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  1. Best Weapons and Equipment for each character?
  2. Could you still play online in this game?
  3. Cutscene question
  4. Roxas instead of Sora and Sora instead of Roxas?
  5. Namine ... as a Member of the Organization 13.
  6. Do you ever think they'll re release this game in beautiful HD
  7. Help with Challenge Holo Missions?
  8. Playing original DS days, should i use cheats
  9. For you Persona fans...
  10. Following Pete: Easier said than done?
  11. What if Riku was the lead?
  12. 358/2 Days...without Xion?
  13. Are the "devices" ready? (Xemnas)
  14. Is The Kingdom Key Being Strained? (Theory)
  15. What if you replaced Xion with Namine?
  16. If 358/2 Days got the Re:Com treatment it could be a masterpiece
  17. Why do so many hate Xion?
  18. Getting a petition started to have 358/2 days & Re:coded developed as HD games
  19. A "What if" idea about Xion
  20. Help/Thoughts on Days Issue
  21. Advice about the final item you get with mission crowns (spoilers)
  22. Isa Is Basically Riku
  23. Riku vs Roxas
  24. What if...
  25. Zexion's Book of Retribution
  26. Let's talk about positives of Days
  27. Mission Crown List?
  28. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Retrospective
  29. Is Xion an impression of Aqua like Roxas is an impression of Ventus?
  30. What if they did run away?
  31. The Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DAYS HD Remake
  32. Are the challenges worth doing?
  33. What does Xigbar's calling Roxas "Tiger" mean?
  34. What if Roxas and Namine switched places?
  35. 358/2 days title meaning
  36. What if Namine (instead of Roxas) joined the Organisation XIII?
  37. Xion should had been Kairi's Nobody
  38. "This Keyblade, it`s sham... worthless."
  39. Xion and the Chamber question
  40. Newbie Player: Assistance Needed For Ruler of The Sky
  41. What do you think of 358/2 Days?
  42. I found some usefulness in Megalixir and Masterīs Circle.
  43. Roxas' Voice Actor
  44. One thing I really would have liked to do in Days.
  45. Ok where can i get kingdom hearts 328 2 days for ps3?
  46. What happened at the end?
  47. JP and EU editions compatible in Mission Mode?
  48. How hard is the Dustflier?
  49. Do you think the panel system can be improved?
  50. Destiny Islands Scene?!
  51. Does anyone at all from the KH series remember who Xion is?
  52. Top 10 reasons why this game depresses me
  53. Why did Saix suggest that Roxas should keep a diary?
  54. Are 358/2 Days & Re:coded region-free?
  55. Manga vs Game
  56. Xion's Hood
  57. Should I play/get this game?
  58. Why Xion's hair black?
  59. That fight between Roxas and Riku
  60. Help needed to identify/find a song from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days on the soundtrack
  61. Xions Birth
  62. KH 358/2 Days could be better
  63. Why can't Roxas stay inside Castle Oblivion in 358/2 Days?
  64. Would Days have been better with the command deck?
  65. Recusant`s Sigil in 358/2 Days?
  66. Xion's face
  67. What Is the worst mission or boss in Kingdom Hearst 358/2 Days?
  68. Who is Xion talking about?
  69. Did anyone else find Riku stupidly easy?
  70. Who does Axel see instead of Xion on Day 353?
  71. Why does Roxas look more like Ventus than Sora?
  72. Would you have preferred
  73. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Help
  74. So why is it that no one remembers Xion?
  75. 358/2 Volume 4???
  76. Axel and Roxas's Friendship
  77. Mission Glitch?
  78. Question About Restoring Sora's Memories
  79. Improving Days
  80. KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days Vol.3 Manga Cover Revealed!
  81. I feel dumb but....I'm stuck
  82. Cutscenes
  83. News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days Vol.2 Manga Cover Revealed!
  84. Xions Appearance?
  85. Hope you smart guys & gals can enlighten me on this
  86. Probably old news but I think this is why Xaldin sounds like he's been smoking 60 cigarettes a day
  87. Trivial question
  88. Is This Picture Real?
  89. For those without the game, who want to watch the movie in English
  90. Yen Press's 358/2 Days Manga Volume 1 Cover
  91. Autism (AS) and Kingdom Hearts
  92. Why didn't Xigbar mention Roxas' similarity to Ventus?
  93. Will We Ever See a Full 358/2 Days Remake?
  94. Changes to 358/2 Days Cutscenes
  95. Icing on the cake
  96. The other 3 Trophies won't pop why?
  97. Riku a part of Organization XIII=blew my mind
  98. I'm confused on Days Cutscenes Movie
  99. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days - Sora's unlock problem?
  100. Confusion over the memory situation
  101. Favorite Organization 13 Member??
  102. Having only Theater mode for KH358/2 in KH1.5 is a good idea?
  103. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days - some questions??
  104. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Chapter 21?
  105. Question: Xemnas and Ventus
  106. How come the King never intereacted with Roxas?
  107. KH 358/2 Days Volume 5 Cover!
  108. Who Is/Are Your Favorite Playable Organization XIII Member(s)
  109. Day 322
  110. 358/2 Days: What am I missing?
  111. 358/2 Days Manga Vol. 5 to be Released on August 22nd!
  112. i need help with kh days and bbs emulation
  113. Axel and Xion
  114. 358/2 Days Manga Volume 4 Cover Released!
  115. 358/2 Days Manga Volume 4 Available for Preorder on Amazon!
  116. Question about Xion
  117. Is Days Really a Bad Game?
  118. Days would have been better if it was on the PSP
  119. Axel Quote Question
  120. So... which looks more awesome?
  121. I think this could've worked better this way...
  122. "Who else will I eat my ice cream with" Has an actual meaning behind it...
  123. Battle Between Xion and Riku (Spoilers)
  124. Um...Did Xion kind of creep anyone else too?
  125. Is there any connection here?
  126. Why 358/2 Days is a Poor Narrative Experience.
  127. Looking for an Interview
  128. 358/2 Days Manga Volume 3 Coming Out Soon
  129. Roxas's (and Xion's) Keyblade
  130. New Manga Artwork
  131. Roxas's memory
  132. Theory on Xion's Keyblade
  133. General Story Understanding
  134. Xaldin's VA arrested
  135. Why can't i buy zero gear?
  136. Days and Chain of Memories Timeline: Day 26
  137. Question about Xemnas,Xion,Ansem sod and Roxas
  138. Kingdom Hearts Open Menu Sound Effect
  139. What if Riku WASN'T the impostor sighted in Castle Oblivion?
  140. What exactly is Xion?
  141. 358/2 Days joins Square-Enix's Ultimate Hits budget line.
  142. quick days question.
  143. Didn't they dissaper in CoM?
  144. Optional Missions in 358/2 Days
  145. Kingdom Hearts: X
  146. Quit hatin'!
  147. Baseless Thought, YAY!
  148. Before Xion Came
  149. Do you wish they would have gone with this instead?
  150. Namine, Roxas, Xion (Theory)
  151. Is it just me or...?
  152. New 358/2 Days Volume 2 Manga Cover
  153. Can any one explain this scene in Days and why Xion some how gets Riku's Memories.
  154. Better if it came out after BBS?
  155. The Reason Behind Days
  156. Xigbar in 358/2 days
  157. Olympus Coliseum Mission (Day 224, Mission 61)- Hover Ghosts/Xigbar/Guard Armor
  158. Something I just dont get *Spoilers*
  159. Disney.com 358/2 Mini-Game
  160. -.- I hate that I have to ask this
  161. Xion may be half of Vanitas!
  162. Did we ever figure this out?
  163. Xion and Vexen
  164. Who should have been the main character of Days
  165. who beat the dustflier
  166. "who will i eat ice cream with"
  167. What is the explanation for Org. 13 and their elemental powers?
  168. Xion and the confusion at the end
  169. Kh 358/2 days lvling help
  170. Original Organization XIII names
  171. Namine's fault?
  172. Kingdom hearts 358/2 days how to fill up recon mission gauge completely
  173. Fandub of This Scene (Anyone want to voice Xion?)
  174. Roxas/Axel scene
  175. Days and multi-scenarios
  176. Xions hood on or off?!
  177. R.I.P. Nachi Nozawa
  178. 358/2 Days compared to Re:Coded
  179. Roxas' Oblivion and Oathkeeper
  180. Xion's Hood.
  181. What do you Think about Xion?
  182. Your thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days?
  183. xemnas
  184. Revelation on nobodies emotions
  185. Finished Days...
  186. Why everyone hate this game?
  187. Days is a year old today.
  188. This version of The Other Promise
  189. Organization Cloak at Hot Topic!
  190. What You Like/Dislike about Days and why:
  191. Another side another story deep dive
  192. charecter help
  193. Who has sora unlocked in days?
  194. So... Xion's a puppet. Why the hell does she have a keyblade?
  195. Why does everyone think days was such a bad game?
  196. what's your favorite/least favorite mission in KH 358/2 Days?
  197. i'm a little confused
  198. Help please..!
  199. 358/2 days online multiplayer
  200. quick question, then close thread
  201. Days Confusion, PLZ help!
  202. KH Days DS CASE
  203. xions memories
  204. soo a few things i didn't get(spoilers)
  205. Question bout mission mode.
  206. Intro
  207. is 358/2 days worth getting?
  208. Opinion on Days changed drastically.
  209. what does he mean by this?
  210. Halloween town shortcut?
  211. The Axel and Xion relationship
  212. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Story help
  213. What gear do you end up using most? Single and multiplayer
  214. Weapons and characters
  215. Xion
  216. Glitch?
  217. i dont know if everyone knows this already
  218. First Multiplayer?
  219. Limit pass???
  220. box cover
  221. Timeline
  222. Xion's theme? Spoiler watch out
  223. New Game +
  224. I have a... stupid question regarding Days. -_-
  225. OOOOOH! Something cool-ish I just realized! :D *KH 358/2 Days/Final Fantasy XIII spoilers*
  226. Xion
  227. why do so many people dislike 358/2 days
  228. Kingdom Hearts 358 2 days Roxas, Riku and Zexion on Destiny Islands
  229. I've done it! I've finally done it!
  230. SPARKLE SPARKLE! (Just a question about Xion's death)
  231. Question about the end of Days. *Spoilers? I guess?*
  232. Dual Wield Roxas
  233. Chapter 6 manga is so intense o.o(358/2 days)
  234. easy and faster (;
  235. So what happened in 358/2 days
  236. Do you think you would have enjoyed Pinnocho's World?
  237. Should I buy 358/2? or borrow it for 3 days?
  238. Square Enix Fiscal Year 2010 Results - Days Total Sales
  239. Level Glitch? WTF IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!!
  240. Chapter 8 update
  241. KH days ch. 5 - 8 manga
  242. why?
  243. castle oblivion
  244. Missing: King and Keyblade Master
  245. Grandstander
  246. "Ultra-Critical Mode" Challenge
  247. "Critical Mode" Challenge
  249. Roxas and Xion v sora
  250. DUH ROXAS