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  1. Should kingdom hearts Next saga be run by fanservice
  2. Kingdom Hearts 3 Presentation from Epic Games' "State of Unreal" Keynote at GDC 2019
  3. GameInformer interviews Yasue on KH3's difficulty, post-game content, favorite moments
  4. MoM takes the hood off and underneath it is...
  5. My idea of how Disney Town/Castle could’ve fit as playable in KH3
  6. The New Organization XIII
  7. How Many More KH Games?
  8. Now that everyone(except Sora) is back in the realm of light, what would you like to see?
  9. If Emperor’s New Groove was in KH3, would it be TOO similar to Corona?
  10. News ► Kingdom Hearts III maintains position as best-selling game of 2019 YTD
  11. News ► Tai Yasue to attend GDC 2019 to discuss KINGDOM HEARTS III's development
  12. Slow Motion while using the command menu
  13. My baseless conspiracy theory on why KH3 was so dang easy
  14. You can equip 15 lucky strikes at once! (Here's how!)
  15. The Desinty Trio is the weakest in the whole series
  16. News ► SE to replace Olaf's JPN voice actor in Kingdom Hearts 3 amid drug scandal
  17. Sigh, would this game have benefitted from another year in development.
  18. News ► Kingdom Hearts III manga series by Shiro Amano in the works
  19. Does anyone else miss the 'call for help' button in KH1?
  20. News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultimania - Main Nomura Interview Translated
  21. Middle Tier Ice Labyrinth Blocked Doors
  22. Has anyone mastered the egg cracking minigame?
  23. Sora's hearts
  24. Should the KH1 MP System Return?
  25. The Power to Return Hearts
  26. More Party Members/ Summons as Party Members
  27. Lea and Kairi scenes are in CGI, right?
  28. Chess YMX & Time-traveling YMX
  29. Unpopular Opinion: The Key to All (Xehanort's Theme)
  30. News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Novel Cover Revealed!
  31. Is the Next KH Game Going To Use Command Deck or Command Menu?
  32. In the time it took Square to make KH3 after DDD, FromSoftware made Dark Souls 1, 2, 3,& Bloodborne
  33. What do you guys think is in the black box?
  34. Concerning the Epilogue and the Master of Masters
  35. News ► Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated
  36. Have you 100%/Platinumed the game yet?
  37. Will sora and kairi finally be together in future games?!
  38. The next game should be a Kairi spin-off
  39. "Dingbat In Black"
  40. Pleasant Surprises
  41. KHIII Ultimania
  42. I CONCEDE - KH3 Bosses Are Lacking
  43. A lot of negativity surrounding this game...
  45. Concerns regarding what comes next?
  46. Am I the only one who’s actually finding proud mode hard?
  47. The Biggest Disappointments
  48. Regarding Kairi/Beat the game/Off my chest
  49. News ► Dengeki Playstation interviews Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3
  50. News ► Nomura speaks on DLC plans for Kingdom Hearts 3 in Dengeki interview
  51. What Disney bosses even work, in your opinion?
  52. Maleficent
  53. 7 Essential Tips for Kingdom Hearts 3
  54. If you could add one world to Kingdom Hearts III which would it be? And Why?
  55. Does anyone else feel bad for playing KH3?
  56. Why do people keep saying KH2 is better than KH3?
  57. In-universe explinations for certain summons?
  58. What are your favorite KH3 theories?
  59. Mysteries of Marluxia and Larxenes memories and ages
  60. For Those Who Say Kairi is Useless
  61. kh3, kairi wasn’t useless!
  62. Kingdom Hearts 3 glitch thread
  63. News ► Kingdom Hearts III / Union X x Final Fantasy Record Keeper Collaboration Begins
  64. News ► Kingdom Hearts III Mod Shows Unaccessible Areas of Twilight Town and Radiant Garden
  65. Does anyone else feel the game is lacking overall?
  66. News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 3 tops sales charts for January 2019!
  67. So how many of you found all the lucky emblems WITHOUT looking it up? ;)
  68. KH3 Left Much To Be Desired
  69. Sunburned Albino's rant
  70. Did anyone else cry at the end?
  71. Kingdom hearts 3 difficulty debate. It's only a matter of perspective.
  72. Do you are feelling a bit hollow and depressive after playing KH 3 ?
  73. So, DLC for this game is for sure right?
  74. Now that Disney owns Fox, how would a Simpsons world work?
  75. Helium Glitch
  76. Your favorite quotes from this saga?
  77. Accurate KH3 loading screens
  78. I wish the fake games were real
  79. KH3 Review by Caddicarus
  80. Tim Burton's Underland should have been in Kingdom Hearts 3
  81. You know what I found a thousand times more annoying than GOOD SPOT TO FIND SOME INGREDIENTS?
  82. Why isn't this game the best in the series?
  83. How is the story considered to be for this game?
  84. What worlds do you NOT want to see in a future game? w/explination
  85. What's the consensus on this game overall?
  86. News ► New Kingdom Hearts III Bring Arts shown off at New York Toy Fair
  87. “Aqua...she’s like Sora”
  88. Things in the Toy Box you WISH actually existed (potential spoilers)
  89. Favorite OFFENSIVE magic spell (No Cure this time)
  90. Sora & Castle Oblivion Memories
  91. What will happen with theme songs post-KH3?
  92. News ► Kingdom Hearts Re:coded: The Novel coming Aug. 2019 + BBS: The Novel cover art revealed
  93. Gameplay Optimization/Feature Suggestions Thread
  95. Kingdom Hearts 3 Removed Cutscene From Toy Box World
  96. Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Remix!
  97. Members of the real organization question
  98. kingdom hearts 3 Cut Content
  99. Limited Edition Sony Walkman and Headphones announced
  100. Alcohol reference in Kingdom Hearts III
  101. This might be a good spot to find some ingredients
  102. I can’t be the only one who’s sick of waiting for the next game?
  103. Before I start
  104. If you could add two summons to KH3 Final Mix, Who?
  105. Gotta Be Honest...
  106. KHInsider Group Review
  107. [Help] KH III Framerate issues - Am I the only one who can't bear it ?
  108. Final thoughts about the flashing walls?
  109. Spinoff Game or Kingdom Hearts 4?
  110. Are you more or less optimistic about the writing for future titles?
  111. News ► Square Enix & the Ad Council team up for Kingdom Hearts 3 anti-bullying campaign
  112. Not understanding the story of KH3 is like failing a test you had 13 years to study for
  113. If you can only add THREE THINGS to improve KH3 via DLC, what would they be?
  114. Would you prefer it if Disney was stripped clean from Kingdom Hearts?
  115. I'm alone upset after the video dunkview?
  116. Kingdom Hearts 3 Review
  117. I went into this game glad its the end of the Xehanort Saga
  118. Is it just me, or does enemy placement begin to trail off late game... (Some spoilers)
  119. What happened to the multiplayer?
  120. Need your help please! :\
  121. Things you are disappointed that didn't happen in this saga?
  122. double thread
  123. The inclusion of Arendelle is very bizarre
  124. News ► Kingdom Hearts III Tops the Charts in UK and Australia, #1 Game Digitally in US
  125. Playing on PS4 and the movement isn’t smooth...
  126. Is The Caribbean a good world?
  127. Kingdom hearts 3: Critical Mode
  128. i think Alyson ruined kairi's character?
  129. Gummi Ship Help
  130. News ► KINGDOM HEARTS III As Told By Emojis
  131. Donald and Goofy
  132. News ► KH3 Sora, Black Coat Mickey, Ansem, and Xemnas arrive in Disney Tsum Tsum
  133. Oscurita di tsum tsum
  134. Ideas for a possible Final Mix (please share your own)
  135. Will mirage arena be dlc?
  136. Hello! New here! (Gummi questions)
  137. What would you like as DLC?
  138. How would you rank the games?
  139. Another question about Toy Box (spoilers)
  140. Glitch in Ice Labyrinth - Arendelle
  141. How far are you in the game?
  142. Headache and dizzy when playing this game
  143. Anyone not finish the game yet?
  144. Odd blue portal while flying..
  145. At what point did you stop getting mired in the details?
  146. Looking for a cutscene in the early game that "might" be offensive
  147. Kingdom Hearts IV Theory
  148. Disney's restrictions on Arendelle
  149. Kingdom Hearts Let's Play
  150. News ► Kingdom Hearts III Ships Five Million Units Worldwide Becoming Fastest Selling Game In The Series
  151. "Customized" difficulty setting
  152. Anyone know when Lucky strike unlocks for each path?
  153. The Future of Kingdom Hearts (Spoilers)
  154. The Pro's and Con's of KH3
  155. Kingdom hearts 3 30,000 exp every minute
  156. Kingdom Hearts 3 : twighlight crystals
  157. What are the odds of Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix?
  158. Disappointment With Summons
  159. Went to the SE Cafe / KH3 event today. Was pretty amazing.
  160. How would you rank the Disney Worlds?
  161. So I think they might have rushed some parts in Arendelle
  162. FenderXT - Bug Report 01 - I see right tru you there friend
  163. unlocking the Secret Movie?
  164. Anyone Else Think Disney Ruined This Game?
  165. DISNEY World Disappointments
  166. Orichalcum+ from Moogle Postbox
  167. KH3 is the #1 selling game on XBox store!
  168. A bug on the battle gate
  169. KH3 Power Leveling 30K EXP in 30 seconds
  170. Flan High Score Requirements
  171. Help with going back into the Labyrinth in Arendelle
  172. Lucky Marks
  173. Graphics/Frame Rate Issues
  174. Anyone else who CANNOT play the game and want to grieve?
  175. News ► Official music video for Kingdom Hearts 3's opening theme "Face My Fears" released
  176. Anyone else getting or got the controller?
  177. KHIII Grinding Locations
  178. Got a question about the game...
  179. Toybox reference
  181. I wish they destroyed the Gummi Ship
  182. Increased hostility again this series the last few months
  183. What do you think of the lucky emblem system and how many have you found so far?
  184. Xion
  185. kingdom hearts 3 mysterious tower
  186. Playing KH3 for the first time be like..
  187. This is the best game ever so far. Why?
  188. Kingdom Hearts III sold 610,077 copies in 2 days in Japan
  189. Battlegates thoughts ?
  190. Starlight code not redeemable in Europe?
  191. Might Seem Small But...
  192. First thoughts.
  193. Jokes and Memes about KH3 Thread
  194. Problems with the game and Square Enix Support
  195. This game turned out so much better
  196. Using keyblade transformations and situation commands
  197. Who here wants a KH4!?
  198. This story is blowing my mind!!
  199. RE: Graphics, Framerate, etc.
  200. If KH3 is successful financially could Disney look to a show on the Disney + streaming service?
  201. Editorial ► KINGDOM HEARTS III First Impressions Review (Spoiler Free)
  202. KH3 OST
  203. Kh ps4 pro order question
  204. Remixed the opening song
  205. The games difficulty
  206. Is it me, or was releasing KH3 on Xbox One completely pointless
  207. Levelling
  208. So i got the game 2 days early .. no spoilers.
  210. Traverse Town in KH3
  211. Kingdom Hearts III - Photo Mode Thread
  212. So, KH3 Releases in 1-2 days, How does that make you feel?
  213. Question regarding Gamestop early release
  214. "I'm sorry about the ice cream!"
  215. News ► Catch up on the story of Kingdom Hearts with the Memory Archive Videos
  216. The Keyblade War
  217. KHUX Starlight Code
  218. What are the official new enemy and boss names?
  219. Replace two worlds, add one
  220. KH3- Midnight blue - Starlight keyblade
  221. Do game stores usually “sell out” days after release?
  222. KH3 is the best game ever! VIDEO BUG!
  223. News ► New renders for KINGDOM HEARTS 3 show off its main cast
  224. Starlight codes are now redeemable
  225. Just a warning
  226. What parts of the world will not have access to copies of kingdom hearts?
  227. Should I wait?
  228. What is the best way to get KH3 as early as possible?
  229. Kingdom Hearts 3 Japanese "Let's Play" promotional video
  230. New Trailer, PS4 Pro Unboxing, and Gameplay
  231. is a kh3 review necessary?
  232. When are we able to talk about kh3
  233. A Good Enough Summary of Kingdom Hearts
  234. Some EU countries officially have a new release date (26/01/19)
  235. How to get Kingdom Hearts 3, right now Xbox Only
  236. KH3 Deluxe Edition includes both steelbook case and normal disc case
  237. News ► Famitsu features 30-page spread on KINGDOM HEARTS 3
  238. Starlight Code (PS4) issue
  239. Kh3 difficulty questions...
  240. The Angry Video Game Nerd takes on the Kingdom Hearts Timeline
  241. Ideas for all of the previous party members from all 3 games returning for one of the final battles
  242. IGN's Review of the Game
  243. News ► Nomura discusses unlocking KINGDOM HEARTS 3's secret ending and future simultaneous releases
  244. Will be doing a live stream translation of KH3 when it drops in Japan midnight! Along w/ KH3 prizes
  245. Interview with Nomura about story writing.
  246. The german KH3 Amazon page
  247. News ► Check out the Kingdom Hearts-themed menu at Disney Ambassador Hotel
  248. GameStop is doing preorder midnight release
  249. With Kingdom Hearts 3’s review embargo being raised tomorrow, I found this video rather interesting.
  250. Thinking about getting the japanese version