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    Dream Eater pokepotterkhkids's Avatar
    Jun 2007
    Candyland :D
    with my angel boy

    Default A Nobodies Compensation: A Joke


    And Yes, I came up with this joke.

    To auctually get the end of the joke, you have to pay attention to everyrthing on here, so without any further ado:

    A Nobodies Compensation


    Q: What are nobodies most likely to want to compensate for?
    A: Their lack of emotions

    Q: Every male in the organization wants to compensate for their lack of emotions. However there is only one female. Larxene.
    A: Get on with it!

    4) How would each member Compensate in this situation?

    I. Xemnas
    Get married to Kingdom Hearts. Or Saix. Or both.

    II. Xigbar
    Get married to his guns. Or Riku. He seems to enjoy Riku’s total… Rikuness.

    III. Xaldin
    Get married to Air. Or his Lancets. Or that girl from W.I.T.C.H. who controls air. Or that anime that’s called Air.

    IV. Vexen
    Get married to:
    a)science ~ it seems that either he thinks it will get him his heart back, or he’s just a nerd. All the other nobodies that were once Ansem’s apprentices have given it up. Why not him?
    b)ice ~ He seems to enjoy the fact that his element is the coldest of them all. And if he marries it, he won’t have to hug anybody with a NORMAL BODY TEMPRATURE and then worry about death from overheating.
    c) Ansem ~ It seems that Ansem The Wise is the only one who still cares about Science exxept for Vexen. Nevermind the fact that his step-daugher’s boyfriend and best friend will be trying to kill him.
    or d) a nice old woman who will respect his oldness ~ Vexen seems to have a problem when anyone makes a slight crack toward him or around him and takes it personally. He seems to take any joke made when he’s around is based on his oldness.
    V. Lexeaus
    Get married to a magician or Hagrid. He seems to love messing with the chains that take magic to link and unlink together. Or maybe a guy that’s the same size as him with the same IQ as him will be the perfect match for him.
    VI. Zexion
    He probably won’t feel the need to use anything but his magic to compensate. He’ll either make it so it seems as though he can feel, or get married to himself so he won’t have to worry about divorce.
    VII. Saix
    He can get married to his claymore, the moon, Xemnas, Zexion, or a Hyrulian Elf. Maybe Princess Zelda.
    IX. Demyx
    The man loves his bubble bath, rubber duckie, water, and sitar. Nuff said.
    X. Luxord
    His compensation will be traveling the worlds until he finds a worthy gambling opponent or partner, in the meantime, he’ll be in vegas playing strip poker.
    XI. Marluxia
    It seems that getting married to Sleeping Beauty, his roses, mother nature, or a nice woman –or man. Most likely a man- who loves violence, but is a tree hugger or a gardener would be the most suitable choices for him.
    XIII. Roxas
    One word Dude. Namine. It seems that Roxas’s compensation will not involve the highly more loved yaoi pairing of AkuRoku. He wants to go with the less loved and lovable ‘Official’ Squenix pairing of Namixas. He prefers to stick with his ‘destiny’ and compensate with the nobody of the soulmate of his somebody.


    Wait what happened to VIII. Axel and XII. Larxene?

    Q:What emotion is AXEL most likely to want to compensate for?
    A: Love

    Oh boy…

    It seems most of you don’t even want to know with that one.

    But… I’ll tell you anyway.

    VIII and XII. Axel and Larxene
    Ah, the very loved pairing of Larxel. These two ‘lovebirds’ will compensate in a more… dangerously and disasteriffic sensible way. Axel, with his big ego and his fake emotions and Larxene, with her sadistic nature and ‘love’ for pain will compensate because they cannot feel love. And when one cannot feel love, they must make love. Nuff said.

    SOOO. Tell me what you think. Should I continue it? Should I make a utube video of it? What should I doo?

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    Aug 2005

    Default Re: A Nobodies Compensation: A Joke

    Yeah, uh...

    Didn't find that very funny.

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    Dream Eater pokepotterkhkids's Avatar
    Jun 2007
    Candyland :D
    with my angel boy

    Default Re: A Nobodies Compensation: A Joke

    umm. did u even get it? Dude, Im 13. Should I even know that stuff? No. Besides, I'm making fun of all of them.



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