Unsure whether this belongs in Fourm Insanity or Creative Media but oh well, feel free to move it if it doesn't belong here.
I assumed fourm insanity because it's kinda a 'poke at your past self' kinda thread.


Most of us artists(and maybe some non-artists) all have created an OC at one point. For those who may not know, OC means Original Character. Usually our first OCs are cringy. So let's share 'em. It doesn't matter if it's one of the original drawings or a new version, or a good or bad character.

So I shall begin.

This is my first OC who's name is Chirithytooootally didn't steal that name from khux...tooootallllly. Ok I did>.<
I made her in the second quarter in 2016 for a school project, which I never got back. This drawing was made a few months later when I went to refine her. Note, her hair was originally colored red, blue, black, and pink...yikes and she had less clothing items(she had just the top, skirt and shoes)

what is wrong with her face? Why are her eyes where her nose should be? aagh
Her arms are so short aah

Basically she was going to go to the 10th dimension to fight the big bad guy...that's basically her story.

So what's you guys' first OCs, cringy or not?