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  1. Roxas
  2. Help? Trapped with Riku in Memory Skyscraper!
  3. Is there a Dream Drop Distance manga?
  4. A little something about a few of the dream eaters names
  5. How Story is Told in Dream Drop Distance
  6. So how did Lea get a keyblade?
  7. Why Didn't Kairi take the Exam?
  8. What exactly does carry over to Critical Mode?
  9. I need help. I'm stuck and I have no idea what to do!!!
  10. Young Xehanort Glitch (SPOLIERS)
  11. Affinity MAX Question
  12. Can Dream Eaters only be used by the character who created them?
  13. Event Confusion(Possibly Heavy Spoilers)
  14. Lea and the DTD
  15. "World Order"
  16. Master Xehanort's Return in 3D
  17. 5 Year NA Anniversary
  18. In Defense of Yen Sid's Mark of Mastery Test (and some criticism)
  19. Need help with wargoyle as Riku kindom hearts 2.8
  20. Is Sora at his most happiest in DDD? *spoilers*
  21. The Realm of Sleep Explained
  22. Flick Rush
  23. Record Keeper Trophy
  24. Is the 7th Guardian of Light already confirmed?
  25. Sora and Riku in TWTNW explanations
  26. Chi and the Anti Black Coat Nightmare
  27. Time Travel Incongruece
  28. When your platinum trophy runs away.
  29. Can i go to another world if i'm already in one world?
  30. What happened to Pinocchio and Geppetto?
  31. Levelling up - worth it?
  32. Some questions on The Grid
  33. How do I make star ranked dream eaters?
  34. How do you get the new Dream Eaters?
  35. How to take photos of dream eaters on PS4?
  36. The original bodies resurrection in Radiant garden
  37. What does this mean?
  38. Drop Gauge System: challenging mechanic or reallly bad gaming design?
  39. The Braig/Xigbar Situation Explained
  40. Who was you expecting to be at Yen Sid's Tower?
  41. How did Master Xehanort know about Ventus and Aqua's current fates?
  42. What are you going to do with your original copy of Dream Drop Distance?
  43. Master Xehanort, Xigbar and Saix: Past or Present?
  44. Why and how was Ursula revived?
  45. How do you think Ansem SoD convinced Young Xehanort that he is his future incarnation?
  46. I still say DDD was the worst game of this entire series
  47. Little connection between DDD and Chi.
  48. New room discovered inside KH3D!
  49. Anti Black Coat's True Identity
  50. New discoveries inside KH3D!
  51. Could you explain something to me?
  52. Dream Drop Distance - Happy 4th Anniversary!
  53. Unused World/Map in KH3D
  54. Small Theory on The "Day Off" in Days
  55. Reality Shifts Questions
  56. Did they re-record?
  57. Do you think Dream Drop Distance HD will get a secret boss?
  58. Knowledge of Ven's Heart (Story Wise)
  59. Can you replay bosses?
  60. Time Travel is Confusing..
  61. Someone please clarify this for me
  62. Question: Country of the Musketeers Treasure Chest
  63. Should this game be played only on a certain 3DS?
  64. Simple Question: Why are Saix & Xigbar part of the 13 Xehanorts?
  65. Im Not happy-What happened to my Sora?
  66. Time Travel Explained
  67. Am I the only one who LIKES DDD?
  68. Thoughts about Julius
  69. Thoughts on DDD
  70. Confusion with Sora being dumb
  71. Confusion in regards to Rinzler
  72. should i play kingdom hearts DDD before birth by sleep?
  73. Best area to use exp Walker before the first drop?
  74. Looking for information about the cut Mysterious Tower world
  75. Why is Xehnaort's Age No Longer a Problem?
  76. How would you have done it?
  77. Brown Robe Theory
  78. Theory: Convenient Recompletion.
  79. Special Nobodies (Possible Spoilers)
  80. Flick Rush Wireless Battle
  81. Traverse Town Questions
  82. Will the secret message in Dream Drop Distance change in 2.8?
  83. what all riku command sty combination in 3D?
  84. Sora is unrealistically optimistic!!?
  85. Discussion: The wasted potential of Dream Drop Distance
  86. A question about "Another on your list belongs to me now"
  87. Was Xemnas' revelation that surprising?
  88. Where exactly are all 13 darknesses from in KH: 3D
  89. The Rules & Restrictions to Time Travel
  90. DDD spoiler: So what was the point of KH2?
  91. Time Travel Theory. Older than we think?
  92. Sora descending, Riku ascending
  93. They were self-taught again?
  94. They were self-taught again?
  95. Thinking about buying this game.
  96. 3D is the only KH game I've played through once so far
  97. Information at the end
  98. Glitch?
  99. Xenahort's recompletion
  100. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD Remix?
  101. *annoyed* Epic and Intrepid Fantasies?
  102. Getting ready to face the end of DDD. Command deck ideas?
  103. It's here! Questions about the game(and helkp if I need it)
  104. A Theory on the purpose of the true Organization XIII
  105. Rarity of KH3D?
  106. DDD Ansem SOD and time travel Question
  107. Ansem SoD Inconsistency
  108. The correct way to make the X-blade
  109. Did I miss something?
  110. Repliku and Ansem SoD
  111. Mysterious Tower
  112. KH3D out of stock on Amazon *sad panda*
  113. Was 3D a plothole?
  114. What is the Recusant?
  115. DDD is a paradox??
  116. Questions about time travel/dreams and whatnot
  117. "Like deja vu"
  118. Young Xehanort's theme
  119. I have another question. Is time really unchangable or did young Xehanort just meant he can't do it?
  120. KH3d on the New 3ds?
  121. The World that Never Was glitch
  122. If KH3D HD comes out this year/exists, what extra content do you think it will have?
  123. Young Xehanort Question
  124. Traverse Town (DDD) vs. Traverse Town (Recoded)
  125. Did The World That Never Was feel more dangerous in DDD compared to KH2?
  126. Xehanort's revival question
  127. MX = Villain Sue?
  128. Locations of Dream Eaters?
  129. How are Sora and Riku young and had to start over on their training
  130. The clock in the Young Xehanort boss.
  131. New Perspective: Kingdom Hearts has really been about past events
  132. Is Riku's character development realistic?
  133. Frequent Friend Help
  134. News ► Dream Drop Distance HD Confirmed in X[chi]?
  135. How did Xehanort know to be on Destiny Islands during KH1?
  136. How was Vanitas able to make an appearance in KH 3D?
  137. Riku's Awekening
  138. Braig and Xigbar might be two different persons?
  139. anti black coat
  140. Questions about realm of sleep
  141. Poll:Opninions on the time travel mechanic
  142. What would you want out of a KH3D:HD?
  143. Square Enix is Considering a Kingdom Hearts 3D HD Remaster
  144. Zexion's and Vexen's return
  145. Ansem?
  146. Why does Mickey consider Terra a "Friend"
  147. Question about Young Xehanort...
  148. Mickey's seeming memory holes
  149. Master Xehanort keyblades
  150. Explaining Timeless River's supposed violations of time travel laws and parallel worlds
  151. I don't care what people say
  152. Why did Riku cut his hair?
  153. Ursula
  154. Am I the only one that liked Haley Joel Osments voice acting performance in KH 3D?
  155. How I think the final boss should've went (Eternal Rest Nightmare Boss).
  156. Why Ansem?
  157. Heartless and Xemnas theory
  158. Master Xehanort's body
  159. This is the only KH game where the main characters eat.
  160. Axel's Revival
  161. Did you want MX or Terranort at the end of DDD?
  162. How come Master Xehanort was revived and not Apprenitce Xehanort?
  163. La Cloche - Beta Version.
  164. Is it possible some Heartless, Nobodies, scrapped Dream Eaters, and Scrapped Worlds still exist ...
  165. Xigbar & Saix in DDD (and later KH3)
  166. My funny KH3D review
  167. Sora's Personality in DDD
  168. End of the World would've been a better final world? Based upon final world appearance patterns.
  169. I'm doing 3 challenges in KH3D at the same time!
  170. What if they are also trapped in sleep?
  171. On the Aging of Nobodies
  172. Why I'm against Time Travel and how Normura should have brought back some of the 13 SODs
  173. Am I 'cheating' on Critcal mode?
  174. "I have great plans for Dear Pete"
  175. How do you feel about inceptio- er I mean Dreams in KH?
  176. The version of Riku we see in Monstro
  177. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD ReMIX??
  178. Dream Drop Distance: glitches and bugs
  179. Tetsuya Nomura lied? About Heartless?
  180. What if Terra-Xehanort/Apprentice Xehanort did appear in DDD?
  181. Question: Why wasn't lenzo mad at Lea?
  182. Apprentice Xehanort is irrelevant
  183. Time Travel or Human again
  184. The 3D sitch
  185. How can I access different difficulty modes in KH3D?
  186. Xehanort in LoD - probably quite late with this question
  187. WAIT wait... wait...
  188. What if Young Xehanort was the only one?
  189. How do you feel about time travel?
  190. My experience with Dream Drop Distance and game discussion *SPOILERS*
  191. How would you like it implemented?
  192. Ability Question?
  193. Best Grinding Spots?
  194. Playable KH2 Sora in 3D?
  195. Should I start a new game plus?
  196. The power of Xehanort's seeds
  197. Link Portal Locations for both Riku and Sora?
  198. So What's Kairi Been Up To?
  199. What in the world am I playing?!
  200. Seems a bit contradictory (was the world truly void of darkness?)
  201. Why didn't Master Xehanort do this for the X-Blade?
  202. Founding Members of Organization XIII
  203. Dream Eater Questions
  204. Why is Xehanort old again?
  205. My name is Ansem: scene discussion
  206. 3D FM HD
  207. Time Travel Theory
  208. A Fragmented Plan
  209. Couple of plot questions - oh god my brain hurts :I
  210. How does time prevents itself from changing?
  211. Chef/Lord Kyroo?
  212. Battle of the Themes: Dark Impetus vs. L'Impeto Oscuro
  213. So Uh how is a Young Xehanort going to become one of the thirtheen darknesses?
  214. Naminč and Sora's memories of Castle Oblivion
  215. Can Kairi be a Guardian of Light when she is already a Princess of Heart?
  216. I had no idea that this game had glitches
  217. Master Xehanort's current location
  218. Traverse Town (Cuidad de Paso)
  219. The Dream Eaters fate
  220. The World That Never Was in KH2 and KH3D
  221. Reality Shift: Symphony of Sorcery
  222. Does Lea retain Axel's Pyromancy?
  223. I know this has been touched before but...
  224. How do you pronounce Lea (formerly Axel)
  225. Ursula?
  226. Why would Claude Frollo ally with the Heartless??
  227. KH3D back in stock on Amazon
  228. Purpose of the Xehanort Meeting
  229. HD Image Request from KH3D
  230. Terra-Xehanort's Apparent Absence in the Final Scene
  231. Destiny Islands - A Sleeping World?
  232. Riku/Sora Travelled Through Time?
  233. Need Some Clarification on KH3D: Xehanort's Plan(s) & More
  234. Young Xehanort Boss Fight - HELP!
  235. HELP: Beating Xemnas/Anti Coat Nightmare
  236. Awards
  237. The thirteen dark vessels
  238. Is Dream Drop Distance Going OOP?
  239. Young Xehanort Question
  240. KH:3D discontinued?
  241. Lets discuss the Nobodies and the original members of Organization XIII
  242. Is KH:DDD to come to Console?
  243. So just got the game
  244. Riku Possession Confused?
  245. Trying to fully understand this forsaken game
  246. Stuck!!
  247. Anti Black Coat's Weapon
  248. So, what's gonna happen to Dream Drop Distance now?
  249. Who is your favorite character in KH3D?
  250. How did Julius get to Traverse Town?