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    Default Re: What GameInformer wants in Kingdom Hearts III

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaser View Post
    Wait, whut? One of the biggest complaints is the console jumping and it being too much money to keep playing the series.
    Oh I don't necessarily like it. But most of us do it. But I don't mind so much. I mean when they're putting a game out on a new console (and one I want anyway, 3DS), then it just gives me a good excuse and a game I know I'll love on it. BbS is the only PSP game I've really played; I have like two others that just sit there.

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    Default Re: What GameInformer wants in Kingdom Hearts III

    Quote Originally Posted by KingdomKey View Post
    Theme song

    Yes! Someone has finally noticed the theme song! It's not that I don't like simple & clean or even sanctuary but enough is enough. Good grief I've been dying to hear something new. Even if utada hikaru refuses because of money! They should ask the woman who did crisis core ending theme. Or someone else. Theirs plenty of artist out their!

    I disagree. It should stay as it is! I don't need some other games gameplay mixed into kh. That just ruins it. What they've done so far on their own is just fine. I don't mind the changes that square does but anything beyond that wouldnt be the same. I like the health bar, magic bar, and gauge. Why change it? Who cares if someone else doesn't get it? They ought to know from beginners tutorials from the start! So what's so confusing about it? And I don't mind the scrolling down thing at all while listening to low health noises. Makes it more exciting.

    I also like switching between main characters. So that should be left as it is too.

    Team Mates
    I sort of agree on this bit. I wouldn't mind having Riku around more. Even Kairi for a change. (could be a healer and duel out lots of magic). On the other hand I like Donald and Goofy. I still like the options of changing out characters for other ones in different worlds. Even better the gauge for borrowing their powers were great (BBS) Of course their we're times I wanted to knock Donald around for healing himself or Goofy. Yet they've been by Sora's side from the beginning of kh1. They had impact on the story. So they don't have to change it completely.

    I also wouldn't mind seeing some dual wielding action with Riku again or a chance to do that with Roxas.

    I disagree. I don't want Pixar or marvel mixed in entirely. It just doesn't seem right. (I know a ton of you would disagree on Pixar). I can see them as mini worlds like Poohs world. But otherwise I prefer new worlds or Disney related ones. I don't want to play through Alantica or Hyrules world anymore than the rest of you. Still theirs plenty more movies to choose from including new ones they've done. Add in some FF world. That would be awesome!

    How many recaps do we honestly need? They do it enough as it is. Sure its for the newbies but c'mon if you haven't picked up a pervious title than I'm sorry. Tired of seeing recaps unless it adds to the story more. Otherwise it's taking up space that could be used for something else. Plus each opening so far shows previous stuff from the last games.

    Alright I think that's all I really wanted to add in for myself. Thanks for showing this btw. If I sound a bit rude about any of this, I apologize.
    I agree with a lot of your points here. Although I do think Toy Story and other Pixar movies would be pretty neat to put in, such as fighting alongside Buzz Lightyear

    I really don't know why they feel the need to use Simple and Clean and Sanctuary for EVERY SINGLE GAME. I love both the songs, but they felt the most moving when they were in the original games they came from, KH I and II. I remember getting chills when I first saw Sanctuary used in KH II. Now after hearing it more than enough times I'm getting sick of the songs. Like you said there's plenty artists that are capable of singing a beautiful new song for the new games.

    It's great that Dream Drop Distance looks amazing on the graphics of the 3DS, but I think it's time to start bringing them back for consoles instead of making us buy a system for each game. KH I and II were both on the PS2, which worked great...and while it's understandable that new systems are always being made, having each game on an entirely new system is kinda ridiculous. I miss playing them on the television instead of portable systems too

    I'm willing to admit how confusing the storyline is, but I like it nonetheless!

    Donald and Goofy were just kind of an annoyance to me...they always felt out of place especially during the Organization XIII scenes and they got me even more angry when Donald suddenly started healing himself when I was the one that was dying -_- I'd rather travel around with Mickey, at least he's badass!

    The battle system should stay the way it is, because that's part of what makes it Kingdom Hearts. It isn't like it hasn't changed at all. Birth By Sleep improved the simple Equip Move and Button Mash to a really exciting battle system with moves you can fuse to make stronger ones!

    I'm willing to admit that the storyline has gotten really complex and difficult for newcomers to the series to understand...but I love it nonetheless :) (Except for 358/2 Days...I feel like Xion's inclusion in the series just made the plot more needlessly complicated by adding another clone of someone when they could have just made it about Roxas *hides from Xion fans*

    All in all, the games are great the way they are, but the repetition such as with Utada Hikaru's songs and the already used Disney Worlds can be improved upon


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