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  1. Why did Marluxia and Larxene try to take over the organisation?
  2. Necessary to play or can i skip and watch Youtube Movie of CoM?
  3. Will the theatre go away after I finish Riku's story?
  5. How long will it take to finish Riku's story?
  6. COM Gameplay Appreciation thread
  7. How can I delete my Rechains of memory save file ?
  8. Questions about Chain of memory.
  9. Glitches Glitches Galore
  10. New troubles abound
  11. General question Gameplay
  12. Donald Duck with the CLUTCH!!
  13. Guide On How To Use Zantetsuken in CoM.
  14. Reminder that Zantetsuken is great move in this game...
  15. Why Deep Jungle isn't in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (Minor Spoilers)
  16. Just a little reminder that...
  17. Unpopular Opinions About Chain of Memories
  18. Firaga Decks Are Really Effective...
  19. Did Organization 13 lure Sora to C.O. with Pluto?
  20. Riku's ability to smell the Darkness
  21. Auto-skipped cutscenes in Re: Com
  22. What have I done -.-
  23. Making A Boss Have No Cards
  24. A small, confusing detail at the end of Sora's story in Re:COM
  25. Heartless hunter stories, post your enemy card experiences here.
  26. Some of the Disney world's stories make no sense RE:COM *spoilers*
  27. Bosses With No Cards
  28. Zantetsuken Is Pretty Fun.
  29. Firaga Is Amazing.
  30. FrustratedJacob "Reverse/Rebirth"
  31. Riku's story: missing pieces (SPOILERS)
  32. All KH Re:CoM Boss Fights (Sora, 80)
  33. Why was Marluxia the lord of the castle?
  34. The Things You Love and Hate about KH:COM
  35. Can't seem to defeat Vexen in RECOM
  36. Re:CoM experience question
  37. Castle Oblivion - Where do you think the Sleeping Chamber is?
  38. What lesser Nobodies would've Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Marluxia, and Larxene controlled?
  39. Could Sora have become stronger?
  40. Sora's Story vs Riku's Story
  41. Can you skip a world? if so how?
  43. should i start wonderland first kingdom hearts chain of memories
  44. CoM or ReCoM for new players? (Does ReCoM ruin aspects of KH2)
  45. Deeper Meaning to the Poems at the End of Re:CoM?
  46. Is Marluxia More Powerful than Lexeaus?
  47. Re:CoM: Captain Hook help?
  48. Forcing myself through Reverse/Rebirth...
  49. Sora's Pod Room
  50. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Retrospective
  51. White Mushroom Card Help
  52. What the heck am I supposed to do?
  53. Axel Quote Explanation
  54. CoM help
  55. Trick to beating Vexen? (Re:COM help)
  56. Trick to getting all cards?
  57. Question about Re:CoM
  58. Vexen vs riku
  59. 13 floor
  60. Organization 13 found Castle Oblivion?
  61. Is Marluxia proof what other main villains would've been like besides (Ansem, Xehanort)
  62. Enjoying Chain of Memories
  63. Warpinator
  64. Cannot Sell Premium Keyblade cards?
  65. Castle Oblivon's nature
  66. Laxeaus:"You are the Superior's..."
  67. Is there a way I can change battle quotes for KH Re: COM?
  68. Can't get the Barrel Spider Card to Work
  69. True or false?
  70. Enemy Cards in Riku's Story
  71. Free Online Chain of Memories
  72. Is the GBA Version Canon
  73. 100%complete
  74. Magic plus
  75. Re:CoM, Can't get Key to Rewards anymore.
  76. Castle Oblivion questions?
  77. Marluxia and Larxene's Plan
  78. What if there never was CoM?
  79. Any tips on battling with cards?
  80. Enemy Cards Data?
  81. Mega Flare vs Warpinator?
  82. Lexaeus Drawing Help
  83. If CoM's Gameplay was like that of KHI, would you Like it More?
  84. Zexion's Detecting a Scent Similar to that of the Superior
  85. Why did they base Axel so heavily on Reno?
  86. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Playthrough Journal
  87. Chain of Memories would be better as a Novel
  88. Least favorite character at Castle Oblivion?
  89. End of the World
  90. Deep Jungle?
  91. Sora's voice actor in CoM
  92. Ansem SoD Loose in Castle Oblivion
  93. Peas in a Pod
  94. Castle Oblivion Organization Members Hierarchy
  95. Enemy Card Warp
  96. Beginner or Standard Speed Run
  97. Can anyone tell me anything about Naminé?
  98. Memories Fading...
  99. Can't beat Zexion
  100. I still have no idea....
  101. Not bad at all...
  102. Original Chain of Memories Question
  103. The Days Cards
  104. Regarding The dream ending
  105. When I come to, Let Us meet, with our Usual Words on the Usual Street
  106. Ah, the Parents again....
  107. It's odd that they never redesigned the Moment's Reprieve card
  108. A Story Question
  109. Re: Chain of Memories - Need some help with Zexion.
  110. Help with Vexen~
  112. Marluxia was originally a girl
  113. Maximum number of CP and HP in Re:CoM?
  114. CoM/Re:CoM: Arranging Deck around Sleights. Cheap or not?
  115. White in COM/RECOM
  116. Comparing CoM and Re:CoM
  117. Sora does not recall any C/O memories, correct?
  118. COM Ultimania Non Nomura Interviews
  119. Re:CoM Review - Re:Chain of Memories Triumphs Over Original Handheld Release
  120. Namine: Lost Friend or Kairi's Shadow
  121. Zexion's death
  122. Jupiter president comments on Chain of Memories collaboration.
  123. CoM not int the top 10?
  124. Where was Mickey?
  125. Thoughts on Card System in Re:COM
  126. Why does Chain of Memories get so much hate?
  127. Chain of Memories Quesion
  128. KH:CoM help (I would have posted in the general help thread, but that hasn't been touched in ages.)
  129. Why didn't Namine...?
  130. KH Re:CoM Card Collection Help
  131. from castle oblivion to twlight town?
  132. Riku
  133. What Axel did to Zexion
  134. Question about CoM *spoilers*
  135. 'Chain of Memories' on the 3DS?
  136. Were there one or more scenes you didn't like in Chain of Memories?
  137. About Castle Oblivion & OXIII
  138. COM vs RECOM
  139. Help with Vexen on re: com!!! Please!!!
  140. Re:Com help with Maleficent.
  141. What are shortcuts in menu on Re:Com?
  142. Re: Chain of Memories help with Captian Hook.
  143. Why Namine falling for Sora or Sora falling for Namine is very, very wrong on so many levels
  144. sora or riku?
  145. Top 100
  146. "Kingdom Hearts" on IGN's Top 100 PlayStation 2 Games list
  147. Namine
  148. Where is Ventus in Chain of memories?
  149. so i got KH Re:Chain of memories...
  150. Whose nobody is Marluxia?
  151. I played and beat CoM throroughly back when it was out, aside from 3d graphics does RE change much?
  152. Re: CoM Cheat Problem
  153. Re:CoM changes you liked/disliked?
  154. The one thing that REALLY pisses me off about Chain of Memories
  155. Most Used Sleight
  156. KH Chain Of Memories FAILS
  157. Chain of Memories Gameplay
  158. Is RE:CoM worth...
  159. Re: CoM questions
  160. Opinions on Namine?
  161. Time to give CoM some love
  162. replay?
  163. Quick question regarding Chain of Memories
  164. The Card Soldiers in Re: COM
  165. KH RE:COM Should come to the 3DS
  166. Pluto and the letter.
  167. I was wondering...
  168. Does anyone else think that the music in RE:Chain of Memories wasn't remixed properly??
  169. Re:CoM question
  170. Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
  171. Larxene
  172. Best way to handle level ups
  173. Repliku's Heart
  174. Re: Chain of Memories Darkball? Help!
  175. Does Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain of Memories have a optional boss?
  176. Riku Replica
  177. Help with cards >_<?
  178. Critical Health Challenge EX
  180. The Re:CoM Boss Guide
  181. Twilight Town and Roxas
  182. Marluxia
  183. all cards
  184. KH re:CoM
  185. Zexion's Death Scene Questions
  186. Re:CoM Proud Mode Low HP Run
  187. 358/2 Days/Re: CoM Same-time Playthrough?
  188. About Re:chain of memories bonuses (the japan version)
  189. (SPOILERS!!) What did Lexeaus mean?
  190. In CoM which org member took the longest
  191. Re: CoM - Sleights
  192. Weres our RE:COM??
  193. Am I the only one...
  194. Zexions Death
  195. Worth it?
  196. So, I just beat re:com...
  197. Getting Re:COM
  198. Which one was harder?
  199. A Replica List
  200. Something I never understood
  201. larxenes possible somebody name?
  202. Enemy/boss cards?
  203. Revenge of Chaos vs. The Force in You
  204. Re:CoM possible connection to BBS Secret Ending?
  205. Re:CoM question about Cloud cards
  206. (Spoilers) just wondering
  207. RE:COM 100%
  208. How do you get out of this world?!
  209. com
  210. What do you think would have happened....
  211. Is there a reason we didnt find out what the note in Plutos mouth said?
  212. Am I getting enough story out of GBA version?
  213. Question about Re:CoM
  214. FINALLY! I found a PS2 copy!!! But...is it worth it?
  215. sora
  216. A few questions
  217. Let's Reminsce About the Past.
  218. How long in Castle Oblivion?
  219. Buying Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain Of Memories
  220. Riku Replica?
  221. Namine?
  222. Fatal Frame
  223. Recommendation?
  224. Lets Discuss Marluxia (SPOILERS)
  225. RE: COM
  226. LARXENE!!
  227. Reverse/Rebirth Riku's Final Battle Theme
  228. Sora's Memories...
  229. Debug mode on PS2
  230. Marluxia Second Form
  231. KHRECOM anniversary
  232. Sora and Namine (Spoilers)
  233. Marluxia not gay
  234. Marluxia gay?
  235. Lexaueas and Xeahnort's Heartless.
  236. Kingdom Hearts in C.O.?
  237. Re:CoM or CoM?
  238. I been wondering about the dif betwen com and RE
  239. CoM Questions
  240. Zexion's Death
  241. Zexion's element
  242. Best Organization Members in CoM
  243. After last battle Sora vs. Axel
  244. Vexen/Lexaeus voice actor (english)
  245. Vexen Memorial Day 11.12
  246. Vexen's Laugh. D::::
  247. Never played this game. Please help!
  248. Help w/ Vexen...
  249. Reverse/Rebirth Mode
  250. Pluto Seen At the Beginning?