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  1. DiZ/Ansem the Wise is a hypocrite
  2. Does Kingdom Hearts 2 have multiple endings?
  3. Don`t you think Vivi looks like a shadow heartless with clothes and a hat ?
  4. I still didn't understand the whole Twilight Town/ The World that Never Was thing
  5. Who are the two hooded people in the background of Naminé's drawing?
  6. Anybody like the Little Mermaid World ?
  7. Which Organization XIII member went to Agrabah?
  8. I'm getting sick of playing KH2.
  9. Celtix Phoniex's KH II Fatal Flaw video
  10. annoying characters
  11. Why did Namine decide to become part of Kairi?
  12. "You're right...you know, I never thought of it like that before."
  13. Favorite KH Characters and Keyblades (Don't Get Mad!)
  14. Would KH 2 be better without Atlantica? (slight spoilers)
  15. Hardest/Easiest Org Mushroom?
  16. Worlds
  17. Assault Of The Dreadnought
  18. How far am I in-game?
  19. The Road To Platinum
  20. What is the music that plays when Roxas sees Sora's memories
  21. Who used the 4th pod in twilight town mansion?
  22. Maleficent
  23. Sora is a heartless?
  24. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Level 1 Encounter Walkthrough (Video Guide Playlist)
  25. KH2 Organization XIII Mickey pin!
  26. New deleted world found inside KINGDOM HEARTS II files.
  27. Emblem Heartless
  28. Why did not Roxas project itself through Sora most of KH2 and Dream Drop Distance?
  29. Would you stay in either card form or die form for the ENTIRE game if given a choice.
  30. KH2 (and in general KH Series) is like a well drawn comic without backgrounds
  31. What is the area between Ansem's study and computer room?
  32. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix vs the Kingdom Hearts series
  33. Xigbar's Sudden Realization
  34. Some positivity for KH2 Sora for a change!
  35. KH2 Without Nobodies?
  36. The Gathering
  37. Is it bad in terms of the plot of Kingdom hearts ll ? And does it destroy the series?
  38. Gathering Requirement Question
  39. Drive Form Symbolism
  40. Before I begin
  41. Demyx's Death
  42. Another Reason Not To Like KH2's Prologue...
  43. Roxas Level 99?
  44. Is KH2 Platinum doable in critical mode?
  45. A little KH2 nitpick (PS4 version)
  46. BREAKING NEWS: 17 year old male discovers fire in KHIIFM
  47. KH2 Manga Chapter 66+
  48. Synthesis Help
  49. Kingdom hearts II GMV (06)
  50. Skateboard Glitch
  51. Ansem SoD NOT being Ansem a Retcon or a Plot Twist?
  52. What if Roxas looked like Sora?
  53. Pilot Trophies! Woo-hoo!
  54. What If Sora Lost the Fight With Roxas?
  55. Countering Lingering Will's Most Brutal Attack
  56. Something that cross my mind (minor FF7 spoilers)
  57. HELP! Trouble Unlocking the Secret Trailer (despite having Gold Crown..)
  58. Dissecting the Villains Vale: Leon, don't you think you'll need that
  59. Help : can't unlock hades paradox cup
  60. Kh2.5 Critical Mode Twitch Livestream
  61. Lingering Will: Lingering Trouble
  62. What is up with the gummi routes?
  63. DIZ might be one of the most powerful characters money-wise *SPOILERS*
  64. Final Xemnas Glitch Fixed???
  65. Things You Love and Hate In KH2.
  66. First time playing KH2
  67. Rank the Absent Silhouettes & Data Rematches from Easiest to Hardest
  68. Play 358/2 Days Before or After KH2?
  69. Need help... completely stuck on what to do next
  70. This Kingdom Hearts 2 Map is So Lit With the green screens
  71. Everyone's favorite and least favorite Disney Worlds in KHII?
  72. Identifying Two Voice Actors - Need a good ear!
  73. me failing against data roxas
  74. Favorite Boss Song?
  75. Mushroom XIII and the robes
  76. Lingering Will in Disney Castle
  77. KH2FM Gummi Ship Collector PS3 Trophy HELP
  78. Proof of Existence
  79. The Secret is Sugar!
  80. Roxas and Namine's Relationship
  81. Sora's "Forgotten" Promise to Namine
  82. The Game Punishes Strategic Playing
  83. Trying to help my friend by spreading the word of his stream!
  85. KH2 Donald & Goofy vs KH1 Donald & Goofy.
  86. Level 1 genie jafar fight.
  87. What is your favorite limit?
  88. 2.5 Messed up Roxas' charact , .
  89. Roxas, is he more Sora or more Ventus
  90. Riku vs Roxas: Why did riku not have his own keyblade?
  91. Any News on the Yen Press KH Manga and Novel Translations?
  92. Looking for KHII manga translations
  93. Lv 1 run is worst tham From Softwere games ?
  94. Least Favorite Drive Form?
  95. Weird Translation?
  96. Goofy Secretly A Villian?
  97. Why does Destiny Islands look gloomy in KH2 and more sunny in KH1?
  98. How Richard Epcar got his voice for KH 2
  99. Kairi's Necklace?
  100. All Organization Data Rematches.
  101. Game Informer does KH2 Replay with John Vignocchi!
  102. Ansem the wise could be the Master of Masters
  103. I found something interesting on Xemnas
  104. "Pete - The Studio Mascot" in the credits
  105. Questions about Memories
  106. The Other Promise
  107. Sora's Notes He Writes in the Journal in the Japanese Version of KHII
  108. All Boss DMs
  109. Why didn't Mickey or Yen Sid tell Sora about....
  110. I don't think Kairi can weild the keyblade...
  111. Psychotic Disorders in Organization XIII
  112. Kingdom Hearts 2 Retrospective
  113. Smashed Up armour?
  114. The Mystreies of The Mansion
  115. Roxas's body.
  116. Roxas's appearance and connections
  117. Realm of Nothingness?
  118. Y'all are lyers. Sephiroth is WAY harder in this game.
  119. If Master Xehanort is the main villian....
  120. Does Roxas live alone?
  121. A way to level up Master form.
  122. is my game broken??
  123. How hard is the Lingering Will?
  124. Who unlocked the TT Mansion gates?
  125. A way to level up Valor and Wisdom
  126. The Realms Connected?
  127. Mrs. Potts weirdness [glitch]
  128. Xaldin's Motivation in Beast's Castle
  129. Other Nobodies?
  130. What was the dragon like in the Land of Dragons?
  131. How come no Nobodies found a heart during the KH explosion?
  132. Biggest mystery in the KH series.
  133. Secret Movie about KH 358/2 days just before the final battle in KH 2.
  134. Orichalcum Plus Question
  135. Why Does Atlantica Have No Heartless?
  136. Kh2 Armax codes need help please
  137. The exclusive Roxas scenes
  138. Why do Mickey and Sora want to find the Realm of Darkness?
  139. Your favourite bosses
  140. What was Namine doing off screen in KH2?
  141. Sora's gift?
  142. Would Cloud Beat Sora In a Canon Fight?
  143. What did Riku leave the items for Sora for?
  144. How did Goofy know it was Xaldin?
  145. am i the only one that also likes the 1000 heartless fight to be epic
  146. What is Organization XIII doing in all the different worlds?
  147. KH 2 Manga
  148. What was that whole thing with Maleficent?
  149. 2.5 Exclusive Cutscene With The Organization Confusion
  150. What Did Xehanort want?
  151. The Chamber of Repose?
  152. What Exactly Is The Door To Darkness?
  153. What Were Cloud And Aerith Talking About?
  154. Kairi's Interaction With Axel?
  155. KH2.5 ReMIX: Best Place/Way To Level Up?
  156. A question regarding KH2
  157. Maleficent and Pete?
  158. What was Demyx's plan?
  159. Why does DiZ ask Riku for his real name
  160. Why Not Use Roxas?
  161. Level 1 Critical Run Rules
  162. Makeshift KHII Critical Mode
  163. The Kingdom Hearts Nuzlocke Challenge
  164. When does Riku earn his Keyblade?
  165. KH II could have been a fantastic story
  166. Exploring KH2 Destiny Island Town [Map Viewer]
  167. Power Boost
  168. Analyzing "The new You" scene in KH2FM with other games in mind. (Also spoilers from DDD and BBS)
  169. Mushroom number 11
  170. The Song of Organization XIII Having Another Title
  171. Mushroom number 9
  172. About Mushroom number 3
  173. Old promotional video screenshots? Where do they come from?
  174. Secret ending
  175. Pcs2x Kh 2 FM paradox cup STUCK
  176. Best list of synthesis items
  177. Isn't Xemnas kind of hypocritical?
  178. Whats the easiet/fastest way to earn a lot of munny?
  179. Help with space paranoids
  180. I keep dying when hp is full
  181. Atlantica stuff and going for it
  182. Ultima Weapon Help
  183. If Deep Jungle was in KH2, what would the story have been?
  184. Data-Axel is destroying me.
  185. Kingdom Hearts 2 issues?
  186. Help me understand Berserk Charge
  187. Character Ages
  188. Fastest/Easiest way to get stat ups?
  189. Wow, my memory of KH2 is so screwed up.
  190. Mushroom 8?
  191. Can't Last the 1000 Heartless Battle
  192. 2.5 Asteroid Sweep Mission 3 S?
  193. End Game Stats
  194. My Leveling method in Kingdom Hearts 2
  195. why didn't mulan kill shan-yu?
  196. Kingdom Hearts 2 synthesis help?
  197. Final Mix Journal Glitches
  198. Was Luxord's Character Potential Kind of Wasted in KH2?
  199. So... who controls the Heartless at this point? And why?
  200. I will never understand Riku transforming into ASoD
  201. Can Nobodies destroy worlds like Heartless can?
  202. Xemnas's Plan
  203. Kingdom Hearts II Manga Volume 9 Cover Art!
  204. Roxas and Axel's goodbyes - Scene analysis
  205. The final battle is BS.
  206. When artifical KH exploded
  207. Kinda important question
  209. Explaining Ansem-the-wise's "Deus Ex Machina" KH encoder
  210. Data Vexen
  211. Why is Axel so tired near the end of KH2
  212. Where is this picture from?
  213. What level to beat Xaldin in critical mode?
  214. Data and sephiroth
  215. Drives training
  216. Rage quit lol
  217. Guide on all EX Missions (S-Rank)
  218. "But they share the same sky"
  219. What do high Summon levels grant?
  220. Messed up character links?
  221. Sora's Japanese battle quotes
  222. Connection between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts x [chi]
  223. Limit form level up
  224. Why does Riku fight Sora in The Land of Dragons?
  225. How was it possible?
  226. Drive Form Level-Up Help!
  227. Data Roxas keyblades Glitch/Bug
  228. Any advices to fight the Organization XIII Data?
  229. Mushroom XIII- Mushroom #1 help
  230. How did he open it?
  231. Final Form?
  232. Ultima recipe help
  233. Scar's ghost and Vanitas
  234. Does the game count Anti form transformations when you've had Game Overs?
  235. 1000 Heartless?
  236. Ancient Highway level 3, need help with last treasure!
  237. Game Breaking Bug?
  238. How did Sora sleep in Castle Oblivion but wakes up in Twilight Town?
  239. Lingering Will and Mushroom 13 question
  240. Do nobodies run on "borrowed time"?
  241. When will Kingdom Hearts 2 manga be completed?
  242. Wisdom Form Glitch?
  243. Roxas: How does he wield specifically Oblivion and Oathkeeper?
  244. Axel is weaker in KH2???
  245. Theater mode unlockables?
  246. Absent Silhouette: Marluxia
  247. Interesting...
  248. Drive Gauge stuck on 5
  249. Roxas vs. Sora - 3 Keyblades?
  250. Bad Glitch