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  1. Clear up Maleficent for me
  2. Plague of Nightmares
  3. Anyone suspect the last dandelion is namine?
  4. The Content of Hearts?
  5. Questions about x and unchained x
  6. Does the Master's Eye Tell Us......
  7. Who do you think the two mystery leaders are?
  8. What if Superbia isn't the MoM?
  9. Building a map
  10. Is the traitor player!? CONTAINS SPOILERS
  11. Luxu's Role and Jiminy's Journal
  12. Extracted Data?
  13. Could Ventus' original trio be with Skuld and Ephemera?
  14. Maleficent and the Book of Prophecies Theory
  15. A quick question about the nature of KH unchained
  16. A theory about the Special Episode
  17. HELP!!! So many medals... so few red coins...
  18. Can't seem to beat the Foretellers in Final Episode
  19. Special Episode Paradox...?
  21. I watched all the main story scenes of Chi and I still don't really get the plot
  22. all attack names in chi
  23. *SPOILER*--------------------THEORY: Main Character "Player" could possibly be Ventus?
  24. (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS X[chi] Special Episode
  25. A Small Theory **SPOILER ALERT**
  26. What is "Unchained"? (SPOILERS for KHX Ending)
  27. Theory: Master Aced is strictly spoken A Traitor, but not the DEFINITIVE Traitor
  28. The Fate of Daybreak Town
  29. What do you think happened to the player?
  30. Costumes
  31. News ► (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS X[chi] Finale
  32. A Thread to Detail Your Feelings as Kingdom Hearts X Comes to a Close
  33. Help Getting Coins from KHX for KHUX
  34. If all Keyblades where Starlights at one point...
  35. Did the last episode of KH X's story hint at the X-blade
  36. Help/info needed from anyone playing Browser KHX - Any and all Raid Boss Music info.
  37. Questions about the Moogle Shop/Medals and Key Arts
  38. Predict how Kingdom Hearts X will end...
  39. Transfir outfit to a second account?
  40. Question regarding Card Summons
  41. Where's the mog coin trade?
  42. Help with transfer!!
  43. How Luxu passed his Heart onto "Another" Vessel. Xehanort Theory.
  44. attack animation compilation thread
  45. Broken up Daybreak Town idea
  46. Quest in Kingdom Hearts X
  47. News ► Kingdom Hearts X[chi] 3rd Anniversary Key Art Released!
  48. Luxu is Master Xehanort
  49. Getting back into the game, need help with my deck
  50. Kingdom Hearts X [chi] - Luxu is the Black Coat in 2.8!
  51. News ► KINGDOM HEARTS X[chi] - The 6th Apprentice and Rising Conflicts
  52. Kingdom Hearts Fan Designs That Seemed to Predict a Lot of Chi's Clothes
  53. Thoughts as the end draws near...
  54. News ► KINGDOM HEARTS X[chi] Main Story Scenes w/ English Subs
  55. Backing up Chi Accounts
  56. Help a noob.
  57. What will you do, when the Middle Slot kicks in?
  58. Global LUX Rankings 5/2-5/8
  59. Emblem heartless in KHX?
  60. Global LUX Rankings 4/25-5/1
  61. Global Ranking 4/18-4/24
  62. File Ripping
  63. Am I incredibly late to the English Version party?
  64. Another Goatblade theory. Also, Chimeras.
  65. The Traitor
  66. (recruit) HeartBreak;(Heart)Beat
  67. The Foretelers and Animalistic keyblades (spoilers?)
  68. A Nice Thought
  69. Could Master Ava be Kairi's Grandmother?
  70. Skuld , a closer look (SPOILERS)
  71. Recruiting KH UnchainedX (Anguis)
  72. (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS X[chi] - Seeds of Hope
  74. News ► Kingdom Hearts X[chi] to terminate service in September 2016
  75. What should we expect from Kingdom Hearts [X]chi?
  76. Who's this "sixth apprentice"?
  77. Pink Moogle Cards + AP Boosts?
  78. Avatar/GetUserAvatar (NOT internet connection problems)
  79. About those heartless in the latest Chi Story......
  80. KH Chi Total Black Screen?
  81. How to get 100000 points in the dark corridor with only Rikus
  82. Looking for an A rank Team
  83. Nomura: "Doubt the Foretellers"
  84. Ephemera's Chirithy - Harbringer Mastermind
  85. The Master of Masters Identity Speculation
  86. News ► SPOILERS Kingdom Hearts X[chi] - Meeting Skuld
  87. Mysterious Star symbols in Kingdom Hearts X?
  88. Skuld is the best dressed character in Kingdom Hearts.
  89. News ► Kingdom Hearts ? [chi] Chirithy Plush Out in June!
  90. Kingdom Heart X [Chi] outfit error?
  91. Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] World Mechanics
  92. Big Error with my KingdomHearts Chi Game.Maybe you can help?
  93. Is it possible to transfer Chi account to Unchained Chi?
  94. The "Unchained" Plane
  95. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Manga?
  96. Ephemera Name Meanings?
  97. Remaining Disney Worlds Prediction
  98. Maleficent in khx?
  99. Who is the traitor?! (Poll)
  100. Unchained X NA release?
  101. The traitor among the unions
  102. Chirithy Plush Unveiled at Jump Festa 2016!
  103. [resolve] About Xmas event 2015
  104. Do You Think the Player in Chi Will Become a Character?
  105. Adobe?
  106. Keyblade War: Keychains
  107. story so far? differences between X and Unchained X?
  108. Kingdom hearts x Unchained space?
  109. cant play game
  110. I don't understand japanese can you help me?
  111. Ephemera to be a Darkness...or pawn.? Chi Spoilers
  112. Difference between Kingdom Hearts χ and Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ?
  113. English-Speaking Players in Need of Translation!
  114. News ► Message from the Director - Future of the Main Story & Unchained Updates
  115. King Mickey in Kingdom Hearts χ : How is possible???
  116. News ► Kingdom Hearts Unchained X website updates with new System videos!
  117. Newest Summer Event: How to Obtain The Avatar Clothing?
  118. Development Team Report #11
  119. News ► Unchained X Featured in Famitsu - Gameplay Details & Avatar Board
  120. News ► Tetsuya Nomura Tweets on the Official Unchained Twitter
  121. News ► Unchained X Releases in Japan in September 2015!
  122. I Can't Advance the story, Help!
  123. News ► Famitsu Details Kingdom Hearts Unchained X!
  124. News ► Kingdom Hearts Unchained X to be Featured in Famitsu!
  125. Kingdom Hearts X CHI: User Code?? Kingdom Hearts Unchained Keys?
  126. 2nd Anniversary Survey
  127. Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] 2nd Anniversary!
  128. Little question about keyblades
  129. I know almost nothing about this game, please clear up for me
  130. Story updates.
  131. Can't register for Yahoo! Japan to play Chi.
  132. My Cards have been reverted to Base stats???
  133. Images found in Chi background files
  134. New World?
  135. Is there a way to play together?
  136. What are these two quests about?
  137. [Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] X Dragon Quest Monster Parade] Crossover Campaign
  138. Honey Event (21st May - 4th June)
  139. Card help??
  140. So what exactly will i need to play "Unchained X"?
  141. Square Enix Germany Hinting at Localization for Kingdom Hearts X[chi]?
  143. KH [chi] flash error
  144. Kingdom Hearts X [chi] New World?
  145. Screenshot help?
  146. Development Team Report #10
  147. Kingdom Hearts X[chi] - The Story So Far...
  148. Complete Moogle Stamp Bingo
  149. Easter Event (9th April - 23rd April)
  150. Use of some cards?
  151. Do you find it good to kill early Raid Bosses?
  152. MoguMedaru SR+/SR
  153. Looking for active "Bear" Faction members!
  154. Quick Question about LUX...
  155. Different channels?
  156. Hair and Outfits?
  157. Kingdom hearts X[Chi] Kingdom box?
  158. speed up kh x chi
  159. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - View Cutscenes in Theater Mode!
  160. fairy godmother card
  161. Kingdom Hearts X [chi] cash shop?
  162. How do you say Chirithy's name?
  163. Logging out, Unions and a confused Keyblade wielder
  164. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 19 February 2015 Maintenance Update Notice
  165. Trick (or cheat?) for the new treasure-trap event
  166. Avatar Customization Thread
  167. Hi! Been playing for about a week now, I have some questions!
  168. my total AP keeps going from 165 to 164? help?
  169. LV. 60 at Daybreak 13-4 -- What now??
  170. Revelation: Chirithy is a Dream Eater
  171. how can I play kingdom hearts x[chi]
  172. how many kingdom hearts x chi worlds are there in the pc browser videogame?.
  173. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 8 January 2015 Maintenance Update Notice
  174. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 1 January 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  175. Kingdom Hearts X[chi]: Ephemera and the Non-Existent World
  176. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 25 December 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  177. Different cards in kinhdom hearts [chi]
  178. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 18 December 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  179. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 11 December 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  180. Mythril Keyblade Upgrading
  181. What if the Recusant Apprentice isnt evil?
  182. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 4 December 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  183. Christmas Event
  184. x chi players. black coat question
  185. The story?
  186. Your Opinion: The Player's Dream
  187. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 27 November 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  188. What's a good way to level?
  189. A few questions about KH[chi]
  190. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 20 November 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  191. i'm new to chi. story-wise, not gameplay.
  192. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 13 November 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  193. Looking for a active A Class Leopardus Party
  194. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 6 November 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  195. Looking for an active Party Group.
  196. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 30 October 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  197. 10/27 Nicotto Town crossover campaign
  198. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - Development Team Report #8
  199. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 23 October 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  200. Do you think Kingdom Hearts x[chi] will be localized?
  201. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 16 October 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  202. Any translator please?
  203. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 9 October 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  204. do you see resmples
  205. The 6 Foretellers or 7?
  206. Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] Serial Code Giveaway: Screenshot Contest
  207. Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] Serial Code Giveaway: Lucky Draw
  208. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 2 October 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  209. How to chat in KHX???
  210. im new in KHXCHI and already confused lol
  211. yahoo japanese
  212. Question: Card Attackvalue
  213. It doesn't work for me
  214. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 25 September 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  215. Ultimate Card System
  216. Your Opinion: Ultimate Card System
  217. Want to join an active top A-Class Ursus team?
  218. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 18 September 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  219. Frame Rate
  220. Kingdom Hearts X[chi] - Development Team Report #7
  221. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 11 September 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  222. Disney Character Ages
  223. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 4 September 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  224. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Glitch in fighting Heartless!
  225. Error Screen?
  226. Best way to talk to your team-mates?
  227. How to find your rank
  228. How do you free up card space?
  229. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 28 August 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  230. Summer Event!
  231. fastest way to complete my 9/10 requirement for summer outfit?
  232. Present/ Gift Box Problem
  233. Raid Boss Question~
  234. Darn you,wicked Monstrosity called technical problem >:(
  235. Unexplained Technical Difficulty opening Kingdom Hearts Chi game. Really... please help ;_;
  236. pics with the neoshadow locations,in case someone wants to add them to a guide or something
  237. I just soloed a Raid Boss :D
  238. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 21 August Maintenance Update Notice
  239. Moogle shop:Single Sora for 600,or enough lea-Isa's for HP?
  240. Kingdom Hearts Chi
  241. what do i need to do for this mission?
  242. Why did they choose the Faction-Animals they did?
  243. New Unicornus speaking!
  244. Is there a reason why I'm not seeing any new cards I got lately?
  245. Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] Registration Guide
  246. Your Most Memorable Chi Moment!
  247. Discussion on LUX Adjustments
  248. Kingdom Hearts ?[chi] - 14 August 2014 Maintenance Update Notice
  249. Maintenance Updates
  250. Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] - Item (Consumable and Material) Guide