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  1. ReCoded's Ending Reveal (Spoliers) - I Still Don't Get It...
  2. is sora weak without the keyblade? can he take any orgxiii memeber 1on1 with just a normal sword?
  3. Why Data-Sora's Keyblade is real (But a different kind of real)
  4. Why haven't Mickey and Yen Sid said anything to Sora about who he is connected to?
  5. Data-Sora is incredible.
  6. Song name? (Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded)
  7. A very very VERY late review of Re:Coded
  8. Re:Coded: A postmodern retelling KH1 and CoM?
  9. is it possible coded will get a console release?
  10. Problems Unlocking Destiny (2.5 Secret Movie)
  11. Earning More SP & Difficult Challenges
  12. Is Roxas evil in this?
  13. Where do the Bugs come from?
  14. Mickey's Letter and Yen Sid
  15. Story Questions?
  16. Namine's Promise?
  17. Roxas was pretty dark in this
  18. Referring to Ventus?
  19. How were Mickey ,Donald and Goofy sucked into the Datascape?
  20. Malificent and Pete's power in the Data escape?
  21. Hidden Memories cutscene: Why was it so important for only a data version of Sora to learn the truth
  22. My review
  23. Dose any body realy hate Re:coded
  24. Someone can make a list of the in-game avatars in avatar mode?
  25. Is it just me or does Re:Coded in KH 2.5 have some correct english lip-syncing?
  26. Why does Cloud sound so different?!
  27. Im confused at Donald and Goofy and Jiminny?......
  28. How to make strength/magic/defense choices more important in re:coded
  29. Data Roxas>Your favorite character in the series
  30. Does anyone know how I can get more chips?
  31. What do you get out of completing Re: Coded?
  32. Coded new secret ending [spoilers]
  33. 100% Re:coded Completion
  34. Fan reviews for KH HD II.5 Remix -- Re:coded
  35. Does anybody know what happened to Data-Sora
  36. 'The Corrupted' would've been a great boss theme for this game.
  37. Seeing the cutscenes of Re:coded in 2.5 makes me wish this game was playable
  38. Translating Datascape to Real World
  39. So the Grid we play in in Coded/DDD was a copy of the one on the Tron films?
  40. What if the Bugs got out?
  41. Is it just me or is Data-Sora a lot more likeable then the real Sora?
  42. Re:coded in PS3
  43. Coded Promising?
  44. Do you think coded will be a cinematic film like Days?
  45. Destroying Keyblades?
  46. So let me get this straight...
  47. What scenes do you imagine they will remake for Re:coded HD?
  48. 100 Floors: Avatar Sector Question
  49. Mickey's keyblade
  50. So is it possible...spoilers
  51. Is it possible to beat re:coded lv1?
  52. Re: Coded Tag Mode
  53. Does this game matter?
  54. I Need ...! - Can U Help ?
  55. !!Please Help!!
  56. How Short It Was
  57. Some help with the final three keyblades and avatar stuff
  58. KH: Re:Coded - Help
  59. Re:coded it is worth playing?
  60. Figure in a Brown Cloak?
  61. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded computer game on Facebook
  62. Preparing for Bug-Roxas' System Sector
  63. Re:coded only $20 today on Amazon!
  64. Technician Trophy
  65. Should I buy it?
  66. Cover of Re: Coded novel
  67. Castle Obilivion Help
  68. North American Re:coded website is updated
  69. Re:coded Novel Dated for July 28 Release
  70. AvataIr Menu Help
  71. Re:coded manga to debut this July.
  72. Re:Coded worth getting?
  73. thinking of getting re: coded...
  74. Sparkly? Feisty?...
  75. Secret Endings - Worth It?
  76. [Question]Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded
  77. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded - Collect the emblems
  78. Does anything occur?
  79. Trophies - Which do you have?
  80. castle oblivion
  81. What she says [Spoilers]
  82. Fatal Flawless Trophy
  83. Hollow Bastion Level 80 System Sector
  85. Shouldn't there have been a Data Maleficent?
  86. Olympus Boss
  88. Strongest Keyblade?
  89. KH Re Coded Is it worth it?
  90. Re:coded is 2011 NA bestseller
  91. YYEEESS!!!!!! Its a good game!
  92. Questions
  93. Star Seeker?
  94. Quick question...
  95. Questions...
  96. Replay Episode Question with DI...
  97. The Special Features
  98. Stuck at part in Wonderland. Potential spoilers.
  99. Play at Night..WTF?!!
  100. Just got the game!
  101. Best commands?
  102. "Virus Detected"? (No spoilers, I think.)
  103. Olympus Coliseum 0% HP
  104. Metal Chocobo ?
  105. Enemy Profile
  106. Why...
  107. Apocalyptic battle in mind.
  108. Data Sora
  109. How do the difficulty levels compare to Birth By Sleep? *No actual spoilers*
  110. Final Commands
  111. Need help
  112. Question about the ending
  113. Beyond the keyhole
  114. "???" Boss
  115. how do i prepare for hollow bastion lvl 80 sector
  116. Commands
  117. System Sector in Olympus...
  118. A little advice please!
  119. Oblivion Keyblade
  120. Command Matrix
  121. Game Glitches - post your experiences for epic rage
  122. Review tomorrow.
  123. Hollow Bastion - Help?
  124. Post your stats, progress, percentage, etc.
  125. hollow bastion lvl 80 stystem
  126. Oathkeeper Keyblade
  127. Time you've wast---spent on this game
  128. collection help
  129. what have you given up.
  130. Selling more than 1 item at a time ?
  131. Tales Of The Eliminator
  132. ice titan
  133. 99 dalmatians
  134. question about castle oblivion
  135. Where are the other KH1 worlds
  136. Is it worth it?
  137. System Area - Traverse Town - Alley Red Hotel Door
  138. Riku, 3rd Round Boss Help
  139. ending card agrabah.
  140. Re:coded Trophies
  141. Why aren't trophies appearing?
  142. What does it mean by....
  143. What level does your ablitlty reach CR?
  144. Whats in your Command Deck right now?
  145. kh2 sora avatar and keyblades
  146. Best battles
  147. Data Sora's Voice
  148. KH Re Coded Spoilers quick question about Castle of Oblivion
  149. Question about the Castle
  150. Good Leveling Spots?
  151. Starting Critical Mode any tips?
  152. What was your favourite thing about this game?
  153. Share ur avatar (no spoilers)
  154. Re coded Theater.... 2 locked cinematics?
  155. Tag mode question
  156. What keyblades are there?
  157. Castle Oblivion question
  158. Re:Coded Cutscenes
  159. What exactly is this game meant to accomplish?
  160. Help with Wonderland Boss
  161. Something I feared and now dislike about ReCoded... (Somewhat spoilers, though nothing major)
  162. avatar sector tip for ppl with no tag buddies :D
  163. I'm at Agrabah someone please help me?
  164. How do you unlock the avatar sector
  165. FUUUU boss help D:
  166. Oathkeeper help please!
  167. Please help explain this to me...
  168. Ending cards help
  169. How many Save Files does RE: Coded have? (There are no spoilers, i just had to add the prefix.)
  170. Re:Coded help
  171. Advice on beating a boss
  172. Avatar Sector?
  173. What did you do with your stickers?
  174. Just a few things I noticed. (Not spoiling anything, really)
  175. a few questions
  176. Got the game? Want to share your thoughts? Re:coded impressions thread.
  177. How do you get all the keyblades in the game?
  178. in recoded's ending...
  179. How do you beat Cerberus and Hades ? (PLEASE HELP)
  180. Avatar Items
  181. re:Coded glitch?
  182. I need help Re: Coded (I'm in Wonderland)
  183. Re:Coded Extras *spoilers and what not, nothing major but you never know*
  184. Re:Coded secret ending
  185. Gametrailers re: coded review
  186. Re:coded - worth it?
  187. GameSpot Re:Coded review
  188. Is there a US Re:Coded Guide???
  189. Re:coded Gameplay Trailer
  190. RE:Coded IGN Review
  191. KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded - Treasure Box of Gameplay Trailer
  192. Eurogamer Review of ReCoded [Hint: As good as Sonic before Colours]
  193. coded
  194. Re:Coded Secret Ending Epic
  195. Why Didn't Mickey...
  196. question about decals
  197. Pictures from Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Launch
  198. Re:coded English Secret Ending
  199. Nintendo Power Rates Re:Coded with an 8/10 (Scans included)
  200. KH Leaks 3 days before us release on the net!
  201. RE:Coded stream
  202. KH Re:coded section?
  203. "Kingdom Hearts is broken. Go fix it!"
  204. KH recoded early release
  205. Re: Coded 1up Review
  206. GameSpot Re:Coded Q&A with Nomura
  207. question about ds.
  208. So I guess Coded has been leaked (SPOILERS)
  209. NYC KH: Re coded event
  210. Re:coded Review (in Dutch...) + 3 NEW SCREENS!
  211. Re:Coded US commercial
  212. New Re:Coded "news" on Facebook (update)
  213. Want an early copy plus free goodies?
  214. Any idea if there is going to be a Strategy Guide?
  215. What happened to aqua?
  216. New Re:Coded Trailer from IGN
  217. Is Re:Coded worth getting?
  218. Some Re: Coded help please?
  219. Re:Coded Launch Event
  220. European Re: Coded site open
  221. Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded Site Update
  222. Re Coded English Trailer TGS
  223. Kingdom Hearts Re: coded Site goes Live!
  224. Gamespot english gameplay montage
  225. New Re: Coded screens
  226. NA Re: Coded Website Updated
  227. NINTENDO POWER Reviews Re:coded!
  228. Re:coded site?
  229. (Possibly) New Re:Coded English Screenshots
  230. Loads of new screens of KH: Re-Coded.
  231. Any ideas about this?
  232. Nintendo Power Scans
  233. Recoded spoiler yensid's mark of mastery test
  234. Re:Coded Ultimania Director Interview
  235. Video Review: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
  236. Nintendo power holiday 2010 issue!!
  237. Re:coded Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated!
  239. new video on ign.
  240. Ultimania interviews translated
  241. Pre-Order Special: DS Icon Decals
  242. Re coded ultimania released!!!!
  243. Re:Coded announcement
  244. Kingdom Hearts ReCoded Ending
  245. RE:CODED Cover art
  246. By looking at some of the gameplay videos of Re: Coded...
  247. Site Update & Mobile Site Update
  248. Re:coded in Gameinformer [Scan]
  249. Ultimania Scans (Not a misleading Title)
  250. New English Screenshots