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  1. Roleplaying Game (Tabletop) Idea
  2. Open Trust is [NOT] Resolute
  3. Open Kingdom Hearts: Apocalypse ~Rebirth~
  4. Closed Darkness Reborn [Signup and Discussion]
  5. shibuya
  6. EVOLVE (signups and discussion) Lunarmaster54 & Abhorsen collab
  7. Outlaws (KHiRC Exclusive: OOC and Profiles)
  8. Open Of Myths & Men (An RP loosely inspired by Percy Jackson) [PG-13]
  9. Closed Persona: Icebound In Medias Res (CD-Mann, Cinder, and Max, Collabs RP)
  10. Fr@gm3n+5: Do You Find It Hard To Remember? [R3b00t] (00C & Sign Ups)
  11. Gravity Falls RP!
  12. Idea based on a question...
  13. The Miracles: Reborn (OOC & Sign-ups)
  14. Oh sh*t
  15. Question on Roleplaying
  16. My Hero Academia
  17. Gravity Falls! And doritos! :D
  18. The Character thread of Character-ness.
  19. Clarity (0.666666666666666666666666) ...Sign Ups are Open..
  20. Clarity "The most "flowy" but awesome role play you have eber met. Emphasis on Eber"
  21. Appreciate the Simple Stuff (Sign Ups/OoC)
  22. Appreciate the Simple Stuff (Slice of Life Interest Check/Questions)
  23. To Kingdom Hearts: Race of a Lifetime
  24. To Kingdom Hearts
  25. Pokemon Summoners: A different take on a nostalgic franchise (Sign ups and OOC)Ho
  26. Kingdom Hearts III AU Sign ups and discussion
  27. My Forged Kingdom Hearts Wedding Signup and discussion
  28. Future of Kingdom Hearts: Arcana
  29. Playing as Org.13 characters in Pathfinder.
  30. Castlevania: Overlords [sign-ups and ooc thread]
  31. Roleplayer Interview Nominations
  32. Souls Within Steel
  33. Kingdom Hearts: The Dark war
  34. Assemble the VNGRD
  35. kh in the real world/you in the game or oc
  36. TRACES OF AFTERMATH [sign-ups and ooc thread]
  37. TOME 2.0: Tales of Magical Exellence (sign ups and OOC)
  38. Cul-De-Sac of Keys[Our Shattered World]
  39. KHInsider Roleplayer Interview: KitKat (or whatever name she's going by these days)
  40. Eternity In The Eyes Of Mana
  41. Death Note: Reckoning
  42. Vanguard Rising
  43. Interested in finding a new friend for Kingdom Hearts roleplay! :)
  44. What's next? YOU DECIDE.
  45. How About A Final Fantasy Tactics, or Crystal Bearer Rp?
  46. CLASSIC [Multiplayer Edition] (Sign ups/OoC. CD-Max Collab)
  47. Conquerors RP
  48. The Miracles (OOC & Sign-ups)
  49. Interest in doing Superhero RP
  50. Pokémon: Rise and Fall
  51. interest check for a multi-anime/video game combo roleplay
  52. "Roleplayer, beware, you're in for a scare!"
  53. R.E.M. - Reality, Existence, Mentality [Sign-up/OOC]
  54. Dynasty Warriors RolePlay?
  55. new "anything goes" roleplay? (roleplay as almost anything or anyone)
  56. Iridium: Cradle of Heart and Soul [A Post Apocalyptic Legend of Legaia and Kingdom Hearts RP]
  57. Future projects — You decide!
  58. Sora, Riku and Lea - Lost in the DC Universe!
  59. Pokémon RP interest check
  60. An Episodic Kind of Roleplay (Possibly Cowboy Bebop Inspired)
  61. Bounty Hunters
  62. Humans and Aliens
  63. CWOS: The Last Queen {OOC / Sign-Up}
  64. Character of the Week 2.0
  65. Sword Art Online: Recurrence/Rebirth (OOC & Sign-Ups)
  66. the Princess in another Castle 別の城に王女
  67. Jericho {A Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay} [Sign-ups/OOC]
  68. fate/stay night style RP (limited numbers preferred)
  69. Destiny's Edge: Hearts of the Brave
  70. ~ Kingdom Spirits (sign-ups and ooc) ~
  71. Dot Hack: Gettai
  72. X-Wars (sign up/ooc thread)
  73. Grimoire Of...?
  74. Sword Art Online: Recurrence (Sign-up/OOC Thread)
  75. Yami ni shinshutsu(an AU Naruto role play)
  76. HARMONIA LEGENDS (An original character ensemble RP) [Sign Ups/OOC]
  77. Tales of Arcadia (AU Supernatural RP) [Always Open]
  78. THE KEYBLADE WARS!!! Sign Up
  79. [ooc + su] Spira's Hope : Final Fantasy X [ooc + su]]
  80. KINGDOM HEARTS -- newbie-friendly/experiment rp [sign-ups/ooc thread]
  81. 1x1 RPs -- Partner Search Thread
  82. Spacebound: The Chosen [signups & ooc]
  83. Endless Cry: FFVII [Sign-Up, Information & Discussion]
  84. Simplicity (Sign Ups)
  85. KH: Hunger Games signup
  86. TRACES OF REALITY [sign-up/ooc thread]
  87. Immersion: Zettai Hankō-Kekina
  88. Devil May Cry: Abyssal [SignUp/Ooc]
  89. Attack on Titan RP
  90. Kingdom Hearts Eclipse (Sign-up/OoC)
  91. Kingdom Hearts: Night of Fate (OOC)
  92. Visions of Orsa: The Ultra Rose Saga
  93. Inheritance Cycle: The Vault of Souls Broken Open
  94. Inverse Ambitions [a Dragon Ball Z roleplay]
  95. Kingdom Hearts: Awakening (Sign up & OCC)
  96. Digimon: The Last Hope(Sign Up/OCC Thread)
  97. Fall of The Empire(a fantasy rp) (OOC/DISCUSSION)
  98. Battle For One
  99. Nightfall: The Warlock {Sign-up/OOC}
  100. A Void To Fill
  101. Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War Part 1 remake (OOC/SIGN UPS)
  102. Persona: Frozen
  103. Mutagenesis: Dawn of a New Age (Sign up/OOC)
  104. Tales of Tuurkalumys [OOC Thread]
  105. (sign-up) Sonic Fan character RP
  106. Salvation [OOC & Sign-Up's]
  107. High School Blues ~A Romance RP~ [Collab between Mistearea and <3]
  108. Darkwatch: Redux (Sign-ups & OoC)
  109. Final Fantasy VII : After Crisis [OOC + SignUps]
  110. Harry Potter: And the Angels of Death
  111. Spirits of the Divine OOC/Profiles Thread
  112. Pokemon Chaos: The End of Everything (OCC and Sign up)
  113. Glimpses of Darkness *A kingdom hearts roleplay*
  114. Castle of Glass:Smoke and Mirrors
  115. tournament of realms OOC
  116. MAKE or BREAK : THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU [sign-ups & ooc]
  117. R.E.M. - Reality, Existence, Mentality [Sign-up/OOC]
  118. The Death & The Apple
  119. The Death & The Apple
  120. Katawa Shoujo - A Cannon Romance RP
  121. Kingdom Hearts: Revelations (sign Ups & Discussion)
  122. Hantai Soru: Opposite Soul (Sign Ups and Discussion)
  123. Concluded Reality (Sign Ups & Discussion)
  124. Warrior Spirits of Destiny (Sign Ups and Discussion)
  125. OverSoul Sign Ups and Discussion
  126. Where's Waldo? - Birth of a Madman [Sign-up/OOC]
  127. Fr@gm3n+5: Do You Find It Hard To Remember?
  128. Kingdom Hearts: Revalations (Sign Ups)
  129. Bleach: A New Reign. A New Threat. //REBOOT// [Signups/OOC]
  130. Century's Labyrinth - [Sign-Up/OOC] [ALL WELCOME!]
  131. Assassin's Creed IV
  132. Made Men
  133. Gurēsu no Hozon(An Alternate Universe Naruto rp)
  134. Final Fantasy X-3: Peace Always Come With A Price
  135. War of the New Gods: War of The Myst
  136. Five Weeks After {A zombie roleplay} [Sign-ups/OOC]
  137. Elements of Fate (Sign-ups & OOC Thread)
  138. The World Ends With You -{One Day}-
  139. KH: Order and Organization [Always Open To All]
  140. Void [In Which the Intrepid is Sequestered From Centralized Space] Sign-Up/Interest Check
  141. Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War Part 2 (OOC/SIGN UPS)
  142. Incorporated [Signups & Discussion]
  143. The Elder Scrolls: Dawn of Domination [An Elder Scrolls RP by Tyrant Raver] [OOC and Sign-Ups]
  144. Solace In Night [Signup/OOC]
  145. Blood & War{A Deadman Wonderland RP} [OOC and Sign Up Thread]
  146. Ten Hearts (underconstruction)
  147. Yu-Gi-Oh: The Pharaoh's Throne
  148. Asperia Genesis[Era of Mecha Warfare] Sign-ups and OOC(Small cast RP)
  149. APOCALYPSE 2123:The Void War sign-up and OOC
  150. 30th Annual Hunger Games Roleplay OOC
  151. 30th Annual Hunger Games Roleplay ((Open and Accepting))
  152. (I made a mistake!!) TWEWY roleplay sign ups. An alternate world: anything is possible
  153. TWEWY role play. (I call Joshua!! >3<)
  154. The World That Was. "Kh based"
  155. Fallout: Eternal War {Sign up & OOC thread}
  156. Adversity Through Inheritance [OOC & Sign-Ups]
  157. Houkago Kill Time x Ghost Stories (A High School Horror RP!)
  158. Middias: The Brave Saga
  159. Heroes of Roleplay Town [OOC/Signups]
  160. KHI FABLES - "The Storytellers' Circle" - {SignUp & RP Discussion}
  161. Kindlereap: Reign of the Unholy (Incomplete, Seeking Feedback)
  162. KH: Pranksters RP Signups!
  163. Persona: Darkness Descends [SIGN UPS and OOC]
  164. God speed
  165. ROMANCE OF DAWN SAGA [Original/Alternate Universe Kingdom Hearts RP by Tyrant Raver] [OOC/SU]
  166. The Beast of Silent Springs (Sign-ups and OOC)
  167. R.E.M. - Reality, Existence, Mentality [Sign-up/OOC]
  168. [OOC] The World ENDS With YOU : What A WONDERFUL World [OOC]
  169. Chuusei no Sentai Kishiranger (Mediveal Squadron Knightranger) OOC/SIGN-UPS)
  170. Proleon Academy (Always Open)
  171. Cast in Steel - [Mistborn AU Roleplay]
  172. Naruto: Iridescent Beginnings OOC/SIGN UPS
  173. Digimon: The Last Hope (Sign Ups And OCC)
  174. Avengers: Dark Reign(OCC)
  175. The world of Dreams(sign up thread)
  176. Digimon Tamers: Havoc
  177. Puella Magi Unmei Magica [Misty Eva AU RP][SU+OOC]
  178. Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War [Part One Sign-up and OOC Thread]
  179. Kingdom Hearts: The Apocalypse {OOC} {Chapter 2}
  180. Beyond the Looking Glass
  181. Final Fantasy: Sin - Sign Ups and OoC [Invitation Only RP]
  182. Teras High School [Sign Ups and OOC][Collab between Astasia and Mistearea]
  183. Inception
  184. Labyrinth [Sign-ups/OOC]
  185. Dragon Ball: Chaos Helix//OOC and Sign ups
  186. Dragon Ball Z: Ascension//OOC and Sign ups
  187. Battle Network AU Signups (A CD-Man and Seraph Collab)
  188. Restarting: World of Whatever (now) Universe of Creation
  189. TRACES OF CHAOS [sign-up/ooc thread]
  190. Young Justice - Invasion
  191. Epic Reborn
  192. Rivals - A Final Fantasy XIII Type-0 RP [No Spoilers]
  193. Pokémon: The World in Nightmare
  194. Spirit Fighter
  195. High School Blues [Sign Ups and OOC][Collab between Evangeline and Darkfyre]
  196. MAR- The Game of War
  197. Melodies of Life [OOC] {Invitation Only}
  198. Final Fantasy X: Dawn of A New Era (OCC/Sign Ups)
  199. Du Skulblakas Accela (A Inheiritance cycle continuation RP)(Sign ups and OOC)
  200. Soul Eater: Path to Dawn
  201. World Heist [Rebirth]
  202. Dark Souls - CROSSING SOULS [ OOC and Signups ]
  203. SKYRIM II - Revamped, Members Wanted!
  204. Dream State: Phase One [Sign Ups & OOC]
  205. Spirit Panic! [Signups and OOC]
  206. Kingdom Hearts: We Are The Hunted (Going for this again)
  207. So you want to make a Canon Roleplay?
  208. Welcome to the Galaxy! Sci-fi RP (Sign-ups, OOC and Worldbuilding)
  209. Code Geass: Crucifiction of Moralities
  210. Gunslingers - A Wild West Roleplay [Sign-ups/OoC]
  211. Sanguine Heart: A Small-Cast Dark Fantasy {OOC / Sign-Up}
  212. Bleach: A New Reign. A New Threat. [Signups/OOC]
  213. Insincerity [OOC / Sign-Up]
  214. Fullmetal Alchemist: Beginning of Genova
  215. The Four Lords of the Labyrinth (A Survival Adventure): Sign-ups & OOC
  216. Kingdom Hearts: The Road to Oblivion [Sign Up & OOC Thread]
  217. Realms (A production created by Abhorsen and Lunarmaster54)
  218. Readers and Writers
  219. World Heist
  220. Tailed Beast Blues: A Naruto Roleplay
  221. Enter the Network (Signups and Discussion)
  222. Origins - A Final Fantasy XIII Type-0 RP [No Spoilers]
  223. Akuma (Sign-ups/OOC)
  224. Supremacy {Sign-ups/Discussion}
  225. The Walking Dead: Collisions (OOC & Discussion)
  226. The battle of dark and light (sign up)
  227. Destiny Home for the Young and Troubled --OOC and Sign-Ups--
  229. Reaper game plus, ( A TWEWY omake RP) ((Sign ups and OOC))
  230. Faith (by Lunarmaster54)
  231. Kingdom Hearts: The Apocalypse [Rebirth]
  232. Shadows Beneath 2: The Superior Race
  233. The Keyblade War: The Curse of Two Kings
  234. The Hunger Games
  236. Kingdom Hearts Mafia
  237. So you want to make an Original Roleplay?
  238. That Which Has Been Found [OOC/Sign Ups]
  239. Vocaloid RP
  240. Cul-De-Sac [Sign-ups/Discussion]
  241. Kingdom Hearts: Enter the Darkness
  242. E-Ternity University Chapter 1: Hellbound for Heaven
  243. Doomsday Event [Sign-Up/OoC]
  244. Kingdom Hearts/Star Trek: The Convergence (A Kingdom Hearts/Star Trek crossover RP) Sign-ups
  245. Soul Eater: Hanran e no pasu (A Lunarmaster54, Abhorsen and Klom89 production) (signups)
  246. The Zombie Apocalypse [sign-ups/ooc]
  247. Puella Magi Magica [SU + OOC]
  248. RUINS OF UNKNOWN -- [ sign-ups + ooc thread ]
  249. ~ An Ode to Chaos. ~
  250. Destiny high RP