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    Nov 2005

    Default Pluto's name, how did I not put 2+2 together before now?

    So the Stepmother's cat in Cinderella is named Lucifer & Maleficent's bird is named Diablo. Nothing too weird, right? They're villains & not very subtle about it either. So of course they would name their pets after the devil. It's not like any protagonist pet owners are doing that too. Take Mickey for example, he obviously named his dog after a planet & not the lord of the-OH DAMN!!!

    H-how did I not make this connection before now? The (not a) planet was named after the roman version of Hades, the ruler of the underworld. Pluto roughly follows the same dark lord naming pattern as Lucifer & Diablo. This is seriously blowing my mind right now!

    Does that means Mickey's the bad guy all along? Did Walt Disney just hated pets? Are there other examples I've missed? Is Chernabog someone's pet? Should I have posted this in the Disney forum?
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    Unversed sephydark's Avatar
    Feb 2016
    KHUX, FF7, FF4

    Default Re: Pluto's name, how did I not put 2+2 together before now?

    In KH1, when we saw the council of villains, we thought that Maleficent was the leader and that Ansem was pulling her strings. In KH2, when we saw Organization XIII, we thought Xemnas was in charge. In BBS, we thought this whole thing was Xehanort trying to reenact the ancient Keyblade war. What we didn't know, was that all along Xehanort has been manipulated by a greater, more powerful evil--Mickey Mouse.

    And the worst part is, he has everyone convinced he's the good guy.



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