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    Mar 2018
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    Default The Book of Prophecies Contains More Than We Thought

    When the Foretellers read the final entry of the Book of Prophecies, they believed that it was an event that would happen in their lifetimes. Everything that the Foretellers and the Master of Masters did seemed to be preparing for this event, and this event seemed to be the Keyblade War of legend. However, the Keyblade War couldn't be the last entry in the Book of Prophecies. If that were true, why could we, the players, use Medals (which the Book of Prophecies was used to create) to call on the powers of characters that would not exist until after the Keyblade War? Why were the Foretellers able to use the Book of Prophecies to create these same characters and their worlds for us to visit if they did not yet exist? Why did the Master of Masters give Luxu the assignment to pass on his Keyblade to a worthy apprentice so that his eye could see the future if there was no future to record after the Keyblade War?

    All of this means one thing to me: the final entry of the Book of Prophecies describes the war between the guardians of light and seekers of darkness in Kingdom Hearts III. In some of the KH3 trailers, we have even heard Young Xehanort reciting the final entry of the Book of Prophecies as if it had not happened yet saying, "The future, it's already been written."

    In addition to the final passage of the Book of Prophecies not happening until KH3, I also think that the traitor talked about in Back Cover won't be revealed until KH3 (unless the traitor is revealed in Union χ). As for who the traitor will be, I think that it will be one of the seekers of darkness. After all, the Book of Prophecies does say that the traitor is "the one who bears the sigil", and many of the seekers of darkness bear the Recusant's Sigil.

    However, all of this raises more questions. If the final entry of the Book of Prophecies truly hasn't happened yet, then why did all of the Foretellers act as if the Keyblade War of legend was what it was talking about? This must mean that there was no record of the Keyblade War in the Book of Prophecies, which means that the Master of Masters deliberately left that out. Why? Also, why did the Master of Masters write the Book of Prophecies in such a way that it was difficult for the Foretellers to discover its meaning? After all, he literally saw the future happening with his own eye, so why wasn't he more straightforward when writing it? The Master of Masters must have wanted the Foretellers to fail, hence why the roles that he assigned to them and the rules that he set in place ultimately caused the Foretellers to turn against each other, but why? I guess we will find all of this out in due time.
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    Feb 2018

    Default Re: The Book of Prophecies Contains More Than We Thought

    Regarding the last paragraph, because without intrinsic suspense the story would last 5 minutes, the same reason why the eagles in The Lord of the Rings are not taxis, or why Dumbledore always answer with questions, or why in Resident Evil you have to solve puzzles instead of bursting every door locked with a shotgun, or why they do not rescue Aqua using a Dark Corridor to the Realm of Darkness created by Lea.

    I also hate this type of script, but we have to deal with it.

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    Default Re: The Book of Prophecies Contains More Than We Thought

    To the last point about Axel not saving Aqua -- it's important to remember that Nobodies use darkness to travel, but they don't travel through the Realm of Darkness, rather they use darkness to travel through the Realm Between. As Mickey says in 0.2: it's really difficult to find a passage between the realms of darkness and light. If there were many, then Heartless would exploit it and run a lot more rampant.



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