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    Default The KHI Awards of 06

    So with the advisement and consideration of Monkeybutt, I've decided to throw the first annual awards ceremony. We will be showing honor to the certain members who win and who knows, maybe you will be awarded. Please follow voting rules and cast your votes. The deadline is for July 4th, maybe later depending on a few things.

    All votes must be confidential. If not, your vote will not count. PM the votes to me and on July 4th, your votes will be counted.


    Best Admin/Supervisor

    Candidates: Manchester Black, The Midnighter, DevenKH2

    Best Super Mod/Moderator
    Candidates: Azurith, Monkeybutt, Megaflare, Banishing Blade, Progidy Keyblade, kairigirl

    Best Member
    Candidates: Any member not part of the staff

    Best GFX Artist
    Candidates: Must be involved in the graphics section

    Best AMV artist
    Candidates: Must of already shown a piece of their work in the graphics section

    Best RPG Hack User
    Candidates: Must be involved with the RPG Hack

    Best Roleplayer
    Candidates: Must be involved in the Roleplaying Section

    Best Writer
    Candidates: Must be involved with the Fan Fic section

    Best Artist
    Candidates: Must be involved with the Fan Art section

    Nicest User
    Sweet, kind, and always willing to help

    Smartest User
    Brilliant and shows their intelligence throughout the forums

    Funniest User
    Hysterical and always brings entertainment to us all

    Biggest Jerk
    The user you love to hate

    Most Annoying User
    Very obnoxious and the user you wish to have banned

    Best Looking User
    Male and Female Awards will be given

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