene, and Marluxia renders!
  168. Theory on the traitor
  169. Editorial ► Which Kingdom Hearts 3 Edition to Buy? (All Kingdom Hearts 3 Editions Explained)
  170. Which 2 Characters Would You Like To See Have Conflict In KH3?
  171. December 16th (CM Trailer) & December 18th (Final) Countdown & Discussion
  172. KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Ultimania to release on February 28, 2019
  173. Xion's Role
  174. News ► Tons of new Kingdom Hearts 3 merchandise releasing 2018 & 2019
  175. News ► Preorder KINGDOM HEARTS 3 at Walmart to get a set of collectible art cards
  176. Kairi and Namine question
  177. About Boo in KH3…
  178. Naminé's role in KH III
  179. Skrillex involvement with the opening trailer
  180. After III, do you think that they should give Riku his own love interest in the next game?
  181. The Missing Xehanort
  182. so that's it? no more new worlds
  183. How will kingdom hearts 3 handle post game support?
  184. The Identity of “Darkness”
  185. Which seekers will make it to the next saga? Are any worth saving?
  186. News ► Brand new screenshots of Kingdom Hearts VR Experience
  187. Roxas can really become norted. (Theory)
  188. old question how come young xehanort in 2013 trailer didn't have yellow eyes?
  189. News ► Kingdom Hearts 3's ending theme "Don't Think Twice" lyrics
  190. Yeah, no, we gotta talk about that "trailer" Intro
  191. News ► Kingdom Hearts VR Experience to release Dec. 25th, Utada PSVR coming early 2019
  192. News ► Cover Art for Utada Hikaru's Face My Fears single
  193. News ► Watch the KINGDOM HEARTS 3 opening movie trailer!
  194. December 10th "New Trailer" - Forecast, Hopes & Predictions
  195. My Most Anticipated World Experience for KH3
  196. Ya'll aren't ready for what's coming
  197. New Disney World confirmed?
  198. A theory regarding the Lingering Will
  199. Voice actor interviews
  200. Will Donald Duck verbally say "Xigbar?" A betting pool.
  201. Let's Talk About Aqua And Darkness
  202. Do you think kingdom hearts will sale because it's also a long awaited title?
  203. Why do you love Kingdom Hearts? (a request from a fan)
  204. Command Style Attacks
  205. News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Experience is coming to Disney Springs!
  206. You know what's strange?...I'm actually excited for this!
  207. Name Disney and Non-Disney secret bosses you want in the game?
  208. what if KH3 doesn’t meet your expectations?
  209. Kingdom Hearts 3 is now available for preload on Xbox One
  210. KH3 Presence at 2018 game awards
  211. Would you like Choices and Consequences?
  212. Enter Gamestop's Unlock Unforgettable Sweepstakes to win a Kingdom Hearts Prize Bundle!
  213. Could you imagine?
  214. Kingdom Hearts 3 File Size on Xbox One Revealed
  215. What Disney movies you haven’t seen (that are worlds in KH3)
  216. June 11th 2018
  217. Release Date and Availability
  218. Plans on when KH3 drops
  219. News ► Quinton Flynn & Bill Farmer Will Attend Unofficial Kingdom Hearts 3 Event Hosted by Game Realms
  220. News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 1000 piece puzzle available for pre-order from AitaiKuji
  221. News ► Diamond Select to release Kingdom Hearts III Sora Bust
  222. What if kh3 pull a ff3 ending?
  223. Pre-order bonuses
  224. do you prefer kh3 kairi's desgin over kh2 kairi?
  225. Riku's Abilities if he's Playable in KHIII
  226. Master of Masters Foreshadowing
  227. your thoughts on a playable Mickey in KH3
  228. News ► Square Enix shares new renders of Kairi in action!
  229. Why do so many people find Aqua interesting?
  230. going into KH3, who is a greater keyblade warrior between Sora, Riku and Mickey
  231. News ► Check out the Kingdom Hearts 3 Limited Edition PS4 Slim!
  232. The Princess and the Frog world confirmed?
  233. Why do so many people want Riku to die in 3?
  234. News ► More Nomura artwork from Super Groupies collaboration
  235. Too Many Trailers? Too Many Spoilers?
  236. Notice How...
  237. News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailers, Including Final Trailer, Coming December 10th and 18th
  238. Nomura confirms trailer days for December!
  239. KH3's Ultima Weapon & What are YOUR Expectations?
  240. News ► US and Canadian Amazon Preorders to receive Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade
  241. Question?
  242. Why do you think people post fake spoilers?
  243. Have any of you noticed that the lip-sync is totally off?
  244. Is anyone else just a little bit disappointed by how much Haley Joel Osment's voice changed in III?
  245. Playable Character
  246. The Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony Explained
  247. Art Book Spoilers?
  248. Do you think that KH3 will feel SPECIAL like your fav/1st KH game(s)?
  249. Should dlc worlds be based off of disney cartoon shows?
  250. How much of the worlds have we seen? (Is this quote true?)