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  1. Keyslinger Trophy help.
  2. Requirements for the Secret Ending
  3. Finally got the Platinum Trophy
  4. Secret Ending in BBS vs. 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage
  5. Is Once More/Second Chance REQUIRED for any story boss? (Critical Mode)
  6. How DID anyone win the million dreams award
  7. Aqua on Critical Mode
  8. Question
  9. Were Ventus, Terra and Aqua's keyblades "true keyblades"
  10. birth by sleep ultimania - mystery room
  11. Aqua/Sora/Kairi question
  12. Cutscenes
  13. Questions
  14. Missing Commands
  15. Spellweaver is pretty overpowered
  16. Just A Reminder...
  17. Ice Cream Beat Exploit
  18. Stickers
  19. Mysterious Figure troubles?
  20. Final Episode?
  21. i hate Vanitas' lingering spirit
  22. Command Board: Mobile Game(no it doesn't exist)
  23. Kairi's Arrival on Destiny Island
  24. Early Birth by Sleep Footage
  25. Birth by Sleep: Jump Festa 2008 Trailer
  26. The book of Pooh
  27. Wasn't it kinda stupid to throw Ventus off the cliff?
  28. Why did Soul Eater and Kingdom Key break Ventus Station of Awakening?
  29. Do you count Deep Space as a true world?
  30. Rumble Racing: Trouble on the Track
  31. Update on BBS.
  32. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: The Ice Cream Collection
  33. I'm the only one who liked BBS ?
  34. About Xemnas
  35. Eraqus isn't getting enough hate?
  36. What if Eraqus Killed Ven?
  37. To get platinum?
  38. What is Terra's Power?
  39. This game is shit
  40. Possible Bugs with the Unknown
  41. Vanitas' Current Situation
  42. Donald and Goofy D-Links are pointless
  43. Why didn't Terra...
  44. Would you prefer if roles were switched?
  45. What did Xehanort do with Terra's Wayfinder?
  46. If the BBS trio had a forth member, what would their fate be?
  47. Unused Sword in the Stone & "Mysterious Wasteland" Maps
  48. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retrospective
  49. Missing characters in Disney Town (Ventus)
  50. Sticker Help
  51. Does Vanitas have a heart ?
  52. Bonus Bosses from BBS FM+ Advice Please
  53. Young Xehanort Strategies
  54. My personal take on the TAV Trio
  55. Castle Oblivion
  56. Reordering of Birth by Sleep
  57. Impressions on meaning of Chi X.
  58. The True Nature of Vanitas
  59. My Birth By Sleep Rookie Mistake
  60. The Problem with BBS Level System
  61. IS Terra a keyblade master ?
  62. Could Vanitas be considerd as an Adult?
  63. Birth By Sleep - The Turning Point (watch the video in the OP please)
  64. Were the Seven Princesses of Heart born from the Chi-blade's seven shards of light or not?
  65. Terra's Villain's Vendetta
  66. What Happened To Kairi's Flowers?
  67. Is Aqua the "primary" protagonist in Birth by Sleep?
  68. When to play Birth by Sleep
  69. Re: Birth by Sleep - Set Nine or Ten Years before Kingdom Hearts I??
  70. Birth by Sleep - Set Nine or Ten Years before Kingdom Hearts I??
  71. Where did Venitas go?
  72. No Heart Boss Battle (Terra)
  73. any advise on MF (Terra)
  74. Playing Birth By Sleep final mix for the first time
  75. Mysterious Figure Boss Battle (Terra)
  76. Do have to complete Disney Town in order to move on?
  77. Why didn't Ventus question on how Vanitas randomly appeared in his room?
  78. Cheap Way to Defeat Vanitas Sentiment.
  79. What even are Unversed?
  80. What if their fates were different?
  81. Is Ventus scared of Vanitas in kingdom hearts?
  82. Any sort of Ultimania for BBSFM?
  83. The Land of Departure
  84. Terra/Riku Parallel
  85. Keyslinger Trophy?
  86. Is Young Xehanort Terra's body?
  87. Is Disney Town a mini game world or a normal world?
  88. What's wrong with the game?
  89. Dwarf Woodlands is the most underused world in the series
  90. Who else thought Ventus was Roxas at first?
  91. Did Ventus have a crush on Aurora?
  92. Need a little help guys
  93. Ventus, Terra and Aqua are from the FUTURE! My Theory
  94. X-Blade Functions?
  95. Blank Points/Secret Ending Clarification?
  96. The Final Episode Clarifications
  97. Aqua's Fight With Ventus-Vanitas? *spoilers*
  98. Special Enough?
  99. Master Xehanort's True Intentions?
  100. What did Aqua live on in the realm of darkness?
  101. Did I miss something?
  102. How did other wielders get their keyblades?
  103. Ventus's beginning and end
  104. How is the X-Blade forged?
  105. is vanitas after ventus' heart?
  106. Ventus's Dream?
  107. The use of abilities for stats and other salubrious effects
  108. Master Terra ?
  109. Something Weird That Irks Me About BBS...
  110. Do you think that Kairi may possibly remember Aqua?
  111. Aqua RoD Question
  112. Terra meeting Xehanort
  113. Happy 5th Anniversary!
  114. An Alternate Unversed Concept
  115. Vs. The Dark Hide
  116. Rustling sounds at mysterious tower
  117. Advice for cheating Ice Cream Beat in KH 2.5?
  118. Something you should know about KH2 Birth by sleep
  119. Does anyone plays BBS using ppsspp emulator or other?
  120. Why didn't Aqua have Water-based attacks?
  121. The Confrontation between Eraqus and Terra
  122. What is the Exact Difference between Unversed and Heartless?
  123. Problems with the Command Board.
  124. Keyblade Ceremony
  125. How did Even know?
  126. Secret ending headaches...
  127. Command melding calculator [Android]
  128. Aqua in Castle of Dreams
  129. About halfway through Terra's playthrough, question...
  130. Command Board Font
  131. Improved keyblade renders
  132. MF problems
  133. Mere Shell, Time's Teller Light's Will, Darkness Shell & Savage Slayer
  134. Final Episode Critical Mode. Any Advice?
  135. What happened to Terra's heart?
  136. Starting out. Just wondering.
  137. What was the motive for Terra internally fighting Xehanort?
  138. Stance angle bug in No heart fight?
  139. 100% Standard not gonna happen
  140. Speed Leveling
  141. Minigame guides?
  142. Terra-Mysterious Figure Help
  143. Anyone else confused by "A Fragmentary Message"? *Spoilers*
  144. How in the world do you beat Ice Cream Beat?
  145. Questions Regarding Terra
  146. Riku as Xehanort
  147. Helpful hints needed for beating the Mysterious Figure with Terra
  148. I unlocked Secret Episode without 100%ing anything?
  149. Shirtless Ventus
  150. Who stole the heart?
  151. My recent BBS experiences
  152. Posession
  153. The X-Blade
  154. Bith by Sleep`s level desing.
  155. The real Xehanort
  156. Researcher/Fan Birth by Sleep Discussion
  157. How exactly did Master Xehanort leave Destiny Islands?
  158. Land of Departure disappeared.
  159. Level one playthrough
  160. If MX plan went according to plan..
  161. My first ever playthrough.
  162. Could TAV have won against the Organization XIII?
  163. Maleficent involvement
  164. No Heart or Mysterious Figure?
  165. HEEEEELLLPP! Please?
  166. Did Online multiplayer came true?
  167. Wait a minute...how exactly are there 7 princesses of heart in BBS?
  168. Always first in Rumble Racing......??
  169. Sheer Curiosity
  170. The Beginning!?!
  171. Exp Walker fixed?
  172. Do I Really?
  173. Xehanort Fight in Terra Story - Help!
  174. Complete All Reports with TAV
  175. Can you still unlock blank points with2 stories proud and 1 critical?
  176. In BBS what did you think of this cutscene?
  177. Playing Birth By Sleep for the first time in 3 years
  178. KH BBS FM Rhythm Mixer...HELP!
  179. Aqua goes super saiyan
  180. Master Xehanort
  181. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix Playthrough Journal
  182. Stuck on Mimic Master
  183. Simultaneous Playthrough Guide
  184. Empty throne in Land of Departure
  185. Have Ventus and Kairi met, inside Sora's heart?
  186. Any confirmation on if Willa Holland returned?
  187. Do Keyblades evolve?
  188. Why Ventus was ignored the most in BBS
  189. Secret ending and secret episodes?
  190. Can't find Aqua's Daisy sticker
  191. Question about obtaining the secret episodes
  192. I have some random questions after playing though BBSFM after 4 years! (Spoilers!)
  193. Leveling up early?
  194. Taking 30 hits to defeat an Unversed?
  195. Lots of questions about Keyblade and Keyblade Inheritance?
  196. Glitch for Secret Episode??
  197. Question unversed challenges/ trophies
  198. Your Deck Commands in BBS:FM, 2.5!
  199. Zero Point Secret Episode
  200. Aqua, Terra, Ventus vs Xehanort Cutscene
  201. Are the Seven Dwarves Masochists?
  202. Was Eraqus a complete shmuck?
  203. It's possible that Terra aged?
  204. Are you excited about Birth by Sleep Volume 2?
  205. The Magic Mirror
  206. The name "Unbirth" still could've worked for Unversed enemies
  207. Why to Radiant Garden?
  208. The Mark of Mastery is outdated
  209. How can Terra see the future? Is he a Foreteller?
  210. The light and darkness portals
  211. Were Braig, Dilan, and Aeleus Scientists?
  212. Eraqus's Body
  213. The unspoken events between KHBBS and KH1
  214. Kingdom Hearts Eraqus past story
  215. Birth By Sleep Final Mix Mirage Arena
  216. The location of the Dark Margin or Where is Aqua?
  217. [Spoilers] I just completed Ventus' story on proud...
  218. Why people think TAV are weak
  219. Terranort guardian new theory
  220. Castle Oblivion theory and Terra
  221. Stickers, Stickers everywhere!
  222. 100% Problem.
  223. The whole MX summoning Kingdom Hearts
  224. Aqua's Definition of Darkness and Xehanort
  225. Is Vanitas a Heartless?
  226. The Music of Birth by Sleep
  227. aqua ,ventus,terra dual wielding gone
  228. Ansem the Wise has already been to the Realm of Darkness?
  229. Vanitas' "Plan B" with Aqua makes no sense
  230. What would've been?
  231. Terra's eyes should have turned yellow
  232. Anyone got a Birth By Sleep Final Mix 100% Save File?
  233. How hard is the young Xehanort boss fight?
  234. Compilation of strategies for Secret bosses
  235. Why does everyone call the Lingering Sentiment the Lingering Will.
  236. Summoning Kingdom Hearts?
  237. Huey, Dewey, and Louies voices
  238. The armor of Aqua, Terra, and Ventus
  239. Zack?
  240. Was the Apprentice, later Ansem, a product of "norting"?
  241. Xehanort's memory
  242. My own Lingering Will theory and to a lesser extent the "mind" (revised)
  243. Where is Eraqus?
  244. Potential Error/Interesting Little Note + Little Question About Dilan
  245. I liked that they used the classis princesses, but...
  246. BBS Power Scaled Relative to KHI and KHII
  247. What's your favorite Mini game in BBS?
  248. Final Mix Sticker Points question
  249. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Movie?
  250. Who attacked Mickey?