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    Default Re: Tales from the Pride Lands

    The jokes in this one were certainly amusing to say the least. xD Nice to see some family moments thrown in here too. Simba, you just can't help yourself, can you? At least Kovu is handling a lot of things in stride. And learned his lesson to let someone else do the fighting for him. Admittedly, it was nice to see him try to fight against Tamilia. Were the dark creatures heartless btw? :3 Great chapter as always, Venx!

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    Default Re: Tales from the Pride Lands

    I imagined their looks pretty similar to heartless, but their are none. Funny how I never thought about that, but good thing you pointed that out :D

    Episode 9 Zerrath, the last lion

    6 years ago, in a deep jungle, very far away from the Pride Land's, Baska lived as an one year old with his family in a group of other bears. He was outstanding with his blue fur, which some bears were jealous of and some laughed about. His family was always proud of it and treated him like a wonderchild because it, even tho it was probably just a genetic fault. One day, Baska met the other children outside of the jungle training their fighting styles.
    "Tornado-blow!", one of the bears shouted and jump with his feet at his friend.
    "Wall of steel!", his friend said and hold his arms in front of his face to defend himself. Baska ran excited towards one of them and punched him right into the face. The little bear fell down and everyone looked at Baska.
    "What's wrong with you?!, the little bear on the ground said angrily. Baska was really confused and scratched the back of his head.
    "I...thought we were fighting..."
    "But you just punched me in the face! You didn't say your attacks name! How am I supposed to react to that?!"
    "I think ya see me coming and reaching ou..."
    "Do you even have names for your attacks?"
    "No...why should I tell my opponent what I'm doing?"
    "Baska, you're so rude! It's a thing of courtesy!"
    "Come one, make one up! Describe the attack you just used and give it a cool name by that." Baska thought about it for a moment.
    "Yeah, the punch."
    "No, Punch is the name."
    "You can't name your punch Punch...that's stupid."
    "What about....Bear-Punch? I mean I'm a bear so..." Everybody started laughing and pointing claws at Baska while he was still talking.
    "Haha forget it! You will never be able to be a real fighter!"
    "You just didn't like the name for my attack...what the.."
    "If we ever have to face lions, you're the first one to die!", the bear laughed and walked slowly away from Baska. He keept standing alone outside of the jungle and looked after the bears.
    "Seriously..he just didn't like the name.", he said and started walking back home.

    Baska was the last child this evening who arrived at his parents place.
    "Baska, there you are! I was dead worried!", his mother walked up to him and inspected his fur.
    "Moom...what are you doing?"
    "I'm looking for scratches! Did something happen?", she asked right before she found blood on his fist.
    "Baska, you're bleeding."
    "Don't worry, mom. It's not mine.", he said and smiled at her. His mother sighed and looked at him.
    "Oh Baska...not again."
    "They were fighting, too! I just wanted to join, but they told me I need to name my attack and..."
    "...I was like okay, Punch!"
    "But they were like nonono you need another and..."
    "Baska!", his mother screamed trough the whole place. Baska immediately stopped talking and looked at her.
    "Fighting is not a game. And you need no strange names for your attacks. We fight to survive and...if you really want to fight...fight for something important to you. Like your family.", she said and looked at her son.
    "Not a game? But it's fun to me.", he answered and made his mother sigh.
    "You'll see it when you're older. I guess it's to early for you to understand it now." Baska lowered his head and thought about what he just heared.
    "It's late, we should sleep now.", his mother said and laid herself down.
    "Where is dad?"
    "He's still on his patrol. When you wake up, he'll be here.", she said and closed her eyes. Baska laid himself against his mother's body and tried to sleep, but was still thinking about the fighting thing.

    At midnight when everyone was sleeping, a loud bearscream woke everyone up. Suddenly every bear stood on his two feet and watched out if they could see from who that sound could have come, until somebody screamed: "Lions!" A male and a bunch of females were slowly walking into the bears place.
    "What do you want here?!", the leader of the bears screamed. The lion started to smile and looked around.
    "We were just passing by, looking for food. And guess what...we just found a feast." When the lion finished his sentence, the females instantly started to jump on the bears and bit into their necks. Baska's mother walked in front of his son and swallowed.
    "I said run!", she screamed and got jumped by the male lion at the same time. He hold her down with only one paw and looked at Baska.
    "A young one....excellent. Come out!", the lion said and made a cub coming next to him.
    "Finally we have something on your level, Zerrath. Kill him."
    But Dad! I....
    This is your last chance to stay in the herd. You are born for this!
    "Baska, run!", his mother screamed, but his son already got jumped by the cub and hold down. Baska looked in the eyes of the obviously nervous child.
    "You got him, now kill him!"
    "But...but why?"
    "You're a lion! Now act like one! If you don't kill him, he's going to kill you!", the lion roared at his son and bared his teeth. Zerrath swallowed and turned his head to his father.
    "He doesn't look like he...."
    Pear-Bunch!, Baska screamed and punched his opponent right in the face. Zerrath fell from his belly and next to his dad.
    I mean Bear-Punch! I...I...
    Baska run!
    No! told me to fight for my family! Baska's mothers catched a tear in her eye and looked up. She saw the lion looking despise worty at his son and used the situation to throw him off her.
    No, you got him! Now let me finish him! She smiled and looked at her son.
    Bear-strike!, Baska screamed and ran toward the lion.
    You are....way to brave., his mother said quietly to herself and catched Baskas leg.! What are you...:
    Please don't come back!, she screamed and threw him several meters into the jungle behind her. Zerrath and his father were watching her and the flight of the tiny blue bear.
    Zerrath. Go.
    No more excuses! Find and kill him! I let you get away with so much in the past, you didn't kill a single gazelle yet! If you can't even get this one......don't come back., Zerrath's father said and walked straight up to the bearmother. Zerrath started to run immediately after he heared what his father would do to him.

    After the high fall, Baska slowly stood up again and scratched the back of his head.
    Ah....that hurt., he said to himself and tried to smell where his mother was. While he was trying to figure out, he heared something in the bushes. He stopped smelling for a moment and concentrated himself to hear what caused the sound. Suddenly Zerrath jumped out of the bushed right at him, but he dodged to the right immediately. The lion was roaring at him and bared his teeth.
    Come on, bear! Don't....even try to run again!
    Run? Haha, I'll show you! Zerrath looked at the fearless bear and started to wondering what he was about to do.
    Ready? Here I come!, Baska shouted and ran toward the lion cub. Zerrath jumped to the side to avoid the attack, but Baska immediately punched again when he landed and hit him. The lion fell down and Baska nailed him to the ground.
    Ha! Is that everything you got?, he laughed and looked at Zerrath. The lion closed his eyes and turned his head embarrassed and scared away at the same time.
    Father was right....I can't even...beat a single child. I'm not a lio... When Zerrath was thinking about everything his father told him, he felt the bear going off him. Slowly he opened his eyes and saw him turning hisself away.
    Wha..what are you doing?
    I'm gonna help my mom against your father.
    But you just beat me...
    Wasn't very hard to be honest., Baska laughed and was about to start running at his familycamp.
    Why didn't you kill me?!, Zerrath screamed at him. The bear turned his head to him and scratched the back of his head.
    Kill you? Why should I? I already won.
    But....but aren't I prey to you?! Baska walked towards him and raised an eyebrow.
    My mother always told me to fight to survive. Well, I fought and won without even trying. You're not a threat to me. Zerrath listend to him and tried to understand what he was talking about.
    Gotta go, man! If you can catch up to me, you may be able to see your dad again before he gets beat up, haha., Baska said and started running through the jungle back home. The cub just sat there watching after him, still thinking about Baska's words.
    See my he would care...

    After several minutes, Zerrath decided to go back to his famil, hoping his father would give him another chance. He followed the smell of his herd, when he suddenly saw that he was walking through Baska's home. He looked around and could see many blood trails from bears, that got drawn away.
    Did...did he even come back?, Zerrath asked himself and looked around, until he saw a tiny bear sitting in front of a cave entrance. Slowly he approached and looked over his shoulder.
    Heh...your father was faster., the bear said quietly and stood up slowly. Zerrath walked some steps back and swallowed.
    I'm....I'm so..
    Sorry? You didn't kill them. You don't have to apologize., Baska said and turned himself to him. His eyes were red and his face under them still wet.
    But it was my family...I..
    Lions kill to survive. It's okay.
    How is that okay for you..? My father killed your...
    She always told me that could happen and....what can I say, now she became part of the circle of life., Baska said and smiled as happily as possible for him in that situation.
    My father always told me to be a strong leader. He wanted to me to kill so many animals....but I couldn't. For this reason! I mean...they killed your family! Look at yourself! You're all by yourself now and..and..
    Pear-Bunch. While Zerrath was talking, Baska punched him straight in the face that he flew a meter backwards.
    Stop talking like that. You're not even close to what a lion is supposed to be.
    I never wanted to be lion. And I won't ever be like this!
    It's just about time until you have to hunt, man. it, okay?
    No...I mustn't go back to my herd. But there is no place for me anyway, be honest, I have no idea what to do now. Baska washed the tears out of his face and walked up to the lion cub.
    But don't you have to eat meat somehow?
    Maybe....but maybe not. What do you eat?
    I eat fruits for the most time. I'm sure you can eat them as well., he said and sat himself next to Zerrath.
    I will, thank y....what's your name?, Zerrath asked and looked over to his new friend.
    Name's Baska!
    Heh,'re not going to kill anything? Zerrath shaked his head and looked at the ground.
    I don't want to rip familys like yours apart. Lions are monsters.
    Come on, it's their thing. Everyone has their place in the circle of..
    And the lion's place is to kill others to surive? While animals like you can live without that?
    Don't act like only lions do that.
    I know, but they are the most dominant animals here who do that! And why do you try to defend them anyway?!, Zerrath screamed at him. Baska laid himself back and looked up in the sky.
    I just repeat what my mother told me since I've been here. But you're kinda, right. You lions could really slow down with what you're doing.
    I'm not a lion., Zerrath said and turned himself away. He stomped on the ground with his right paw and bared his teeth. After a short moment, Baska got up and walked next to the cub.
    Since...we don't have anyone anymore..what about teaming up?
    Teaming up?
    Yeah! You a herd! A herd made out of two!
    You would really team up with me? Didn't you hear what my father said? And you saw me fighting....I wouldn't be more than a burden for you. Baska laughed out loud and hold his belly.
    Oh man, I'll show you how to fight, don't worry! And anyway.....can't think of a herd with a burden as leader.
    Leader? Baska, I can't....
    You can! I you have to, boss. Zerrath got shocked when he heared how Baska was talking to him, but at the same time, he felt good how confident he was with him. Without answering, Zerrath smiled melancholy at his new friend and looked then back into the jungle.
    Wanna go now? I personally wouldn't like to stay here., Zerrath said.
    Yeah. Let's look for a better place for now. Together, the lion and his new bear friend walked back into the jungle, to find a place to sleep.

    Time passed and Baska did everything to make Zerrath more and more self-confident. He teached him how to fight and where the best place for fruits were. The duo grew up fast and on an afternoon, three years later, both of them sat on a hill and watched the sun going down. Baska turned his head for a moment at his partner and laughed shortly.
    "What's so funny?"
    "Nothing, hehe. It's just...since we know eachother, you always watched the sunset. What's your obsession with it?"
    "I don't know...probably all these colors. It's magical. Look at the Zebras, the sun on their fur makes it almost like it would shine."
    "Hm, I'm just getting hungry."
    "Baska, haha..stop.", Zerrath laughed quietly and looked at the Zebras, until suddenly two lioness came out of nowhere and chased the herd.
    "Lions.", Baska said and watched angrily their hunt.
    "Come! We won't let them get away with that!" Zerrath jumped from the five meter high hill and landed on his feet, without any damage. Baska went a few steps back and then ran at the endge of the hill to jump towards the scared Zebras.
    "Comin' to get ya, lions!", he shouted excited and landed right behind his partner. A few secounds before one of the lioness could bite a Zebra, Zerrath jumped in front of her and punched her with his paw away. The other lioness stopped immediately running and look over to her friend.
    "Get out of here. Now.", he said and looked angrily at the female.
    "Ze...Zerrath? Is that you?", she said and looked closely.
    "How do you know my name?"
    "Everyone thinks you are dead...don't you remember me?!" Zerrath looked at her and tried to realize who she was. Baska stood next to him and looked carefully at the other lioness who was slowly approaching. Suddenly Zerrath remembered the lion he was talking to.
    "You are from my herd."
    "Yes! We know eachother! We..." Suddenly the other lioness roared and jumped with her claws at Baska.
    "Let her go!" Baskas eyes focused her, while the rest of his body didn't move at all.
    "Pear-Bunch.", he said and turned his whole body with an incredible speed at her, before reaching out.
    "Wha-" Before realizing what was happening, Baska already smashed his fist into her face and made her fly back across the whole plain.
    "Wow, didn't expect her to fly that far. Must be a new record.", Baska said proudly.
    "You monsters!"
    "We are the monsters? Your friend tried to kill him."
    "Because she thought you are trying to kill me!"
    "I was only defending the Zebras."
    "You.....what? Why would do that...?"
    "Because I don't want these Zebras to die, just because you want meat!"
    "We don't want meat, we need meat!"
    "Bullshit. I lived the last years only by eating fruits and I'm perfectly fine!"
    "Then maybe you can do this. But me and the rest can't! And to be honest...I don't want to in the first place." Zerrath bared his teeth and got angrier with every secound.
    "If you end the life of others....just to save your don't have any right to exist.",he said and scratched her with his claws across the face. She screamed painfully, but before she could even hold her face, Zerrath stroke her again. And again. And again. Baska saw his friend raging like never before and swallowed. Seeing him like this was different from anything before. After a whole minute, Zerrath turned around and looked at Baska with blood on his face.
    "They came out of this direction and were from my herd. Let's head this way."
    "Wh..why do you wanna go to your old herd?"
    "She said that the rest doesn't want to eat anything else than meat...but if I changed, why shouldn't the rest? I have to try."
    "Maybe you should wash away the blood from your..."
    "No. They must change. And if pure fear helps....then I'll use it. Now come!", Zerrath said enthusiastic and ran in the direction where the lioness came from, while trying to catch the smell of the rest. Baska swallowed before he followed him, without any idea what his friend would do next after his outburst of rage against a simple lioness.

    After following the smell Zerrath just found, they arrived after some minutes to a small plateau with several lions on it. The lionesses stood up and bared their teeth at the two stranger. Zerrath and Baska just walked slowly towards the only cave.
    "Listen! I'm here to warn you! Stop eating meat! You have no idea what you are doing!", Zerrath shouted in the middle of the lionesses.
    "What are you talking about?", one of them asked.
    "Everytime you kill an animal to eat it, you are ruining a family! You ar..."
    "The blood....did you...", one of the lionesses pointed out shocked. Zerrath looked at her sadly and then turned his head away from her.
    "You talk about ruining familys...but what have you done?"
    "What about you?! This is how zebras and gazelles feel everyday! But we can change this by simply...."
    "So you are still alive." Slowly Zerrath's father walked with another lion out of the cave.
    "And you really walk around with this blue bastard? Pathetic. It's a surprise you didn't get killed."
    "Father, listen. We are..."
    "I heared what you were saying. It was the right choice to leave you behind, but the wrong to not kill you."
    "Father, please!"
    "Quiet! You're a shame for every lion that ever existed! I'll show you what a real lion is made off. Go.", Zerrath's father said and commended the lion next to him to switch in his attackposition.
    "Who is that?"
    "That's your little brother. He is the son I always wanted you to be. What a poetic end for you, isn't it?", he laughed and pointed at his first son.
    "Now make me proud..."
    "Father, no! Please! I don't wanna..."
    "...and eliminate the traitor." Zerrath's younger brother immediatley drove his claws out and jumped at him, when he heared his father. Zerrath closed his eyes and sighed.
    "Cleaving claw.", he said and slided under his little brother. Zerrath raised his claw and cut him in two, while he was still in the air. When he landed, his body fell apart and made every lion walk fearfully backwards.
    "Haha, just like the watermelons in the training.", Baska laughed and slowly walked form behind next to his friend who just stood up. The lions were obviously disguted and afraid by what the action they just saw. Slowly Zerrath walked up to his father, who couldn't realize what just happened.
    "Father...please wake up and end this. I didn't want to..."
    "What the hell have you become...?"
    "Listen, I don't want more animals to die. Just accept your destiny and..."
    " Zerrath, you have to accept how this world works. I already told you about the circle of life when you were a cub, but you never understood. But you better get used to it, because you are lion and sooner or later you'll have to eat meat!" Zerrath lowered his head and looked away from his father. A moment later, he looked up again and said:" some point I'm sure I'll do it. And this point is now."
    "Lions are like you and your herd. Sadly it looks like there is no way to change there is only one option left."
    "You fool....the great kings of the past will punish you somehow, just wait! And you won't get the chance to kill them!"
    "Great kings of the past? Oh yeah, you told me about this. I'll see...but for now....", he said and raised his paw.
    The other lionesses instantly reacted to that, to save their king and ran towards Zerrath.
    "On my way!" Baska jumped behind his partner and kicked every opponent who came at them, without any problem away.
    "This will never're insane!"
    "No, father. I'm Zerrath....the last lion.", he said and stroke his father with his claws from above.

    A hour later, both of them made a stop on a small oasis, trying to wash the blood out of their fur.
    "Ew, that's way stickier than I expected.", Baska said while rubbing his back as the only one in the water. Zerrath sat outside and looked up in the sky. Baska walked slowly next to him and turned his head at his direction.
    "So...what are you gonna do?"
    "Are you really asking this right now?"
    "'s a huge thing to eliminate every existing lion. And an even bigger thing to do that to every predator in general."
    "It's brutal....but think about the lifes we'll save."
    "Hm..guess you're right."
    "I really respect you Baska. My herd ruined your life and you're okay with it, because of the circle of life your mother told you about. I can't understand how you accept that, but...I can understand if you choose a different path." Baska sighed loudly and tapped on Zerrath's back.
    "I'm sure you can do this by yourself. But...why should I leave? Beating up these lioness was the most fun I had in months, haha!"
    "Yeah! We're a crew! And I believe in your actions, boss." Zerrath smiled a bit and then looked back at him.
    "You don't have to call me like this."
    "Come on man, lemme tell you what I want. I are the leader, right?", Baska said and laughed a bit. Zerrath closed his eyes for a moment and was thankful for his loyal teammate.
    "If you say so, buddy." He opened his eyes again and walked some steps forward, before looking in the sky again.
    "The great kings....they must be somewhere up there."
    "Great kings?"
    "Yeah. The big leaders of the past. My father always told me about them, don't you remember how he warned me?"
    "Oh! Yeah, could dead lions stop us?"
    "I have no idea, but he sounded serious. Something is up there, Baska...and I won't let it get in my way."

    Three years later, both of them stood on a plateau in the outland and were waiting for their prey. Baska got bored and looked out as far as he could.
    "Oh man, where are they? I said you can't sense Tamilia anymore, right?"
    "She's clearly dead, but I guess they rest for some time."
    "Rest?! I'm standing here since ten minutes and got nothing to do!"
    "Calm down, you'll have your fight. And you better be prepared, because this time...there won't be a next time."

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    Default Re: Tales from the Pride Lands

    Wow, that's how Baska and Zerrath had met. :D Pretty cool backstory to say the least. The ending of this chapter sounds so final. I hope neither of them die, because they don't have any intentions of eating or killing things for meat. So, I wonder what'll be in store for the next chapter. Good chapter as usual, Venx!

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    Default Re: Tales from the Pride Lands

    Really glad you liked the backstory! I hope you enjoy the next chapter, too!

    Episode 10 – The Spirit

    After the break from the exhausting fight against Tamilia, Simba was the first one to get up again. He looked around and saw everyone still napping.
    "And we're about to face Zerrath. Great.", he said to himself and sighed. Suddenly, Ken approached slowly from the side and poked him.
    "Mister..Simba, sir?"
    "I...wanted to thank you."
    "Why did you call me like that? You sound like a little british scumbag. Even tho I shouldn't know what british is."
    "I never knew what it feels like to have a I know."
    "You didn't listen to any word I just said, right?" Ken shaked his head.
    "Well, your welcome. As long as you stay away from my butt, you can do whatever you want."
    "Thank you!", Ken said and hugged Simba.
    "Huh?" Before Ken could realize what was happening, Simba backpawed him away in the dust.
    "Oh wow, Ken. I thought you would dodge it."
    "You hit me in the face!", he was crying and rolled himself over the ground while holding his face.
    "Felt kinda good to be honest.", Simba said and licked his paw. Caused by Ken's female screams, everyone slowly woke up. Kiara walked up to her father while looking confused at Ken.
    "What happened?"
    "I punched Ken in the face."
    "Ah.", Kiara said and walked informated back to the rest.
    "Okay guys, I hope recovered well enough to fight now. Because I don't really want to waste any more minute, is that clear?", Simba asked and looked at everyone nodding.
    "Is that clear, Kovu?"
    "Yes, I nodded."
    "Just wanted to be sure. Okay, now move on! Let's show Zerrath what happens if you mess with the Pride Lands!", Simba roared and looked enthusiastic forward. No one moved and inched and was waiting for Simba to move.
    "What's the problem?", Vitani asked sceptically.
    ", in what direction is Scar's spirit?", Simba asked and looked up in the sky.
    "Eh....I guess the left no no, wait! It is....", Mufasa's voice said out of the clouds.
    "Oh god, it's straight forward! Now go!", Sarabi screamed out of Kovu. Mufasa's light disappeared instantly when Sarabi was speaking, while Simba just sighed and started walking forward with everyone else.

    After ten minutes, they ended up in front of a huge rock, that was higher than everything else in the outland.
    "Up there.", Sarabis voice said from above Kovu and made everyone look up.
    "Up there? And how are me and Ken supposed to get there?", Kiara asked. Slowly Kovu walked up to her and poked his girlfriend with his nose.
    "Well, I could carry y..."
    "You carry Ken!", Simba yelled, lifted his daughter on his back and walljumped all the way up to the rock, before Kovu could respond. He looked after them with his mouth open and could not realize what just happen. Suddenly Ken jumped on him and laid himself on his back.
    "Hey Kovu."
    "Take your time to climb, I like it here." Suddenly Kovu actived every power he got and jumped from the ground all the way up to Simba and Kiara.
    "Looks like it's our turn!"
    "Please Nuka...don't mess this up."
    "Trust me! Nuka-jump!"
    "Nuka-whaaaaaaaaaaaaa......." Before Vitani could ask, Nuka gathered all of his energy under her and shot Vitani up into the sky.
    "Kiara, move!", Vitani shouted while falling right at her from above. Kiara walked a step to the left and let her friend land on the rock.
    "Thanks for the warning, Vitani!"
    "Could we focus, please?", Simba said, while looking straight forward at Zerrath and Baska at the other side of the plateau.
    "Do you have any idea how long we were waiting?"
    "I could guess, but to be honest, I don't really care.", Simba said to Baska.
    "Heh, guess time doesn't matter if you die anyway."
    "Naw, I just don't care."
    "Stop Baska, I told you who your opponent is.", Zerrath said and kept staring hungry at Simba.
    "Yeah, the lioness."
    "Wait, do you mean Vitani or my daughter?"
    "I mean Kovu."
    "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.", Simba laughed and rolled himself on the ground. Kovu sighed annoyed and looked at his king.
    "He's probably referring to Sarabi."
    "Hahahaha I know, but still... hahahaha."
    "Didn't we have a plan?"
    "Ha....ha....huh? Oh, yes, the plan. Father,mother, now!" Suddenly, Sarabi and Mufasa appeared next to eachother in the sky and were casting a spell in their mouth. Zerrath didn't move an inch and watched carefully what was happening.
    "Now seal Scar's spirit!", Simba shouted and made both shoot a beam in the sky, which hit eachother at some point and caused a scream. Slowly some clouds were forming Scar's face.
    "What....are you doing?!"
    "We make sure you stay away from this world and don't cause more trouble than you already did!" Before Scar could say anything else, he vanished together with the beams that hit him.
    "We did it! diddly you, Zerrath! And diddly you, Baska! But the lioness joke was amazi..." Simba got interrupted by Zerrath's quiet laugh at him.
    "What's so funny? Scar is gone, there is no way you'll get his energy anymore!"
    "I have a question for you, Simba. Who told you I was looking for Scar?"
    "My father told me."
    "Okay is he supposed to know that?"
    "He said you would look for the strongest spirit. And since Scar was the most evil lion in the pride lands...I mean he was not really strong. More like a coward and sneaky unlike Zi.............diddly."
    "Exactly.", Zerrath said and stomped on the ground. The sky became darker and darker and the clouds gathered to form the face of a lioness.
    "You're mine!", he said and shot an energybeam out of his mouth into the clouds and slowly absorbed Zira's spirit.
    "Kovu, fast!", Simba shouted.
    "On my way!" Kovu ran with full speed towards the enemy and jumped at Zerrath to cancel his move.
    "Stop!", Baska screamed and punched Kovu in the air, what made him freeze again.
    "Baska-Time!", he said loudly and punched Kovu all the way back to the rest, out of his freeze.
    "Wow, good job..."
    "Argh..why didn't you go?!"
    "Hey! I already sealed Scar, I'm exhausted."
    "No, you didn't. Mufasa and Sarabi sealed Scar."
    "Jealous, because I know my father and my mother doesn't get absorbed?"
    "It is really hard to argue with you, did you notice?"
    "Not really, no."
    "Could you two focus?!", Sarabi screamed from above, right before Zerrath finished absorbing Zira and took a deep breath in and out. When he breathed out, a dark purple fog left his mouth and slowly started to cover the plateau.
    "Why are we here again?", Kiara asked carefully and looked to Ken who was visually paralyzed by fear.

    "Stop crying, Kiara. The situation is not that bad.", Simba said and turned his head to her.
    "Lion!", Zerrath screamed, dashed instantly in front of simba, kicked him into the air and jumped after him. Everyone follwed Simba's fly through the air with their head, without making any comment.
    "Heh, Zerrath's in a good mood. Let's get me into one, too.", Baska said smiling and looked from the other side of the plateau into Kovu's eyes.
    "Oh no."
    "Oh yes." Baska ran towards Kovu, who instantly started to glow and roared what caused a shockwave that pushed his opponent back.
    "Hehe. There you are, old lady."
    "Old?!" Sarabi casted a giant energyblast in two secound inside her mouth and shot right at Baska, who jumped away.
    "Did I touch a nerve?"
    "I'll touch all of yours, after I cut off your blue skin!", Sarabi yelled angrily and shot many small lasers at him. Meanwhile did Zerrath attack Simba with multiple punches in the air and stroke him down into the ground.
    "Dad!", Kiara shouted and could see how Zerrath turned his head to her.
    "And you're next." Immediately after his sentence he dashed towards Kiara, when suddenly Vitani jumped in front of her.
    "Nuka! Now!"
    "Let's do this!" Both roared at the same time and tried to press Zerrath away from Kiara behind them.
    "Pathetic." Before Vitani could realize what happened, Zerrath stood behind her and kicked her with Nuka into the huge rock under the plateau, where Sarabi and Baska were fighting. The plateau began to shake and slowly broke apart.
    "Looks like we have to change our location."
    "Like I would care where I tear you apart!"
    "Heh, you really live in your own world." Baska jumped several meters backwards and saw Sarabi following him immediately.
    "Die!", Sarabi screamed and made her four lightspheres appear around her and started shooting at Baska. Right after the huge bear landed, he dodged the shots on the ground and gathered something into his right fist.
    "Stop moving!", she yelled at him and casted a huge blast inside her mouth.
    "Fare well." When Sarabi heared her opponent, she was surprised and didn't really know what he meant by that. A few secounds later she just shot her attack right at him, which became with every meter it was flying bigger.
    "Tear-Breakbrough!", Baska said loudly and jumped with his glowing fist right into the attack to split it. She didn't feel what was happening and had no chance to see the bear running towards her through her attack. Suddenly he stood in front of her and punched with his right fist into her mouth and stopped the attack.
    "Animals should stay dead when they die, you know?"
    "Any last insult for me?" But Sarabi already disappeared out of Kovu.
    "Heh, good flight.", he said and finished his punch by throwing Kovu through the already broken rock which was holding the plateau in the beginning. After a loud noise, Kovu landed right behind Zerrath who turned his head shortly around.
    "Looks like Baska is already done. Let's not make him wait, shall we?", he said at Kiara and drove out his claws. Paralyzed she couldn't say a word and nearly cried, when suddenly Ken jumped in front of her.
    "H...hey! Leave her alone!"
    "You first.", Zerrath said and backpawed Ken away from her.
    "Don't worry, you won't see him die."
    "You.....take this!", she yelled at him and bit in his left arm. Zerrath looked down on her and used his new spiritualpower to lift her up in the air.
    "Wha....what is happening?!" Kiara was floating in the air and tried to realize how Zerrath was doing that.
    "Calm down, princess. It'll be over in a secound.", he said and casted something inside his mouth.
    Baska watched everything from far away and started to bore himself.
    "Wow, Zira gave him more power than I expected. Probably even more than he expected in the end. This was way to eas...what is....Zerrath! Move!", he screamed as loud as possible. His partner was wondering what the problem was and turned his head, until he saw a huge blast from the side flying at him. He tried to use his power as a shield, but it was to late to fully defend him and he got hit into a wall far away from Kiara. The princess looked shocked to her left and saw Simba standing heavily breathing on the ground.
    "If I do everything...that losers like Kovu don't touch my daughter....I'll make sure that noone is killing her, did you get that?!", he yelled and powered himself up with his energy. Baska started jumping down from his cliff, right at Simba.
    "Freeze!", he said and tried to freeze Simba in the air like Kovu. The lion king just stood there and moved his eyes at Baska.
    "You better back off now, I'm not in the mood to play games with you.", he said and dodged easly every single punched that came at him. Baska became faster and faster to try everything possible, but couldn't hit the lion a single time.
    "Why don't you get hit?!"
    "Because hitting Kovu is nothing special. Trust me....I know all about it!", Simba said and spun himself to kick Baska away from him.
    "You little.......", Baska said quietly and was about to attack again until a voice shouted:" Baska! What did I tell you?!" He looked to where the voice came from and saw Zerrath slowly walking back to the battlefield with even more black mist around him.
    "Didn't I tell you Simba is mine?!"
    "Of course! But you got hit and..."
    "I told you you would have your fight! And did you win or not?!"
    "Man, you're missing the point! I was just trying to..."
    "No Baska, you're missing the damn point! This is my fight and you have no part in it, did you get that?!" Slowly Baska lowered his head and turned himself away.
    "If you say so..."
    "Wait outside of the Outlands! This will be over quick!", Zerrath shouted and pressed his claws into the ground while looking at Simba. Baska sighed and walked away from them without looking back. Simba looked after him and after he disappeared back to his opponent.
    "I don't think this was your best decision yet."
    "What? Do you think I can't handle you by myself?"
    "To be honest: Yes.", Simba said smiling and dashed forward.
    "I'll show you what I'm able to!" Both of them clashed against each other and were causing a huge storm in the center of the outland that broke slowly the rocks around them. Kiara started to lift Ken and Vitani to bring them as far as possible away from the fight. She didn't have the strength to save Kovu, too. But she knew Simba would rescu.....she risked that Kovu would die. Let's be honest here.
    In the middle of the storm Simba and Zerrath were hitting each others claws, while trying to scratch the body. Both were equally fast attacking each other and Simba was already thinking about some way to win this situation. Suddenly Zerrath got faster and pinned Simba to the ground.
    "Who's going to save you now?"
    "Do you....really think I couldn't handle you by my own?!", Simba screamed and decharged a large amount of energy that pushed Zerrath back into the air. Simba rolled himself back on his feet and jumped high in the air in front of Zerrath with more spiritualpower around him than ever before.
    "You should have kept you bear around!", he said and started to strike Zerrath with his claws drove out.
    "I'll show you what I'm capable of!" Both lions clashed with their claws at each other, what made the storm around them disappear and created a large amout of energy between them.
    Kiara looked up in the sky and saw her father fighting with everything he got, while everyone else was already defeated.
    "Oh no....what if Simba loses?", Nuka asked who appeared next to Kiara.
    "I don't know. But I'm sure we won't find out."
    "How can you be so sure about that?"
    "I honestly don't know."
    "Oh great..." Kiara kept staring at the clash in the sky and thought for a secound she could save Kovu, too but she knows that his father doesn't wanna see such things now.
    Meanwhile at the Girl Rock, everyone was looking at the bright sparkling point above the outland.
    "Queen Nala, what is happening?", an afraid lioness asked.
    "Looks like Simba has his final fight."
    " is he doing?"
    "I can't say. He could win, but...he could be also about to lose."
    "Yay! So maybe the Girl Rocks finally stays like this!"
    "I'm sorry, but....if Simba loses, there won't be a Girl Rock in the future. This time, we are on his side." The lioness were confused to hear such things from their queen for the first time, but Nala kept look at this one point. Everyone knew that Simba's victory would mean the end of Girl Rock, but on the other hand, would mean a lose the end of Girl Rock forever.

    Zerrath and Simba became more tired with every secound, but nobody would give up at that point.
    "Simba...what are you fighting for anyway? Is it your family? Your herd?"
    "Of course! I won't let anyone die except Kovu!"
    "You're nothing more than a hypocrit like the others. You destroy tons of familys to keep your own alive! And I won't let the Pride Lands suffer because of you for any secound longer!"
    "Is....that what you're fighting for?"
    "Yes...and I will end every single my own!", he said and pushed Simba a little bit back in the sky.
    "I'm....I'm sorry, Zerrath."
    "Your dream is not wrong....I had no idea what you were fighting for.", Simba said quietly while beeing pushed back slowly.
    "But...." Suddenly he started to strike back and push Zerrath to where they started to clash.
    "..WE ARE LIONS! AND IF YOU CAN'T LIVE WITH THAT I'M SORRY TO SHATTER YOUR DREAM INTO A MILLION LITTLE PIECES!" Zerrath twitched a little bit, when Simba used to push him back towards the ground. He tried to win the duell against his opponent again, but Simba already pushed his paw at his chest and was now dashing with him towards the battlefield in fullspeed.
    "After all I've done......I'll lose now to...a single lion? No....this can't be happening.....this can't be happening!", Zerrath said to himself while he saw his life going by his eyes.
    "This is your end!", Simba screamed and crashed his opponent right into the ground. The crash caused an earthbreak and a huge rift through the whole outland. Kiara grabbed Ken and Vitani to run somewhere safe as fast as possible. Kovu laid luckly on a safe place where no rift appeared and only some rocks that fell from above hit him. After a short moment, Simba landed slowly on the ground and breathed heavily. The dust around the weft hole disappeared after some time and he looked down on Zerrath who was lying in the center.
    "Oh boy...I'll definitly let Nala rule the Pride Rock for some time now...Girl Rock or not, I need some vacation days.", he said and fell down.
    "Dad..? Dad!", Kiara shouted and ran to him with Ken and Vitani on his back.
    "Yes dad! did it!"
    "Didn't Kovu?"
    "No....there wasn't enough time." Simba started to smile.
    "I love you, Kiara. You're the best daughter I could have wished for. Well you started to date him in the first place, so you are not perfect but..."
    "Dad! You beat Zerrath! Can we wait with the Kovu bashing?"
    "But it makes me feel so much better..." With a smile Kiara helped her father to stand up. At the same time, Ken and Vitani started to open their eyes again, too.
    "Is it over?"
    "Yes, Ken."
    "Yippie!" Vitani looked confused around and then to Simba.
    "Where is Kovu?"
    "I'm sure he's somewhe...."
    "Guys...! I'm....I'm here!", Kovu shouted and tried to ran as possible to the rest of the group. Simba sighed.
    "Well, atleast it couldn't get worse from now on.", Simba said. Suddenly it started to rain.
    "I kinda like this.", Simba said. Suddenly Zerrath stood up again and tried not to pass out again.

    Everyone looked at the visually exhausted Zerrath who was trying hard to stay on his feet.
    "I won't....let anyone.....ruin my.....", he tried to say, but chanted.
    "Who wants the last hit? Ken?", Simba said and looked around.
    "Don't be afraid, Zerrath. You did an amazing job. Now lay back and doing the rest.", a voice said out of the sky. Kovu raised an eyebrow and looked up in the sky. Zerrath's body started to glow more and more, until suddenly a giant wave out of spiritpower shot out of his whole body in the sky.
    " that?", Zerrath said and fell on his knees. The spiritpower gathered in the sky for a moment and then crashed back right between Zerrath and Simba on the ground. The lions turned their heads away to not catch dust in their eyes from the impact on the ground.
    "I hope you don't mind I took all of your spirits. Not that it would change a thing if you would."
    Everyone looked at the point where the spirits crashed and were realizing slowly what happened.
    Kovu walked a step forward and looked at the creature made out of spiritualpower.
    "" Simba slapped Kovu and looked at him angrily.
    "Hey, call her by her name. If you call her mom, you're halfway back in the outland." The creatued laughed and stared at Simba with glowing eyes.
    "Finally...I can have my revange. Ha ha ha....aren't you happy to see me, Simba?!", Zira said smiling and started laughing at them.
    "Are you happy to see Kovu?"
    "Could we focus please?! One time?!", Kovu said desperately, but Simba couldn't care less. Zerrath was still trying to stand up after his fight and watched the monster that came out of him.
    " are Zira.", he said and made her turn around.
    "And you are the lion who thought he could actually capture me inside him. How pathetic."
    "But how.....I was could you...."
    "Strong? Are you talking about the pure range you pulled off against Simba? The pure...hate?" Zerrath's legs became to weak anymore and made him fall on the ground, before he could answer.
    "That was all me...and you still thought it was you."
    "But now that I'm finally free...I don't need you anymore.", she said and walked some steps towards him. Kiara swallowed and looked at her father.
    "Dad, we need to help him!"
    "Hey, he tried to diddlying kill me!"
    "I don't have much power left anyway....I hope you don't mind that I'll save that bit to save us!"
    Zira stopped walking in front of Zerrath and raised her claws.
    "I will enjoy this. Do me a favor and leave your eyes open."
    "I'm not scared of you."
    "We'll see if you scream. I bet you do.", she said and attacked him. Zerrath didn't close his eyes and waited for the claws to hit him.
    "Whaaa.........ah!" Right before Zira could hit, Baska came out of nowhere and kicked her several meters away into a rock.
    "Oh baby! Did you see how she flew? Haha." Zerrath looked at his friend shocked and couldn't realize how perfect Baska's timing was.
    "Why what?"
    "Why did you come back..? I treated you like a slave.."
    "Naw, it was my fault. I mean you told me before that Simba is yours. Sorry again." Zerrath lowered his head, that some of his mane fell over his face.
    "But....if you wanna beat her by yourself, too....I'm really sorry. Cuz now, is my turn again.", Baska said smiling and went into fightingpostion. Kovu looked up to Simba.
    "Why don't we have such a friendship?", he said.
    "Well, first....I don't like you. And secound....I hate you." While Simba and his dummy were fighting again, Zira stood up slowly and looked right at Baska.
    "Looks like there is one last thing that stands between me and my revange."
    "Heh. Wouldn't be the first old lady I hit today." The sky thundered angrily. Zerrath tried to crawl away from Baska to not get in his way, until he stomped in front of him.
    "Don't move, boss. She won't come anywhere near you."

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    I'm really happy Baska came back to save Zerrath from Zira. Poor Kovu getting slapped in the face, when his mom reappears after all this time. I like how Kiara wants to help Zerrath and Baska out after Zira comes out to get revenge. Simba amuses me to no end, but his goals are slightly admirable because, he does care about his herd a lot. And Nala, oh my gosh, that was hilarious. Seriously, becoming Queen has gone to her head quite a lot. Overall, I had fun reading this chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next! :D

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    I always enjoy reading your feedback! Looking forward to the next one!

    Episode 11 – Teamwork
    "Out. of. My way.", Zira said angrily and looked at Baska. Everyone didn't move an inch and kept staring at the dark lioness and the bear who were standing in front of each other.
    "If ya didn't notice yet, I won't let you pass me. So if you really want them....come." Zira smiled and charged right at Baska. He swallowed and jumped with this knee right at her to hit her head. When they both clashed against each other, Zira's power got stronger and pushed Baska into the air. The lioness pushed herself into the sky and reached out with her right claws. Baska crunched his teeth and spun himself in the air, to avoid her attack and kick her back on the ground.
    Before she landed, Zira pushed a large amount of energy out of her feet to cushion her fall. When she looked up again, she saw the bear coming at her with his fist reached out. Right before he could hit her, she moved to the side and kicked him back into a large rockwall.

    Kiara was worried watching the fight and looked up to Simba.
    "Is there no way you can help him? It looks like he can do this with a little bit of help! And if we defeate Zira...everything's back to normal."
    "I don't know...Baska is still an enemy..."
    "Dad, please!"
    "I can help!", Kovu said and walked between them.
    "Excuse me, I'm talking to my father."
    "That's it!", Simba said and looked at Kiara.
    "This my chance......I help Baska and you break up with Kovu."
    " would be worth...", she thought and looked up in the sky. Kovu angrily roared at both of them and ignited his power by himself.
    "Enough! You would really do this, Kiara?! I'll show what I'm capable of!", he said and jumped right into the fight. Baska stood in front of Zira and cleaned the dust off his fur, until suddenly Kovu jumped next to him and bared his teeth at his mother.
    "What are you doing here?", Baska asked confused.
    "I'll show Simba and Kiara how much of a lion I am!"
    "Heh, better hurry up. I can't garantee that there's enough Zira for both of us." Zira laughed and looked contemptuously at his son.
    “So you do have the courage to come. Looks like I have to battle the sidekicks first.”, she said and unloaded a huge amount of dark energy around her, which damaged the area under her feet. Suddenly a lightingbolt striked right in front of her and almost hit her head. Zira looked angrily up in the sky and saw a lioness laughing at her.
    “Looks like you didn't get hit by my hello. Let's see if you survive our goodbye!”, she said and disappeared to power up Kovu. Six lightsphere's appeared around him and his tail became spiker than before. Baska smiled and looked at his new teammate.
    “You know, it's an insult you didn't use that against me.”
    “To be honest...we wanted, but you didn't give us the time.”
    “Heh, that's what I wanted to hear.” Suddenly both of them attacked from different sides. Zira waited for them until they were in her reach. When Baska was about to punch her, she disappeared and appeared above both of them again.
    “Eat this!”, she yelled and shot a huge blast out of her mouth and hit Kovu & Baska. While she was still in the air and dust was covering them, Kovu jumped in front of her with all of his lightsphere's which were ready to shoot.
    “This...isn't you. Right, Kovu?”, Zira asked paralyzed.
    “NOW GO TO HELL AND STAY THERE!”, Sarabi said in Kovus mixed voice and shot out of his mouth, together with the sphere's, a blast at her and hit Zira from a close distance.

    Kiara watched the battled with wide opened eyes.
    “Wow, my mother is really impressive.”, Simba said. When Kiara heared that, she got an idea and smiled.
    “Oh yes, looks like she's about to be stronger than you.” Simba nodded surprisingly.
    “In Kovu's body.”, Kiara added.
    “Out of the way!”, Simba screamed and unloaded all of his remaining power. While Baska recovered from her blast and Sarabu waited for Zira to appear again, Simba jumped through the air next to them and roared.
    “Finally! Where have you been?!”, she asked.
    “You know, if you chose Kiara back when I was training and you were fighting with her body, Zira would be already history!”
    “Don't wanna interrupt ya, but there's still some business left for us.”, Baska said and looked through the dust at a smiling Zira.

    "Simba! Looks like you can't wait to die!", she said excited and made the dark aura around herself even bigger than before.
    "So what's the plan?", Baska asked and looked at Simba.
    "Hit. And don't get hit.", he said and charged with full speed at his opponents.
    "Hey! Wait for me!", Sarabu yelled and followed him immediately. Baska sighed and looked after them.
    "Oh boy, this is not looking good.", he said to himself, before he jumped at Zira, too. Everyone punched and kicked at her at the same time, but she avoided every single one, without moving away from the place she stood.
    "My turn!" While everyone attacked her, some parts of the darkness around her grabbed their legs and smashed them together into a huge wall. Zira jumped backwards into the air and shot a giant blast at her three enemys at once. Simba and Sarabu set themselves free and roared together against her attack to block it. Baska closed his eyes and meditated shortly to gather some of his strength in his right hand. Suddenly he pushed himself out of the rock and jumped right next to the blast up to Zira.
    "Get ready for my pocused fear-bunch!", he shouted and punched her into her face. The blast disappeared and Zira crashed with fullspeed into the ground. Slowly she stood up again and got punched immediately from the bear who was waiting for her.
    "Mom, come!", Simba said and jumped into the air. Sarabu followed him and casted together with him the attack that was able to defeat Tamilia before. Baska felt what was going on behind him, so he reached out smashed Zira right into a wall and jumped away from her.
    "Now!", he yelled and gave Simba & his mother the signal to shoot.
    " fools....", Zira said quietly, before she saw the upcoming attack hitting her perfectly. The attack caused an explosion which stirred up dust all over the ground. The rock Zira hit collapsed and burried the spirit of the lioness. Everyone was waiting for her to come up again, but nothing happened.
    “Is it over?”, Kiara asked Ken and watched the battlefield. Zerrath couldn't believe what happened and that he saw his friend fighting together with lions to save him.
    “Haha.....we all know which one of us was the leader the whole time....right?”, he said to himself and stood up slowly.

    After a while, Vitani, Kiara and Ken walked back to the rest of the group.
    “Did we win?”, Vitani asked and looked at the mountain made out of rocks above Zira. Simba nodded and sighed.
    “It looks like it.”
    “So the Girl Rock is saved!”, Ken celebrated and jumped around Kiara. Simba walked in front of him and looked over Baska's shoulder.
    “Not yet. There is still one last treat we have to face.”, he said and looked at Zerrath. Baska's eye went right at Simba.
    “I know we fought together. But don't even think about it.”
    “I'm sorry, but as long as your friend doesn't give up his dream to kill all of us, there is no way he'll stay alive.” Without saying a word, Sarabu walked next to her son and looked seriously at the bear.
    Zerrath crunched his teeth, but didn't want to go back and show Simba that he was actually afraid in this situation.
    “Please, step aside.”, Simba said to Baska and walked forward.
    “Is this your last word?”, Baska asked and closed his eyes.
    “Move. Now.”, Simba said and prepared himself. Baska smiled and opened his eyes again.
    “As you wish”. Baska jumped out of his stand backwards behind Zerrath and landed with his feet on the wall.
    “Kiara, run.”
    “But Dad! Maybe Zerrath isn't...”
    “Your father said RUN!”, Sarabu screamed and powered herself up. At the same moment, Baska pushed himself away from the wall and kicked Simba with his knee right under his chin. The lion king flew high into the air, while Sarabu started attacking the bear with her claws.
    “'s really fight you guys.”, Baska told her while dodging. How easily he was talking, while dodging her fast attacks, just made her more and more agressiv.
    “But when you really try to kill my best's not a game anymore.” Baska threw himself on the ground, so Sarabu attacked the air and he could kick her into the stomach. Kovu's body flew high and Baska jumped right after her.
    “Father....I know you already gave me all you've got, but....are you sure there is nothing more you could give me?!”, Simba asked Mufasa in his mind. Suddenly his body started to glow brighter and he felt stronger than before.
    “I won't waste it...thanks.”, he thought and charged up all of his new energy in the sky. Sarabu tried to attack again, but Baska attacked her from all sides in the sky with no space for her to counter.
    “You...ah...will...uh...could stop hitting me for atleast one diddlying secound?!”, she screamed. Baska punched her into the kidney and then stopped, to watch her face.
    “Aaaaaand that's a secound.”, he said and started punching her multiple times again.

    Zerrath watched the fight in the sky and swallowed.
    “How....did he became that strong?”
    “E...xcuse me?”, Kiara said from the side, with Ken and Vitani behind her. Zerrath turned his head to her and bared his teeth.
    “Please don't! We....we want to talk with you!”
    “What should we be talking about?”
    “Your goal...what are you trying to do? And why?” Zerrath laughed and looked up to Baska again.
    “I could explain it. But you wouldn't understand....noone does.”
    Baska reached out again and punched Sarabu as hard as he could into Kovu's chest, that even the lioness from the Girl Rock could hear a crack.
    “Wasn't smart to come back to life at all, wasn't it?”, he said and looked dead serious at into her eyes. In that moment, she remembered what fear felt like. Even for an already dead spirit.
    “Time to do what you did the first time we met!”, Simba screamed and came with fullspeed at his opponent. Baska turned his head to him and saw Simba glowing stronger and brighter than ever before.
    “How did you...”
    “I'll end this right here!”, he screamed and was about to hit him with his head. The bear swallowed and looked with one eye down to Zerrath.
    “I knew this would happen at some point...heh.”, he said to himself and turned his head back determined at Simba.
    “Okay! Rear-B.....”, Baska started to scream, when suddenly an enormous fountain of dark energy came out of the earth and Simba freezed together with Sarabu in the air.
    “What is this?....Vitani do you.....Vitani?”, Kiara asked and saw her friend obviously unable to move next to her. Baska looked down and slowly landed on a high rock.
    “Finally! I knew you got more than you showed me, Simba!”, a voice screamed out of the fountain. When the energy slowly disappeared, Baska saw Zira standing on her grave and absorbing the spiritualpower from everyone around.
    “Do you really think I would lose to some spirits limited by physical bodys? Haha, I told you I'll have my revange! And there is no going back for you now!”, she laughed and finished her plan. When Zira was done, Kovu and Simba fell almost unconscious from the sky, while Vitani fell to the ground.
    “Daddy, no!” Baska looked up with one eye and sighed, before he jumped to catch both of them.
    Kiara started to smile and looked up hopefully.
    “Hey, don't think I did that for them. You never came in our I guess I could do atleast that for you.”, he said and threw both of them next to the princess.
    “ dick.”, Simba said and tried to stand up, but couldn't.
    “He saved you, dad!”
    “I know...I was talking to Kovu. I think I didn't insult him for almost five minutes.”
    Baska smiled and jumped down from the rock. Zira grinned at him and drove out her claws again.
    “So....I guess it's just you and me now, isn't it?”, the bear said.
    “Haha, do you really think this is going to be a fight? Absorbing these spirits fully recovered me. And you are still exhausted from the fights before, right?” Baska crunched with his teeth, but covered it with a smile.
    “Fully recovered? Whatever. More fighting for me, right?” Zira smiled. When Baska went into his fightingpostion, Zira unloaded all of her new powers and disappeared. Zerrath's friend stood still and tried to sense her.
    “To slow!”, Zira yelled when she appeared out of nowhere behind Baska and stroke him with her claws through the whole battlefield. Before he could hit the wall on the otherside, Zira appeared in front of him and smashed him into the air.
    “Oh no....”, Kiara said and looked panicly to Zerrath who was trying to follow the fight.
    “Baska will win....right guys?!”, Ken asked. Everyone turned their heads to Zerrath as good as possible, to hear that his friend will win the final fight.
    “Baska....has no chance. He never got anything like that as an opponent.”, Zerrath said frustrated and roared painfully through the whole Outland.

    When Baska heared Zerrath's roar, he clenched his paw to fist and spun himself to kick Zira before she could attack. But she already appeared in front of him and blasted him with a huge amount of energy intro the ground.
    “Die!”, she screamed and watched him hitting the ground, what caused a giant crater. Zira slowly levitated down and walked laughing towards her prey. Zerrath started running as fast as possible for him towards the spirit and jumped at her back.
    “Don't touch him!”, he screamed and bit at her, but got stuck on the dark aura around her.
    “Oh yes, the pathetic lion who thought he could control me! How could I forget you!”, she said and turned herself around.
    “Let me do you a favor, so you won't see your friend dying.”, she said and shot a blast at him.
    “Didn't you....hear what I told the other two lions?...Same goes for you.”, Baska said when he grabbed his friend and jumped back to the rest.
    “What was that about, boss?”
    “Baska, stop that! I won't let you die here!”
    “Die?” Everyone looked at him confused, while Zerrath slowly got angrier.
    “Why do you keep playing me?!”
    “Hey, I'm not playing you. Just....go away with the others.”
    “I won't.....” Baska sighed and hit his friend's neck. Zerrath instantly fell down and could not get up by himself.
    “Wha...Baska you....” The bear turned his head to Kiara and whistled.
    “Hey, princess. I catched your family. Now grab mine and run. He won't be able to use his muscles for a while.”
    “B..but noone here wants you....”, Kiara tried to argue, when Baska started to sigh.
    “Seriously, what did I do to you? Could trust me for once? I just need some space. And now go away, all of you.”, he said and looked forward at Zira. Kiara hesitantly lifted Zerrath up and walked as fast as possible away.
    “Hey, who is carrying, Kovu?”, Simba asked exhausted. He looked around and stopped at Ken.
    “Hey, Ken! Wanna have Kovu on your back? Unconscious?”
    “Oh yes!”
    “Here he is!”, Simba said and threw lion number fifteen to him. When everyone was going away, Simba went back for a short moment to Baska.
    “Oh come on, leave me alone now!”
    “Wow, chill. No scar, no problem.”
    “So why are you still here?!”
    “Because.....first, I wanna thank you. And secound of have no idea how this feels like. I would really like to...just rip her apart. She got father, mother...and she's a bitch. So please....diddly her up for me.”
    “Heh, I wanted to do that anyway.”, he said and smiled forward. Simba smiled at him and slowly followed the rest of his herd.
    “Oh and...Baska?”
    “As long guys really don't try to kill us, you can stay here. As long as you want.”, Simba said over his shoulder and kept walking forward again after a short moment. Baska just smiled for a secound and then looked back to Zira.
    “If you think you saved them, you're wrong! I can catch them whenever and whereever I want. I just wanted to give you guys your little....last moment together.”
    “To bad you won't meet them again.” Zira smiled and powered herself slowly up to her maximum strength. Baska closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
    “I knew that at some point....I would need that. If you would be the strongest person I can beat, how could I ever protect you from something stronger, boss? Heh...looks like the training will finally pay off.”, Baska said to himself and remembered the time after Zerrath absorbed his first spirit.

    “Okay, boss! I'm ready!”, Baska shouted and went into his fightingpostion. Zerrath hesitated with his actions and looked at his partner.
    “I have no idea what happens when I try to use these powers. Are you sure you want to fight me like that?”
    “Of course! Now come on! Letting me wait is way more painfull, than everything you could do with me.” Zerrath sighed and started to unleash his new power. His body started to glow and some kind of mist appeared around him. With every moment, more and more birds were starting to fly away from their place.
    “Ready, Baska?”
    “More than you think.” Zerrath unloaded his power and charged right at his friend. Baska crossed his arms and got hit with all of the lion's spirtual power. Zerrath twitched when he realized, how strong he actually attacked.
    “Are you okay?”, he asked while he kept pushing against the giant bear.
    “Stop caring, boss. It just.....ruins our training!”, he said loudly and grabbed his paw. Baska spun himself and threw him into the air.
    “And now fight with everything you got! Here I go!”, Baska said and jumped right at him.
    At the same day, when the sun was going down, Zerrath walked up to him and lay down.
    “How?”, Zerrath asked and looked at his friend.
    “How what?”
    “The power I's insane. How could you fight on my level?”
    “Heh, just normal training. Nothing special about it.”
    “But I saw you training. There is no way you can be that strong from just that. We both did the same, right?” Baska smiled and stood up slowly.
    “Yeah, but....let's just say I don't sleep as much as you think.”

    Zira looked at her prey and laughed. The dark mist around her became more with every moment and was slowly moving towards Baska.
    “I can't believe you are still in front of me! How Pathetic!”, the lioness laughed.
    “Pathetic? Listen I....will give you one last chance. Disappear and free the spirits again.”
    “Hahaha what?!”
    “I won't repeat myself.”
    “You just saw how powerful I am! I am immortal!” Baska smiled and went into a strange fightingpostion he never made before.
    “Heh. Lemme prove ya the opposite.”
    “Then show me!”, she screamed and unloaded all of her power, what caused a huge crater under her. Baska closed his eyes and lowered his head before he quietly whispered to himself: “Rear-Bage.”

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    Default Re: Tales from the Pride Lands

    I love Simba's philosophy about hit and don't get hit. That was my favorite part second to Baska fighting alone against Zira after knocking out Zerrath. I'll be so upset if Baska were to die trying to fight her, except something tells me he'll make it. What with that brief flashback of Baska and Zerrath training together with spiritual power. So I'm really pumped to see what happens next in the following chapter to come. And Simba is really decent to Baska about offering him a place to stay. It made my heart melt at the kindness he showed. And Kiara, sometimes I love ya and sometimes I wanna punch ya. xD Overall, awesome chapter!

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    Default Re: Tales from the Pride Lands

    After 9 is the final Chapter (for now.)

    Episode 12 – His inner power

    The atmossphere was static between the two opponents, while the others were still walking away without any clue what was happening on the battlefield. Zira slowly stepped forward and caused a twitch in Baska's right eye.
    “What's wrong? Do you slowly realize the mistake you made?”, she asked and laughed quietly into herself.
    “Mistake? Haha, I don't think what I'm doing is a mistake. In fact, it is the only thing I can do anymore.”
    “Pathetic! Killing you first won't make a difference for you friends!”
    “I know. That's why won't let you get pass me.”, Baska said and smiled. Suddenly Zira roared and damaged the whole area around her and caused several rocks to fall apart next to Baska.
    “Stop making fun of me! You can't seriously think that you stand a chance against me!” Baska laughed quietly and started breathing heavily.
    “You know....I've been training with Zerrath for about six years now. Sadly, he stopped training when he absorbed his first spirit and became stronger than he could have imagined. Unlike him, I never stopped. I don't think there are more than twenty days I didn't fight in these last six years.”
    “Get to the point!”, Zira screamed angrily and walked slowly towards him.
    “Heh. One night I....discovered a way to gather some power inside of me and save it. Ten days later I tried to unleashe everything I got since then and....oh baby, you had no idea how I felt, haha!”, he laughed loudly. While walking towards him, Zira slowly noticed some small rocks around Baska were starting to levitate.
    “Unfortunately...the power vanished and it was really exhausting. So I decided to keep gathering power, but never use it until I have to.” Zira stopped walking and gathered her dark mist around herself.
    “How long....are you gathering power...?” Baska smiled again and looked Zira into her eyes.
    “Three years.” Zira swallowed for a secound and went a step back.
    “Reeeeear-Bage!”, he screamed and unleashed all of his power from the past years. The earth around him got teared apart and caused several rifts in many direction. The ground under Zira collapsed and made her almost fall into a hole. She jumped in the air and looked down.
    “Impossible! How did he....”
    “Get down!”, Baska yelled while jumping at her in the air and punched her several meters out of the air into a wall.
    “ not real...”, Zira thought to herself and slowly pushed herself out of the wall. Suddenly she saw a paw in front of her, that wanted to help her. Zira grabbed the paw confused and looked up to it's owner.
    “C'mon, it's not over yet.”, Baska said smiling with glowing eyes and threw her back into the air. While flying, Zira created a massiv wall out of her mist around her and gathered some energy. After some secounds, a blue paw broke through the barrier and ripped it apart.
    “Is that all you got?”
    “What....are you....?” Baska smiled and reached out with his paw.
    “Disciplined.” Zira tried to cover herself as good as possible, but got hit way to fast and flew down. Before she could hit the ground, Baska appeared under her and kicked her at the other side of the outland. Zira got smashed through a large amount of rock walls and started to get serious damage from her opponent. After some time, she flew through the last rock and found herself above the Pride Lands.
    “Hey, I'm here.” Zira turned her away from the Pride Lands and saw Baska above her.
    “You know what they're saying...don't look back, right?” Zira tried to react and reached out with her paw, but got already punched into her kidney.
    “You'll stay in the outland!”, he said and kicked her back to their old battlefield.

    Simba and the rest were still walking away, but were able to hear loud noises from the sky and feel the ground under their feet shaking.
    “What is happening?”, Kiara asked and tried to see something. Zerrath marveled and swallowed when he was looking towards the sky.
    “I can't believe....that Baska is able to fight on her level.” Simba looked away from the sky and at Kovu.
    “Why is Baska a bear and you're lion?”
    “Oh come on! Not now!”, Kovu angrily said.
    “What? I haven't talked for a while. There are things which need to be said.” Suddenly a huge bang resounded and Zira flew out of the air at them.
    “Move!”, Simba screamed and ran with everyone away. Zerrath swallowed and tried to run as fast as possible, but his body was still to exhausted. Simba stopped and turned his head, when he saw Zerrath about to get hit. Right before Zira hit him, Baska appeared in front of him and spin-kicked her back into the air.
    “Didn't mean to scare ya, boss.”, he said with a smile and then jumped back at his opponent. The lion looked after him and couldn't realize what he just saw.
    “Everything okay?”, Simba asked. Without any noise, he nodded and followed Simba with his head turned over his shoulder.

    “That's enough!”, Zira screamed and recovered in the air.
    “I have the spirit of every lion with a strong will that ever existed! I won't lose to a bug like you!” She roared and powered herself up to the maximum. Baska was on his way to get her, when he suddenly felt a pain in his whole body.
    “Argh...not now.” Zira roared and attacked the bear with giant claws made out of her mist. Baska dodged all of them and appeared right in front of her.
    “Time to end this!” Before the lioness could preparer herself for the next attacked, her opponent already reached out and hit her chest with everything he got. Nala and her herd were able to see the shockwaves, caused from Baska's hits and couldn't imagine what was going on in the outland.
    “After all this time.....all these years......I can't.....miss my last chance!”, Zira thought to herself and disappeared in the middle of the fight. Baska looked around, when suddenly all of her mist grabbed him from behind and Zira herself flew down from the sky right at him.
    “Feel my wrath!” Baska tried to free himself, but felt a growing pain inside of his body.
    “diddly....this was to much....I gave her to much time..”, he thought and looked up to her.
    “But....I have nothing to lose anyway. Heh.” Baska started smiling again and stopped fighting against the mist around him.
    “It's over!”, Zira screamed and attacked. Right before she hit him, Baska screamed and teared his vessels apart before he looked her deep into her eyes.
    “Can't disagree.”, he said and gathered everything he got in his right arm. Zira saw that the distance between them was less than an inch and unloaded all of her power to strike him first. Baska crunched with his teeth, when he suddenly felt Zira's claw on his shoulder. She smiled and was about to laugh. Until she suddenly fell something in her stomach. The lioness wide opened her eyes and looked at the smiling bear.
    “Upper-Cear-but!”, Baska screamed and flew together with Zira on top of his fist at the sky.

    “Dad!”, Kiara screamed and pointed above everyone.
    “We need to get away from here, what is.....”, Simba wanted to answer, but stopped talking when he saw what Kiara pointed at. Zerrath swallowed and almost fell back down.
    “Is...that Baska?”, he asked himself in the middle of the herd.
    Zira tried to bite his arm, but couldn't reach it, when he suddenly pierced her.
    “, I can't....”, Zira tried to say, but got interrupted by the feeling of another arm piercing through her stomach.
    “You probably don't care, but...lemme tell were a worthy opponent.”
    “How dare you....talking like tha....”, Zira was about to say, when Baska immediately teared her apart in the sky and throw her back at the ground. Her eyes stopped glowing and both parts of her body were falling slowly like feathers towards the earth. Baska used the last bit of his remaining power and landed as fast as possible on the ground, to fall safely on his back.
    “Baska!”, Zerrath screamed and was running towards his friend, followed by Simba and the rest.
    “Hey, look!”, Ken said and pointed at Zira's bodyparts which were starting to disappear slowly. Simba looked around and then at the clouds like he was looking for something special.
    “Damn it, what happened to father and mother?!”, he asked himself loudly.
    “It looks like....they disappear, too.”, Vitani said and lowered her head sadly. Simba stomped on the ground and roared when suddenly a sound came from above.
    “Father?!”, Simba asked hopefully and looked at huge cloud.
    “Yes...the spirits are free again, but Zira absorbed everything from all of us. There is not much left from us and we need that last bit of energy to exist in this world.”
    “I'm just glad you are fine! We don't need your power anyway, now that we got rid of Zira, right?”, Simba said and realized that he forgot someone. Slowly he turned himself around and saw Zerrath sitting in front of his friend.
    "His...arm.", he said and made everyone turn their heads to him. Baska's right arm turned slowly into ashes and collapsed in itself.
    "I...can't believe you had so much potential inside of you.", Zerrath said and lowered his head.
    "Heh, glad I could surprise you.", the bear responded with closed eyes and laughed.
    "Baska! You're alive!"
    "Of course I am. Well....I feel like I died...but knowing I didn't, makes me feel alive again. Got it?" Zerrath tried to cover his smile with his mane and lost a tear.
    "You are stupid, Baska."
    "Haha. I know, boss." Simba slowly walked up to them and looked at Baska.
    "Baska. You saved all of us and even our spirits from disappearing forever. I want to thank you in the name of everyone."
    "Hey, I was primary protecting Zerrath. No need to thank me."

    "Anway, from now on you guys are always welcome in the Pride Lands. I think all these events made everyone change their opinion about eachother." Zerrath took a look over his shoulder and drove his right claws out.
    "Are you sure?"
    "You can't be serious right now."
    "My goal was to eliminate every predatorfor tearing innocent family apart, just because you can't live without meat. What should have changed my mind?"
    "My daughter saved you!"
    "And that's why she's last." Suddenly Baska walked in front of his friend.
    "Stop it. None of us can fight right now...let's leave this place."
    "A lot of stuff happened today...but if you really want me to fight at this point...I will do it.", Baska said while covering the large wound where his right arm was.
    "It's not like we can't come back here later on.", he continued and looked over his shoulder at Simba and the rest.
    Zerrath bared his teeth and stomped on the ground, before roaring at the other lions.
    "Don't dare counting this as a lose! I don't need these powers anyway! Next time we meet...I'll be at Baska's level.", Zerrath said angrily and turned himself around.
    "Come, Baska.", he told his partner and slowly walked away. Baska was about to start moving, too when Simba interrupted him.
    "Hey, don't let him treat you like this!"
    "Heh, mind your own business, lion.", he said smiling and followed Zerrath out of the Outlands. Simba and the rest looked after him and were trying to realize that everything was finally over.
    "Now that we don't have to fight anymore, I can finally be a full-time dad when our baby comes, Kiara!", Kovu said excited.
    "Baby? Oh right, I never told you I wasn't pregnant. I just got chubby."
    "Come on, you stood next to me when Vitani red Rafiki's notice.", Simba said annoyed and sighed.
    "Notice..? Oh, right. Oh...........right."
    "Wow, even I can't believe that right now.", the king said and turned himself around.
    "How Baska already said, a lot of stuff happened today. Let's head back, recover and then....let's seriously re-build the Pride Rock. For real this time." And that's how Simba walked exhausted with his herd back to the Girl Rock, talked to Nala, renamed their home back into Pride Rock and slept like most of his herd for three whole days.
    When Simba woke up, everything was back to normal, except for his destroyed home. He looked around and saw Kovu still sleeping on the ground.
    "Good, he didn't wake up yet. Now I just need to be quieee...", Simba thought and stepped on a treebranch. The sound made Kovu wake up and jump in the air.
    "What?! Who's there?!", he yelled afraid. Simba lowered his head and starred at the treebranch.
    "Seriously, why is this even here?!"
    "Good morning, Simba!", Kovu said loudly and tried to make a good first impression after the battle.
    "Yeah yeah....", the king responded and turned himself away. When he walked slowly to the Rock Heap, he saw how Kiara, Vitani and Ken were already up and talking to eachother. It seemed like the lions from the Pride Rock could finally hunt and live again like before. Sadly Simba looked up in the sky and searched for something between the clouds.
    "You annoyed me sometimes, dad. And I a lot. Holy crap and you made fun of me in so many situa....sorry. All I wanted to say is that I really miss you. Just like mom.", he said to himself and sighed.
    "Stop crying!", a voice said in his mind.
    "Do I sound like your father?!"
    "Oh. diddly."
    "Hey, he just thought that we don't have the power anymore to talk to him whenever he wants. Don't be so harsh, Sarabi.", another voice said and laughed.
    "You're here! I both are. But why don't you appear in the clouds?"
    "We can be happy to be here. Like I said, there is not much of our power left.", Mufasa said.
    " stay with me? But only in my head?"
    "Yes.", Sarabi answered.
    "No spirit for Kovu, perfect!" Suddenly everyone looked up to Simba who started to jump around and roaring happier than ever before.
    At the same time, Zerrath sat on a rock and thought about the recent events. Now that all of his spiritualpower was gone, he didn't know how to continue his life.
    "Hey, boss. What's wrong?" Baska approached him from behind and walked right next to him.
    "Did we...waste all these years?"
    "Waste? What do you mean?"
    "I plan to kill every predator...these spirits were my only realistic chance to achieve it. And now that we lost everything...."
    "Wait. You really want to continue with this?" Zerrath didn't look at Baska and sighed.
    "I knew it. You won't follow me from now on, right?"
    "I just don't understand...I mean these lions were..."
    "The same!", he roared and turned his head to his friend.

    "They are the hunting monsters we were killing these last years! The fact that they saved us doesn't change a thing!", Zerrath yelled and clutched his paw desperately into the dirt.
    "If you just wanna leave me like that it's okay, but leave now!" The lion looked at the ground and closed his eyes, when suddenly a punch threw him against a tree.
    "Oh man, did you just let an one-armed bear punch you right into the face?", Baska said and walked towards him.
    "Baska...why did you..."
    "I can't leave you like that. I mean look at yourself, without these spirits you can't fight anymore. Guess we have to train again." Zerrath looked up to him and saw Baska grinning.
    "Now get up, boss. If you're still going for ya goal, we gotta lot of stuff to do.", the bear said and turned himself away from his friend. Zerrath looked after him for a moment before he slowly stood up.
    "Thanks, man.", Zerrath said in his mind and followed Baska without saying a word.
    "Vitani! Is Nuka in your head?", Simba asked and walked down to the rest. Vitani nodded happily and extremly annoyed at the same time.
    "Wow, that's great! My parents are in mine, too."
    "Both of them?"
    "YES KOVU, NO MORE SARABI!", he screamed and smiled during it. Kovu sighed and stepped in front of Simba.
    "I'm sick of it! I'm sick of all of this!"
    "Wow, Kovu. Calm do..."
    "No! Simba, I helped during this time! It wasn't just your mother, okay?! Stop treating me like this!", Kovu roared and pressed his face against Simbas. Everyone took some steps back and watched what was happening.
    "Kovu...are you serious about that?"
    "Yes! I am! And if you can't accept that I'm your daughters boyfriend, then..."
    "I got it, Kovu."
    "..then....wait, what?"
    "I got it, Kovu. No more word. I know what do.", Simba said smoothly.
    "Re...really?", Kovu asked happily and began to smile.

    ♫ He is not one of us
    He has never been one of us ♫ -
    Simba sang on top of the Rock heap with all other animals together and watched Kovu run away.
    "Exiled for five days! Don't try to come back earlier!", he shouted after him and laughed heartfully. Nala, Ken, Vitani & Kiara walked next to Simba and watched Kovu, too.
    "Dad, are you...sure you're not overreacting?"
    "I love you, too Kiara.", Simba said, patted her head and laughed heartfully for the rest of the whole day.

    Oh and of course he had the best five days in his entire life.


    Thanks for reading, especially to KitKat/Cinder! I know how to continue the story, I already planned that, the question is just when I will do that. But for now: That's it.

    I hope everyone who red it to this point enjoyed it!
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    Kovu, it was a nice try to get Simba to finally acknowledge your help. Ah well, maybe next time you'll get through to him. Maybe you and Kiara will finally hook up and have cubs of your own someday when Simba isn't in the way. Lol. Anyways, I like how there's currently a semi truce. Baska kicked loads of butt. I'm happy he survived the aftermath, including the spirits. Zerrath, your goal is an admirable one, but maybe not everyone is so bad for eating meat, and you'll be able to accept some of it someday.

    Your welcome, Venx. C: It was a pleasure and a lot of fun to read this story. I look forward to the day you continue it!

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    Default Re: Tales from the Pride Lands

    After a long time I was able to finish the first episode for the second season of Tales from the Pride Lands. So here we go again!

    Tales from the Pridelands – Season 2

    Episode 1 – Shadows from the past

    "Over here!", a lion shouted behind himself. A group of lions and some panthers came at him.
    "Is that....", one of them said disgusted, right before one of the panthers interrupted him.
    "Yes.", the panther said and sighed. Everyone turned their heads and looked back, when a huge lion slowly walked towards them. The group moved aside to make some space, when the lion passed them. At the end of the group he stopped and looked down at the black creature everyone was viewing.
    "I'm sorry.", the panther said and lowered his head.
    "Where is Ken?", the lion asked in a deep voice without looking away from the ground.
    "We couldn't find him, your majesty."
    "So...Tamilia died for nothing.", their king said and raised his head again. The panther swallowed and looked at the huge lion.
    "But we will find him. We're pretty near to the Pride Lands. I'm sure he's hiding there.", he explained. The lion stared at him for a moment, before he turned himself away and walked back through his herd.
    "I hope he is. Because I won't leave this place without him. And none of you will neither."

    Some days later, Simba had a wonderful morning. He stood up, woke up every animal in his kingdom and he didn't see Kovu yet. Proudly he walked down his Rock Heap and enjoyed life.
    "Aaah, what a wonderful day." he said and smelled the fresh air around him.
    "Good morning mr. Simba, sir.", Ken said and walked at him.
    "Good morning, Ken. that in your mane?"
    "Oh, you noticed? I got some dreadlocks by Vitani this morning."
    "Wow, amazing."
    "Yeah, isn't it? It looks so.."
    "No, I mean how did she do that?"
    "If you want, I can show you. I can actually do...."
    "Touch my mane and you're dead."
    "Good morning, Simba!", Kovu yelled and ran towards them. Simba rolled his eyes.
    "Hey Kovu, do you want some dreads?", Ken asked and moved himself a little bit in his direction.
    ", thanks. I actually just wanted to talk to Simba about some things."
    "Oh cool, what are we talking about?", Ken asked excited.
    "Boy things."
    "Oh...." Ken lowered his head and walked away. Simba looked after him and raised an eyebrow.
    "Wow, you were a dick to Ken."
    "What? No, I just wanted to talk to you from lion to..."
    "Lioness?" Kovu sighed.
    "Funny. So...I wanted to ask you if I could..."
    "Come on, let me atleast ask you!"
    "Fine. Go ahead."
    "Thanks. So.."
    "OKAY! My god, you're such a downer."
    "I want to visit other places with Kiara and wanted to ask if you could give us your permission!", Kovu screamed through the whole Pride Rock. Noone said a word, but everyone knew that everyone heared him. Some secounds later, he realized that he just screamed at the person who was hating him more than anyone else.
    "Shit, I diddlyed up.", Kovu thought and swallowed. Simba starred at him, before he slowly opened his mouth.
    "Hey, I'm still her boyfriend! And if you..."
    "Kovu. I said yes."
    "then I......wait, what?"
    "It's okay."
    "Yeah, why not? I go away, right?"
    "Haha, yeah..."
    "And...I know that you won't touch her."
    "Because otherwise you would be diddlying dead."
    "He, well....I mean I would kiss her sometim...", Kovu tried to say when Simba pulled him by his mane right in front of his face.
    "I'm serious. If you touch her, and trust me I will find that out, you're diddlying dead. Have your little vacation,'s barely enough space for one Kovu. And guess what happens if my daughter happens to carry out a small version of you."
    "I will clean my herd. Yes.", Simba said and pushed Kovu away.
    "And now go and plan where you're going.", he continued, before walking away. Kovu sat paralyzed on the ground, while he was slowly realizing that he just got his permission to spend some time with his girlfriend.

    A few hours later, Nala was talking to the lionesses about the hunt. And feminism.
    "Don't worry girls, our time will come. Right?!"
    "Right!", the lionesses were shouting.
    "Do we want a dominating queen?!"
    "And when do we want one?!"
    "Now!" "Nala! Nala!"
    "Prepare for the next.....wait, what is that?", the queen asked and looked at the horizont. The herd turned their heads and tried to see what Nala was talking about.
    "Oh no. The panthers!", one of them screamed loudly.
    "Panthers?!", Nala thought and looked panicly around.
    "Vitani!", she shouted. Vitani ran to them and stopped right next to her queen.
    "What's wrong?"
    "Are these the panthers you were fighting when me and Simba were off?" Vitani looked at the horizont and raised an eyebrow.
    "Y..yes. But there are lions, too. Tamilia was the only lion the last time."
    "What is going on....? Simba!", Nala shouted.
    "Where are you?!"
    "In the cave!"
    "Come out!"
    "Nala, please don't make me live in a relationship in which we just scream at eachother!"
    "STOP SCREA.....oh." Suddenly Simba sprinted down the Rock Heap and stopped next to his wife.
    "Okay, here I am."
    "About time..."
    "Focus!", Vitani interrupted them and looked back at the horizont.

    Simba stood together with Nala, Vitani and his herd in front of the Rock Heap, when the other herd arrived and suddenly stopped moving forward.
    "Lions of the Pride Lands! Listen to us!", a panther shouted and looked up to Simba.
    "We're looking for a lion from our herd."
    "Oh really? To bad, we don't keep stranger lions around.", Simba answered.
    "His name is Ken and he got a pink mane. I don't think he's forgotable, am I right?"
    "Doesn't really sound forgotable."
    "Exactly. So please do us a favor and give us our lion back." Simba smiled a little bit when he heared the panther.
    "I'm sorry. But we don't have your lion. Ken is a part of my herd. And he will stay here." Nala couldn't believe what she just heared. She didn't know how much he cared about Ken.
    "Move aside.", a voice said out of the other herd and made the panther move to the left. A huge black lion, with dark dried blood on the left side of his mane, stepped out of the mass and looked up, right into Simba's eyes.
    "We won't leave this place without him. Don't make yourself regret your choice." Simba raised an eyebrow and swallowed a bit.
    "Okay, I'll give you, Ken. But before you wonder, we colored his mane dark brown and he got a scar on his left ey.."
    "SIMBA!", Nala roared at him angrily.
    "Ffffffine! Such a great opportunity....” The black lion on the ground slowly started to breathe heavily, while watching them.
    “Lions of the Pride Lands. This is your last chance. Hand over my son. Otherwise we will get physical.” Simba swallowed and looked to the rest of the herd.
    “Okay, can you help me Vitani?”
    “I'll do my best.”
    “Good. So I will deal with the panthers and you fight the big one.”
    “No, I'm not.”
    “Times up.”, the black lion said and roared to signal his allies to attack.

    Suddenly the panthers and lions were starting to jump at them. Vitani jumped in front of Simba and attacked them together with the other lionesses.
    “Go and save Ken, Simba!”, Vitani yelled. The king nodded and went looking for his pink lion. While everyone was fighting, the black lion slowly walked by the lionesses and started looking for his son.
    “Ken?! Ken, where are you?!”, Simba yelled. The king looked in every corner he knew, but he couldn't find him.
    “Where the hell is he?”, he thought, when he suddenly saw a butterfly flying in front of him.
    “If there's a butterfly here...Ken can't be that far awa..”
    “Got yaaaaa!”, Ken yelled and jumped past the butterfly, but on Simba's head.
    “.....There you are.”
    “Oh, I'm sorry. I just wanted to catch that...”
    “First of all, get off.”, Simba said and shaked him down.
    “Secound of all, we have to get you far away!”
    “But why?”
    “Ken.” Ken turned himself around when he heared his name, but fell back down when he saw his father standing behind Simba.
    “'re here..?”
    “Ignore him, Ken! I'll take care of this.”, Simba said serious and walked in front of him.
    “Ken is responsible for the death of his sister. He needs to be punished.”
    “To be honest, he wasn't the one killing her.” Simba tried to smile tough, but couldn't forget that he didn't fight in a long timet, since he lost his father's powers.
    “I know that he wasn't the one who actually killed her. He's to weak for that. But she was sent to bring him back and by resisting....he decided to be against us.”
    “You were against him from the beginning. Why should he go with her, when you were about to kill him anyway?!” Ken's father drove out his claws and pressed them deep into the earth.
    “Because it would have been way faster back then.” Simba bared his teeth and was about to roar, when his opponent suddenly dashed forward. He tried to react fast enough to dodge, but Simba already felt the black lion's teeth on his throat.
    “No!”, Ken screamed. His father's eyes were moving and started staring at him. Slowly he pressed Simba's head into the ground with his left paw and let go of his throat.
    “Come, Ken. Come back with us and save your friends life.” His whole body was shaking and he couldn't answer his father at all.
    “Come on, Ken. Be a men for once.”, he said and pressed Simba's head with even more pressure into the ground. Ken swallowed and tried not to cry when he stood up and walked next to his father.
    The black lion watched his son and slowly released Simba from his paw.
    “Now follow us. Back home.”, the lion said and walked back to his herd. Ken turned his head and looked sadly at Simba laying on the ground, before he followed his father away from his new home.

    Vitani and the rest was exhausted, while the other herd was still fit enough to fight.
    “Ken is here. We can go.”, the black lion said from behind everyone. Vitani got shocked and bared her teeth.
    “Let him go!” Ken's father walked by Vitani, without even looking at her. Ken looked away and tried to walk past her, but Vitani stepped in front of him.
    “What are you doing?! Ken, they will kill you!”, she tried to explan, but Ken just starred at the ground.
    “Ken! Why don't you liste...”
    “Go away!”, he screamed and tackled her. Vitani fell down and shaked her head, before seeing Ken running to the other herd. One of the panthers walked up to their King and asked: “Aren't we going to kill them?”
    The lion shaked his head.
    “Ken chose to save them by coming with us by himself. I don't want to throw away the only honorable thing my son have done in his life.” The panther nodded and looked back to the others.
    “We're done here! Leave them and come back!”, he shouted. The herd turned around and followed their leader out of the Pride Lands.
    “Simba!”, Nala yelled and looked around.
    “Don't worry....I'm fine.”, Simba shouted from the ground and slowly tried to get up again.
    “They got Ken!”
    “Yeah, Nala. I noticed.”
    “What happened?!”
    “ you think...?”, Simba panted painfully. Suddenly Kiara and Kovu and came towards them. Both of them were looking shocked at their family.
    “Dad, what happened?!”, Kiara asked.
    “Ken's father. He came back to....wait a secound, where have you been?”
    “We were planning our vacation behind the kingdom, after you gave us your permission.”, Kovu answered calmly.
    “Why did you go behind the kingdom?! You could have done this in your cave!”
    “I like the place behind our kingdom....”
    “MY Kingdom, Kovu! And because of you, Ken got kidnapped by his father!”
    “What?! Oh no....I could have saved him...”
    “No, you didn't. But I'm sure Kiara could have.”
    “So......we're not going to visit any other place, right?”, Kovu asked and sighed. Simba turned himself away from him and looked at the horizont.
    “We will, Kovu. We all will visit another place. I hope everyone's excited to see Ken's old home.” Kiara looked surprised and happy at the same time at her father and smiled.
    “Does that mean....”
    “Yes, Kiara. We're going to get our gay back.”

    After Simba decided to rescue Ken, he went to Rafiki's place with Kovu, Kiara & Vitani to ask their wise friend for help.
    “To dangerous?!”, Simba screamed angirly at Rafiki in front of his tree.
    “Didn't Ken tell you that his father is a warlord? Well, the place he lives at is full of warlords. These lions are just waiting for outsiders like you.”, Rafiki told him.
    “Hey, we survived Zira! I don't think there's any lion worse than her.”
    “But you don't have your powers, Simba. These lions are physically just to strong for you and your herd. I'm sorry, but I think that there is no way you can save Ken.”, the old ape said and looked away from the lion king. Simba closed his eyes and took a deep breathe.
    “Physically to....strong? To strong to...even try?”, he asked. Rafiki looked back at him.
    “I'm sorry, Simba.”, Rafiki said again.
    “ all I have to getting stronger!”, Simba roared and wide opened his eyes.
    “What are you doing?!”
    “Bringing you to give me Ken's location!”, he screamed and drove out his right claws. Simba reached out with his paw and rammed his claws as hard as possible into Rafiki's tree. Rafiki held on to some boughs, while the huge tree was shaking.
    “Aaaaaa...AAARGH!” Simba screamed through his whole kingdom and pressed his whole body weight into his hit. The tree began to split in the middle and slowly fell over. The ground was shaking and Rafiki couldn't hold on to his home.
    “Simba! What the diddly?!”, Rafiki screamed and began to look for his staff, to the punch the lion.
    “Hey,....I told you.....that I need this information!”, Simba said exhaustingly, while breathing heavily from his last action.
    “So you decided to rip my diddlying home apart?!”
    “Simba, what the diddly?!”
    “Okay! Maybe I went to far in some places.”
    “Alright, I diddlyed up! But I really need your help!”
    “Fine!”, Rafiki complained and walked angirly towards Simba.
    “Ken's family is bringing him home into the Black Savannah. A place with several bloodthursty lions and strict rules. Animals from outside are avoiding this place. For a good reason.”, Rafiki told Simba and the others.
    “The Black Savannah? Wow, what a name. But where is that place?”, Simba kept asking. Rafiki closed his eyes and sighed, before he pointed at the horizont behind him.
    “Follow the canyon in the Outland. If you come out, you'll find yourself in some kind of fallow land. Keep moving forward until you reach a jungle and behind that, lies the Black Savannah.” The lion king looked sceptical at the horizont and raised an eyebrow.
    “Something else we need to know?” Rafiki turned his head sadly at his king and opened his eyes again.
    “Please, Simba. Don't go.” Silence between the lions. Everyone looked at Simba from behind, while they began to doubt their plan.
    “Alrighty, nothing else. Let's go!”, Simba said enthusiastically and walked by Rafiki. The other lions stood still and were watching him speechlessly. A moment later, Kovu took a step forward.
    “Simba...are you sure about that?”
    “About what?”
    “If it's really that dangerous...I doubt that we have a chance to him.”, he said and made Simba stop walking.
    “So you wanna stay here?”
    “I don't want to, but...I fear that we have to.”
    “So you're scared. I understand you.”, Simba answered Kovu and turned his head over his shoulder.
    “Really? I're not joking this time, right?”
    “I still hate you, but no. If you have a single doubt about this, go back home. And this applys to everyone here. If you're scared, you don't have to come with me. I won't be mad about you or anything. I just want Ken back. Even if I have to do this on my own.
    “Except for you, Kovu. I'm already mad at you, but for different reasons.” Vitani started shaking her head and smiled.
    “You're right, Simba. We have to get Ken back. I'm helping!”, she said enthusiastically. Kiara walked a step forward, next to Vitani, and smiled, too.
    “I'm coming, too! I never had powers in the first place and I'm still alive. Dealing with regular lions should be childsplay now. I'm not afraid, neither!” Simba looked proudly at the lionesses and then turned his head back to Kovu.
    “So what about you?”, he asked him. Kovu took a deep breath, before he answered Simbas question.
    “To be”
    “Kovu!”, Kiara yelled at him shocked.
    “I'm sorry! But I didn't even want to do these last fights! The only reason I was able to survive, was because of Sarabi. And I already barely survived this.”
    “But what about Ken?!”
    “What about Ken?! He molests me everytime I come near him and I don't wanna risk my life to get that back!”
    “I can't belie...”
    “Kiara! It's his choice.”, Simba interrupted his daughter.
    “But Dad, he...”
    “He made his decision.” Kiara looked angrily at Kovu and almost bared her teeth, when he slowly turned around and started running back to the Rock Heap. Vitani looked after him and couldn't believe that his brother just ran off.
    “Let's go home, you two. We have to tell Nala that she finally will lead our home for quiet some time.”, Simba said and started walking back. Kiara lowered her head and followed his father, together with Vitani.
    “Everything okay, Kiara?”, Vitani asked her worried.
    “It's okay...I'm just shocked what kind of lion your brother is.”
    “I'm as surprised as you.”
    “I'm not.”, Simba said.
    “Oh, now you're saying something, dad!”

    “I should go home, too. OH, RIGHT. I CAN'T!”, Rafiki said loudly to himself, next to his broken tree.

    Back at the Rock Heap, Simba told Nala and the other lionesses their plan and that he will leave for several weeks with Kiara & Vitani. The king's wife accepted her husband's decision and jumped happily in the air, when the three of them left to rescue Ken. Kovu was nowhere to be found, during their goodbye.

    Some hours later, Simba and his two companies were walking through the outland. Vitani walked next to her king and looked at him.
    “ did you know that Rafiki could tell us something about the Black Savannah?”
    “Well, he knows all kinds of legends and storys. If Ken's father really is such a dangerous warlord, I thought he might could help us.”
    “And if he didn't know?”
    “Don't care. Not living in that parallel universe.”
    “Could you please speak a bit more quiet?”, Kiara said in an annoyed voice, without looking up.
    Vitani lowered her ears, while Simba just sighed.
    “Wow, Kovu really hurt her.”, she whispered into Simba's ear.
    “She'll survive it. And to be honest, it's better for him to stay with Nala, than messing something up because he's afraid of, for example, Ken's father.”, he whispered back. Vitani nodded pensively, when Kiara suddenly heared something from behind.
    “What was that?” Kiara looked over her shoulder and tried to hear something again. Simba and Vitani stopped moving, to find out what Kiara was talking about.
    “Kiara! Wait!” A voice echoed through the canyon.
    “Oh no.”, Simba said to himself and closed his eyes. Kiara walked slowly back and wide opened her eyes.
    “Kiara!”, her boyfriend screamed and stopped running in front of her.
    “What are you doing her?”
    “I'm here to join you! I....I thought about everything and I want to help you.”
    “Oh, really? Didn't you say you don't even like Ken?”
    “Yes and I'm sorry! I mean....sometimes he really do annoy me. But I was just scared....if Ken's father really defeated Simba so easily....I didn't know if I would be strong enough.”, Kovu explained himself embarrassed.

    “ you're not afraid anymore?”
    “I have atleast no doubt about doing this. We'll bring Ken back.” Kiara looked at him skeptically, when Simba walked next to her.
    “Kovu. Are you really sure you want to do this? Because there won't be chance of going back any further.”
    “Yes, I am. Even if I die...I couldn't forgive myself when something happens to him.” Simba looked deep into his eyes and tried to see if he was honest with him. A short moment later he sighed and looked sadly at the ground.
    “What's wrong, dad?”
    “He's honest.”, Simba asnwered Kiara and raised his head again.
    “You can join us....”
    “Thanks, Simba. I won't disappoint you.”
    “Yeah yeah, like you always do.”, Simba said loudly to himself and turned around to continue their journey. Kovu smiled at Kiara.
    “I'm glad that everything's okay again, right Kiara?”, he said, but only saw how she turned around.
    “Ki..Kiara? Wait for me!”

    Kiara walked back to Simba and Vitani who were on their way to the black savannah. Everyone imagined how it would look like in this forbidden place, but one thing was for sure. If they wouldn't try, they would never see Ken again.
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    Kovu needing to talk about 'Lion' things was hilarious. I kind of felt bad for Ken, but that was gold right there in comedy. I also love how Nala continues to want to be the dominating queen of Pride Rock. Or how she screams at Simba to get his butt out of their home to help fight against the panthers. And wow, Ken's father came looking for him with a bunch of panthers in tow! I can't even begin to imagine how things will go down, considering Simba got his butt handed to him too. Anyways, I'm glad Kovu came along and made up with Kiara. Definitely a great chapter. Loved everything from start to finish. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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    Thanks Cinder! I'm really glad you like the first chapter, I'm looking forward to see your next feedback!

    Episode 2 – The Gatekeeper

    Three days later, the lions reached the end of the outland and found out what Rafiki meant by fallow land. They stood in a gigantic area that almost looked like a desert, which had about five dead trees that the lions could see. Simba squinted his eyes and tried to see some kind of way.
    “Wow. And I thought the outland would look horrible.”, Kovu said and looked around.
    “It’s pretty dead here, yeah. But I think I can already see the jungle in front of us.”, Simba said while staring at the horizont.
    “Really?”, Kovu asked excited.
    “Yeah, it’s just…really far away.” The herd lowered their head, when Simba suddenly started walking faster.
    “Do you really want to have a break here and now? There’s probably water and food in the jungle, so just follow me as fast as possible. Let’s just try to survive this place.”, Simba said and slowly started to run forward. Vitani turned their head to Kovu and Kiara.
    “He’s right. We also can’t waste time, Ken is in trouble.”, she said and started following Simba. Kovu slowly turned his head toward Kiara, but the princess suddenly started running after her father and her friend. Kovu bit his teeth together and ran next to Kiara, while following his king.
    “Are you still angry?”
    “What? Do I look angry?”
    “Well, you ignored me the past three days…”
    “Maybe that’s because I’m Simba’s daughter and I come a lot after him.”, Kiara said arrogant and raised her nose toward the sky.
    “Kiara! Stop bitching around like that. Ignore him or not!”, Simba screamed from the front. Kiara sighed and looked embarrassed at Kovu.
    “Yes. I am still angry.” Kovu lowered his head for a moment, before he looked back into her eyes.
    “I already told you that I’m sorry. What do you want from me?”
    “I don’t know. The moment you ran away was…so weird. I always saw you as a really strong and brave lion. But now…you’re different to me.”, Kiara said sadly. Kovu suddenly stood still and looked after the rest of the herd. Kiara stopped running and looked at her friend.
    “You…think I’m a coward?”, he said quietly and swallowed. Simba and Vitani stopped running and looked back at the couple. Kiara couldn’t answer and looked at the ground.
    “Fine…”, Kovu said and drove out his claws.
    “I’ll show you what kind of coward I am!”, he screamed and ran past the herd towards the jungle. Kiara wide opened her eyes and screamed after him.
    “Kovu, what are you doing?!”
    “I’ll get Ken back by myself! I won’t let you see me with the same eyes as Simba!”, he screamed and ran as fast as he could. Kiara swallowed and looked after him. Simba shacked his head and couldn’t stop looking after him.
    “Great, now he’s also an idiot. And that’s why I didn’t want him to come with us.”, Simba said and sighed. Vitani looked at her king and walked a few steps towards him.
    “What are we gonna do now?”
    “Well, now we have to find Kovu and waste time to find Ken. But I have a feeling that he doesn’t get past the jungle anyway, so finding Kovu shouldn’t take to long.”, he explained and looked towards the jungle again.
    “Alright then, let’s get going.”, he continued and started running again. While following their king, Kiara looked to Vitani and got a little bit closer.
    “Vitani, am I…too harsh about the whole thing?”
    “I can’t answer that question for you. I personally understand you, but being his girlfriend is a whole different situation than being his sister.” Kiara nodded slowly and looked back at their goal.

    After about five hours the three lions arrived in front of the jungle and saw really tight and wet grass at the border to the fallow land they just passed through. Simba crossed the border and threw himself in the fresh grass.
    “Okay, now we can rest for a little bit.”, he said and took a deep breath. Vitani walked exhausted next to him and sat down for a moment. Kiara looked exhausted at them and tried to argue.
    “We can’t….rest. We have to find…Kovu and Ken.”, she tried to say, but interrupted herself several times to breath. Simba looked at her and shacked his head.
    “You can barely walk anymore, you have to rest. Running now into the black savannah would be suicide and you know that.”, he said serious. Kiara bit her teeth together and wanted to say something, but she knew her father was right. Impatiently she laid down on the ground and tried to close her eyes for a little bit, but fell asleep instantly. Simba rolled himself on the side and tried to sleep, too when Vitani suddenly spoke to him.
    “Is there any way back? I’m not afraid myself, but when Kovu already ran off, I don’t wanna imagine what happens when we meet another lion. Especially another lion like Ken’s father.”, she said thoughtfully. Simba sighed and looked at her.
    “Kovu won’t go back. There is no way he would ever do that. But I feel the same way. I really hope we can find him in this jungle before something happens, but if we lose him again in the savannah he might be gone forever. The only reason I believe that we can save Ken, is that his herd is protecting him from the other lions, because they want to execute him theirselves. Kovu doesn't have anyone to protect him. Now we have to hurry, find Kovu and hope that they didn’t kill Ken when they arrived back home.”, Simba answered and closed his eyes again. Vitani kept quiet for a moment.
    “I hope you’re right. We’re coming, Ken.”, she thought and looked up in the sky.

    At the next morning, all of them woke up and stretched their bodies. Simba yawned and looked at Vitani and Kiara.
    “Are you awake and ready to go?”, Simba asked.
    “I’m ready.”
    “Me, too Dad.” The girls said and followed Simba.
    “Okay then. Let’s try to find Kovu and get to through this jungle.”, he said and started walking along the small path. The lions walked a few minutes, until Kiara heared a really weird noise.
    “Hey…did you hear that?”, she asked and looked around. Simba raised an eyebrow.
    “Hear what?”
    “That noise…it was like…really annoying.”, the princess answered and tried to think if she maybe just imagined the noise.
    “There! Did you hear that?!”, Kiara screamed.
    “I heared it.”, Vitani said.
    “Me, too. And you’re right…that is really annoying.”, Simba said and walked slowly forward. The lions were careful and tried to make not a single wrong step, when suddenly something wrapped around Kiara’s paw and pulled her upside down on a tree.
    “Kiara!”, Simba screamed and noticed how several Baboons with long sticks were surrounding him and his teammates.
    “We found them, Ynoto! We got’em!”, a baboon shouted. Slowly a two meter tall gorilla walked through some bushes on his fists and laughed.
    “Ha! There you are, lions! I knew there would be more than one.”, Ynoto said and smiled at Simba. Kiara wide opened her eyes and looked at the gorilla.
    “More than one?! Did you catch a brown lion before?!”
    “Haha, looks like I really found the ones I was looking for.”, the gorilla laughed and moved towards Simba who began to bare his teeth.
    “What do you want from us?!”
    “I’m just doing my job cleaning the jungle and you lions don’t belong here.”
    “Don’t worry, we we’re just traveling through here. Let my daughter and the other one go so we can enter the black savannah!”
    “Ha, I bet you wanna go there, lion. But the savannah is already full of your kind, so they won’t need even more.”
    “Mhjaaaaaaaaa” Suddenly a little fox climbed on Ynotos shoulder and laughed like a hyena.
    “Oh no, not that noise again.”, Kiara said and covered her ears with her paws. Simba raised an eyebrow and looked at the fox with a little bit of fur on her head, between the ears, standing upwards.
    “What….is that on your shoulder?”, the king asked skeptically.
    “That’s my daughter Jalira.”
    “She’s mentally retarded, but a good girl.”, Ynoto said and pat the fox’ head with it’s derpy looking eyes.
    “See, I don’t wanna question your fox daughter right now. I just want you to let us pass or I’ll make us a way myself.”, Simba said and bared his teeth. The Baboons started looking really angry and walked slowly towards Simba. Ynoto grinned at the lion.
    “Leave this guy to me. Looks like I need to make him understand.”, the gorilla laughed and heaved himself in front of the king. Simba watched Ynoto coming towards him, when he saw that the giant gorialla was missing his left leg.Ynoto looked excited down on Simba and smiled.
    “Whenever you are.”
    “Ha. Bite yourself into my shoulder, Jalira. Here we go again!”, Ynoto shouted.

    “This guy really thinks he could beat me with only one leg and a retarded fox on his shoulder.”, Simba thought and ran self-confident at the gorilla. When he almost reached Ynoto, he drove out his claws and jumped at him. Ynoto instantly held his whole weight with his left arm and pushed his body vertically up. Simba jumped into nothing and saw from his right eye angle how Ynoto let himself fall above him. The king rolled to his left and jump away from the gorilla who landed with his elbow in the ground and caused small crater.
    “Ha, what’s wrong? Come on, attack!”, Ynoto yelled and laughed.
    “Pretty big mouth for a gorilla with only one leg.”
    “Pretty few attacks for a healthy lion, huh?” Simba roared and ran towards the gorilla. The lion king was enthusiastic and motivated to defeat Ynoto, but when he jump at him again, the gorilla raised his giant hand, which was as big as the lion’s head, and smashed Simba with one move against a tree.
    “Simba!” Vitani and Kiara saw how the tree, their king was smashed against, began to break. Simba breathed heavily and tried to stand up, but his left side was drastically damaged.
    “Argh…don’t think…I’ll…let you win…”, Simba said while trying to stand up. Ynoto slowly walked towards the bleeding lion, when suddenly Vitani jumped in front of Simba.
    “Don’t touch him!”
    “Do you really think just saying that would make me leave him alone?”
    “If you don’t….then I gotta do what he did. But trust me, I won’t let you touch me at all!”, Vitani roared and bared her teeth.
    “Vitani, no!”, Kiara screamed and tried to free herself from the baboon trap. Ynoto looked at her and took a deep breath.
    “Unbelievable…if you want to die I won’t get in your way.”, Ynoto said. Vitani drove out her claws and took some steps forward.
    “Vitani..! Be care…”, Simba started saying, but got interrupted by his teammate.
    “Don’t worry, Simba. I’ll know what to do.”, she said and went further.
    “Could you please mute your daughter?”
    “Why should I?” Vitani looked serious at him and didn’t move at all.
    “Because otherwise I’ll take care of that.”, she said and pressed her claws into the ground. Ynoto wide opened his eyes and saw how enthusiastic the lioness was. Carefully he took Jalira and sat her on the ground.
    “It’ll be fast. Don’t be scared.”, the gorilla said to his retarded fox and came towards Vitani. Both animals looked in each other’s eyes and tried to read their opponent.
    “You’re making a huge mistake, lion.”
    “We’ll see. Prepare yourself.” Both opponents starred at eachother, when Vitani suddenly ran towards him. Ynoto reached out with his right arm and slashed at her. The lioness jumped immediately and landed on the gorilla's arm. Angrily he punched with his left fist at her, while Vitani ran up his arm until she reached his shoulder, scratched his face with her claws and jumped down behind is back. The baboons became scared and looked at their leader, who angrily turned around.
    “Not bad for a huge mistake, huh?”, Vitani said and grinned at him. Ynoto roared and pushed himself with both arms into the air.
    “If you wanna go all out on me, fine! But don't mind if I won't hold back now!”, he screamed, grabbed with his hands into eachother and smashed them towards the ground belowVitani. The lioness reacted as fast as possible and jumped back, but could only see a huge dusty cloud where the gorilla landed. Suddenly Ynoto dashed out of it and and tried to punch Vitani with his right fist. The former outlander bit her teeth together and rolled to the side. Vitani swallowed when she saw that Ynotos fist stuck into the earth from only one hit. The gorilla turned his head to her and smiled.
    “You could hit me a thousand times and I won't fall. But I only need one to strike you down. Don't you see that you're just wasting everyone's time?”, Ynoto told the lioness while he pulled his fist out of the ground.
    “If I need to hit you a thousand and one time I'll do it! We will enter the savannah with our friend, no matter what you're going to do!”, the lioness said seriously.
    “Ridicolous. You won't survive a day between the lions in the black savannah”, Ynoto answered and put his left arm behind his back, to show her his missing leg.
    “I entered the savannah once and met a lioness with a red blood stripe on her head that goes between her eyes. She bit my leg once and ripped it off like it was nothing. And you really think you could defeat me? Pitiful.”
    “Maybe not if she's alone”, a voice said out of the jungle. Everyone looked around confused and tried to find out where the voice came from, when suddenly Kovu walked slowly through some bushes in front of Ynoto.
    “You?! How did you escape the cage?”
    “I managed to break one side of it when I heared Kiara screaming. Your baboons tried to put me back in, but I don't think they will get in our way again.”
    “Did you......”
    “Don't worry, they're alive. They're just really beat up. Just like you in a moment!”, Kovu said seriously and bared his teeth towards the gorilla. Vitani smiled and nodded, before she looked at the gorilla again and bared her teeth, too. Kiara took a deep breath when she saw that Kovu was fine and tried to show the others that he really was a brave lion. Simba stood up slowly and gasped, while watching Vitani and Kovu standing in front of the huge gorilla.
    “Kovu.....don't....mess this up. Now's your chance....”, Simba said quietly.

    Ynoto shaked his head and sighed.
    “You lions are unbelievable. But you sure are predators, that's for sure.”
    “Two against one?! That's not fair, let us help you!”, a baboon shouted.
    “No, thanks. I wanna show these lions how weak they are until they forget entering the savannah by themselves”, Ynoto said and watched his opponents.
    “Nice to see you fighting again, Kovu.”
    “It's really nice to team up with you again. It's been a long time.” The siblings smiled and were obviously excited to work together like in their childhood, while Ynoto punched his right fist against the ground.
    “Enough! Playtime is over.” Angrily Ynoto pushed himself again into the air, grabbed his hands and smashed them towards the ground. Vitani jumped to the right side and waited for his opponent to land on the ground. When Ynoto smashed his fists into the ground, Kovu and Vitani started running towards him and jumped at him, while his arms stuck in the earth. With both claws driven out they jumped at the giant gorilla and tried to stick to his body, but Ynoto heaved himself with both arms into the air and laughed. Kovu and Vitani landed next to each other and bared their teeth at the gorilla.
    “What's wrong? Can't reach me?”
    “I'll show you!”, Kovu said and ran towards Ynoto's arm.
    “Kovu, no!”, Vitani screamed, but her brother already bit and pressed his claws into Ynotos arm. The gorilla smiled and pressed his whole body into the air with only one push. Ynoto grabbed Kovu with his other hand and ripped him out of his arm.
    “Bad idea”, he said smoothly and smashed Kovu in his palm into the ground and caused a huge dust cloud.
    “Kovu!”, Kiara and Vitani screamed worried. Slowly the cloud disappeared and the lions and baboons could see Ynoto standing on the ground, pressing the brown lion into the ground.
    “It's over, lion. Leave this pleace immediately.” Kovu tried his best to move his head, but couldn't lift the gorillia's hand.
    “KOVU!”, Kiara screamed and cried and at the same time. Vitani didn't know what to do and kept baring her teeth, while thinking about some way to rescue her brother. Ynoto looked at the crying lioness in his trap and then looked back to Kovu.
    “Why.....why do you want to enter the black savannah?”
    “We....need to rescue our friend....and you won't stop us!”, Kovu shouted and kept trying to get out of the gorilla's hand.
    “Your friend?”
    “His name is Ken and his family exiled him. After that he found a new home in our herd, but a few days ago his family tracked him down and now wants to execute him here”, Vitani explained and walked a few steps towards Ynoto.
    “A few days ago? Did your friend have a pink mane?”, Ynoto asked and let go off Kovu, who immediately rolled himself to the side and breathed heavily.
    “Yes! Did you see him?”
    “No, but one of my baboons told me that he saw some lions and panthers leaving. And a few days ago he saw them coming back with a new lion with a pink mane.”
    “That's him!”, Vitani said loudly.
    “Let the lioness go”, the gorilla told his baboons and made them release Kiara from their trap. The princess ran towards Kovu and licked him over his face,
    “Kovu! Kovu, you're safe!” Simba looked away and made some disgusted noise before he walked slowly towards Vitani.
    “So you lions are here to save your friend? That's the first time I see someone like you caring about someone else”, Ynoto said and turned himself to Simba.
    “Someone like us? You mean lions?”
    “Yeah. I always lived here, but a few years ago my sons crossed the line between this jungle and the savannah. I immediately chased after them, but a few moments later I saw how some lionesses jumped at them. I ran fast....I punched them away, but I already lost them. Their bites were deep and their eyes were demonic. I didn't know what do...I wanted to fight, but when their leader showed up, I had no other choice than escaping. That was the moment I lost my leg. I collapsed in the jungle, but these baboons helped me to surive and since that day I'm making sure that noone enters this area. I even stopped lions like you, because I thought you were searching for even more trouble. And the last thing this place needs are more ruthless lions”, Ynoto told everyone and looked at his fox daughter.
    “Even Jalira got almost killed, but she was lucky to escape into the jungle when my baboons and me were near. Since I couldn’t save my own sons, I want to protect at least this little creature.”
    “Mhjakakahjaka”, the fox laughed and jumped at Ynoto’s shoulder to bite herself into it again. The gorilla smiled and pat her head smoothly.
    “I’m really sorry to hear that. But your story doesn’t change a thing”, Simba said and smiled.
    “We’re going to save our friend. No matter how dangerous it will be.” The gorilla sighed, sat down and gave his baboons a hand signal to drop their weapons.
    “There’s nothing that could change your mind, right? Then do me a favor and at least spend the night here. Recover and tomorrow I’ll guide you into the savannah”, Ynoto offered, while looking at Simba. Slowly the king looked around his herd and then nodded towards the gorilla.
    “Thank you. We appreciate your offer.”
    “You’re still angry about me smashing you against that tree, aren’t you?”
    “I’m diddlying pissed.”

    Hours later when it was almost midnight, Kiara slept with her head below Kovu’s and Vitani laid peacefully on her side. Simba was the only who couldn’t sleep and thought about the next day, when suddenly Ynoto walked next to him.
    “Can’t sleep?”
    “No. Too many things on my mind.”
    “Your herd’s asleep, so tell me: Are you scared?”
    “Ha, of course I am. Not to die myself, but losing my daughter or Vitani….I don’t know how I would handle that.”
    “What about the third o…”
    “And the fact that we couldn’t even beat you….is terrifying. I have no idea how we could fight someone even stronger and win.” Ynoto looked at the ground, before he turned his head to the lion king.
    “But you still want to go?”
    “Yeah. Another fear is finding Ken, but being too late. I won’t let that happen…neither me or someone else I’m here with. We’re all doing this to save Ken. There’s no going back. There never was”, Simba said and looked up into the sky. Ynoto started laughing quietly and tapped Simba's back.
    “Ha, you're crazy. But for some reason I think that's the reason you can do it. I hope you can find your friend”, Ynoto said and went slowly back to his place. Simba turned his head over his shoulder and looked at Kiara, Vitani and Kovu.
    “We will. We will find Ken.”

    At the next morning Ynoto and his baboons led Simba with his herd through the jungle. The lion king turned his head to the others and looked at them.
    “Is everyone ready? We're about to enter.” Silently the two lionesses and Kovu answered by nodding and kept following Ynoto with a bad feeling in their stomach. The walk took about thirty minutes until the gorilla stopped in front of a cliff.
    “Here we are. This is the black savannah.” The lions walked next to Ynoto and marveled when they saw the area they were looking for. A large savannah with a lake in the middle and some small green places opened up in front of their eyes. The whole place was surrounded by twenty meter high cliffs with a deep jungle on top of them.
    “ is gigantic”, Simba said amazed and swallowed.
    “And Ken could be everywhere.” Kiara took a deep breathe and then looked at Vitani and Kovu.
    “Let's do this. Let's save Ken and bring him home!”, Kiara shouted and motivated her friends. Ynoto smiled and turned his head towards Simba.
    “She really is your daugher, haha.”
    “Yeah....probably more than I think.” Proudly Simba watched his princess motivating the rest of his herd. During that moment he realised that he got the perfect team for rescuing Ken, even though he had no idea what was waiting inside the black savannah.

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    The ending is ominous. I feel like they're walking to their impending doom. I'm kind of surprised Simba would cheer Kovu on like that. Except, Kovu still got his butt whooped. I'm pleased that Kiara's feelings, including Simba's and Vitani's got through to Ynoto though. And I wonder why it's called the 'black savannah' if it's all green with a huge lake in the middle. xD Anyways, I greatly enjoyed this chapter. And I admire Kovu for freeing himself out of a cage to protect Kiara.


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