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  1. A KH parallel with Age of Ultron
  2. KH Cosplayers Wanted for C2E2 2019
  3. Saïx point of view
  4. News ► Face My Fears, The Official Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Theme By Utada Hikaru & Skrillex is out now.
  5. FINAL FANTASY VII Cloud Strife Another Form Bring Arts releasing May 2019
  6. Lone Ranger; my ideas for this as a world
  7. Looking For KH Ultimania Books
  8. my kingdom hearts journey "thanks for everything"
  9. Ideas/advice for a KH3 Kairi cosplay
  10. On original plot for PatF involving Dream Eaters: yes or no?
  11. Kingdom Hearts Demos
  12. Live streaming
  13. What worlds would you like to see in KH4?
  14. kingdom hearts Tokyo Sky tree event with pics and videos
  15. Help me find a KH promo
  16. Critical and the KhInsider members
  17. How would Pretty Cure in general fit in Kingdom Hearts?
  18. How do you think as an average player? As an Intimate Player?
  19. My interpration of Master Xehanorts Character backstory(May contain spoilers)
  20. KH Creative Control thread
  21. Kingdom Hearts' Sora and Cloud (KH) Join Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
  22. Death in Kingdom Hearts
  23. Game-breaking spells/commands
  24. Which unused world has the most Heartless design potential?
  25. People ignoring Kingdom Hearts' existence
  26. would you replace maleficent for Jafar or hades as the main disney villain or just keep her?
  27. Could this be the Master of masters true intentions!?
  28. is kingdom hearts xehanort story or sora?
  29. Kingdom Hearts Tsum Tsums return to Disney Store Japan on December 18th
  30. did Xion ruin roxas and namine's relationship? and should namine's just move on?
  31. this might be weird to discuss (yet beautiful) but aren't sora and kairi namine's parents?
  32. News ► Sauce Walka's Ghetto Gospel samples Sanctuary
  33. I would like to see new X-Keepers after KH3
  34. Fave and Least Fave X-Keeper?
  35. Has anyone else not beaten the Organization 13 data battles and Lingering Will in II?
  36. is this a powerful evidence of Terra being the Guardian of Ansem?
  37. Your personal fighting style?
  38. what is your favourite world and least favourite world in KH
  39. Do you think that Hayner and Olette will become a romantic couple someday?
  40. real question been on my mind for a while:< is Xion A boy...?
  41. who do you ship together in this game?
  42. who is your favourite party memebr?
  43. Keyblade transformation ideas
  44. Did anyone order from the Super Groupies line?
  45. list photo of your favourite keyblade
  46. Looking for TGS Kingdom Hearts x Tsums
  47. News ► Kingdom Hearts collaboration brings Sora to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
  48. Seth Kearsley is going to ask Disney about making a Kingdom Hearts animated series again
  49. Why is everyone so defensive over SoKai?
  50. How come not many Final Fantasy VI characters have appeared in the Kingdom Hearts series?
  51. who had the best fashion style in the series?
  52. News ► Nomura tweets a drawing for Mickey's 90th Anniversary
  53. Would Final Fantasy worlds actually be too hard to put in a Kingdom Hearts game?
  54. Nightmare Break & Mirage Split Inspired Wedding Rings for sale by Takaya
  55. Hikari - New live arrangement with strings!
  56. Kingdom Hearts Praises
  57. Did anyone else thought that Sora was a Final Fantasy character at first when we were first-
  58. Your Top 15 Kindom Hearts Ost Tracks!
  59. no last names
  60. What's the point of Donald and Goofy in the series?
  61. News ► HT Nerdette reveals Christmas Town Sora Funko Pop Hot Topic exclusive
  62. Kingdom Hearts Music Reprisals
  63. Kingdom Hearts the hardest game ever?
  64. The Tokyo Team?
  65. What are some missable content in Kingdom Hearts games?
  66. What is your favorite side game?
  67. Data in the Kingdom Hearts Series
  68. Kingdom Hearts Levels recreated in VR
  69. What's the proper order for playing the Kingdom Hearts games?
  70. Why, in the first KH, Riku thanked Kairi for making him realize the existence of other worlds?
  71. Who's your favorite one out of the three kids in Twilight Town: Hayner, Olette, or Pence?
  72. So I was thinking about how I feel the Xehanort is Luxu theory is dumb so I found Luxu's height
  73. Do you think that the Kingdom Hearts series will end up going downhill someday?
  74. Has anyone else never been a fan of the summons in the Kingdom Hearts series?
  75. Humor: If Roy Conli is Xehanort, then Nomura is Masters of Masters?)))
  76. Do you think they should give Riku his own love interest someday in the Kingdom Hearts games?
  77. Casual Players vs Hardcore Players: Gameplay Views.
  78. Miles From Tomorrowland creator hopes someday his show will appear in Kingdom Hearts! :)
  79. Why does Terra have no interest in Sora?
  80. The Xehanorts of Xehanorts!
  81. News ► Tetsuya Nomura discusses the potential of continuing The World Ends With You series
  82. Kingdom Hearts Trio Friendship
  83. News ► Yen Press to release Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: The Novel in March 2019
  85. News ► The World Ends With You: Final Remix trailer features new content from A New Day
  86. Disney/Pixar?
  87. News ► TWEWY Collaboration Cafe Menu and Goods List
  88. Kingdom Hearts World Immersion
  89. News ► Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Announced at the PlayStation LineUp Tour
  90. Sora in Super Smash Bros. Popularity Poll on Reddit
  91. Am I the only one who hates the idea of Sora and Kairi being a couple and hopes it never happens?
  92. Official Kingdom Hearts Pins
  93. News ► The World Ends With You: Final Remix collaboration coming to Square Enix Cafes across Japan
  94. News ► Watch The World Ends With You: Final Remix Launch Trailer
  95. Kingdom Hearts Timeline
  96. News ► Sora, Riku, and Kairi-esque Characters Can Be Found as an Easter Egg in World of Warcraft Expansion
  97. Is Kingdom Hearts Writing bad?
  98. Eminem sampled Simple and Clean
  99. Anyone at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Concert in Munich?
  100. News ► New footage of The World Ends With You: Final Remix from PAX West 2018
  101. The Keyblade and The Soul
  102. Weird modes you'd like to see one day in KH
  103. Kingdom Hearts Tattoo!
  104. News ► Nendoroid Riku Figure Now Available for Pre-Order!
  105. AFTER KH3?
  106. Does Riku being an antagonist in KH I feel forced?
  107. Anyone accidentally skipped a Kingdom Hearts game or saw spoilers?
  108. News ► Amazon.jp Selling Slip Case Version of The World Ends With You: Final Remix
  109. Original KH Cartoon Storyboards Being Sold
  110. Whats in the box
  111. News ► Ryan Lowy To Host A Beginner's Guide to Unlocking the Plot of Kingdom Hearts at PAX West
  112. Favorite NPC character (Background character only) thread
  113. Kingdom Hearts FigPins Are Coming Later This Year
  114. Brave
  115. KH 2 Final Mix I’m stuck on Barbossa’s boss fight on critical mode I’m level 19 and I can get past
  116. NYCC 2018 x Diamond Select Toys
  117. Do I loose anything from the story if I played a Kingdom Hearts game in beginners mode?
  119. Definitive KH1 Keyblade Tier List.
  120. News ► The World Ends With You -Final Remix- releasing October 12th in North America
  121. Friends with a KH character?
  122. Do you believe Most Kingdom Hearts Fans are rude?
  123. Hey, I have an KH RP Discord.
  124. News ► The World Ends With You: Final Remix Brings New Pins, Music Options, and More!
  125. News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Riku Nendoroid Revealed!
  126. A question about the "Angel Star" heartless (last time)
  127. URGENT! Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Merch Question
  128. News ► Nendoroid Sora Figure Announced!
  129. News ► Neku Bring Arts Available for Preorder at Square Enix Store
  130. News ► RUMOR: Funko POP News Teases Christmas Town Sora POP
  131. Learn the Alphabet with Kingdom Hearts
  132. Couple new things shown at SDCC (figures)
  133. News ► Bandais SH Figuarts KH2 Sora Final Form up for Pre-order on Amazon
  134. News ► Kingdom Hearts Cloud and Leon Outfits Found in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Files
  135. News ► Kingdom Hearts Cloud and Sephiroth Bring Arts Figures Announced
  136. News ► The World Ends With You Neku Bring Arts figure announced at SDCC 2018
  137. Diamond Select Wave 2 Review
  138. News ► PDP to release full-sized Kingdom Hearts Keyblade prop replica
  139. Empowering the powerless: Givivng the average joe a jackhammer KH edition
  140. Oathkeeper Engagement Ring
  141. Spoilers ► Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days [4K] In-Depth Gameplay Comparison
  142. Does anyone knows which game engine use Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
  143. Which Figures Would You Like To See?K
  144. What parallels do you draw between Spirited Away and Kingdom Hearts?
  145. Where was Ventus' Heart after Sora became a heartless?
  146. San Diego COmic-Con Cosplayers Wanted
  147. News ► Unhooded Organization 13 Mickey Funko Pop will be available as a 2018 SDCC Exclusive!
  148. News ► Pre-order Kingdom Hearts Symbols Ice Tray from Aitai Kuji
  149. News ► The World Ends With You: Final Remix Launches September 27th in Japan
  150. Kingdom Hearts series has now shipped 25 million copies
  151. Ventus The Strongest Keyblade Wielder????
  152. "Kingdom Hearts: Chonology" vs. "KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE"
  153. Kingdom Hearts Mini Charm Collection [Blind Box] Available for Pre-Order from Square Enix Store
  154. (Spoilers) Random theory on why I think Ventus is the reason Lea can wield a Keyblade.
  155. What music from other media do you see fitting in specific KH scenarios?
  156. Downloading the KH3 preorder theme
  157. The World Ends With You -Final Remix- releasing Fall 2018
  158. What is your Fav kingdom hearts world and why?
  159. Mirage Arena v. Olympus Coliseum, which did it better?
  160. Kingdom Hearts Mega XL Bundle?
  161. BBS trio's canon movesets (SPOILERS)
  162. Does the kingdom hearts series have the strongest fictional creatures?
  163. News ► Sora, Donald and Goofy Halloween Town Vinimates Coming This Fall
  164. Riku and his dark powers...
  165. Will they ever sell life sized keyblades?
  166. This weird idea about Sora’s clothes just popped into my head
  167. HMK asks about Sora's rights and his chances at being in Smash Bros.
  168. The values of tattoos Axel.
  169. If you could have ANY of the original organization's weapons, which one would it be
  170. New Keyblade-Themed Keychains Coming Soon From Bandai
  171. News ► Mr. Mew Action Doll Releasing September 8
  172. Kingdom Hearts References in TV Shows
  173. "The Other Promise" - Original or the Remastered?
  175. The Million Dollar Question...AGAIN
  176. Warning signs that will signal Kingdom Hearts is running out of ideas (in FUTURE titles)
  177. Hikari in The Avengers: Age of Ultron
  178. Kingdom Hearts Umbrella Now Listed for Pre-Order in Square Enix Store
  179. Questions regarding KHI
  180. Help Identify a soundtrack [Is this from KH?]
  181. What part of the story of Kingdom Hearts that has been lost in translation?
  182. Do you prefer Ven with?...
  183. At the end of KH3D, why did all the Organization members have to return to their own time?
  184. Why did Sora and Riku still look young in The World That Never Was?
  185. Is Xehanort right?
  186. Why was Wonderland so crummy?
  187. Sora to battle Pit (Kid Icarus) in the next Death Battle
  188. News ► Kingdom Hearts Nano-Metal Figures shown off at Toy Fair New York
  189. Kingdom Hearts voice actors you can't unhear thread
  190. So, Utada Divorced... Again.
  191. Kingdom Hearts Worlds
  192. One thing that has always bothered me...
  193. Pucca Summon
  194. Kingdom Hearts Worlds
  195. My first time playing Kingdom Hearts II
  196. L.A. Symphony Orchestra Tickets Are Being Sold Now
  197. Unlock the plot of Kingdom Hearts at PAX East
  198. FE characters in KH, if realizable
  199. 2018 of Kairi: The True Forgotten Girl in Kingdom Hearts
  200. Best of the Worst: Story Presentation
  201. Kingdom Hearts voted 9th most wanted IP (2nd most wanted 3rd party) for Nintendo Switch by Reddit
  202. does the other xehanorts have different eye color other then MX signficant anything?
  203. If you had a station of awakening, what would it contain?
  204. If The Kingdom Hearts Characters had real life jobs...
  205. Looking for Kingdom Hearts Audio
  206. PAX EAST - A Beginner's Guide to Unlocking the Plot of Kingdom Hearts
  207. Request - Someone to do a bit of computer artistry for me, can't offer anything in return tho
  208. who's the most powerful keyblade wielders as of now?
  209. How much of the series is planned and how much isn't?
  210. Kingdom Hearts Minnie Quantum
  211. Mensa’s Religious Interpretation of the Theme Songs
  212. Roxas theme, feelings and memories about it..
  213. How does Jack Skellington have a heart?
  214. Simple & Clean
  215. The "Dream Sword" into the movie "The Black Cauldron" (1985)
  216. What 100%ing a Kingdom Hearts Game Says About You
  217. Which KH Game do you Think is the Most Difficult?
  218. Worlds we'll probably NEVER see in the kingdom hearts universe (ever or again)
  219. News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra-World Tour- Encore in 2018, renewed show in 2019
  220. Kingdom Hearts Companion
  221. What is your favorite/best KH game story?
  222. Does anyone still play Birth by Sleep?
  223. Bosses You'd Program Differently
  224. Keyblade Design: Creative or Cluttered?
  225. Character Design in the Kingdom Hearts Series (The Problem with Black Coats)
  226. There's Not Many Heroes Like Sora
  227. All Kingdom Hearts titles in chronological and release order & how to experience the whole KH series
  228. Kingdom Hearts TCG Cards
  229. Thoughts on the overall Kingdom Hearts plotline?
  230. Spoilers ► doing in Minnesota is complaining about the weather
  231. Kingdom hearts 3d dream drop distance
  232. Has this been post be before? V-Cast trailer featuring Snake Jafar and Maleficent's Castle
  233. Kingdom Hearts' place in pop culture
  234. Confused over the lyrics of Simple and Clean
  235. How has Kingdom Hearts changed now that you gotten older?
  236. Should SE make a console version of Unchained X/Union X?
  237. Utada Hikaru J-POP Discography is now on Spotify USA and Spotify Canada
  238. If you could rewrite the story of ANY world, what would it be?
  239. Positive Things About Characters You Dislike
  240. News ► Diamond Select Toys Answer Questions About Kingdom Hearts Action Figure Line
  241. News ► Diamond Select Toys Series 1.5 of Kingdom Hearts Action Figures Available at Target / Walgreens
  242. Favorite Kingdom Hearts TITLE.
  243. White Mushrooms
  244. News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Tsum Tsums revealed!
  245. D23 Japan 2018 Kingdom Hearts Merchandise: Sora (Second Form) Bring Arts & 2 Watch Variants
  246. News ► Official TWEWY Mr. Mew Plush currently in production
  247. Deep Jungle Questions
  248. News ► Nintendo releases HQ renders for The World Ends With You -Final Remix-
  249. TWEWY Final Remix HQ renders released by Nintendo America
  250. News ► Sora and Roxas themed Earrings coming soon from Square Enix